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Chapter 350: Third Master“s Proposal

Chapter 350: Third Master's Proposal
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Peng! Xue Leng's fist smashed onto the door frame and almost let out a groan. Not a groan of pain but one of frustration. A boorish man like Yu ManTian wouldn't understand proper etiquette and it would be a wonder if he didn't screw things up. Perhaps, the marriage of their little princess would be turned into a complete joke because of him! My dear family head, you are wise for your whole life but foolish for a single moment. How can you hand such an important matter into the hands of Third Master Yu?! Xue Leng looked at the direction Yu ManTian left and spat out a mouth of spittle and let out a curse that he will never dare to say in front of Yu ManTian, "F**k!"

When Yu ManTian came to Ling Tian's courtyard, Ling Tian was under the rack of grapes admiring Yu BingYan painting. Under the aid of the Great Cyclic Pellet, Yu BingYan had also achieved a breakthrough in her bodily functions. Apart from a huge increase in her cultivation, her body was as good as healthy in the short run. Furthermore, she was able to fully control her inner qi as her heart desired. With Ling Tian's meticulous teachings and her good mood, her improvements were extremely swift, and she had already reached the realm of 'heart and mind as one, heart and intent as one' in her painting skills. The way Ling Tian saw it, as long as she could reach the realm of 'heart and martial arts as one', she would be able to meld her martial arts and painting together! As long as she makes a breakthrough into that realm, it would be the time when Yu BingYan was completely transformed! Then, as long as Ling Tian's Divine Shocking Dragon Formula reaches the tenth stage, he would have the confidence of uprooting Yu BingYan's ailment!

Bang! Third Master Yu did not display any courtesy as he pushed opened the door of Ling Tian's courtyard and slammed the doors shut. The three people in the courtyard were immediately startled, and Ling Tian said while shaking his head, "Third Master, ever since your arrival, I have already changed the doors to my courtyard three times. It seems that I will have to change them into metal doors soon."

"What bullsh*t door? This daddy here has pressing matters! A happy occasion! Who cares about your door?!" Third Master Yu began shouting with spittle flying all over, "You brat, you are going to become a groom!"

Yu ManTian's shocking words thundered in Ling Tian's head and both Ling Chen and Yu BingYan both turned their heads around and looked at Yu ManTian in shock. Ah? My beloved one is about to be married? Why don't I know about that?! Who is the bride?! Ling Chen was still able to remain calm but definitely not Yu BingYan. She knew that while her third uncle usually tended to shoot his mouth, she knew that he would never tell lies. With her hands trembling, a large blotch of black ink was smeared over her painting.

Satisfied with the commotion he caused, Yu ManTian said with a wide smile, "Little brat, your fortune has arrived! My big brother has given the order to let this Third Master propose a marriage to your Ling Family, to let this lass BingYan become your wife. Come and pay your respect to your third father-in-law! Have you turned foolish from joy?" Yu ManTian said with his chest stuck out and hands on his hip, looking as though he was really the 'third father-in-law'.

Third father-in-law?! Was there such a title?

"..." A black line was seen on Ling Tian's face! It was the first time in his life where he was completely speechless!

After a moment of loss, Ling Chen suddenly covered her mouth and laughed to the point she was swaying from side to side.

"You, you… third uncle!" Yu BingYan who was stunned silly began stomping her feet as tears began to fill the corner of her eyes!

She had never seen someone so idiotic! Yu BingYan was both angered and embarrassed in her heart. Such a joyful affair was turned into a complete joke by her dear third uncle! She had never seen anyone who proposed a marriage to the groom instead of the groom's parents! Wasn't he trying to embarrass himself? According to the etiquette of the current generation, as long as the Ling Family was dissatisfied, her marriage would become an impossibility!

Furthermore, even if he wanted to find the groom himself, he still shouldn't do it in front of the bride herself! I… I am also a party involved in this matter!!

"What's wrong?" Yu ManTian scratched his head in ignorance and was completely puzzled by the reaction of the three people in front of him. He suddenly thought he understood what was going on and flew into a rage, "You darn brat aren't willing? You are actually unwilling to marry BingYan?!" The more he thought about it, the more he felt his guess was correct and he sent out a palm strike. "D*mmit! You dare to be unwilling?!"

"Third uncle!" Yu BingYan stomped her feet and stood in between both of them. Her face turned completely red as tears filled her eyes, "You, you, you will really anger me to death…. Wuwuwu…" Yu BingYan then covered her face and burst out crying.

"Third Master, Third Master…" Xue Leng rushed over in frustration, "Third Master, you shouldn't be finding young noble Ling to discuss such a matter! You should be proposing the marriage to Duke Ling or Old Madam Ling. Why aren't you following the rules?!" Xue Leng stomped his feet in frustration. He had arrived a step too late and a fight had almost broken out! Who would propose a marriage in such a way? Can this be considered proposing a marriage?! This was no different from forcing a marriage! If this matter were to spread out, the Yu Family would definitely lose a great deal of face!

