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Chapter 321: Legend of Ling Tian

Chapter 321: Legend of Ling Tian
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After Ling Tian entered the city, the first command he gave was to order all the physicians in the city to help treat the injured in the army camps.

The only thing that angered Ling Tian was the fact that the three swines, Jun ZiTang, Wu AiLing and Deng KuaiYan, were the first to escape when they realized that the situation was dire! They were indeed three despicable individuals who only knew how to fear death! Apart from stabbing others in the back and letting others down, these three b*st*rds had no other abilities!

A phrase that Ling Jian had said had received the agreement of the many soldiers present, "The parents of these three b*st*rds would probably be ashamed of giving birth to such animals! They are the misfortune of a family, and the three of them will definitely cause their family's lineage to be terminated in their generation! They were only born in this world to make a fool out of themselves and be spat on by others!" All the soldiers agreed with a laugh as they vented their anger.

As Ling Tian walked out of the door, he witnessed torches lit up everywhere and the place was filled with injured soldiers receiving treatment. Each and every one of them had their eyes shut quietly as they waited for the physicians to tend to their injuries. Occasionally, there would be a few who would let out a groan from the unbearable pain, but other than that, silence filled the place.

The thirty-four physicians were frantically treating the injured soldiers to the point they were drenched in sweat. However, as compared to the 10,000 soldiers that were injured, the number of soldiers they treated was akin to a drop of water in the lake!

Ling Tian frowned as he saw the many soldiers laying down in pain with blood oozing out of their wounds. Out of frustration, he turned around and hollered at FengMo, "Where are your soldiers? Transfer a thousand of them over."

He then ordered a few platoons to build a campfire in the middle of the courtyard and placed a few gigantic woks over the fire to boil water. After pouring salt into the woks of water, he gathered all the wine from the city and ordered for the soldier's wounds to be cleaned with clean rags that were doused in wine. As the wine touched the soldier's wounds, the soldier's bodies began to contort in pain as they all began to groan miserably. The sound of the many soldiers taking a breath of cold air filled the place as the air of the courtyard seemed to have been sucked away completely!

In that instant, all the soldiers that Ling Tian had transferred over were extremely busy! If not for Ling Tian thinking of such an idea, the many soldiers who had survived the brutal battle probably would have died while waiting for their wounds to be treated!

A short while later, the woks of water began to boil and the treatment of the wounds also began to speed up. When the physicians finally had the chance to tend to the wounds of these soldiers, they were shocked to realize that apart from a few soldiers, most of the wounds of the soldiers showed no signs of inflammation. In fact, none of them were in any danger of losing their lives! Thus, all the physicians couldn't help but be dumbfounded.

In a war, the number of casualties in battle would only account for two-thirds of the total death count. As for the remaining one-third, it would be due to the soldiers dying from the inflammation of their injuries! Such a scene was a miracle that had never happened before! Apart from those soldiers who lost their limbs in battle, the others would be as fit as a fiddle after a period of rest. Thus, the physicians all couldn't help but look with admiration towards the white-dressed teen who suggested this method!

The sound of horses could then be heard from outside the city gates and the Northern Wei and Western Han soldiers were presently stationed outside. The moment day breaks, they would launch their all-out attack! The situation was extremely dire! Everyone couldn't help but wonder if their army, which was less than 30,000 men strong, would be able to stop the attack of their enemy's 400,000 strong army!

However, the 15,000 soldiers who were from the Ling Family Courtyard were all at ease and not a single trace of worry could be seen in their eyes. They all tended to their posts as usual and sounds of their laughter could be heard every now and then. There wasn't a single trace of the nervous atmosphere of an army before battle and not a single one of them were bothered by the approaching battle! It was as though their enemies stationed outside were all made from paper and would be easily destroyed with a single breath.

In a forest outside the city, Yu ManLou let out a long sigh!

Such a detailed plan! Such a huge army! With the full force of the Northern Wei army and 100,000 Western Han elites! Furthermore, there was a military strategist from Water of Heavenly Wind working with both the armies! However, they were just unable to get rid of a single Ling Xiao! Apart from the fact that Ling Xiao's army were elites, the main reason was the unexpected appearance of a certain individual who single-handedly foiled their plans!

Ling Tian!

This was a name that Yu ManLou appreciated greatly in the past! It was as though he was looking at another him growing up! After that, everything that had happened had made Ling Tian a name worthy of his attention! He was certain that Ling Tian had the right to be his opponent when he was fully grown up! However, that was only in the future!

However, after the battle today, Ling Tian's name was one which Yu ManLou was greatly wary about!

In this battle, Ling Tian had created a miracle in the world! He definitely had the right to become a legend in the Heavenly Star Continent! A legend that belonged to Ling Tian! Such an event was one that no one would be able to mimic in future! Such a miracle was not just the first of its kind but probably the last of its kind as well!

