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Chapter 339: Tender Sentiments

Chapter 339: Tender Sentiments
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Old Madam Ling then let out a sigh and went silent for a long while as she looked towards the sky, "Alright then! Wait… how are you so certain that your aunt's child is a boy? What if her child is a girl? Then wouldn't all our arrangements go to waste?"

Ling Tian let out a smile and said slowly, "Grandmother, apart from our Ling Family, who would know if her child is a boy or girl? If we say her child is a boy, he will be a boy. Even if her child turns out to be a girl, her child will still be a boy. Hahaha…"

As Ling Tian walked into his own courtyard, he looked at the two familiar figures by the rack of grapes and couldn't help but be emotionally moved in his heart! While it seemed easy for him to rush into the Northern Wei army to save his father, the truth was that he was on the edge of life and death! Death loomed so close to him as he charged through the battlefield! It could be said that he had spent a few days in King Yama's palace before making his way back home. Looking at the two most precious ladies in his life, he suddenly felt as though he had not seen them for a few years.

For Ling Xiao to suffer from an ambush this time was well within Ling Tian's expectations. The past two generations of the Ling Family were without a doubt loyal to Sky Bearing. Without a huge change, it was impossible for them to become enemies with the Imperial Family. If he didn't change the loyal attitude of his own family, it was very likely that he would have to end up facing his own family on the battlefield! Even if that wasn't the case, both his father and grandfather would definitely be torn apart by their loyalties.

Thus, Ling Tian purposefully gave Long Xiang an opening to create a reason for their falling out, giving him the chance to uproot Long Xiang and the Yang Family! At the same time, his grandfather and father would not have any guilt in their hearts as well and he would be able to help the both of them see Long Xiang's wolf-like ambitions! While taking his father's and grandfather's feelings into consideration, he would still be able to take another step towards his ambitions!

However, Ling Tian never expected things to grow so wildly out of his expectations and control! The Yu Family, Shui Family, Northern Wei, Western Han, and Sky Bearing had all participated in this scheme to kill his father! Ling Tian originally thought that only the Northern Wei and Sky Bearing would join hands but the reality was far out of his expectations! This time, he had almost allowed both his own and his father's life to be lost! Up until now, Ling Tian still felt a sense of lingering fear in his heart! If he had been a single step too late and without the unexpected intervention of the Yu Family, and if everything had gone according to the Shui Family's plan… Ling Tian felt a chill run down his spine at the thought of that possibility.

While his father was already safe and sound, Ling Tian still blamed himself in his heart! After this incident, Ling Tian could deeply feel that a man's strength would definitely be lacking at some moments and a man's wisdom would definitely fail him at times. The 'if' truly exists and no one would be able to fully calculate all the possibilities! Accidents would always be out of one's expectations and there would be no limit to the possibility of accidents! If he still dared to think that the situation was firmly grasped in his hands, it would only be a matter of time before he suffered a great loss! Who on earth would be able to fully understand the ways of the heavens?!

"Tian'ge! You are finally back!" Yu BingYan let out an excited scream from afar as she dived into Ling Tian's bosom. Before she even said a thing, her tears had already drenched Ling Tian's top. "You are finally back… wuwuwu… both sister Chen and I have been so worried for you… we had nightmares every night… we really can't take it any longer…"

Ling Tian hugged the obviously skinnier beauty and stroked her head gently as he said with a gentle tone, "Silly lass, I am safe and sound. What are you crying for? You won't be pretty if you cry until your eyes turn into panda eyes. If that happens I will definitely feel heartache."

Just when she was sobbing, Yu BingYan couldn't help but giggle at Ling Tian's words, "You are the one with the panda eyes! You still dare say that you will feel heartache, angering me the moment you come back! Hmph!" As she said that, she stomped her feet as she wanted to start whining. With the tears still at the corner of her eyes and a sweet smile on her face, she was like a blossoming flower, incomparably beautiful and fresh.

As Ling Tian looked towards Ling Chen, he saw her looking at him silently under the rack of grapes. It was as though there was no one else but him in her eyes at this moment!

When Ling Tian first came back, Ling Chen welcomed him with a bright smile. However, the smile slowly become forced as she bit down on her lips as though forcing herself to maintain the smile. It was as though she wanted to let her most beloved man see the smile on her face when he returned. However, two streams of tears had still found their way down her cheeks.

At this moment, Ling Chen's dainty figure was like a lily in the storm, filled with gentleness but yet looking as though it would give way at any moment. It was as though she would collapse anytime and be unable to get back up.

