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Chapter 318: Easily Destroyed

Chapter 318: Easily Destroyed
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Ling Tian burst out into laughter as he waved his guandao and swallowed the remaining two Shui Family experts with the light of his blade! The expert who had launched the first attack had already readjusted his condition and charged forward with his blade again. Three Shui Family experts surrounded Ling Tian! With a clear roar, his guandao glowed brighter, and the third Shui Family expert was also trapped within the light of his blade. With the strength of a single person, he faced three experts! Furthermore, he was able to deal with them at ease, forcing the three of them twenty feet away from him and rendering them helpless in front of his attacks!

Ling Jian's sword was like a venomous viper, and his movement technique was like a bolt of lightning! The moment he collided with a Shui Family expert, that expert was immediately forced to make a pitiful retreat! At the same time, the expert was stunned in his heart and thought, Could it be that this fellow's martial art is comparable to Ling Tian?

While Ling Jian's martial art wasn't comparable to Ling Tian's, Ling Jian had killed no less than Ling Tian. Furthermore, he was already extremely familiar with fighting alone…

Brandishing his sword three times, he forced his opponent into a retreat and then suddenly ignored his opponent. Without a shred of hesitation, he disappeared thirty feet back and stabbed his sword out. With a mournful groan, the Shui Family expert fighting Ling Thirteen had a hole through his neck and his limp body collapsed on the floor!

This attack was one that none of them had expected! Who would have imagined that Ling Jian would abandon his own opponent and kill the enemy furthest away from him?! The two Shui Family experts fighting Ling Feng and Ling Yun formed an impenetrable defense with their sword as they realized how frightening the two teens in front of them were. At the same time, they also guarded themselves against a possible sudden attack by their enemy. However, both of them never expected Ling Jian to pass by both of them and attack the enemy furthest away!

What kind of a battle strategy was this?!

Upon witnessing the death of their ally, the eyes of the two blue-robed elders who were fighting Ling Feng and Ling Yun turned red immediately! They pounced forward in an almost suicidal fashion! With his wind-like movement technique, Ling Jian defended against a few attacks and had quickly tangled with his old opponent, with his sword quickly launching a flurry of rapid attacks. That blue-robed elder was completely helpless and did not have a choice but to pitifully make a retreat with indignance in his eyes! While he was retreating, Ling Jian actually repeated his previous actions as his body drifted towards Ling Feng's opponent!

As the blue-robed elder who was fighting Ling Yun saw that, he could not help but exclaim, "Sixth brother, be careful!" That blue-robed elder called 'sixth brother' was immediately startled as he quickly dodged the 'incoming attack', only to realize that there wasn't even an attack to dodge. Knowing that something was amiss, he quickly turned around only to witness a tragic sight!

Ling Jian's sword had already pierced through the body of his fourth brother, the person who had just given him a reminder! It turns out that Ling Jian's attack was no more than a ruse and his true motive was the blue-robed elder called 'fourth brother'!

"Fourth brother!" The blue-robed elder called 'sixth brother' let out a roar of grief and charged at Ling Jian! Ling Feng and Ling Yun also stabbed out their swords at the same time! All of a sudden, a young voice sounded by their ears, "Big brother is big brother indeed. Brother Jian, you have already killed two of them, and I have only taken care of one." Ling Chi chuckled with a motionless blue-robed elder lying by his feet with his eyes wide open. On his throat, a thin wound could be seen with blood oozing out continuously…

"Ah!" Another groan sounded as Ling Feng and Ling Yun pulled out their swords from the blue-robed elder called 'sixth brother'. Looking towards Ling Jian, their eyes were filled with guilt! Ling Jian looked towards them coldly and pointed, "Both of you, take care of the remaining few! Better be quick! If young noble were to see you, he would say that I have failed to supervise all of you again!"

Ling Feng and Ling Yun were both filled with guilt as they responded, "Yes!" They then charged towards Ling Jian's old opponent.

Seeing Ling Jian and the others obtaining victory, Ling Tian laughed out loud and brandished his guandao sideways. The strong gale generated from his attack had thrown even the Northern Wei soldiers tens of feet away off their balance!

With a few 'dang dang dang' sounds, the originally injured blue-robed elder had flown into the air with blood flowing out of all the orifices in his head. Following that, another body flew into the air as it was dismembered in mid-air. The dismembered limbs then landed in the Northern Wei army and induced a huge commotion!

The faces of the remaining two elders were completely red, and their inner qi was obviously exhausted! The thing that bewildered these two elders the most was the fact that Ling Jian could be so nimble despite wielding this twenty-foot long guandao! The guandao was even more nimble than a needle in Ling Tian's hands and every single attack of the weapon had struck their weakest point! Such a feeling was something which drove the two elders crazy!

