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Chapter 346: Condition of Release

Chapter 346: Condition of Release
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The two thousand-year-old families aside, he was originally enemies with the Yang Family already, enemies who wouldn't rest unless in death. Recently, he had another blood feud with the XiMen Family as well! At the same time, he was trying to plot against the NanGong Family and keeping his guard up against the Xiao Family. Of the Eight Great Families of the Heavenly Star Continent, he had offended four families in one go, and this didn't include the number one financial magnate, the Xiao Family. Now, he had also offended the Shui Family! If it was anyone else who had so many enemies, he probably would have suffered a miserable death already, but Ling Tian was still able to lead a carefree life!

Was he crazy? With so many enemies and the mere strength of his nouveau riche Ling Family, he was actually able to remain indifferent! He was actually able to gain the upper hand against his many enemies! Just how did he do that? Was this something a human could accomplish?!

After letting out a sigh, Shui QianRou gathered her thoughts back. "Young noble Ling's thoughts are as deep as a ravine and this little girl shall not attempt to make a fool out of myself. Can I ask young noble Ling just when you intend to let us out? I hope young noble Ling can give me a clear date!"

"That would depend on yourself," Ling Tian chuckled. "What are you going to do for me to let you out?"

Shui QianRou's gaze lit up immediately. Ling Tian's words indicated that it wasn't impossible for her to be set free and that Ling Tian didn't have the intention of holding her captive for life. The only problem was whether or not she could offer Ling Tian something that he couldn't resist. Realizing this, Shui QianRou fell into deep contemplation. She didn't have the confidence that she would be able to offer Ling Tian something irresistible. After all, her present resources were far too limited…

"Mmm, right, I need to remind Miss Shui about something," Ling Tian said with a smile. "You don't need to attempt to seduce me. Although all heroes will find it difficult to disregard a beauty, while this young noble is a hero, I am also a gentleman. I will definitely not succumb to the skirts of a lady. Furthermore, this young noble's standards are very high and there is no need to make a fool of yourself with ordinary makeup!"

Shui QianRou immediately gnashed her teeth in anger! What a despicable individual! Bearing with her injuries that were yet to be healed, she dolled up herself meticulously for a full three days! For what? So that she could awe Ling Tian with her beauty when he saw her! No matter how beautiful the ladies around you are, I am sure that I am not the lesser of any of them! At the very least, you should feel some pity towards a lady, right? Shui QianRou was betting on that fact for her to give out her conditions and possibly form an alliance with Ling Tian. It would be best if both their families could reach a win-win outcome with everyone happy.

Shui QianRou had even considered what Ling Tian would say, what reaction he would have, and how she should respond to him. She had already made many possible conjectures but never expected Ling Tian to render her preparations completely useless with just a few words! Furthermore, Ling Tian had also shattered her confidence! Unbearable!

"I'm really flirting with a blind man!" Shui QianRou hatefully retorted, "I've chosen the wrong image to show this time!" She was irritated over having wasted her time dolling up, and this immediately included that unromantic and crass man in front of her!

"Erm…" Ling Tian scratched his head a little in embarrassment, before smiling and replying, "Actually… Miss Shui is mistaken. I, Ling Tian, can definitely see that you're flirting. It's just that… while you're definitely better than all the ladies in Smoky Thea Tower, your expression has somewhat of a hint of killing intent… This… this would probably scare away everyone that you look at. Let's not even mention having a charming and gentle look…"

This sentence angered Shui QianRou so much that her old injuries flared up, causing her to vomit out blood. Ling Tian, you're good, to actually compare my beauty with courtesans, how vicious can you be!

"Alright, alright." Shui QianRou knew deep in her heart that she was not Ling Tian's match when it came to shooting off her mouth, and could only lower her face in defeat. "Young noble Ling has such a sharp tongue. This lady here will admit her defeat. But what exactly do you want, please state all your conditions! What I can promise you, this lady here will not shirk from it, but if I really can't do as you say, then I can only accept my fate of being a guest here for eternity. Please don't play hard to get with me anymore!"

Ling Tian smiled at that, "Miss, you're indeed decisive. Then Ling Tian here will be direct as well. I don't have any long-lasting hatred with you and the Shui family, and while I feel that whatever Miss Shui has done was overboard, in your eyes, the same applies to whatever I've done. However, if we were to exchange roles, I believe that we would both be capable of worse things, don't you agree Miss Shui?"