Just when Yu BingYan had silently left Ling Tian's embrace, Ling Tian took another step forward and was about to spread his arms out. But before he got a chance to do so, he felt another figure rush straight into his embrace and hug him tightly. It was as though that figure wanted to melt into his embrace! Ling Tian was overwhelmed by emotions as he held onto the dainty figure in his arms, hating the fact that he couldn't be one with her...

Ling Chen's body trembled in Ling Tian's embrace as though she had suffered from a great shock and had yet to recover her senses. She was like a kidnapped child who had finally seen her parents again. The both of them didn't say a single word as they hugged each other tightly as though the other party would disappear the moment they let go of each other.

Ling Tian felt a damp and warm feeling at his chest before it turned into a cold feeling, slowly seeping down his shirt. Those were Ling Chen's tears drenching Ling Tian's shirt and flowing down his chest.

A long while later, Ling Tian felt the beauty in his embrace slowly recovering from her trembling. With a sigh, he stroked her silky hair and gently raised up her head up. Clearing his throat, he said with a hoarse voice, "Chen'er…" Looking at the frail-looking beauty and obviously skinnier Ling Chen, he suddenly realized that he had only been gone for a mere four days. Feeling his heart ache, the words he wanted to say were stuck in his throat.

Ling Chen then buried her head in Ling Tian's embrace again as she began whimpering. It was as though she didn't want to ever lift her head up from Ling Tian's embrace for the rest of her life…

Ling Tian let out a helpless sigh and said with a smile, "Chen'er, be a good girl and let me change into a new set of clothes before hugging you and letting you cry to your heart's content. If you are going to cry any further, people will think that I lost control of my crotch. If someone were to come in at this moment, I would definitely be embarrassed! Your tears have already flowed down to my pants…"

"Puchi… what nonsense… annoying!" Ling Chen burst out into laughter as she stomped her feet and let out a soft 'hmph' to display her displeasure. However, her soft 'hmph' was like a gentle moan in Ling Tian's ears, both whiny and lovable. Thus, it lit up the lust in Ling Tian's eyes instead.

As though she suddenly felt something, Ling Chen let out a shriek and quickly left Ling Tian's embrace. Looking at Ling Tian, she realized that there was indeed a large patch of tears stretching down from his chest to his… Ling Chen then felt her face turn red as though she had thought about something. With another shriek, she turned around and dashed into the room at a lightning fast speed…

Yu BingYan opened her mouth in shock as she gasped, "Ah, sister Chen really had so many tears…"

Ling Tian grunted and stared at her, "You contributed greatly also! At least half of this belongs to you!"

Yu BingYan then placed her hands behind her back and raised her chest up proudly. "I didn't cry!" As Yu BingYan stood in front of Ling Tian with her chest raised up high, her beautiful figure curved in an alluring fashion. Especially how her proud twin peaks were standing up proudly, it made her even more alluring.

Ling Tian then felt something go off in his head with a bang, and he was like a wolf letting out a loud howl in the moonlight. With his nose becoming warm, he felt as though he was about to have a nosebleed. At the same time, some part of his body also became hard and firm, feeling as though it was about to explode at any moment.

Yu BingYan still hadn't noticed anything different about Ling Tian and bounced over like a little bunny. With her waist bent slightly, she looked at Ling Tian sideways and studied the expression on Ling Tian's face. At the same time, she also began to giggle, "Tian'ge, your expression is so strange… wu...wu…"

Before she could finish her sentence, Ling Tian could no longer reign himself in any longer. Grabbing her into his embrace, he covered her lips with his own! Yu BingYan felt her body tremble as she went stiff with an incredulous expression filling her eyes. As she wanted to open her mouth to take in a breath of air, she felt a tongue entering her mouth like a fish, roaming around every inch of her tongue. Yu BingYan felt her head go off in a bang as well and she was lost in this mysterious realm, feeling as though her body was light and floating with the clouds…

Is the moment that I have been waiting for finally here?

As though his hands had their own consciousness, Ling Tian's hands began to attack the various 'bases' on Yu BingYan's body. At that moment, Yu BingYan felt as though she had been fully conquered as she weakly hung onto Ling Tian's body. Her eyes were dreamy with her face bright red. If not for Ling Tian holding onto her, she would have certainly fallen to the floor. Her hair was already in a complete mess with her black silky hair drooping down and her top half undone. At the same time, Ling Tian's hands could be seen energetically roaming about in her top.

"Young noble!" A mosquito-like sound buzzed in Ling Tian's ears, "BingYan's body still can't…" this was Ling Chen's prompt reminder. Ling Tian felt his whole body shake as the flames of lust were dispersed. Shaking his head hard, he forced himself to regain his senses and tried to push Yu BingYan out of his embrace. However, Yu BingYan still leaned her body onto Ling Tian…