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Chapter 323: Thunder-like Methods

Chapter 323: Thunder-like Methods
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The Yang Family head, Yang KongQun, led the front in delight as he looked forward to emerging victorious over his rival of many years! The Imperial Family had chosen to wipe out the Ling Family first! At this moment, Yang KongQun could already feel victory in his grasp! Without the Ling Family present, would Long Xiang have the strength to escape from his clutches? The answer was obvious: No!

Ling Residence, in the main hall.

Duke Ling and Old Madam Ling were seated at the front of the hall with their faces solemn and dark clouds looming over their faces. Ling Tian's mother, Chu Ting'er, was seated by the side with the rims of her eyes red as she whimpered silently. It was obvious that she was worried about the life and death of her husband and the safety of her son who went to save him.

The hall was completely filled with the elites of the Ling Family and Ling Family Courtyard with the various leaders solemnly seated. Ling Chen and Yu BingYan were both dressed in pristine white dresses as they stood by the side silently without a single trace of emotion being seen on their faces.

In the whole hall, there were many different expressions seen on the many people present. However, not a single one of them showed any signs of nervousness, fear, shock, or anxiousness…

Ling Zhan's originally graying hair had completely turned white in just this half a day! He had served the empire with his whole life and had devoted all of his strength and effort to the prosperity of the nation. It could be said that the whole Sky Bearing Empire was the fruit of Ling Zhan's blood and sweat! However, in his final days, Ling Zhan's son was actually betrayed by the emperor with his life or death unknown! Following that, the emperor who he had sworn his loyalty to had actually led his Imperial Army to surround his own Ling Family with the attempt to uproot their family! How could Ling Zhan not be depressed by such a severe blow! Duke Ling felt as though he was too tired!

It could be said that the moment Long Xiang gave his imperial decree, Ling Chen had already received news about it before even Shen RuHu received his orders! However, everyone was divided with regards to how they should deal with this situation, with the division of those from the courtyard and Ling Residence having the largest contrast!

Who should be the leader?!

If it was ten, or even five years ago, Old Madam Ling and Duke Ling would have taken up command without any hesitation for sure! However, time hadn't been merciful to them. As for Chu Ting'er? While she was an expert in running a business, such a matter was out of her league!

It seemed as though there wasn't another appropriate choice!

After arguing for a long while, everyone in the hall could not come to a conclusion about this matter. Finally, Old Madam Ling grew impatient, and she asked, "When your young noble left, who did he leave in charge of the courtyard?"

The scrawny Ling Lei then took a step forward and gave a bow. "Reporting to Old Madam, young noble said that all authority in the courtyard would be given to Miss Chen if he wasn't around! No one is allowed to go against his orders! Anyone who goes against his orders will be killed without mercy!"

"Killed without mercy?! How can a lass like her take command? Haha…" A vice butler of the Ling Residence called Wu Yong began laughing, with his laughter filled with ridicule and mockery. This Wu Yong had followed Duke Ling for a long time and felt as though he could be considered an elder-level figure in the Ling Family. Together with the fact that he had an arrogant personality, he had always spoken his mind freely and without watching his words. Even if he was in front of Ling Xiao and Chu Ting'er, it was no exception. Everyone in the Ling Residence respected him for his seniority and usually treated him as a high figure. Now that he was the first to step out in objection, all the others from the Ling Residence wanted to come out and support him.

All of a sudden, a sword light flashed and a groan sounded! Ling Dian then slowly pulled his sword out from Wu Yong's chest and said with a cold indifference, "Young noble said that anyone who doubts Miss Ling Chen will be killed without mercy, regardless of whether he was right or wrong! Didn't I make myself clear just now?"

Wu Yong pressed onto the wound on his chest as his eyes almost popped out from disbelief. He began mumbling incoherently like he wanted to say something but couldn't say another word. His body then fell forward onto the ground with his legs jerking a few times before remaining motionless on the ground with blood flowing out from his body.

Everyone's expression changed! None of them expected this teen to be so ferocious! With just a word of disagreement, he had killed the other party!

Duke Ling's face began to cramp up as he looked at Ling Dian with a chilly gaze! To think that a little brat dared to kill a trusted aide of his right in front of his very eyes! Wasn't that a little too much?!

Ling Dian showed no signs of fear as he said, "This subordinate knows that my actions were disrespectful. However, the enemy is about to walk up to our doorstep and we do not have time to waste! We also do not have any time to give an explanation! The most important thing is for us to have a leader, and we can only follow the young noble's instruction! If anyone dares to doubt young noble's order, he will be killed regardless of whether they are right or wrong! Regardless of what the matter is, we have to first survive this tribulation! If Old Family Head thinks that I am wrong, then Ling Dian is in the wrong. After this matter, Ling Dian will give an explanation to Old Family Head! Even if I were to be executed and be left with an incomplete corpse, I will not mutter a single word of complaint!"

