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Chapter 338: Only Choice

Chapter 338: Only Choice
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Marshal Ling's cursing sounded across the whole army throughout the journey! The whole army marched back to Sky Bearing hearing the incessant cursing of Mashal Ling. Their original good mood from emerging victorious was completely destroyed by Marshal Ling's cursing! The way his voice was filled with energy without a single sign of breathlessness, who would believe that Marshal Ling was actually seriously injured?!

Ling Tian purposefully roamed outside for a while and hid in the Smoky Thea Tower for a full four hours. After calculating that the time should be about right, he then slowly made his way back to the Ling residence. His turtle-like speed on the way back was unprecedented in his life!

When he went back home, a good show was playing out in the Ling residence with the bandaged Marshal Ling going crazy! He insisted that he wanted to settle his scores with Long Xiang and it took the strength of a few burly men to hold him back with great difficulty.

"Big brother, His Majesty was hoodwinked by a scoundrel and it was just a moment of folly. I hope that big brother will forgive him." This was Consort Ling Ran's voice…

"Good brat, you even dare to make a huge fuss in front of your old man?! See how this old man takes care of you!" This was Duke Ling's voice…

"Father… I was almost killed by the schemes of that b*st*rd and I will not forgive him with just a simple 'he was hoodwinked by a scoundrel'! I am not so benevolent! So what if I am being petty? This… I definitely won't let him off!" This boorish voice obviously belonged to the heavily injured General Ling. He obviously wanted to address himself as 'this daddy', but realized that his own father was in front of him. Although his temper was raging, he still managed to force himself to swallow those words.

While Long Xiang's actions could not be pardoned, he was still Ling Ran's husband after all. Thus, no matter what grievances she felt in her heart, Ling Ran could not bear to see her own husband being beaten to death by her own brother!

However, who would have expected that Duke Ling's personal appearance and Ling Ran kneeling on the floor pleading was completely useless! Ling Xiao was like a raging bull who could not be stopped! Even his own father and little sister could not stop him!

As Ling Tian watched that scene, he nodded his head and thought to himself, Mmm, his performance is good indeed. I wonder, where did Ling Jian and the rest disappear? They probably ran away upon seeing that a storm was brewing.

Ling Tian then gave out a sigh, It seems like my plan to get rid of Long Xiang using my father will fail. He then turned around and wanted to go back to his own courtyard, hoping to hide from the storm before making his appearance. Besides, while he did not see Ling Cheng and Yu BingYan for just a few days, the bitter battle had made these few days seem like a few years. Now that he was back at home, even the grasses and flowers made him feel a sense of familiarity.

"You little brat! Stop right there! You still dare to run away?" Old Madam Ling was originally watching the show off to the side. But upon seeing that her grandson was about to escape, she was both angered and amused as she shouted at him.

At this moment, Ling Tian already had a foot out of the courtyard and he turned around awkwardly. Old Madam Ling then walked over briskly and pulled Ling Tian's ears. "Let me ask you, who ignited this explosive temper of your father? Don't tell me you don't know!"

Ling Tian blinked his eyes and said with an innocent look, "Grandmother, what are you talking about? Ignite what? Is our house on fire? Why don't I know?"

"Little brat! Just continue feigning ignorance! You dare to tell me that you don't know anything!" Old Madam Ling scolded laughingly as she exerted more force and Ling Tian's ears were elongated further, "Speak!"

"Do I really have to say?!" Ling Tian felt helpless.

"Yes!" Old Madam Ling said with a resolute tone!

"Siii…" Ling Tian took in a breath of cold air and he truly felt the pain this time, "Grandmother, please let go… pain… okay, okay, I will tell you the truth. On the way back, we met Ling Dian and this grandson ignored him as I was sleeping. Thus, he went to find Father. As for everything that happened after, I don't know already… I really don't know! Aiyah…"

"You still dare to say that you don't know?! You still dare to lie!" Old Madam Ling exerted even more strength in anger as she pointed towards Ling Xiao who was going crazy, "Without your permission, would Ling Dian have the guts to anger your father to such an extent with a few words of his? Also, since when did Long Xiang say that he wanted to take all the ladies in the Ling Family to become his harem?"

Ling Tian was startled as he jumped up in anger with an ashen face, "F**k! I didn't say that, Ling Dian that brat must have added on that nonsense. I will definitely teach him a good lesson later! I only said…" Ling Tian then paused for a moment and knew that he had been tricked. It was impossible for Ling Dian to come up with such a lie for sure. Looking at Old Madam Ling's cunning looking face, Ling Tian let out a long sigh as he thought, The old ginger is indeed spicier!

"You only said?" Old Madam Ling's eyes shone with a crafty light, "You actually dare to use your father as a spear now? Am I right?"

Ling Tian let out a bitter sigh and an idea flashed in his head, "Grandmother, I heard that grandfather was going against you and I only wanted to help you. Furthermore, this is a serious matter and it is difficult for us to deal with Long Xiang. Does grandmother have any ideas to solve this problem?"

The moment Ling Tian mentioned this matter, Old Madam Ling no longer had the mood to disturb him any further and also let out a sigh, "Our whole family is now troubled by this matter! Both killing or letting him off isn't a good plan!"

