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Chapter 347: Spring Autumn Soul Locking Pill

Chapter 347: Spring Autumn Soul Locking Pill
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Shui QianRou's face turned completely red and she looked as though she couldn't stand the embarrassment. To a female chauvinist like herself, this was undoubtedly a rare expression. "Since young noble Ling has already accepted this jade, you should believe this little sister's sincerity already, right?" As Shui QianRou said that, her head was lowered and she did not even dare to face Ling Tian. At the same time, her cheeks were a shade of rosy pink.

"Believe you? Nope." Ling Tian said with an incredulous tone, "Since when did I say that I believed you? This is no more than a jade which is just a precious stone! Not to mention an agreement, even if we were husband and wife, Miss Shui would probably not hesitate in the slightest if killing me was in the interest of your family. I believe that is considered placing family before righteousness! Just like what Miss Die'er said previously, Miss Shui was already deeply in love with me but still didn't hesitate to become one with the sword to assassinate me at the Smoky Thea Tower! If not for me having some skill, I would probably be dining with King Yama right now!"

"You!" Shui QianRou was angered to the point she started to tremble and her face turned pale. She had already given Ling Tian the Heaven's Heart Jade which symbolized her lifetime happiness, and Ling Tian had still said such words! My goodness! Ling Tian, are you even considered a man?!

"Besides, I already have a few lovers and even if they don't mind and I don't despise you, there should still be an order of who came first, right? Miss Shui, ah ah, sorry for being rude, but would you be willing to become my concubine?" Ling Tian asked in a sincere tone.

"Despicable! What are you thinking about?!" Shui QianRou said with embarrassment and anger.

"Ling Tian! Who do you think you are?" Die'er could no longer reign in her anger and charged over with indignance, "You dare to let the little princess of our Shui Family be your concubine! Are you dreaming? Even if she was your first wife, you would not be worthy of her!"

Ling Tian was not angered in the slightest and only shook his head, "So, I don't have the intention of reaching for something out of my reach. Besides, your little princess falls far short of my expectations for my future wife!" As he said that, his expression turned solemn. "Besides, Miss Shui has always acted in the interests of her family and childish emotions will not be able to restrain Miss Shui! While I will never be unduly humble, I also admit that I do not have that charisma! So, if Miss Shui wants to leave this place and wants me to be at ease, there is only a single solution."

Hearing this, Shui QianRou who was originally in despair raised her head up and saw Ling Tian taking a small jade bottle out of his bosom. "This is the Spring Autumn Soul Locking Pill and it was specially refined by me. As the name suggests, this is an extremely potent poison! The words Spring and Autumn means that this poison can hide itself in a human body for a year without acting up. However, if the antidote isn't consumed in time, the soul of the individual will definitely be destroyed and the process will be extremely wretched. At the end, the individual would not even be able to maintain his consciousness, and he would not be able to control what he does. Right, young noble XiMen had taken this pill back then and I sped up the outburst of the poison by other means. I believe Miss Shui witnessed the potency of the poison for yourself."

As Ling Tian said that, Shui QianRou and Die'er's faces were both ashen as they trembled. Back then, they had personally witnessed the unsightly things that XiMen Qing did in the Smoky Thea Tower. How would they not be in shock? If such a thing were to happen to themselves… they didn't dare complete that thought…

"As long as Miss Shui and your maid can take this pill, I will set both of you free immediately! Both of you can leave anytime you want!" Ling Tian then raised up two fingers, "I only want two years. As long as Miss Shui doesn't reveal anything for the next two years, we can definitely form a sincere partnership. Of course, I will definitely not make Miss Shui do anything against the interest of your family, Miss Shui can be assured about that. Even if I, Ling Tian, am not a good person, I will definitely not resort to such unscrupulous means. I will give Miss Shui an antidote every year and the poison will be completely removed two years later. Only if you take the pill will I be able to believe Miss Shui completely. If Miss Shui believes me, please take the pill. If you cannot believe me, then Ling Tian will not force the matter on you and take my leave!"

Shui QianRou began to frown as she thought to herself, If I were to take this pill, won't that mean that I would become his slave? If he doesn't give me the real antidote two years later and continues controlling me, what should I do?

Seeing Shui QianRou's doubts, Ling Tian let out a sigh, "I am also forced by circumstances. Including your brother, your Shui Family already has the intention to form an alliance with me. My present strength is weak indeed with my foundations thin, and it is difficult for me to fight with a thousand-year-old family. Naturally, I would also have the intention to borrow the strength of your Shui Family! However, why are we both not requesting an alliance? It is because we don't trust each other and lack the opportunity to work together! With the addition of Miss Shui, we would be able to form a good relationship and there would definitely be the possibility for a sincere cooperation. Furthermore, there will no longer be a need for us to try and outwit each other in future and this is definitely a win-win situation."