The one and only Ling Tian! The one and only legend!

Legend of Ling Tian!

If Yu ManLou was in Ling Tian's place, he was certain that he wouldn't be able to do something so crazy! Charging into an army of 500,000 with only five men! Even if it was to save his own father, Yu ManLou was certain that he wouldn't be able to, nor would he dare to do so!

Up until now, Yu ManLou was still shocked in his heart!

If he was in Ling Tian's shoes, he probably would have abandoned Ling Xiao! He would have saved his strength to obtain the greatest benefit in future! He would definitely not charge into the opponent's army alone and create a bloody massacre!

Would I be successful if I were to charge into a 100,000 strong army to save someone? Yu ManLou asked himself in his heart and was shocked to realize that his answer was a resounding: No!

Am I not comparable to Ling Tian?! While Yu ManLou felt that Ling Tian's actions were a little rash and even childish, Yu ManLou had to admit that Ling Tian did indeed live up to his name and had the aspiration to rule the heavens, the boldness to rule the heavens, the wisdom to rule the heavens and the strength to rule the heavens!

Even if Yu ManLou's strength was above Ling Tian's, even if Yu ManLou had the strength to charge into a 500,000 man army, Yu ManLou was certain that he wouldn't have the domineering aura Ling Tian displayed when facing the 500,000 man army! It was a form of arrogance that was engraved within his bones! It was a resolution which went beyond life and death! That was something that belonged solely to Ling Tian!

"Family head, what should we do now? Are we going to follow our original plan?!" The one who asked this question was a black-dressed man. Although he was standing by Yu ManLou's side, he was like a formless shadow that couldn't be captured!

For the first time in his life, Yu ManLou felt a sense of depression in his heart. Looking at the calm Yu ManTang by his side, he snorted and asked, "Second brother, what do you think?"

Yu ManTang let out an elegant smile and said, "Big brother, I have another plan which is largely opposed to our original plan. However, it would definitely benefit our Yu Family greatly. I hope that big brother can comment on its feasibility!"

Yu ManLou didn't say a single word as he stared at Yu ManTang.

Yu ManTang let out a laugh and suddenly said with a grave tone, "Big brother, Ling Tian and his father are already in the city and they can use the treacherous Soul Extinguishing Pass to aid their defenses! Furthermore, Ling Tian's reinforcements have already arrived, and it will be impossible for us to take Ling Xiao's life! What does big brother think about that?"

Yu ManLou then said coldly, "That's right! Furthermore, Ling Tian will definitely have more reinforcements. Unless I take action personally, it would be impossible for us to kill Ling Xiao. But, it would be impossible for me to take personal action!"

Yu ManTang ignored his older brother's chilly tone and continued, "I never imagined that Han TieXuan was a spy that big brother had placed in the Western Han army. No wonder he was still able to hold onto military power even after being captured by Ling Xiao."

Yu ManLou let out another sigh and didn't say a thing.

Yu ManTang then said unhurriedly, "This little brother isn't resenting big brother for this matter and I know that the fewer people who know about this, the better! However, this single factor would give us a huge chance to turn this situation around! In fact, we would be able to cause a heaven shaking change! Big brother, on the Northern Wei side, there is only Wei ChengPing and the Shui Family. Wei ChengPing already has the intention to deal with our Yu Family and the Shui Family would definitely want the destruction of our Yu Family! The alliance of these two parties would definitely be the destruction of our Yu Family! If that's the case, why don't we take care of both of them!"

Yu ManLou was shocked for a moment as he asked, "Second brother, do you mean… isn't that too bold?"

Yu ManTang said with a laugh, "Big brother is right! That Han TieXuan is already displeased about the fact that the Ling army was able to escape from the encirclement of the Northern Wei army. If big brother orders Han TieXuan to join hands with Ling Tian, the Western Han army can burn the rations of the Northern Wei army when they are fighting with Ling Tian! Then, they can launch a pincer attack and… ah ah ah," with a delighted smile, Yu ManTang continued, "the Northern Wei army would definitely be seriously damaged! They wouldn't have the strength to fight for hegemony anymore! The Shui Family's schemes would be completely destroyed as well. At that time, our Yu Family would definitely be the biggest winner! Furthermore, we can also further big brother's previous plans to push Ling Tian and the Shui Family to opposing sides! Big brother, don't forget that Ling Tian has already killed eight Shui Family experts! Even if Ling Tian doesn't want to seek trouble with the Shui Family, it would be impossible for the Shui Family not to seek trouble with him!"

Yu ManLou paced around with his hands placed behind his back as he considered the feasibility of this plan. No matter what, Yu ManTang's plan was definitely something exciting and the Yu Family would be able to destroy all of the Shui Family's plans in the Heavenly Star Continent! However, Yu ManLou's only concern was Ling Tian! As long as this plan was carried out, the benefits that Ling Tian would receive would be no less than his Yu Family!