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Chapter 316: Killing Thousands in Rage

Chapter 316: Killing Thousands in Rage
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Ling Jian, Ling Chi, Ling Feng and Ling Yun had already surrounded the other three Shui Family experts and launched their killing moves! The four of them had just experienced a large breakthrough in their martial arts, and they were presently still brimming with energy. As such, Ling Jian's sword easily pierced the throat of a Shui Family expert in just a single move! Following that, the other three assassins also launched their attacks and the Shui Family experts did not have a chance to let out a cry before being dismembered.

"Tian'er! My son!" Ling Xiao was saved from the brink of death and the one who came to save him was actually his own son! At this moment, his heart was filled with a myriad of emotions! He thought about Long Xiang's heartlessness and the sacrifice of 70,000 of his brothers! He could not help but tear up on the spot!

Ling Tian looked at his father emotionally and cried out, "Father, please get on the horse first. This isn't the time for us to be talking! Let us charge out of here first! Our army will be here shortly, and that will be the time for us to take our revenge!"

After arranging for Ling Feng, Ling Yun, and Ling Chi to protect Ling Xiao and the other Ling brothers, Ling Tian raised his weapon and charged towards the enemy with Ling Jian! There were still his brothers fighting in the midst of the enemy's ranks!

Both the death gods charged into the enemy formation side by side, charging forward like a gale of strong wind! Where ever they went, chaos and decapitated heads would be left behind! Ling Jian had also snatched a guandao from the enemy and mimicked Ling Tian's moves, creating a massacre along the way! Around them, not a single soul was left in the surrounding 300 feet!

As Ling Xiao saw his son killing on the battlefield, he was completely startled, Is this… really my son? That son who was always dressed in white with an amiable smile on his face?

In just a few short moments, both Ling Jian and Ling Tian had already gathered most of the Sky Bearing soldiers who were previously trapped in the enemy's formation. With Ling Tian in the lead, the Sky Bearing army was able to join up with Ling Xiao again. After which, Ling Tian brandished his weapon and two powerful qi waves were sent out, sweeping the sea of soldiers off their feet and creating a path of escape! At the same time, the heads of many soldiers rolled on the ground and rained down like hailstones!

In just a short while, the Sky Bearing army had met up with the small 500 reinforcement troops. However, of the original 500 men who came, less than 50 were left! Ling Tian then shouted out, "Ling Thirteen, stop fighting and charge out with me!" The person in the lead was Ling Thirteen, the one who Ling Tian sent out to take over from Ling Kong at the northwest horse ranch.

Ling Jian, Ling Feng, Ling Yun, and Ling Chi broke up into two teams and formed two wings by Ling Tian's left and right. With Ling Tian in the front, they formed a triangular formation and charged straight at the Northern Wei army, killing a blood path of escape!

The pressure from ahead grew! Ling Tian looked up and saw the Northern Wei's Marshal flag on a small hill! Ling Tian was immediately energized and he dashed towards the hill while roaring, "Wei ChengPing! Surrender your life!" His voice sounded like thunder and the hill trembled from the roar!

On the hill, Wei ChengPing was shocked to the point his face turned pale and his body trembling, "Brother… Shui… Ling Tian is coming towards us… let us… retreat…" His teeth were clattering with his words incoherent!

Shui QianHuan felt complicated in his heart! He then roared at Wei ChengPing, "This is your so-called good-for-nothing Ling Tian? The number one silkpants in Sky Bearing? Wei ChengPing! The uselessness of a general has indeed harmed a thousand soldiers!"

If Shui QianHuan knew Ling Tian's true strength, he would never form an enmity with Ling Tian even in death! How could such a character be easily offended? Even if Shui QianHuan wanted to offend such an individual, he would arrange his backup plan first! Now, his Shui Family would definitely form a large enmity with Ling Tian! Just what should he do?

He then suddenly remembered that his younger sister, Shui QianRou, went to Sky Bearing to kill Ling Tian! For Ling Tian to appear here in full health… what happened to Rou'er? Shui QianHuan was immediately filled with anxiousness in his heart! Did… Rou'er… die in Ling Tian's hands? With Ling Tian's martial arts, how was it possible for Rou'er to deal with him?

As he was still in thought, Ling Tian was gradually approaching them!

The battle between the three armies was still going on with the mournful wails of the soldiers so near to him. However, all of these things seemed so far away in Ling Tian's eyes. In his eyes, he only saw the two men on the hill, the two young men who were still giving their calm comments about the previous battle! One was Wei ChengPing, and the other should be Shui QianHuan! The two masterminds of this whole affair! As long as the both of them could be captured, it wouldn't be difficult to break out of this predicament!

I must capture both of them! Even if I can't capture them both, I have to capture at least one of the two!