Ling Tian fell silent for a moment before saying, "The one thing we must never do is let the tiger back into the mountain! Even if we don't kill him, we cannot let him off! We should first imprison him before making a decision." A flash of inspiration then flashed in his head and Ling Tian had a bright idea.

Old Madam Ling then pulled Ling Tian to the side as she said, "I was waiting for you to come back so we can discuss this matter. What do you think we should do with regards to Sky Bearing? What should our Ling Family do? I believe that you have a plan in your heart already, right?"

Ling Tian frowned, "I am actually torn between two different choices. Grandmother, this definitely isn't the best time for our Ling Family to rise up! No matter what, our Ling Family is still a subject of the Sky Bearing Empire. No matter what heinous things Long Xiang has done, we would definitely be regarded as traitorous if we were to replace Long Xiang! At that time, we would no longer be the victims but a treacherous subject of the Sky Bearing Empire. The other powers can then make use of this opportunity to suppress Sky Bearing in the name of seeking justice for the Sky Bearing Imperial Family. At the present moment, our Sky Bearing Empire is already riddled with injuries with many pressing matters to be settled. We definitely cannot afford another war! Furthermore, the various Great Families would definitely be dissatisfied if we were to usurp the throne! The consequences of that are not something which we can face at the moment! However, if we do not take the position of the emperor and Long Xiang has already been pulled down by us, the Sky Bearing Empire is left without a leader… Haiz!" Ling Tian shook his head and let out a sigh while secretly watching out for Old Madam Ling's expression.

"That's right," Old Madam Ling said with frustration, "we are indeed in a dilemma! This old lady doesn't have any ideas to solve this problem. If not, I wouldn't have to wait for your return." As she said that, she began to rub the temple of her forehead as her brows furrowed in deep consideration.

"Grandmother, I have an idea." Ling Tian blinked his eyes and said with a meaningful smile, "It may help us solve our present dilemma."

"What is the idea? Spill it out quickly." Old Madam Ling had already been frustrated thoroughly by this matter over the past few days!

"Long Xiang is already in our hands and all of his princes have already been killed! If that's the case, we can let him write an imperial edict to make the child in aunt's womb the crown prince! Then, we can let grandfather, father, Minister Wei and General Shen to manage the imperial court to handle the political affairs! Furthermore, we must make one thing clear. No lady is allowed to interfere with stately affairs!" Ling Tian said with a chilly gaze flashing past his eyes!

"What a… cruel plan! Ling Ran is your aunt!" Old Madam Ling looked at her grandson in shock. If they were to make an unborn infant the crown prince, of the four ministers running the imperial court, Ling Xiao and Ling Zhan were father and son, and Shen RuHu is Ling Zhan's disciple. The only one who wasn't within their circle was Wei ZhengFeng. However, Minister Wei did not have any true authority and the full authority of the military and court would fall into the hands of the Ling Family. With the condition that Ling Tian had added to disallow ladies from interfering with stately affairs, this would mean that Ling Ran wouldn't be able to create any trouble!

This plan of Ling Tian's was definitely in line with the ancestral teachings, or perhaps it was the only loophole in the ancestral teachings. As such, Sky Bearing would still belong to the Long Family, and the Ling Family would still be a subject of the empire. They would not catch the attention of anyone and can even feign weakness to their enemies. It would also make their enemies think that the Ling Family did not have the intention to rule the world.

While everyone would know that Sky Bearing was fully controlled by the Ling Family, the actions of the Ling Family would still be faultless. After Long Xiang had plotted against the Ling Family, the Ling Family had still buried the hatchet and aid the new young ruler with all their heart. Instead of being a treacherous subject, the Ling Family would earn the reputation of a loyal and faithful subject!

"My aunt?! Grandmother, did you see how she pleaded for my father to let her husband off? That guy is someone who almost killed my father and destroyed our whole family! She actually wants us to let him off just by saying that it was a moment of folly?! No matter what, I will not concede on this point for sure!" Ling Tian said without any room for leeway.

"Long Xiang probably wouldn't agree to this right?" Old Madam Ling said, "Furthermore, this is also a little too cruel to your aunt right? It wouldn't be too fair to her either. Tian'er, while this plan of yours can help settle all our problems, Ling Ran is still your aunt. Are you a little too…"

Ling Tian responded with a smile, "Grandmother is thinking too much. Is Long Xiang's agreement even important? Ah ah, do we still need him to agree right now? As for Aunt, I originally didn't want to say anything. But… Grandmother, do you really think there is fairness in this world?"

Ling Tian's lips then curled up in a cruel smile, "The moment Long Xiang decided to wipe out our Ling Family, he had completely ignored the husband and wife ties between him and Aunt! He still wants to rely on Aunt to save his life now? If our Ling Family were to be destroyed, Aunt's life would definitely be extremely miserable for the rest of her life! Under the pressure of Yang Xue and the Yang Family, her child might have not even be born. Even if he were to be born, it would be impossible for him to ascend to the throne! Now, while we cannot give away the Sky Bearing Empire that we have fought so hard for, we can definitely give Aunt a life of prosperity. This can already be considered as a fortune for her and she should be satisfied with that. She should not be grumbling and she definitely shouldn't wish for anything more. There isn't an ending that would be better than this and we do not have any other choice at this moment!"