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Chapter 352: Thunder in the Clear Skies

Chapter 352: Thunder in the Clear Skies
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"Reporting to aunt, BingYan has had an incurable illness since I was young, and death could befall me at any moment. I may die tomorrow, or I may die next year. I don't know when my death will come. While outsiders think that my status is one of honor, my status will only add on to Tian'ge's frustrations! BingYan is extremely useless and can't aid Tian'ge in either the martial or literary arts. The only reliable thing is the fact that my body is still pure and untainted!"

"BingYan originally intended to spend this life of mine alone. After I complete my role in the family, I could rest in peace and enter the Yellow Springs without regrets. However, I never expected that the heavens would take pity on me and let me meet Tian'ge." A tear fell from the corner of her eyes.

"I originally intended to never marry Tian'ge so that I wouldn't become a burden in his life. However, I always had that little bit of selfish desire in my heart… I hoped that when I passed on, the engraving on my tombstone would be that I was Ling Tian's woman. Just this small wish of mine is enough. Even if we can't be husband and wife when we are alive, BingYan hopes that I can be the daughter-in-law of the Ling Family in the afterlife. To me, this is also happiness." Yu BingYan said with her eyes shut and tears streaming down her cheeks.

"If I become Tian'ge's first wife and die while young, it would be inevitable for Tian'ge to be labeled as a widower. BingYan isn't willing to see Tian'ge suffer any form of grievance because of me. So, I hope that both of you elders will agree to my request. If you can't agree to my request, I would rather die than agree to this marriage!" Yu BingYan knelt down on the floor and leaned on Chu Ting'er.

"Haiz! You silly lass." Chu Ting'er let out a long sigh with tears glistening in her eyes, "What a pitiful lass, what do you want me to say?" As a lady, how could Chu Ting'er not tell that Yu BingYan's current actions were evidence that she was deeply in love with Ling Tian! Such a deep love for him, such consideration for him! It was enough to prove that Yu BingYan would do anything for Ling Tian! Furthermore, she definitely wouldn't hesitate in the slightest.

Even the usually boorish Yu ManTian let out a depressed sigh and went silent for a long while with a trace of melancholy on his face. Yu BingYan's illness had always been the biggest worry for the Yu Family!

"My dear girl, please get up quickly," Chu Ting'er helped Yu BingYan up and used her sleeves to wipe the tears from her cheeks. Then, she hugged Yu BingYan tightly in her embrace and said gently, "Tian'ge had already said that he is only going to confirm the marriage proposal but not discuss your title yet. However, he definitely wouldn't let you down. While we have only made an agreement about the marriage, you are no longer the little princess of the Yu Family but the unwed daughter-in-law of our Ling Family. Even if it is for our Ling Family, you have to stay healthy. Do you understand? I am still waiting to hug a grandson so don't let me down."

Yu BingYan's face immediately turned bright red as she buried her face in Chu Ting'er's bosom. As though she was in her own mother's embrace, she felt a sense of warmth and comfort. With her emotions bursting forth, she couldn't help but cry out, "Mother…"

Chu Ting'er broke out into a wide smile and responded with a chuckle, "Child, don't be afraid. If Tian'er dares to bully you in future, I will take care of him for sure. The males in our Ling Family are all managed by the ladies!"

As though he was wiping off the tears from the corner of his eyes, Yu ManTian suddenly burst out into laughter, "What was the old saying? A girl really can't be kept once she is grown up. The token of this proposal is still in my possession and you have already started to call her mother!" Before anyone else could even tease her, her very uncle had already started to tease her!

As Third Master Yu said that, the originally embarrassed Yu BingYan, Chu Ting'er and Ling Chen all glared at him with fury! Chu Ting'er then said slowly, "In-law, Yan'er is now a member of my Ling Family and while you are Yan'er's uncle, it is best to watch your language in future, lest we end up being a joke in front of others. Thankfully there aren't any outsiders here, otherwise we would definitely be looked down upon by them."

As Yu ManTian heard that, he was completely dumbfounded. A moment ago, Yu BingYan was still crying her eyes out and after exchanging their tokens of this proposal Yu BingYan had already turned into someone from the Ling Family. Especially Chu Ting'er's words, in order to ensure that Third Master Yu understood her, she purposefully used simple words and even said it with a solemn tone!

Yu ManTian looked at the three furious ladies in front of him and couldn't help but raise his hands in surrender. After letting out an awkward cough, he realized that he didn't know what to say and could only retreat in defeat.

"Haha…" A wave of laughter broke out behind him.

Ling Tian didn't say anything from the start to the end. Facing Yu BingYan's deep love for him, Ling Tian suddenly felt that regardless of what he said, he would still feel powerless in this situation! At the same time, he was extremely moved in his heart! He couldn't help but clench his fists as he swore in his heart, Yan'er, rest assured! I will definitely cure your illness! I, Ling Tian, will never allow you to go into the afterlife to wait for me alone! We have yet to become a celestial pair of lovers whom everyone is envious of!"


