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Chapter 322: Life Like a Show

Chapter 322: Life Like a Show
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When the Northern Wei army loses, just the number of captured soldiers would be worth a huge fortune! Presently, Ling Tian had already dropped all pretense with the Sky Bearing Imperial Family, and Ling Tian would only be able to grasp the Sky Bearing army if he were to overthrow the Imperial Family! If not, regardless of how powerful his own army was, his army would be no larger than 50,000 men! With the external threats of Northern Wei and Western Han together with the inner threat of the Imperial and Yang Families, this was the most challenging moment! It could be said that they were facing a huge storm!

If Ling Tian were to expand his army now with the surrendered troops of the Northern Wei army, it was akin to sending him coal in the snow and adding wings to a tiger! Furthermore, if he were to form an alliance with Western Han, it would be equivalent to removing his external threat. Then, the moment Ling Tian returned to the capital, it wouldn't be a difficult task for them to overthrow Long Xiang with Ling Xiao's prestige and grievances! If Sky Bearing were to fall into Ling Tian's hands, that was a completely different matter from it being in Long Xiang's hands!

As Yu ManLou pondered over the matter, he just couldn't come to a decision. In his life, he had always been a resolute individual and was never one to be so hesitant! This was the first time in his life where he was so indecisive!

After a long while, he finally said, "Second brother, you have really planned well for this son-in-law of yours. Now, you have really placed me in a spot."

Yu ManTang quickly replied, "Why would big brother be placed in a spot? Since Ling Tian is already enemies with the Shui Family and in love with Yan'er, it is already certain that he is on our side and can be considered half of our family member. Even without Yan'er, Ling Tian would definitely not join hands with the Shui Family to deal with us! While Ling Tian would definitely gain benefits from this plan, our Yu Family would receive greater benefits!"

"While your words are irrefutable, you have to know that this is akin to nurturing a tiger for future calamity! The Northern Wei is no more than a dancing clown and isn't anything to be feared! The foundations of the Water of Heavenly Wind aren't in the Heavenly Star Continent after all and they will not be able to stir up a storm with the Western Han included in their plans. However, once Ling Tian's wings are fully grown, no one will be able to control him!" Yu ManLou shook his head and said with a solemn expression.

Yu ManTang then said with a smile, "Big brother, you have misunderstood me. No matter how useless I am, I am still a part of the Yu Family. Why would I only think on behalf of outsiders? That Ling Tian is an individual who places a large emphasis on familial ties and I don't believe that he will attack his in-laws for no good reason right? Especially someone who had helped him before! Furthermore, if we don't help him now, the Ling Family will definitely lose in the war against Northern Wei, Western Han, and Sky Bearing! If that really happens, the Northern Wei will definitely be fully developed! At the same time, the Water of Heavenly Wind would have also set up their foundations in the Heavenly Star Continent! As for Western Han, ah ah, while big brother has Han TieXuan stationed in Western Han, Western Han is also the weakest amongst all of these empires. The moment the Ling Family gets destroyed, we will definitely lose a powerful ally!"

As he said that, Yu ManTang said seriously, "As long as we help Ling Tian now, it would definitely be a huge favor! A favor is something the most difficult to repay, and no matter how unruly Ling Tian is, he would definitely still feel grateful. As for all other things, it wouldn't be too late for us to talk about it after we have destroyed the Water of Heavenly Wind. However, the most important thing for us to do now is to protect Ling Tian's strength! Furthermore, if Ling Tian's strength were to grow, it would be in the best interests of our Yu Family!"

Yu ManLou frowned and asked with bewilderment, "Why so?!"

Yu ManTang gave out a distant smile as he said, "Big brother, think about it, the Heavenly Star Continent isn't made up of only the Northern Wei, Western Han and Sky Bearing empires. The Sky Bearing Empire is situated in the middle of the continent with abundant resources and wealthy peasants. All the other empires in the continent have already been eyeing the Sky Bearing Empire for a long time, and it would be inevitable for Ling Tian to be the target of all the other nations. No matter how powerful Ling Tian is, how would he be able to block the entire world with the strength of a single nation? When he is unable to hold on, we will be the only ones capable of coming to his aid! At that time…"

Yu ManLou's eyes shone as he looked at his brother with a different light, "Not bad, second brother's foresight is even above this brother's. Ling Tian can help us to rule over the continent and we will be the true rulers controlling from behind the scenes. With a vanguard helping us to fight the war, our lives would definitely be much easier. Second brother is wise!"

As Han TieXuan sat in his Marshal's tent and looked at the letter in his hands, he didn't even know if he should laugh or cry. At that moment, a myriad of emotions gathered on his face with his face contorting into a strange look.

"Err, this… Sir, is this really the Family Head's intentions?" While he had already determined the authenticity of the letter, Han TieXuan still felt as though he was in a dream. He almost wanted to knock his head with a rock to test if he was truly dreaming.

