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Chapter 340: QianHuan“s Visit

Chapter 340: QianHuan's Visit
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Ling Tian just wanted to burst out into tears! He had really suffered from his own actions! Since Yu BingYan's Divine Black Negative Meridians hadn't been cured yet, how could he touch her? This was something that concerned her life! He definitely couldn't lose himself to a moment of folly. Ling Tian was immediately reduced to a pathetic state with cold sweat flowing down his face. The live beauty in his hands had turned into a piping hot sweet potato that he couldn't touch. To Ling Tian who had already abstained from his lust for a few days, this was no different from torture!

Just when he was feeling helpless, Ling Chen's figure appeared with a white flash and she began to circulate her Divine Ice Formula. Placing her palm on Yu BingYan's forehead softly, a wave of ice cold qi permeated her whole body and woke her up. As she opened her eyes, she immediately realized what had just happened and she felt her whole body turn hot from embarrassment! In front of Chen'er and in broad daylight, I actually… in this little courtyard… I almost…

The more she thought about it, the more embarrassed she got. With a soft shriek, she covered her face with her hands and escaped quickly. With just a flash of a white figure, she had already disappeared completely. The profoundness of her movement technique was indeed something rare!

Ling Tian shut his eyes and took in a deep breath. After opening his eyes, he saw Ling Chen looking at him with her face pinkish and with a smile which didn't seem like a smile. Her eyes were filled with a tinge of laughter as though she was giggling about Ling Tian's pitiful appearance.

Ling Tian immediately felt energized as he said with a lecherous smile, "Chen'er, how bold! You actually dared to ruin the affairs of this young noble! How are you going to make it up to me?" With the both of them so near each other, Ling Chen's fragrance had already made its way to Ling Tian's nose and he was already completely ignited.

Ling Chen was taken aback for a moment as she looked at Ling Tian's burning eyes. She immediately knew what Ling Tian was thinking of… But, it is still in the day … Ling Chen immediately turned tail and ran away.

How would Ling Tian let her escape? He quickly caught up to her and hugged her in his embrace. "Little lass, now that you have chased away my beauty, you shall have to replace her. This young noble has really missed you greatly!" Hugging her dainty body, he dashed into the room like a s*x fiend.

Ling Chen felt her body turn hot from shyness as she struggled to no avail. After a while, she gave up her struggles but her face remained buried in Ling Tian's embrace, refusing to lift her head up! She could still feel Ling Tian's hands roaming around her body and just when she said, "No…" her mouth was immediately stoppered by Ling Tian's lips and she couldn't say a second word. The room was then filled with odd noises…

A very long while later…

Ling Tian crawled up from the bed in satisfaction as he leaned back with his hands behind his head, "No wonder people say that after being in the army for three years, even a female pig will become a beauty. This is too true indeed, even though it has only been a few days… how satisfying…"

Behind him, Ling Chen was panting underneath the sheets with her face drenched in sweat and unable to even lift up a finger. Hearing what Ling Tian had said, she began to whine, "You… who are you calling a female pig?"

Ling Tian chuckled and dived into Ling Chen's chest as he explored around and said in a barely inaudible tone, "You, you are the female pig… I am the male pig… we are a pair of pigs. Wu… how fragrant, how smooth..."


"Young noble, there is a strange man outside who requests an audience." Just when Ling Tian had brewed himself a cup of tea, a servant reported to him.

"Strange man? How is he strange?" Ling Tian asked.

After thinking for a moment, the servant gave a serious response. "He is covered in black cloth all over and we can't see his real appearance. Furthermore, he speaks in an unclear fashion as well as though not wanting us to hear his true voice. While he seems tall, with the black cloth making his figure look huge, we can easily see his skinny figure when the wind blows. This subordinate also saw that his hair is extremely short and black. As such, I am certain that he isn't too old for sure. Furthermore, this person also has calluses on his hands and is probably a martial arts practitioner as well."

"Oh?" Ling Tian could not help but be interested. However, he wasn't interested in that black-robed man but in this servant in front of him. This fellow had such astute observational skills, and it was obvious that he had prepared these responses beforehand. No matter what he asked, this servant was still able to give him a satisfactory answer.

"What is your name? Are you new here? What was your original occupation?" Ling Tian lifted up his teacup and blew the rising steam off it. At the same time, his gaze was locked firmly on this servant.

