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Chapter 328: The Situation is Set

Chapter 328: The Situation is Set
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Inside the Soul Extinguishing Pass, a heavy drumbeat started to shake the very air! The drumbeats sounded like the heavy rumbling sounds of thunder, making even the grass in the plains tremble from the vibrations! The deeply asleep soldiers of Northern Wei were jolted awake, but found out that they were surrounded by screams of slaughter!

The gate to Soul Extinguishing Pass suddenly opened up wide, and cavalry soldiers akin to the demons in the underworld shot out like arrows leaving their bows, bringing with them an aura as though they could pierce through everything in their way! They rushed deep into the Northern Wei encampment, reaping the lives of the soldiers as though heeding the summons of King Yama himself!

At the point, Ling Tian led the demonic army, the guandao in his hands waving around him, creating violent winds as he brought bloodshed wherever he went! By the time the Northern Wei soldiers realized what was going on, Ling Tian was already dozens of feet into their encampment, leaving behind a trail of blood to indicate his path.

Flanking his left and right were Ling Jian, Ling Chi, Ling Feng and Ling Yun, all of them on horseback. They split into four different directions and slaughtered their way in as well! Further behind them were Wang Han and Feng Mo, guiding two large armies and rushing their way into the encampment from the side!

Directly opposite from where Ling Tian's army rushed in, tens of elite troops also rushed in like tigers descending from a mountain, or dragons swimming through the oceans, brazenly killing their way in as well!

There were about twenty of such groups, and all of them were using the exact same chisel boring tactic, with the same amount of savageness, tearing into the unprepared Northern Wei soldiers! In this sudden sprint, the Northern Wei soldiers resembled a batch of helpless sheep waiting for the slaughter!

Who would have thought that the almost 400,000 strong would be besieged by a paltry force of 10,000 soldiers, and with the weaker side actually taking the initiative to attack? Who would also have thought that a half-dead army could actually display such overwhelming strength? The most unbelievable thing was, where had Ling Tian actually come up with so many reinforcements?!

Wei ChengPing and Qian ShuiHuan were jolted awake as well and immediately rushed out of their tents barefooted, without even putting on their battle mail. What greeted both of them simply caused them to be rooted on the spot without being able to speak a single word! Their entire camp was on fire, and from the flickering flames of the fire, they only saw the fast flitting shadows of their enemies, flashing around as though this was a barren ground!

Recovering from his shock, Wei ChengPing immediately called out at the top of his voice, "Pass the order! Pass the order! Request for reinforcements from the Western Han!"

As though in reply to his words, a loud explosion came from the direction where the Western Han was located. The supply wagons of the Northern Wei army had turned into fireworks filling up the sky!

Next, a series of ear-splitting shouts were heard as the 100,000 troops from Western Han rushed towards their Northern Wei ex-allies and started rampantly killing as though they were on drugs! From afar, the sounds of people screaming could be heard, "Rush into the camp and capture the crown prince of Northern Wei! Capture Wei ChengPing alive!" With tens of thousands of them all screaming the same command, how could it not be loud?!

At the moment, Wei ChengPing was already scared to the point where his legs softened and he fell to the ground with a thump! Qian ShuiHuan ground his teeth hard as he stared towards the direction where the Western Han armies were making their way over, with a face full of hatred and killing intent!

With the surprising turncoat from Western Han burning off the 400,000 soldier's provisions, this had destroyed the last bit of hope remaining in the Northern Wei soldiers! Following a chant that started among Ling Tian's soldiers, "Those who surrender will be spared", everyone began to throw away their weapons en masse and kneel on the ground.

"Your Highness Crown Prince!" A few of Wei ChengPing's bodyguards quickly ran to his side, but only saw him lying on the ground, paralyzed with fear. As for Shui QianHuan, he had long disappeared together with the experts surrounding him! The few of them quickly grabbed Wei ChengPing and galloped off, gathering a few of the diehard soldiers to protect Wei ChengPing without a care for their lives, escaping into the night!

In the end, the majority knelt down in the middle of all the surrounding enemies begging for mercy. The outcome was set!


"Third Master Yu? Why are you here?" Yang KongQun yelped out in surprise. Deep in his heart, he started to complain about the fact that this blockhead was still in the Ling Residence. This only meant trouble!

While Yu ManTian possessed a high cultivation, he was, after all, a single person and unable to change any outcome. However, behind him was the hegemon known as the number one family! Who would dare to provoke him?

"Ehh? Old Yang, what kind of question is that? You mean that I, Third Master, can't be here?" Yu ManTian seemed absentminded as he pondered over Yang KongQun's words. "This is my niece's husband's house! Do you expect me to fork out silver to stay at an inn when I can stay in his house? While I was staying at Smoky Thea Tower a while ago, that period was free of charge. I couldn't possibly stay there for the whole time, I still value my face, and since I'm not as rich as you Old Yang, I could only come to my niece's husband's house to stay!" Yu ManTian spoke matter-of-factly.

