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Chapter 336: Appearance of the Martial Order Medallion

Chapter 336: Appearance of the Martial Order Medallion
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According to his eunuch, Wang DaNian, Wei ChengPing had muttered Ling Tian's name a full 117 times! That didn't even include the dozens of times when Wei ChengPing's mumblings were incoherent!

It could easily be seen just how frightened Wei ChengPing was of Ling Tian!

Slaughtering a thousand soldiers with his whole body drenched in his enemy's blood, with overflowing bloodlust and killing intent bursting out from his eyes! Even from a thousand feet away, Wei ChengPing had felt his heart turn cold! Especially when those bloodthirsty eyes looked at him and said, "Wei ChengPing, surrender your life!" It was like King Yama giving him the proclamation of death! As Ling Tian charged towards him, heads were decapitated all around with blood coloring the skies red. Despite Wei ChengPing escaping on his horse, Ling Tian's attack still cut through the air and decapitated four of his personal guards. Even after piercing through the flesh of his four guards, the remaining strength of the attack was still powerful enough to slice his warhorse in two! Up until now, Wei ChengPing still felt the lingering fear from the might of Ling Tian's attack, as though he doubted if he was even still alive!

Up until now, Wei ChengPing could still feel a bone-chilling cold coming from beneath his crotch! How could he not be afraid? The moment he closed his eyes, he would imagine Ling Tian standing in front of him, staring at him with those bloodthirsty eyes…

It was already the fourth day when Wei ChengPing finally regained his senses. This made all the imperial doctors who were attending to him give a sigh of relief. If anything were to happen to the crown prince while they were attending to him, all of their families and themselves would probably be buried alongside the crown prince. To think that this crown prince would suffer a nervous breakdown from just a single trip to the battlefield! How ridiculous was that?

"Where is young noble Shui?" Once Wei ChengPing got up, he no longer felt the chilly feeling at his crotch but a warm feeling instead. Thus, he was immediately energized, and he immediately asked about Shui QianHuan, "Is he back yet? Summon him here! I have something to discuss with him!"

Everyone was at a loss and looked at each other. One imperial guard plucked up his courage to take a step forward. "Reporting to the crown prince, young noble Shui disappeared after the battle and we have not seen him since then. He probably…" While the guard did not finish his sentence, everyone knew what he was meant; Shui QianHuan had probably died on the battlefield.

A crazed look was then seen in Wei ChengPing's eyes as his breathing became erratic. Wei ChengPing could clearly remember that Shui QianHuan had escaped with his guards without even turning back to spare him a glance. With Shui QianHuan's martial arts, how would he die in the battle? To think that Shui QianHuan did not even bother to turn back when he pleaded for aid!

It was obvious that Shui QianHuan and the Shui Family felt that the Northern Wei Empire no longer had any value and they had decided to abandon Wei ChengPing! To Shui QianHuan, a Wei ChengPing without his 400,000 men army was probably no different from trash. At the same time, Wei ChengPing also thought angrily to himself, If not for your persuasion, would I have sent out my army? Now that our army has been defeated, you actually just walked away without cleaning up your mess?!

The more Wei ChengPing thought about the matter, the more enraged he became. He then let out a sudden roar, "Shui QianHuan! Shui Family! You bunch of cowardly b*st*rds!" After which, he suddenly felt his head aching, and he began to clench his teeth in pain.

The same guard then said, "Crown prince your highness, please change into a set of clean undergarments first!"

In anger, Wei ChengPing shouted in retort, "Why do I have to change my undergarments?! This crown prince is doing great! All of you scram!"

As though they had been spared from torture, all the guards quickly fled.

Wei ChengPing suddenly felt as though something was wrong as he felt the warmth by his crotch suddenly turning cold. Only then did he realize that he was seated in a small puddle of water, and the warm feeling was…

Feeling humiliated, Wei ChengPing grew even crazier as an idea flashed in his head. Wei ChengPing then began to laugh out in a maniacal and malevolent manner, "Even if I lose everything, no one can look down on me! I am still capable of stirring up a storm! I can still kill Ling Tian and Han TieXuan! These two enemies who foiled my plans! HAHAHAHA…" Wei ChengPing burst out into a crazed laughter…

In the afternoon.

"Mister must have had a long and tiring journey." Wei ChengPing said with a gentle tone. In front of him, a stick of sandalwood was burning, and its fragrance filled the entire room.

"Spare me the pleasantries! Since you have taken out the Martial Order Medallion, don't beat around the bush any longer! Speak, who do you want to kill?" In front of him, a green-robed man was seated with the Northern Wei Martial Order Medallion in his hands. After studying it carefully for a moment, he put it into his bosom. While the words spoken by this man were extremely distant and cold, his tone was calm without a trace of emotions in them.

"I only took out the Martial Order Medallion because I was forced to do so," Wei ChengPing said with a rigid smile. "There are two people who I need Mister to kill…"

Before he could finish his sentence, the green-robed man had already interrupted him. "Bestowing a monarch with the Martial Order Medallion, a life in exchange for a medallion! Wei ChengPing, I can only kill a single person for you!" His words were spoken without any margin for leeway.