Just a few hours ago, he had received an order to kill Ling Xiao regardless the cost and now, he had actually received an order to form an alliance with the Ling Family! Furthermore, these two orders were given by the same person! Han TieXuan couldn't help but let out a sigh as he thought, Life is really like a show!

"What are you talking about? If this isn't the Family Head's intentions, could it be yours? You actually dare to doubt the Family Head's orders?" The shadow-like figure snapped sharply with his tone vicious and without showing Han TieXuan any face! At that moment, Han TieXuan had the urge to kill this shadowy figure in front of him but he just didn't dare to!

"Err, I mean that… this… we were still in battle previously… and… fighting each other to the death… it is really difficult for me to accept a sudden alliance." Han TieXuan said with a dry laugh. After reigning in his anger, he let out an apologetic smile. As long as it was possible, Han TieXuan would never be willing to work together with Ling Xiao!

"That's your own problem!" the black figure's words angered Han TieXuan to the point he almost fainted, "My mission is to send the message to you and you are free to decide whether or not you want to carry out the mission and how you want to carry it out. But before you make your decision, you had better remember that your head is still on your neck and not in your pants!"

After sending the black figure out of the camp and seeing him disappear into the shadows, Han TieXuan cursed him for a full hour without stopping!

Sky Bearing City.

The usually silent Sky Bearing City was filled with complete chaos!

With a single command from Long Xiang, the whole city was sealed tight! The 16,000 elites of the Imperial Army marched towards the Ling residence majestically under the lead of General Shen RuHu! Long Xiang sat in his dragon sedan and personally oversaw the whole event.

At the same time, the Yang Family had also sounded their drums as Yang KongQun's 3,000 Heavenly Blade Troops and 6,000 ordinary troops were sent out as well!

In Long Xiang's heart, he was certain that Ling Tian must have sent all his elites to save his father and the Ling residence was definitely empty at this moment! Since they had already dropped all pretense, he should make use of this opportunity to take down the Ling Family! As long as he could capture the family members of the Ling Family, even if Ling Tian and Ling Xiao make it back alive, Long Xiang would have an option to attack and retreat. With Ling Tian's family in his hands, Ling Tian would definitely not dare to make any rash moves. If Ling Tian doesn't return, things will be even easier! Long Xiang could just kill them all! However, there were a few who couldn't be killed, like Ling Ran… JiaoYue, Ling Chen, and even the married woman Chu Ting'er had her own charisma. Furthermore, she was still the Goddess of Fortune, and it would definitely be to his benefit if Chu Ting'er were to serve him. Long Xiang was delighted in his heart as he began to fantasize about the various possibilities.

All of a sudden, the winds in the city were shifting as the atmosphere became extremely solemn. The whole city seemed to have turned into a large barrel of gunpowder, facing the risk of explosion with just a small spark!

However, the strange thing was that the target of both the armies was still silent and motionless!

The Ling Family was frighteningly silent! It was like the calm before the storm!

Shen RuHu's face was serious with worry seen on his face as his brows furrowed in frustration. It was obvious that he was feeling extremely contradictory in his heart! Long Xiang had given an imperial decree that Ling Xiao's army was staging a revolt, and that he was to capture all the members of the Ling Family! The moment this imperial decree was issued, Shen RuHu could feel that something was wrong!

Shen RuHu had known Ling Xiao for many years and was the previous subordinate of Duke Ling. He was extremely familiar with both the Ling father and son's personalities! Ling Zhan and Ling Xiao's loyalty towards Sky Bearing was something that couldn't be doubted! Shen RuHu would rather believe that he would betray Sky Bearing instead of Ling Xiao betraying Long Xiang! Furthermore, even if Ling Xiao's head was smashed by the door and he was really staging an uprising, Duke Ling was the general who contributed greatly to the founding of this empire! More than half of the Sky Bearing Empire was won by Ling Zhan in battle! How could Long Xiang kill a figure like that so easily? With the way Long Xiang acted just now, it was obvious that Long Xiang wanted to exterminate the whole Ling Family!

Besides all these, Long Xiang's special instruction was something that made Shen RuHu feel as though he had eaten a fly!

"I don't care about anyone else and the death of all the others. However, there is a maid in the Ling residence called Ling Chen, and she must be captured alive!"

Thinking about Long Xiang's words, Shen RuHu had the urge to curse Long Xiang! Dammit, you only want her to be kept alive? What about your consort, Ling Ran? What about your daughter, JiaoYue? What about your unborn child? All of them are in the Ling Family now! Are we going to save them like hostages or wipe them out like they are the Ling Family members? Are you not going to be bothered with them? What a heartless sc*m! Can you still be called a human?

In these past few months, there had been a persistent rumor that Long Xiang was eyeing his own nephew's woman. It was said that Ling Tian's maid was a country-toppling beauty and Long Xiang had even used his own daughter as a tool to barter for her but was rejected by young noble Ling. Was this the maid in the rumors?!

Preposterous! Shen RuHu's face was ashen with his stomach burning with anger! If not for his many years of loyalty, Shen RuHu would have staged an uprising immediately!