As though she didn't hear what Ling Tian said, she looked at Ling Tian and said with heartbreak, "You… do you really want me to take this pill?"

Ling Tian suddenly felt a strange ache in his heart and an unknown sense of pressure. For some reason, he didn't dare to look at Shui QianRou's heartbroken eyes and even had the urge to snatch the poison back. In the end, Ling Tian's rationality prevailed and he looked off to the side while saying with a cold tone, "Miss Shui, there are tens of thousands of lives in my hands and I do not have a choice but to be careful. I hope Miss Shui will understand me!"

The moment Ling Tian turned his eyes away, Shui QianRou's eyes twinkled and she seemed to be beaming with radiance again. She then nodded and said slowly, "Alright! I will eat it!"

As these words left her lips, the other three people in the room looked at her with shock. Even Ling Tian never expected her to be so resolute.

Shui QianRou then picked up a pill with a mournful smile and studied it for a moment before placing it in her mouth calmly. After sucking on it for a moment as though she was tasting it, she swallowed it without hesitation.

"Princess!" Die'er cried out in shock.

Ling Tian felt his heart tremble; that heartbreaking gaze, mournful smile… at this moment, Ling Tian suddenly felt that Shui QianRou didn't consume the poison because she desired freedom! Then what was the reason? Could there be something he missed?!

"While Die'er is a servant, I am willing to go through life and death with the princess!" Tears flowed down her cheeks and she swallowed another pill resolutely. After swallowing the pill, she plunged into Shui QianRou's embrace and burst out crying. She could feel the pain and heartbreak Shui QianRou felt when she accepted such a condition. She wasn't lamenting her fate but lamenting the fact that her own beloved man would deal with her using such means!

Ling Tian then stood up and said coldly, "Three days later, the medicinal effect will spread across your bodies and the both of you will feel as though your whole body is on fire. A red mark will then appear on your inner cores, but it will fade away after a few days. I will give the both of you a single month to find anyone to cure the poison! If both of you think that it is impossible to cure the poison, then I hope that the Ling and Shui Family can form a temporary alliance. As for the person in charge of our correspondence, I hope that it will be Miss Shui and not anyone else." Ling Tian stood up and walked to the door. When he was about to leave the room, he suddenly stopped and said to Shui QianRou, "From now on, both of you can leave if you wish." As he said that, he walked away without turning back.

"Ling Tian." Shui QianRou's voice sounded behind him, "I am very disappointed in you." Her words were filled with thick resentment and disappointment!

"Likewise!" Ling Tian paused for a moment before replying.


Ling Chen asked with doubt, "Young noble, why haven't I heard young noble mention that weird poison before? You didn't feed this pill to XiMen Qing, right?" In truth, Ling Chen felt that something was wrong the moment Ling Tian took out the bottle. However, she also knew what not to say and what kind of expression she should make to coordinate with Ling Tian.

"Ah ah, of course you haven't heard of it before," Ling Tian said. "That was a secondary pill I made when experimenting with the Great Cyclic Pellet."

"Then young noble, that pill should be…" Ling Chen blinking her eyes.

"Mmm, not only is there no poison, it is extremely beneficial to a lady's body." Ling Tian blinking his eyes, "Before I came here, I added a few more herbs to it including a deer's antler, a deer's womb…" He then whispered into Ling Chen's ears, "It is said that it can make the few days of the month not so painful for a woman."

"You! Annoying!" Ling Chen's face turned red as she whined with embarrassment, anger, and happiness. "Then why did you still say that a red mark will appear after consuming it?"

Ling Tian then said with a mysterious smile, "That is because I added another herb called the blood toad gravel. This blood toad gravel has a special function. If it is dripped on the body of a virgin, it will not fall off even in death. It is called the 'Chastity Protecting Sand' but is different from an ordinary Chastity Protecting Sand. After consuming it, it will return to the inner core after a full circulation of inner qi. Regardless of man or woman, a red mark will appear on the inner core temporarily. Furthermore, after the blood toad gravel is mixed with the snow lotus herb, it would make one feel like his body is on fire after consuming it, as though they had taken an odd poison. Such a feeling will persist for a full month until the medicinal effect is completely dispersed. Hehe."