"Err…" Yu ManTian awkwardly retracted his palm strike and began to ruffle his messy hair. He then suddenly burst out into an outrage, "Darn b*st*rd! Why didn't you tell me earlier? You caused this Third Master to lose face! Are you happy now?!"

Xue Leng was completely speechless as he thought to himself, You disappeared in a flash and I didn't even have the time to finish reading out the Family Head's message. How would I have the time to tell you about that?

"Lead the way, this Third Master will go and find Duke Ling… to err, promote kinship between us!"

Ling Tian almost fainted! You are going to promote kinship with my grandfather?!

Seeing Yu ManTian leaving while cursing Xue Leng along the way, Ling Chen's eyes bent into two crescent moons, "Congratulations young noble! Miss BingYan is tender and wise, and furthermore fully devoted to you. She is definitely a good match for young noble and the pair of lovers have finally come together."

Ling Tian let out a 'hmph' and said, "Chen'er, do you really think that way? Don't you have any other thoughts?"

Ling Chen let out a gentle smile and said tenderly, "What is young noble talking about? While this matter definitely isn't as simple as it seems on the surface, young noble and sister BingYan being in love is a truth. No matter what the agenda of the Yu Family, young noble and sister BingYan can finally have a happy ending."

Ling Tian let out a chuckle and suddenly grabbed Ling Chen into his embrace, "Chen'er, what… what is your opinion? Do you really not have any thoughts?"

"Me?" Ling Chen was stunned for a moment, "What do young noble mean by that?"

"You aren't jealous at all?" Ling Tian asked, "If you are not jealous at all, this young noble is going to be angry!"

Ling Chen's eyes sparkled as she replied, "Young noble is the most beloved person to me and your happiness is mine as well. Why will… Chen'er is still a lady after all and I will definitely be a little bit jealous…"

"Ah ah ah, you acting like this makes me happier!" Ling Tian laughed and rubbed Ling Chen's head dotingly. He then changed the topic, "I wonder what Yu ManLou's intentions are? Why do I feel as though there are many dangers hidden within and this proposal of his reeks like a scheme?"

"Mmm, there must definitely be something fishy going on," Ling Chen nodded her head as she said with thought, "There isn't any news from the north yet and we cannot make an appropriate decision. We can only play it by ear at the moment. At the very least, this marriage proposal is a good thing!"

"That's right, this is definitely a win-win situation. However, with the status of the Yu Family, why would they lower their status and take the initiative to propose the marriage? Furthermore, why would they place a boorish man like Yu ManTian in charge of such an important thing? Furthermore, even if Yan'er's father, Yu ManTang, doesn't make a personal appearance, they should still send an elder of the Yu Family down to discuss the details!" Ling Tian said with a frown as he paced around, "But from Yu ManTian's reaction, this matter is definitely true. Yan'er is only sixteen right? Why would Yu ManLou make such a decision?"

"Did something happen in the Yu Family?" An inspiration flashed in Ling Chen's head, "Does the Yu Family need the aid of young noble? But they cannot ask for aid openly and so they proposed a marriage. They want to seek aid from young noble under the guise of a marriage?"

"Unlikely," Ling Tian shook his head, "while there are some possibilities to this, they shouldn't be so anxious if that was the case! There isn't a need to rush about it and they can definitely plan the matter slowly. Just what did I miss out? This matter isn't simple!"

Old Madam Ling's response was very simple. "I have to ask Tian'er first. As long as he doesn't object to it, we can accept the proposal." Old Madam Ling could naturally tell that Yu BingYan was already deeply in love with Ling Tian and Ling Tian also had her in his heart! The way Old Madam Ling saw it, even if there was something fishy about this matter, they should still accept this proposal!

As for Ling Xiao and Chu Ting'er, they naturally didn't have any objections! Chu Ting'er was originally frustrated over her son's marriage. Knowing that even the number one family of the continent was here with a marriage proposal and even seemed like they wanted the marriage to happen as soon as possible, Chu Ting'er felt extremely good in her heart. She couldn't wait to go out and publicize the matter. Mmm, who was it who said that my son was a silkpants? Not even letting me see your daughters as though guarding against a thief? Hmph, hmph, can you even be compared to the Yu Family?

Chu Ting'er felt extremely proud of herself right now.

Old Madam Ling originally wanted to send a maid to fetch Ling Tian over so they could discuss this matter as a family. After all, Yu ManTian was here to propose a marriage and he belonged to the Yu Family. However, when she said that she had to seek the opinion of Ling Tian, she never imagined that Yu ManTian would shout out, "I will go and ask him!" Slapping himself on the chest, "Rest assured Old Madam, you can leave this matter to me! Will that Ling brat dare to say no?"

Yu ManTian's words stunned Old Madam Ling silly! Once the marriage was decided, this Third Master Yu would become their in-law. Furthermore, he was still Ling Tian's senior! Was he really going to become the matchmaker with his status?

It wouldn't matter if you want to become the matchmaker for your own niece! But you actually want to be the matchmaker for both parties?! Especially when she heard Yu ManTian say, "If he doesn't agree, I will beat him up!" These words had made both Old Madam Ling and Duke Ling raise their hands in surrender.