"This subordinate is Zhang DaKou 1 , and I am twenty years old this year. I always had a large appetite since young and so I got this name." As though he was a little terrified, Zhang DaKou trembled slightly. "This subordinate entered the Ling residence seven days ago and Sir Ling Two was the one who arranged for me to be a messenger. This subordinate was originally a blacksmith." Despite it being a casual question by Ling Tian, Zhang DaKou was actually able to recite out his reply without any mistake.

A chilly glare flashed past Ling Tian's eyes and he said emotionlessly, "Oh, you may leave now. Invite the guest in."

"Yes, young noble." Zhang DaKou gave a respectful bow and walked out slowly. When he turned around, Ling Tian noticed the ears of Zhang DaKou twitching slightly as though he was smiling! He was obviously elated by the fact that he had put on a wonderful performance! Ling Tian could even imagine the perverse smile on his face.

Ling Tian began to frown as he thought, This Zhang DaKou doesn't seem like a simple individual! A mere blacksmith actually knowing the rites of an aristocratic family? Furthermore, his observational skills are so acute with his thoughts extremely meticulous. He was actually able to make use of every single opportunity to fully display his talents. While he had a face full of fear in the face of my questioning, his fingers were completely steady without even the single trace of trembling…

A twenty-year-old blacksmith? If a blacksmith was able to have such a temperament and shrewdness, all the blacksmiths in the world could become strategists instead!

How interesting! Ling Tian shut his eyes as he thought, You think that you can become a spy with such meager skills? Regardless of who is behind you, you are looking down on me too much!

"Young noble Ling, it has been long!" A black-robed figure slowly walked into the courtyard.

"Has it been long?" Ling Tian felt a sense of familiarity. "Who are you? Have I seen you before?"

"Young noble Ling is forgetful indeed!" An unconcealed voice of hatred sounded, "We had a brief meeting from afar and I believe that young noble Ling wouldn't forget this old friend so quickly right?" As he said that, the black-robed man removed the cloth covering his face and revealed a suave and young appearance.

"Oh, so it is you." Ling Tian replied indifferently. "You actually dare to come here alone? Shui QianHuan, is everyone from your Shui Family so bold?"

This person was actually the individual who conspired with Northern Wei, coerced Sky Bearing and allied with Western Han to lead 400,000 soldiers to surround Ling Xiao. He was the one who almost killed Ling Xiao, and was the successor of Water of Heavenly Wind, Shui QianHuan! He actually had the guts to show up in front of Ling Tian!

"Young noble Ling, are you not even going to offer this old friend a glass of water?" As though he was in his own house, Shui QianHuan walked over to the seat opposite Ling Tian and sat down. "Is this how your Ling Family treats its guests?"

"Shui QianHuan, can you even be considered a guest?" Ling Tian said with a steady expression. Despite saying that, he still clapped his hands lightly and a maid walked in with a tray of tea. Ever since Ling Tian acknowledged Ling Chen's status, he ignored the disagreement of Ling Chen and transferred another maid to serve their daily needs. At the same time, he thought to himself, Just what is Shui QianHuan relying on to be so calm?

"Good tea! Young noble Ling is indeed surrounded by good quality goods!" After taking a sip of the tea, Shui QianHuan felt a refreshing feeling filling his entire body. In his life, he had never tasted such good tea and could not help but praise.

Ling Tian only stared at him coldly, as though wanting to look into the depths of Shui QianHuan's soul! Without saying a single word, the whole room was filled with a tense atmosphere as though a volcano was about to erupt! However, Shui QianHuan continued to savor the tea as though he could not feel a thing and his expression was unchanged with his sleeves not even trembling.

"You are afraid of me?" Ling Tian suddenly asked as his sharp gaze was unblinkingly locked onto Shui QianHuan's eyes.

"Afraid of you? Hahaha…" Shui QianHuan chuckled, "does young noble Ling think that I have to be afraid of anyone?"

Ling Tian leaned his body slightly forward as he looked at Shui QianHuan with a pitying gaze, "I didn't want to give you a setback but your acting is just too fake! Your act is far too unnatural and forced. Shui QianHuan, no matter how good your acting is, it doesn't mean that you will be able to fool others! 'Too far is as bad as not enough', I believe that you have heard this phrase before right?"