Shui QianRou thought for a moment before replying with a dazzling smile, "That's right, your words make sense. However, what I want to hear is your next sentence!"

"Good, then since already have this consensus, and that I have also kept Miss Shui trapped in here for so long, this will be a pickle for me to solve." Ling Tian's face looked quite uncomfortable. "After all, even though you might be married off one day, but as of now, you're still the untainted princess of the Shui Family. If I were to release you, and you go back and leak even a sentence, then the entire Water of Heavenly Wind would know that I've laid my hands on you. Regardless of my motive at that time or how well I treated you since, they would still seek me out for revenge, isn't that right Miss Shui?"

"That's right!" Since the truth was as such, Shui QianRou saw no reason to hide it. If she tried to do so, then there wouldn't be any point.

"The second point is that even the Yu Family has been involved." Ling Tian's expression looked as though he wanted to cry. "That time, I was so concerned over your survival that I didn't notice and killed the two Yu Family elders! A dead man can't be brought back to life, so as long as Miss Shui goes out and proclaims it a little, I believe even the Yu Family would come seeking revenge. Both the Yu Family as well as the Shui Family are the same, they're all hegemons that I can't afford to provoke! And there's still Yan'er who will be angry with me…"

"What nonsense is this!" Shui QianRou couldn't help but retort. "That time, the Yu Family were obviously running away, but you mercilessly went after them to ensure that they died! This has nothing to do with saving me, don't try to be hypocritical and blame it on trying to save me. There's always been the blood of both Yu and Shui Family on your hands, so don't try to twist the facts!"

Ling Tian laughed at her outburst. "This young lady here, your joke is a little too cold! My feelings for Yu BingYan are almost known throughout the world! If not for Miss Shui, then I would've long ago invited the two elders back to my house to properly attend to them! After all, they're Yan'er's clansmen. But because of you, I had to send them over to King Yama instead. While I didn't intend to kill them, it's true that they died for me. In the end, it was because of you, Miss Shui. You can't just shirk responsibility just like that."

"Hmph!" Shui QianRou snorted coldly. Right now, Ling Tian's tone was a little out of sorts, making her feel uncomfortable.

"The third point is that in the battle to protect my father, I killed many of your family's experts. Now this is a great blood feud." Ling Tian sighed out loud, "I'm actually a benevolent person by nature, even avoiding the ants when I sweep the floor. To have killed so rampantly, this really is a sin among sins."

Shui QianRou was stunned beyond words. This was bringing shamelessness to a whole new level! To say such words and not even be a little bashful! She really wanted to kneel down in respect.

"The last matter is regarding Miss Shui staying here. While I can protect my secrets now, but once Miss Shui gets out, your mouth belongs to yourself, and thus I can't stop you from saying anything! Don't you agree?" Ling Tian looked more and more depressed by the minute. "Don't even mention about an oath or something, that's for silly people! I'll never buy it. Anyhow, how can you actually guarantee your silence? And furthermore, if I release you, what benefits do I gain? Hais, so many points to consider. While I aspire to be a hero, I'm after all still an ordinary mortal. Since things have reached such a stage, I can only beg for forgiveness from you."

Once this fourth statement had been spoken, Shui QianRou was shaken. Of course, she could guarantee her silence, but how could she prove it to Ling Tian? And that jerk even said it clearly that he wouldn't believe in oaths.

How could someone like him exist? Shui QianRou wanted to hug her head and scream out. She was left without a choice!

At this point, Die'er who was originally silenced with a look from Ling Tian suddenly came forward, whispering something to Shui QianRou. This was followed by Shui QianRou's eyes lighting up, as well as a light blush appearing on her cheeks.

"We're all direct people, and thus little sister also has no way to convince you. But I have a makeshift solution." From her bosom, she withdrew a piece of jade, saying, "This jade pendant is something that has never left my side, a pledge of love that my mother once gave to me. This is the heirloom of our Shui Family, the Heaven's Heart Jade. My mother mentioned this before, that whoever I give this to, will be my husband in the future! This concerns my lifelong happiness, so does young noble Ling think that this is good enough to serve as a promise?"

Ling Tian accepted it and felt a cold wave travel through his hand. This was actually a rare Yin-type jade! He didn't even look at it, instead placing it in his pocket, laughing out, "Whether I believe in it remains yet to be seen, but at least this can help me to avoid the current hot weather!"