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Chapter 354: Martial Order Medallion Order

Chapter 354: Martial Order Medallion Order
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How does he know so much despite his young age? Could it be that… An incredulous thought surfaced in Ye QingChen's head, Could it be that he has also entered the Martial Way realm?

Seeing Ye QingChen's look of disbelief, Ling Tian immediately understood what Ye QingChen must be thinking about. He couldn't help but chuckle, "With this little brother's present accomplishment, I am still half a step behind older brother Ye and would naturally be far away from the Martial Way realm. This little brother is only capable of theorizing. However, since older brother is here, can you enlighten me about the Martial Order Medallion owner? Can you help this little brother to understand the greatest opponent in my life? I think the Martial Order Medallion owner wouldn't mind if older brother revealed some of his secrets!"

Ye QingChen let out a heavy sigh. While Ling Tian didn't give him a straightforward answer, his lack of reply had already indicated that Ling Tian wasn't willing to back out from the war for hegemony! This was also akin to accepting the challenge of the Martial Order Medallion owner. Thus, Ye QingChen couldn't help but feel regret and pity in his heart. In this world, there were far too few people who were capable of talking about the sword while enjoying wine with him. Ling Tian was one of them and even the one who he could get along with the most. If not, why would he make the effort to rush to Sky Bearing at such a time? Ye QingChen naturally didn't want Ling Tian to die under the Martial Order Medallion like that. Thus, after receiving news from his sect, he had thrown all things aside and rushed to Sky Bearing. He wanted to make use of his influence to persuade Ling Tian to back out from this war of hegemony. As long as Ling Tian decided to back out, Ye QingChen could use his connections to help resolve this life and death crisis for Ling Tian!

However, Ling Tian's rejection was resolute and Ye QingChen didn't have any way to persuade him. Just as he was feeling frustrated, he couldn't help but feel that this little fellow in front of him was indeed similar to the Martial Order Medallion owner. Even this stinking temperament of theirs… Ye QingChen shook his head helplessly.

Due to the rules of his sect, it was impossible for Ye QingChen to help Ling Tian fight the Martial Order Medallion. Furthermore, Ye QingChen was clear that with the martial arts of the Martial Order Medallion owner, his addition would be almost insignificant and he would just be sacrificing his life for nothing. Thus, he couldn't help but give a depressed sigh.

Hearing what Ling Tian had just asked him, he thought to himself for a moment before replying, "According to what I know, the Martial Order Medallion owner is someone who does not have a name or surname and is an orphan who the Sect Master adopted from somewhere. However, he is truly a gifted individual and his peers couldn't even hold a candle to him. After entering the sect for merely a year, he had already displayed his stunning martial arts talent! Regardless of the cultivation method, it just needs to be explained to him a single time and he would be able to memorize it completely and even deduce many other things himself! Any martial technique displayed in front of him once would be sufficient for him to grasp it fully! The previous sect master had once lamented that he was a once in a hundred years genius and an unprecedented genius whose talent far exceeds his own!"

Ling Tian and Ling Chen were also shocked! This person could actually be so capable!

"A genius would usually lack willpower and tenacity but this person was completely different! Not only was he ruthless in killing his enemies, he was even more ruthless towards himself! When he was only seven years old, in order to practice his martial arts, he started to practice his swordplay in a secret ground of Beyond Heavens. That secret ground was situated at the eye of the storm where the winds were truly like blades, capable of cutting through human skin! In just a single day, he was riddled with injuries with not a single part of his body left intact. But after the Sect Master had rescued him, he would return the next day regardless of the season or weather. For a full three years, he didn't miss even a single day! Ever since he was ten, he began to practice his swordplay under a waterfall, enduring the pressure of the waterfall and using it to temper his body! He proceeded from the smallest of waterfalls to the largest and at the very end of his training, he was able to endure the pressure of a 10,000-foot waterfall for a full three days and nights! At his pinnacle, he was even able to reverse the flow of a 10,000-foot waterfall by his sword! At that time, the Sect Master commented that his martial arts skill was unparalleled in the world. Thus, the Sect Master handed the mission of the Martial Order Medallion over to him."

Ling Tian sucked in a deep breath of cold air! According to what Ye QingChen had described, this person couldn't be considered a human! He was a monster! A perverse being!