Ling Tian then looked at Shui QianHuan with unconcealed disdain, "You are purposefully acting as though you are extremely calm and indifferent towards everything in the world, purposefully putting on an act to make yourself look extremely natural! However, you acting extremely natural makes it seem as though you care too much! Your natural bearing and demeanor are all an act that you are putting on! So, you must definitely be afraid in your heart. However, I don't think that you are afraid that I will kill you. So, what are you afraid of?" Ling Tian said with a trace of ridicule.

Shui QianHuan's suave appearance first turned red before he started laughing with mockery, "Ling Tian, I have to admit that you have a keen eyesight. However, didn't you admit it yourself? You don't dare to kill me! Hahaha, aren't you also afraid? Afraid of the prestige of my Shui Family? What are you acting so arrogant about?! Haha…"

Ling Tian stared at Shui QianHuan silently for a moment before letting out a snicker, "I was wrong indeed, you actually think so highly of yourself! Shui QianHuan, while the strength of your Shui Family is powerful, there must have been many of your subordinates that died under my hands, right? I am already mortal enemies with your Shui Family! If I kill you, your Shui Family will definitely not let the matter rest. But if I don't kill you, will you guys let the matter rest and not deal with me? Shui QianHuan, don't try to suppress me with the Shui Family which has been decaying for a thousand years! You won't be able to suppress me! Not to mention you, even if the Shui Family head were to make a personal appearance, I wouldn't be concerned!"

Ling Tian smiled as he spoke in a confident tone. Looking at Shui QianHuan who was trembling with anger, he continued, "Why not tell me what you are relying on? Why not tell me why you dare to come here alone and be certain that I wouldn't kill you? These are the things that I am interested in. As for your courage, steadiness and natural demeanor, they are not worth a fart to me! The only reason why I am not going to kill you is that I do not feel that it is time yet. But if you were to truly anger me, do you think I wouldn't dare to kill you on the spot?! Don't even think of putting up an act in front of me. Shui QianHuan, in terms of acting, you are far too inadequate, especially when you are trying to put up an act in front of someone far stronger than you!"

Shui QianHuan took in a large breath as he suppressed the anger in his heart and the urge to fly into a rage. "Ling Tian, where is my younger sister? I want to see her now!"

Ling Tian leaned back into the chair and raised his teacup. Without even looking at Shui QianHuan, he replied, "Shui QianHuan, be careful with your words. Why are you asking me about your missing sister? Am I your brother-in-law?"

"You!" Shui QianHuan's breathing became ragged as his eyes gleamed with a sinister light. With a mellow tone, he said, "Ling Tian, she is my only younger sister and is the precious princess of the whole family. If anything untoward were to happen to her, Water of Heavenly Wind would definitely not let the matter rest! We would definitely wipe out the party that harmed her! You have to consider your words carefully before giving me a reply."

Ling Tian lifted his head up slowly as a frosty light shot out from his eyes. "Originally, I would have been happy to tell you who harmed her, but I have changed my mind. Shui QianHuan, you should know that I only have a single father! My birth father! If anyone dares to harm my dad, I, Ling Tian, will be enemies with him as well! I will not rest until they are destroyed! I will definitely repay my enemies two-fold!"

Both of their fierce gazes collided with each other as though sparks were about to be ignited. As Ling Tian glared at Shui QianHuan, he took a step forward, "Also, do not bring out your young noble airs in front of me! This is no more than a joke to me and will only make me look down on you! Do you understand? Do you think your Shui Family will have a reaction if I kill you now?!"

Shui QianHuan's face turned completely red and he suddenly turned around, "Ling Tian, no matter what, my sister went missing in Sky Bearing. As the local snake of the area, it is impossible for you to be uninvolved in the matter! If I were to find out that you were the mastermind, not a single fowl or dog will be left alive in your Ling Family! My words will end here, and I will be taking my leave!"

Ling Tian then snorted and said coldly, "You really know how to joke. Do you think my Ling Residence is a place where you can come and go as you wish?! Did I allow you to leave? Since you are here already, are you even thinking of leaving? My Ling Family has always been extremely hospitable, and we would invite young noble Shui to stay for a few days so we can play host properly!"

Shui QianHuan then chuckled, "Ling Tian, before I came to your courtyard, another two elders of mine were already on their way to visit Old Madam Ling and Duke Ling. Haha, before being certain of my little sister's whereabouts, I am not interested in becoming enemies with the Ling Family yet. But if I do not leave this place after the designated time, it would be difficult for me to ensure that the two elders do not make a rash move. At that time, it wouldn't be good for either of us. Ling Tian, if you still want to play host to this young noble, you may carry on doing so."