"Pa pa…" Old Madam Ling suddenly began to clap. "What a good Tian'er! What resolute decisions! To think that he left such a resolute order before he left! He is indeed my good grandson! If that's the case, Chen'er, what are you waiting for? Give the command. If anyone dares to disobey your commands, this old lady will be the first to take care of him! No, this old lady doesn't even need to do anything. We will follow what Tian'er said and kill without mercy!"

Old Madam Ling was the one who held onto the true authority of the Ling Family for decades after all. How could she not know what was the most important thing at the present? Even though she was also dissatisfied with Ling Dian killing Wu Yong, she had to admit that Ling Dian's actions were without fault! After all, both Duke Ling and herself were old, and energy was a huge problem for them. Thus, the best method available was to suppress all objections with thunder-like methods to ensure that their troops could be deployed promptly in such a scenario! At this moment, if there were to be a division in the family, they would be destroyed in this tribulation! If they did not have such resolute methods, how would they be able to tame the crowd? At the same time, Old Madam Ling was also shocked at the ferocity of the young man in front of her. Tian'er's subordinates were indeed all exceptional!

Ling Chen let out a smile and bowed calmly. "Rest assured, Old Madam Ling. There is no need for anyone in this hall to panic and all of you can just tend to your own stations. The relevant parties have already been informed by me and I have already dispatched them! We just have to wait for our enemies to fall into the trap!"

"Oh?" Old Madam Ling said with a look of praise, "How did you dispatch them? Did Tian'er deploy them before leaving?"

Ling Chen gave a bow again and said with a smile, "Young noble had always predicted that this day would come, so how would he not have done any investigations? At the same time, he had also talked about how we should deal with such a matter. All of the assignments were done by Chen'er and Old Madam Ling will find out in just a moment's time. Why is there a need to be anxious?"

"Ah ah, if that's the case, this old lady can be at ease and will look forward to watching the show," Old Madam Ling said with a smile. She knew that Ling Chen wasn't willing to reveal the specifics of her plan in front of the many people present in order to maintain secrecy. At the same time, she could not help but be at ease.

A frantic voice suddenly sounded from outside the hall, "Help, help… my mother… she has fainted…" Following the frantic screams, Princess JiaoYue dashed in frantically with anxiousness all over her face! It turned out that Consort Ling Ran heard that her own husband had actually schemed to kill her own brother and even wanted to make use of the opportunity to wipe out her Ling Family! Her own family had fallen out with her husband without a chance of turning things around. She could not help but be thrown into depression and dilemma and her already weak body fainted on the spot!

"What sin!" Old Madam Ling let out a sigh and held onto the Princess JiaoYue's arm. After sending an eye signal to Chu Ting'er, she walked out of the hall. After a moment of hesitation, Chu Ting'er also followed Old Madam Ling out. Duke Ling then stood up and let out a long sigh. Looking at Ling Chen, he looked as though he wanted to say something but did not say anything in the end. Shaking his head, he walked out of the hall a desolate retreating figure filled with the dismal spirit of a warrior at the end of his road!

For the three huge figures of the Ling Family to walk out of the hall at this moment, they only had a single purpose: to trust Ling Tian's choice. They had chosen to acknowledge Ling Chen's position as the leader and handed the life and death of the Ling Family into her hands! They had displayed their attitude: no matter what Ling Chen did, the three of them would not question her and would wait for the outcome! Even if she were to send the whole Ling Family to their deaths, they would also accept that outcome! This was the demeanor of a powerful family, trusting the one they chose to follow!

Ling Chen's eyes were already filled with tears. While she was confident that she would be able to persuade Old Madam Ling and Duke Ling, she never expected things to go so smoothly. However, she still couldn't help but feel a sense of anxiousness about the fact that the life or death of the Ling Family rested on her shoulders.

The Imperial Army should be here soon, right? Why aren't there any signs of them yet? Can there be a flaw in my plans?

In the Smoky Thea Tower!

"Big brother, what should we do? Should we fight or retreat? Can you make a decision?!" NanGong TianHu was like a lion trapped in a cage, pacing around anxiously with ragged breathing. "If the Ling Family is destroyed, we will definitely be their next target! Big brother, we cannot let our guard down."

NanGong TianLong's face was calm as he held onto a teacup and said, "Why are you rushing about? Let us wait and see, it isn't too late yet."

"Isn't too late? Big brother, the Ling Family is already about to be destroyed! That old dog Yang KongQun has already taken out his Heavenly Blade Troops! How can I not be anxious?" NanGong TianHu walked another round as the veins on the side of his forehead bulged. "By the time the Ling Family gets wiped out, it will be too late for us to be anxious."

NanGong TianLong only gave a smile in reply and looked towards NanGong Yu. "Yu'er, what do you think?"

NanGong Yu frowned for a moment and considered before replying, "Father, I think that there is something unusual about this matter! The fact that victory is still up in the air makes this a huge dilemma!"