This hot-blooded young man was completely on fire as Ling Tian's inner qi was fully circulated. From head to toe, he was already covered in blood! However, Ling Tian himself wasn't injured as he was covered in the blood of the enemy. In the eyes of the Northern Wei soldiers, this blood-red figure was like a devil that had come out from hell! Wherever he went, the only thing left behind would be a pile of limbs, the stench of blood, and miserable wails!

As the Northern Wei soldiers saw this blood devil approaching them, their bodies trembled with fear filling their eyes! A human can fight a human, even if the other party was stronger than him. However, one cannot fight the devil! Especially this maniacal monster in front of them! He was just too frightening! Facing Ling Tian's killing intent, the weapons in their hands were shaking and they had lost all their will to fight. The only thing they wanted to do was to turn around and escape! With such morale, how could the Northern Wei army continue to fight?

"Fire the arrows! Quickly fire the arrows! Shoot him to death!! Shoot that monster to death! Quick quick quick!!!" On the hill, Wei ChengPing was already screaming at the top of his lungs! His voice was filled with fear with a few traces of sobbing! In the face of fear, Wei ChengPing had completely revealed his ugly character!

The soldiers beside him in charge of relaying his orders were stuck in a dilemma. With Ling Tian tangled within their Northern Wei army, how would it be easy for them to strike him with an arrow? It was impossible for the Northern Wei archers to be legendary marksmen, and even a marksman would find it impossible to strike his target accurately in such a confusion. If they really wanted to kill Ling Tian with arrows, they only possibility would be for them to indiscriminately fire their arrows. However, the fatalities of the Northern Wei army would definitely be multiple times that of the Sky Bearing army! For Wei ChengPing to issue such an order, it can be imagined that no one in the military would ever support him!

For the soldiers to be willing to sacrifice their lives for the nation, that was something worth praising and their spirit would live on forever! However, it was a completely different thing for them to be killed because their own general issued an order to commit fratricide! Regardless of whether or not it was a decision that couldn't be helped, that was something unacceptable! Thus, the general who issued such an order would definitely receive disdain from every single soldier! Even a genius commander like Shui QianHuan wouldn't dare to issue such an order easily, even if he was as frightened as Wei ChengPing!

Seeing the soldier in charge of relaying his orders standing there in a daze and not willing to issue his orders, Wei ChengPing dashed over like a madman and whipped the soldier in the face. At the same time, he roared, "Are you deaf? This Crown Prince asked you to shoot! Fire the arrows!" With a swoosh, Wei ChengPing drew his sword and pointed it at the soldier. With a wave of his hand, the tip of the sword had already broken the surface of the soldier's skin! Wei ChengPing then shouted out malevolently, "If you are not going to relay my orders, this daddy here will kill you! Then I will wipe out your family! Wave the flag to issue my commands!" Wei ChengPing no longer had his usual elegance and had actually called himself 'this daddy'!

With fear on his face and the sword on his chest, the command-relaying soldier could feel the piercing cold of the sword. Finally, he took out a flag and issued the command to fire the arrows!

As this command was issued, the whole army was dumbfounded! To think that their 400,000 strong army would need to resort to indiscriminate firing to wipe out their enemy that was less than 30,000 in number! Wouldn't that be akin to sacrificing all of their own front-line troops? With this order issued, wouldn't the morale of their troops be lost? However, who would dare to defy the orders of the Crown Prince? No matter how helpless they were, they had no choice but to nock their bows! With the command being given, 10,000 arrows were fired!

By Shui QianHuan's side, the eight blue-robed old men looked at the maniacal Ling Tian with a serious gaze. Seeing how he was able to easily break through the dense army with limbs flying with every swing of his weapons, they couldn't help but be shocked! Even the most valiant of soldiers on the battlefield was unable to stop him for even the slightest moment! They were certain that it was impossible for them to do that! Perhaps even their own family head wouldn't be able to do so!

For someone like Ling Tian, he could no longer be considered a martial arts expert! He was just a death god! A death god who was born to kill!

These eight blue-robed elders had seen far too many martial arts experts, and they could be considered one themselves! However, as long as one was a human, regardless of how high his martial arts were, he would definitely feel some discomfort when killing someone. After all, their enemy was still a live human being! For a life to be destroyed in their own hands, they would definitely feel disturbed in their hearts.

An excessive amount of blood was something that a martial arts expert truly feared. If they were to kill their hated enemies, they would naturally feel good in their heart. But if they were to kill the innocent, it was inevitable for them to feel guilt! This was human nature and no one was an exception! Killing emotionlessly was something that everyone felt only existed in the legends, even if this was a battlefield! While one can be heroic when killing one and pleased with killing ten, one would definitely be numb from killing a hundred. However, once he killed two hundred people, he would definitely feel discomfort in his heart! How could an ordinary person kill a thousand people?!