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Chapter 330: Proclamation of Destruction

Chapter 330: Proclamation of Destruction
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Even Long Xiang who was coveting after Ling Chen could not help but think to himself, How can I deserve to own such a fairy? How can I defile her?

Ling Chen had never purposefully displayed a cold appearance, but everyone could feel a bone-chilling cold at this moment! Her gaze was like a thousand-year-old glacier! Her gaze was filled with the chilly winds of winter!

Despite standing there by the entrance of the Ling residence silently without doing anything, her bearing had already ruled over everyone currently present! It was as though she was naturally the motherly figure of the world, overlooking the world from high above! It was as though this was an elegance that she was born with!

A peerless talent, a matchless beauty!

Ling Chen, the lady who Ling Tian had used the present-day methods and knowledge to nurture, had finally revealed her splendor! This was a splendor that no princess or aristocratic daughter possessed!

Who in the world could compare to her?!

None of them knew what Ling Tian had taught her over all the years. In terms of the scholarly arts, Ling Chen was in no way inferior to the various talents of the world! In terms of martial arts, she was slightly above the Pavilion Head of the First Pavilion, Ling Jian!

Furthermore, everyone from the Ling Family Courtyard was aware that this fragile looking lady was the true controller of all information in the Ling Family Courtyard! Each and every message they sent had to be seen by Ling Chen! Each and every order that was given by Ling Tian was written by Ling Chen! All along, everyone knew that while Ling Jian seemed to be the number two figure on the surface, Ling Chen was the true individual who was only second to Ling Tian!

After Ling Tian, the one in charge of the Ling Family was Ling Chen!

However, such a talented lady had willingly lived under Ling Tian's splendor! If not for the fact that Ling Tian wasn't in Sky Bearing, Ling Chen would have definitely continued to conceal herself! She was not willing to, and she never would snatch any of Ling Tian's splendor! She was already used to silently staying behind Ling Tian, supporting him with all she had and enjoying each and every moment spent with him.

However, when Ling Tian was not around and the Ling Family had met with a grave crisis, Ling Chen stepped out without any hesitation! It was the first time Ling Chen revealed her splendor to the world! She was like a precious sword that had been buried for decades, stunning the world the moment it was unsheathed!

While Ling Tian had already arranged all of this many years before, Ling Chen had fully made use of each and every source of strength Ling Tian left behind for her! She had deployed each and every asset at her disposal perfectly! Just this point alone was something that not many people were able to do.

"Emperor Long Xiang," Ling Chen's voice was both alluring but chilly! Her mesmerizing eyes emotionlessly looked at Long Xiang's frightened face. "I am sorry but the Sky Bearing Emperor no longer has the surname of Long!"

Her words sounded like thunder!

Everyone was shocked upon hearing her words! It was as though their souls had received judgment in the afterlife! All of a sudden, they felt a strange feeling in their heart.

All of a sudden, a commotion broke out in the crowd and dozens of men walked out. There were some who were calm and others who were trembling. There were even some who were completely pale with their eyes darting around nervously. They were the various officials of the present Sky Bearing Imperial Court. Walking up to Long Xiang, the one in the lead was Minister Wei ZhengFeng! He then gave a bow to Long Xiang and actually didn't kneel down, "Your Majesty has made a grave error and the situation in Sky Bearing has already been determined. We hope that Your Majesty will abdicate the throne!"

"We hope that Your Majesty will abdicate the throne!" The officials shouted out together and bowed down.

Long Xiang was thrown into disarray as he looked around in fright, "General Shen… Sir Yang… err, no, Father-in-law?"

Shen RuHu's face began to contort and he took in a deep breath. With determination in his eyes, he shouted, "Imperial Army, receive my orders!" Before he could finish his sentence, a young commander suddenly charged forward and a blade was placed on his neck. With a low voice he said, "General Shen, I am sorry!"

Shen RuHu was angered to the point he almost vomited blood. "Xiang TieTong, you actually betrayed me?!" His voice was not only filled with anger but also heartbreak! This young commander was a talent who Shen RuHu treasured. Shen RuHu had nurtured him without sparing any effort and treated him like a trusted aide. However, Shen RuHu never expected that he would be betrayed by him!

Xiang TieTong lowered his head for a while before raising it up again with calm eyes, "General Shen, I have never betrayed you! I have a clear conscience!"

Shen RuHu was filled with disbelief, "Do you?"

Xiang TieTong said unflinchingly, "That's right! I belong to the Ling Family and to young noble Ling! I always have!" His eyes were filled with a trace of pity as he looked towards Shen RuHu. "General Shen, I have always been grateful for the benevolence General had shown me but I have my own position! I am called Xiang TieTong, has General Shen never noticed anything?"