Wei ChengPing then put out an awkward smile. "Err, this… I wonder if Mister can make an exception? Wei ChengPing has two mortal enemies at the moment. Regardless of the price…"

The green-robed man let out a snort as he rolled his eyes, "Wei ChengPing, the Martial Order Medallion has been taken out. You had better make up your mind fast, lest I get annoyed and kill you too! If not for the fact that you have the Martial Order Medallion, your nagging would have already made you a dead man!"

As the green-robed man's chilly eyes swept past him, Wei ChengPing felt as though he had been thrown into a freezer, with a chill running down his spine and his hair standing up on edge! He completely forgot what he wanted to say as he felt his whole head turn blank!

The green-robed man then revealed an unconcealed look of disdain. "Speak, between Han TieXuan and Ling Tian, who do you want me to kill?"

A trace of shock could be seen on Wei ChengPing's face as he said respectfully, "Mister is wise indeed. If Mister can…"

The green-robed man coldly glared at Wei ChengPing without saying a single word. However, killing intent began to emanate from his eyes…

Wei ChengPing quickly wiped away the sweat on his forehead as he forced a smile, "Alright then, since Mister insists, I can only choose one of the two." After considering for a moment, Wei ChengPing opened his voice and said, "I will have to trouble Mister to kill Ling Tian!"

At that moment, Wei ChengPing was certain that if Ling Tian didn't die, he would definitely be living in the nightmare that Ling Tian brought him for all his life! In comparison, while Han TieXuan's betrayal was the main reason for his Northern Wei's defeat, Wei ChengPing did not think that Han TieXuan was worth a Martial Order Medallion!

The green-robed man then suddenly concealed himself in the smoke of the burning sandalwood and Wei ChengPing could no longer see his appearance. Then, Wei ChengPing felt the body of the green-robed man turn misty in the smoke, and a soft sigh could be heard from within the smoke.

When the cloud of smoke dispersed, not a single soul could be seen in front of Wei ChengPing. Just when he was feeling puzzled, a crisp voice sounded by his ears, "The Martial Order Medallion has been received. May the Monarch treasure his life."

Wei ChengPing was stunned for a moment as he muttered these words a few time. Then, he suddenly burst out into laughter, "Ling Tian! You are dead for sure!"

In the palace, Wei ChengPing's hysterical laughter echoed!

"Ling Tian, you are dead for sure!"

"Ling Tian, you are dead for…"

"Ling Tian, you are…"


"Wei ChengPing wants to kill Ling Tian? Did he use the Martial Order Medallion that belongs to Northern Wei?!" The usually calm Yu ManLou jumped up from his seat and exclaimed, "Using the Martial Order Medallion to kill Ling Tian?!"

"That should be the case! This piece of news was sent by our spies from the palace and it is definitely accurate! Wei ChengPing did indeed meet someone in secret and no one dared to approach that place. After that, Wei ChengPing's mood took a 180-degree turn and was filled with ecstasy!" A black-robed man could be seen opposite Yu ManLou.

"Good! The final trump card of Northern Wei has been used! I do not need to be wary of anything anymore!" Yu ManLou stood up and paced around the room. After a while, he then let out a sigh and shook his head, "It is just… too fast! Too sudden!"

The black-dressed man also frowned, "Yes, it is indeed too fast! Too sudden! The time left for us… in fact, they did not even leave any time for us! While the final trump card that could threaten Family Head was removed, our original plan would probably be…"

"We cannot change it!" Yu ManLou said with certainty as a resolute gaze could be seen in his eyes. "Immediately send out the messenger doves to Third Brother who is in Sky Bearing! Ask him to propose a marriage to the Ling Family! Order him to ensure that the proposal is successful no matter what! Tell him that he doesn't need to return if he doesn't make this happen!"

The body of the black-robed man shook, and he replied, "Yes!"

Yu ManLou then paced around again as he said in a cold tone, "If she cannot become the first wife, then she can become a wife of equal status! If she cannot even be a wife of equal status, she can be Ling Tian's concubine! No matter what, Yan'er must marry Ling Tian! There must be a proper title! It must happen quickly! Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand." The black-robed man felt beads of sweat rolling down his face. For the Yu and Ling families to become in-laws, it should have been a prosperous event. However, it seemed to be no more than an urgent strategic move from Yu ManLou's tone. There wasn't a single trace of prosperity in his words and they were instead filled with a chilly cold!

"Order the First Elder and Third Elder to lead three hundred white jade experts to Sky Bearing to send BingYan's dowry! Set off immediately!"

"Dowry?!" The black-robed man was thrown off by this order as he asked carefully, "Family Head, we are only confirming the marriage, isn't it too early to send over the dowry? Furthermore, the moment their marriage is confirmed, BingYan will belong to the Ling Family. Even if Ling Tian dies, BingYan is still the unwed daughter-in-law of the Ling Family. For us to send the dowry now… this…"

"Are you getting senile?" Yu ManLou glared at the black-robed man, "Ling Tian has many experts under his command and when he dies, it will be impossible for BingYan to grasp the authority of the Ling Family from those experts. Furthermore, BingYan is now completely smitten by Ling Tian and will probably not agree to the family's decision. We need a proper reason for our men to enter the Ling Family so they can grasp the authority of the Ling Family in their hands! Three hundred white jade experts seems like too few… Mmm, bring another five hundred purple jade experts to ensure that everything goes well!"