Ye QingChen was filled with worry as he continued, "This child was naturally arrogant and his parents were killed by their enemies when he was young. After that, he was adopted by an old man but the old man was accidentally killed when he was merely three! As such, he had suffered much bullying since he was young and his youth was extremely pitiful. This was also the cause of his extreme character and he felt that there was no such thing as justice in the world! It was difficult to find someone kind in the world and it was acceptable to kill anyone! Furthermore, he felt that he was the one who was the justice in charge of the life and death of the people in the world. Thus, he gave himself a name: Justice!"

"Justice!" Ling Tian shook his head with a sigh. To think that there was someone like this in the world! He was no different from being egotistical! Ling Tian couldn't help but reminisce about his past life where he always shouted to the vast oceans: Where is justice in the world? Where is justice?!

Now that 'Justice' had truly appeared, it was here to take his life!

Ling Tian laughed bitterly in his heart. But at the same time, he could empathize with the extreme character of that 'Justice'. In his previous life, didn't he also feel the same way? However, he was much luckier in this life of his and could also be considered more successful.

Was it a fated encounter?

"Thus, Justice never bothered about whether or not the person he was killing was good or bad. In his heart, this wasn't a matter of concern. He felt that killing someone wasn't a form of sin but a form of justice. He felt that he was helping the person find justice and so would be extremely happy about it. Thus, he gave himself a nickname called 'Sending Justice'. Thankfully, he had always kept to the rules of the sect and never once killed indiscriminately. If he were to go crazy, there would probably be no one in the world capable of stopping him! Justice had killed three people because of the Martial Order Medallion, fourteen because of pugilistic world enmities and had taken action a total of seventeen times. Each and every single individual he kills is either a peerless expert or influential figure. However, none of them were spared under his hands!" Ye QingChen didn't even know what to feel as he said that and could only give a helpless laugh.

As Ye QingChen muttered those words, even he himself felt shocked. Could this still be a human? Why do I feel as though I am describing a monster?

He had never summarized all of Justice's actions together before and now that he had done so, he was also in shock.

Is this person really a human?!

Ling Chen's eyes were widened with fear filling her eyes. Just what kind of a monster was her young noble about to face? He is far too scary! Far too terrifying! Far too extreme! Far too invincible! For the first time in her life, the usually confident Ling Chen was uncertain if Ling Tian would be able to deal with the crisis.

Ling Tian gave a bitter laugh. Such an individual was just a bigoted maniac.

"Justice could no longer be described as a 'martial arts fool'. He was a complete martial arts maniac! However, the most important thing in his life was his promises! There weren't many people in the world worthy of him making a promise. If one were to summarize his life, his life would be almost a blank slate. Apart from practicing his martial arts and completing the sect missions, there wasn't anything else to his life. However, Justice has a habit of being a lone operator! No matter what he had to face, he would face it alone! However, he would always be able to settle the matter well. Apart from his martial arts being unparalleled, his medicinal skills are also exceptional. However, no one knows just how exceptional his medical skills are. As such, the strength of this person could be said to be a complete mystery! Apart from himself, he was a mystery who no one could solve!" Ye QingChen felt that his description was extremely vague and was even a little strange. However, he had finally said his piece and let out a long breath.

"Does he have any family members?" Ling Tian asked a critical question.

"Family members?" To Justice, this is a taboo. His last family member would be our Sect Master!" Ye QingChen gave a bitter laugh before looking at Ling Tian with a profound look. "He has never touched any ladies! In his eyes, there isn't such a thing as gender in the world and we are all humans. Justice would never show any mercy to a lady. In his life, apart from the Sect Master and the few friends he truly trusted, he would never allow anyone to come within three feet of himself! He is no different from a monster! However, he is a monster who treats his friends very well. Although he doesn't have many friends!"

As though he was trying to recollect something, Ye QingChen paused for a while before continuing, "Because we came from the same sect, this old man is one of the friends who that monster acknowledges. We have had our fair share of conversations and can be said to get along with each other." As he said that, he smiled. "Two years ago, Yu ChaoChen from Jade of Heavenly Star exited from his ten years long seclusion and finally entered into the middle XianTian realm. Back then, he had some enmity with me and so he came to create trouble for me. However, those were my personal affairs, and it had nothing to do with the sect. Furthermore, we had agreed to only exchange pointers and not take the life of the other party. Coincidentally, I was playing chess with Justice when Yu ChaoChen came to find me and a single statement from him had infuriated Justice. Thus a huge battle which only the three of us knew about broke out. Perhaps, it couldn't even be considered a big battle. Justice only took seven moves to deal with Yu ChaoChen who had just gone through ten years of close door seclusion!"

"What was the weapon he used to kill Yu ChaoChen in seven moves?" Ling Tian's face grew uglier and uglier.