"Chen'er, is there any news from the north yet?" Seeing Yu BingYan escape and Chu Ting'er leaving with a satisfied smile, Ling Tian asked Ling Chen.

"No. This matter is extremely fishy and difficult to grasp." Ling Chen said with furrowed brows, "Can it be that our intelligence network in the north is broken? If not, this matter can't be explained!"

Ling Tian paced around unhurriedly as he said, "Perhaps there may be something else fishy about this matter. Order Ling Six to question the north about this!" Ling Chen acknowledged Ling Tian's orders and before she could take a step forward, the cry of a falcon sounded and a black dot could be seen approaching them. The next moment, a falcon perched itself on Ling Chen's shoulders and began lovingly pecking on her cheeks.

Ling Chen let out a smile and undid a small bamboo container by its feet. There was a ball of paper within it and Ling Chen said with a smile, "It is news from the north." Ling Tian then responded with an 'oh'.

Suddenly, Ling Chen who was opening the piece of paper started to sway as her face turned completely pale! She read the slip of paper twice to ensure that she didn't misread it and her hands began to tremble as the slip of paper landed on the floor.

Ling Tian immediately knew that something was wrong. With a wave of his hands, a wave of inner qi was sent out and the slip of paper floated into his hands like there was a string attached to it.

"Wei ChengPing used the Martial Order Medallion to kill young noble. Make swift preparations! Urgent!" These were the only words written on the slip of paper and the words were extremely untidy. It was obvious just how anxious the person writing this message was!

"Martial Order Medallion! Beyond Heavens!" Ling Tian let out a smile as he raised his head up. With a twitch of his eyebrows, two azure dragons seemed to have shot out of his eyes, "No wonder! No wonder the Yu Family would act like that!"

"Young noble, this… what should we do? That is the Martial Order Medallion that a life can be traded with!" Ling Chen's had completely lost her cool and her voice was filled with anxiousness!

If it was before she knew about the presence of the Martial Order Medallion and Beyond Heavens, it wouldn't matter too much. But after seeing the frightening influence when Ye QingChen mentioned Beyond Heavens and seeing the mysterious green-robed expert that Ling Tian, Ling Jian, Ling Chi and herself couldn't even stop, Ling Chen felt her heart turn cold!

Ling Tian had once said that that green-robed elder was very likely to be the one to carry out the requests of the Martial Order Medallion! With the strength displayed by the green-robed elder, he was without a doubt the number one expert in the world today!

Now, the target of this unparalleled expert was Ling Tian! With Ling Tian's present martial arts, it was impossible for him to be a match for the green-robed expert! Just what should they do?

Ling Tian couldn't help but let out a smile and tapped Ling Chen's nose lightly, "Chen'er, is your young noble not a match for Beyond Heavens in your heart? Can it be that everyone from Beyond Heavens is a tiger? Can they all eat me up alive?!"

Ling Chen forced a smile as she said with a depressed tone, "If everyone from Beyond Heavens were tigers, perhaps Chen'er wouldn't be so worried. Young noble is without a doubt talented beyond your peers and in Ling Chen's heart, no one will be able to compare to you. But no matter how talented young noble is, you have only been cultivating for a little over ten years. The energy of a single person is limited after all, and this number one expert of Beyond Heavens would have fifty years worth of cultivation at the very least. Furthermore, he has the unparalleled martial arts manuals of Beyond Heavens and a senior to give him pointers. In comparison, young noble is definitely on the losing end."

As she said that, she suddenly lifted her head up and looked at Ling Tian, "Young noble, no matter what, I will walk through this tribulation with you! If young noble can come out victorious, Chen'er won't be affected. If anything untoward were to happen to young noble, Chen'er will definitely accompany you to the afterlife and you will never be alone!" As Ling Chen said that, she was already resolved to live and die with Ling Tian! Despite the combination of the many experts from back then, they were still unable to defeat the green-robed expert. If there was only Ling Tian himself, how would he possibly deal with the green-robed expert?

Ling Tian then laughed and said proudly, "Chen'er you are looking down far too much on your young noble. In this world, I don't think that there exists an individual who can take my life! Beyond Heavens? Hahaha… so what about them?"

Ling Chen responded with a smile but her brows were still furrowed with worry.

"If I am not wrong, the Yu Family must have known that Wei ChengPing had used the Martial Order Medallion to kill me." Ling Tian said with a smile. Seeing how Ling Chen was so disturbed about the Martial Order Medallion, he decided to change the topic. "So, the Yu Family decided to propose a marriage to my Ling Family at such a moment. They want to make use of this opportunity to grasp the strength of my Ling Family in their hands! Indeed, no one thinks that I will be able to escape from Beyond Heavens and even Yu ManLou is no exception! However, BingYan is truly in love with me, and it would be impossible for the Yu Family to seize the authority of the Ling Family through her. According to my estimations, the Yu Family must have other plans! Chen'er, can you make a guess what the plan of the Yu Family is?" Ling Tian asked with a carefree tone.