"This..." Yang KongQun felt a little stupid at his explanation, "I didn't hear of the Yu Family having a marriage with the Ling Family? Third Master, who is the husband of your niece?"

"Oh, seems like he's called Ling Tian, that gigolo." Yu ManTian grinned as he spoke, as though he was extremely proud of him. "Old Yang, while my niece's husband looks like a gigolo, his heart is actually really kind and he has many positive qualities. Furthermore, the wine in his place is really good! Hehehehe…." Yu ManTian smacked his lips unconsciously at the thought, absentmindedly reiterating, "Really good!"

"Mister Yu!" Long Xiang stood up from his emperor's carriage and warmly called out while smiling at him, "Sky Bearing Empire is currently in a precariously unstable position, besieged by enemies external and internal. As the monarch of a country, to have allowed the land of my forefathers to fall to this state, Long Xiang really feels embarrassed and ashamed! Right now, the Ling Family has a huge influence, having control over Sky Bearing's army, finances, and government. Their only heir Ling Tian is even more twisted, deceiving the country's monarch, barging into the imperial consort palace, and creating a multitude of troubles. Thus, I have no choice but to get rid of this blight. Mister Yu is a virtuous and true hero, and I believe you will stand on the side of justice. As long as Mister does not help either side in this battle, Long Xiang will be eternally grateful! You will receive good karma for this!"

Yu ManTian scratched his ear a little, a perplexed look on his face. This was not faked, as the flowery words of Long Xiang had caused this self-proclaimed talent of the world to be completely and utterly confused about his intention! The only thing he understood was the intent of capturing a criminal.

"Your words are resounding and lustrous, as though a candle had been lit to illuminate the area. They not only possess a kingly aura of doing as you please but have also been brought to the point of perfection! Listening to your words today is better than reading ten years of a book!" Yu ManTian shook his head as he replied in a scholarly manner, "However, I didn't understand a single word you just spoke!"

After which, Third Master Yu thrust his chin up, a self-satisfied smile appearing on his face as though he had thoroughly impressed himself with his speech. Innately, he felt that his speech was inspirational and resounding. With all the flowery embellishments to his sentences, he was immeasurably self-satisfied.

Shen RuHu's face twisted into a weird expression as he whispered, "Third Master Yu, our Emperor's words are to ask you to move aside so we can enter and capture the criminal."

"Criminal? Who's the criminal?" Yu ManTian got a shock. He tilted his head and stared at Long Xiang, a hint of suspicion in his tone, "Are you saying that you suspect my niece's husband of being a criminal?"

"That's right! All in the Ling Residence are now suspected of being criminals of my Sky Bearing, and will not be pardoned." Long Xiang had a heavy expression as he announced, "I hope that mister will not interfere! Sky Bearing has always maintained a cordial relationship with the Yu Family."

"F**k you!" Yu ManTian suddenly burst out in anger, "How could the husband of my niece be your criminal?! And you even dare to talk about friendly relations? Friendly relations, your mother!" In truth, Ling Chen had given Yu ManTian the task of stalling for time, but it seemed like he was not a good person for the task. Within such a short period of time, he had already flared up!

The moment he shouted out, Long Xiang's face turned green. Shen RuHu hollered, "What guts! To insult my monarch, even if you're from the Yu Family, there's only death awaiting you!"

"Hahaha…" Yu ManTian laughed out long and loud, suddenly staring straight at him and shouted back, "What guts! To actually be so impolite in front of this Third Master. You might be the monarch of Sky Bearing, but only death awaits you!"

Yang KongQun sighed inwardly. The moment he caught sight of Yu ManTian, he knew that their relations were already finished. He had long begun to make preparations on how to avoid the wrath of the Yu Family in the future, but for now, he had to ensure the destruction of the Ling Family! If the Ling Family did not go, it would be the Yangs getting annihilated! How could their long-lasting feud be something that a Yu Family could alter? With a wave of his hand, a few martial arts experts shot forward, surrounding Yu ManTian. To go against him, sending ordinary soldiers would only lead to their deaths!

Yu ManTian let out a guffaw as he exclaimed, "Good! This old man loves to fight the most!" His fists suddenly shot out!

A huge rumble suddenly sounded from afar, followed by huge flames appearing in everyone's sights. Billowing black smoke filled the skies! At this sight, Yang KongQun's face suddenly had a drastic change!

The sound and flames appeared from the direction where his Yang Residence was located! Could it be...? Yang KongQun's face turned pale as he glanced towards the distance, a hint of doubt in his eyes!

"Wily Old Yang! There's no need to suspect anything, your worries are reality right now." A calm and indifferent voice sounded out. "Your rat's nest is completely finished!" A white-robed teenager had unknowingly appeared on top of the Ling Residence's door, his facial expression as though akin to a god looking down on the mortals, indifferent to their joys and suffering.

That person was Ling Lei!