Shen RuHu was taken aback for a moment before letting out a laugh, "That's right! That's right! I was the foolish one. Metal that can ring, isn't that a bell 1 ? Hahaha, what a joke! What a joke! My most trusted subordinate was the first one to betray me!" Shen RuHu burst out into a maniacal laughter with tears flowing down his cheeks. He suddenly lifted up his head and said with vigor, "However, I am not one who will bow down to my enemy!"

Xiang TieTong said coldly, "General Shen has witnessed for yourself that the current Imperial Family is without hope! Even if the Imperial Army is still under your command, they are no more than lifeless souls! I hope that General will give the order to not let them sacrifice themselves for nothing! Is General Shen really that unwise?"

Shen RuHu continued laughing as though he did not hear a thing! He actually ignored Xiang TieTong completely!

"RuHu!" A mellow voice sounded and Duke Ling walked out, "RuHu, you are feeling the heartbreak from your subordinate betraying your patronage and nurturing. Then how should this old man feel about you leading your army to attack my Ling Family?!"

"Honored teacher… this disciple doesn't dare…" A struggle could obviously be seen on Shen RuHu's face.

"Doesn't dare? You have already led your army to my doorstep and still say that you don't dare?" Duke Ling's body shook as his prestige emerged again. "Is this old man an enemy to you as well? Are you going to kill your own teacher?"

Shen RuHu's face changed again as he got off his horse and knelt down, "This disciple definitely doesn't have such intentions. If I have such intentions, may I be struck by lightning and die a horrible death! RuHu had already decided that I will definitely protect Teacher from harm even if I have to sacrifice my life! But, but now…"

"Now that the situation has changed and has tilted in this old man's favor you want to protect Long Xiang again?" Duke Ling's beard trembled as he coldly said this.

Rivulets of sweat rolled down Shen RuHu's face as he said with a struggle, "Teacher… RuHu is still a subject of Sky Bearing…"

"Darn b*st*rd! Colluding with the enemy to harm his own loyal subject. Heartless to his wife and daughter, and attempting to kill his meritorious subject. For him to perform such deeds, what right does he have to sit on the throne of an empire? Men, send this RuHu to my side! This old man wants to see if he dares to go against this old man's words! If your heart is with Long Xiang, you can capture me for him!" Duke Ling began to roar.

Xiang TieTong returned his blade to the sheath and said with cupped fists, "General Shen, please."

General Shen shut his eyes with tears rolling down his cheeks. All of a sudden, he shouted out, "Receive my orders! Put down your weapons!" Following his words, Shen RuHu's body swayed as he sat down on the ground.

Hearing such an order, the soldiers of the Imperial Army revealed a look of relief as they threw away their weapons and sat down like Shen RuHu. Currently, it was obvious that the outcome was set in stone, and Shen RuHu's words were akin to saving the lives of the many soldiers present!

Seeing how Duke Ling was able to take care of Shen RuHu, Ling Chen smiled and looked towards Yang KongQun, "Family Head Yang, what do you think?"

Yang KongQun's face was ashen! Long Xiang could not fall! As long as Long Xiang fell, their Yang Family would be destroyed as well! Gritting his teeth, he ordered, "Heavenly Blade Troops! Kill this witch for me!"

Ling Chen revealed a wide smile and it was as though the flowers had blossomed. Those present were all intoxicated and even Long Xiang had the urge to stop Yang KongQun from issuing the order to kill her. After much difficulty, he managed to stop and saved himself from making a fool out of himself.

Only Ling Dian and Ling Lei could not help but shiver as they witnessed Ling Chen's smile!

Every time Ling Chen revealed such a smile, both of them knew that the five of them being tortured would come next! Now that she had revealed such a smile, who did she want to take care of? Whoever she chose to take care of, that person would definitely be in trouble!

Without looking at the ferocious Heavenly Blade Troops charging towards her, she suddenly shouted, "Receive my orders! All of you must aid our ally, the NanGong Family, to uproot the vile Yang Family! Help them to take revenge for their young noble NanGong Le! May young noble Le be watching this scene!"

As she said that, her body flashed as she appeared behind the members of the NanGong Family! With a smile, she said, "Family Head NanGong, as the proverb says, a nation's enmity and family hatred! The Yang Family and your esteemed family have an irreconcilable hatred. Now that the Yang Family is akin to a toothless tiger, it is your best and final opportunity to take your revenge. Family Head NanGong does not need to hold back, and all of you can go ahead and take revenge for your young noble. We will help Family Head to block the attacks from all other powers!"

NanGong TianLong was completely dumbfounded!