Seeing their brothers of many years die in front of their very eyes, both of the remaining blue-robed elders no longer had the will to live on. Each of their attacks was ferocious and without a concern for their own life or death! They were trying to trade their lives with Ling Tian's, hoping to kill Ling Tian regardless of the cost!

However, it was a pity that their opponent was Ling Tian!

Another mournful wail sounded and both Ling Feng and Ling Yun landed by Ling Jian's side, "Big brother, the mission is complete!"

Ling Jian nodded his head and responded with an 'Mmm'. Then, the three of them stood there and watched Ling Tian fight the two Shui Family elders! Their brows burned with a burning intent to battle!

"It is time for both of you to go on to the afterlife!" Ling Tian said coldly. With a spin of his body, a gigantic screen of light suddenly appeared on the battlefield! The screen of light shone over the battlefield like the milky way, appearing majestically out of nowhere! In just an instant, it had swallowed everything!

Before being able to let out a groan, both of the blue-robed elders had already disappeared in this giant screen of light. At the same time, droplets of blood showered the Northern Wei soldiers from the sky! To think that the bodies of the blue-robed elders were reduced to dust from Ling Tian's frightening attack! The biggest remnant of their bodies was no bigger than the size of a human fist!

Just what kind of a martial art was this?!

The might of Ling Tian's attack had not been exhausted yet, and the light screen began to engulf the Northern Wei soldiers as well. Before the Northern Wei soldiers could even experience shock, their bodies were already shredded to smithereens!

Facing such divine might, the Northern Wei soldiers cried out in fright! Their faces were filled with despair! The person in front of them was no different from a devil! How were they supposed to fight against a devil?!

All of the Northern Wei soldiers had lost all of their will to fight!

Ling Tian raised his weapon and walked forward step by step, with his aura solemn and carrying with it the prestige of the heavens and earth. He was like a gigantic mountain slowly crushing down onto the soldier's already brittle spirit!

Following Ling Tian's approach, the Northern Wei soldiers could not help but take a few steps back with horror and dismay filling their faces! They were at a complete loss for what to do as despair filled their ashen faces!

Wherever Ling Tian directed his gaze towards, the place would be filled with commotion as they rapidly made a retreat like rabbits seeing a tiger! Everyone avoided him as though they had seen the devil!

Ling Tian then took another two steps forward and suddenly smashed his weapon on the ground, shaking the battlefield as he roared, "Scram!"

A wave of cries sounded with some soldiers falling on their rear ends from fright before crawling away to escape. There were even a few who were frightened to the point they couldn't move and their pants became damp from wetting themselves!

"Run…" an uproar sounded and the Northern Wei soldiers turned around and ran for their lives! Ling Tian burst out into laughter as he raised his weapon and chased the Northern Wei soldiers like a farmer chasing a bunch of disoriented geese.

Shui QianHuan was at a complete loss! His eyes were void of all expression as he looked at the corpses of his Shui Family experts in a daze. He looked completely lifeless as he sat on his horse!

These people were all the elites of their Shui Family! Both he and his sister ambitiously brought forty Shui Family experts to the Heavenly Star Continent and thought that their strength would allow them to roam the Heavenly Star Continent unhindered! However, who would have thought that he would lose twelve of his Shui Family experts in just a single battle! Such a loss was something that even the thousand-year-old Shui Family couldn't endure!

If Ling Tian's martial art was so powerful, then how could the eight experts that his little sister brought deal with him? If… did they already perish in his hands? Then little sister…

Shui QianHuan felt a heart-wrenching pain! Despite seeing Ling Tian approach him slowly, he actually remained motionless! It was as though he could no longer think with only hatred and regret filling his heart! Ling Tian! I, Shui QianHuan, will be enemies with you forever! I will make you repay this blood debt one day!

Wei ChengPing by his side had already jumped onto his horse and began to escape! He actually didn't even dare to turn his head around!

"Young noble… young noble…" The remaining two Shui Family experts tried calling out to Shui QianHuan but to no avail. Ling Tian was already gradually approaching them with his weapon! Both of them then clenched their teeth and grabbed Shui QianHuan, making their retreat with him.

Seeing the Northern Wei Marshal flag gradually retreating, Ling Tian sneered and with a light kick, two swords landed into his hands accurately as though they had eyes. With a loud roar, he threw them out like a shooting star! In the setting sun, the two swords that carried traces of blood were like two rainbows covering the wide grasslands. However, they were two rainbows that were brimming with killing intent!

"Swoosh!" The soldier carrying the Marshal flag had also escaped along with Wei ChengPing and suddenly felt the pole become much lighter. Looking up with shock, he realized that he was only holding onto half the pole with the Marshal flag landing slowly on the ground. With thousands of soldiers escaping, the flag was immediately trampled on the floor and reduced to shreds!