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Chapter 355: Unparalleled Martial Arts

Chapter 355: Unparalleled Martial Arts
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Ye QingChen considered for a moment and tried to reply to the best of his knowledge. "Regardless of the weapon, he would be able to display the full potential of it when it is in his hands! All weapons are the same to him! After the many decades, I have never seen him particularly liking a specific weapon. As for that time, he killed Yu ChaoChen with his bare hands! With just seven moves! He also used the simplest of martial arts techniques to do so!"

"With the strength of the Yu Family, they actually didn't pursue this matter?! Or can it be that they weren't aware of it?" Ling Chen suddenly interrupted. Perhaps, this was a secret that no one knew. With the strength of the Yu Family, this was definitely a secret they could make use of.

Ye QingChen replied with a bitter laugh, "After that matter, this old man personally sent Yu ChaoChen's corpse back to the Yu Family!"

"The Yu Family really didn't intend to pursue the matter?!" Ling Chen was shocked.

"Lass Chen, in front of absolute power, background is completely useless. Do you know why the Yu Family has never taken over Northern Wei? The reason is simple: they were afraid of the Martial Order Medallion! While Yu ChaoChen was the only surviving member of the 'Chao' generation, they couldn't do a thing because he died in the hands of Beyond Heaven!" Ye QingChen said proudly.

"How tyrannical! Not just that Justice, even senior as well!" Ling Chen gasped.

"This is Beyond Heavens, this is Justice!" Ye QingChen said.

Ling Tian frowned and didn't say a thing nor make a move. It was as though he had turned into a statue.

He was thinking about what possible plans he could use to deal with Justice. Unrivaled martial arts, a unique character, and not a single family member. Even his friends were all characters who couldn't be easily provoked…

Can it be that he didn't have a single weakness?

Poison? Surrounding him? Ling Tian shook his head. With his martial arts, surrounding him would be completely useless! He didn't have a single flaw in his body, and it would be impossible to force him into a bitter battle to the death! No matter how many people were to surround him, no one would be able to block his retreat if he wanted to escape!

As for using poison, that was impossible. Not to mention the fact that there may not be any poison effective against him, even if there was, how would he administer the poison? If it was impossible to approach him, it would definitely be impossible to poison him!

If he were to be enraged, the Ling residence might end up being massacred by him! How could Ling Tian allow the Ling residence to be massacred because of himself? Such a risk was something that Ling Tian would never take!

Ling Jian, Ling Chi and the rest were all raised by him personally and were all his trusted aides. Could he really allow them to perish in this battle? If that was the case, what was the point of all his hard work? Just so someone could destroy it all in a single moment? Thankfully, Ling Jian was still in seclusion! If not, with his personality and loyalty, Ling Jian would definitely sacrifice his life without hesitation! Thankfully, the one beside him now was Ling Chen!

Ling Tian brows furrowed in frustration as he thought, If he wants to kill me, can it be that my only option is to stretch out my neck for him?

A sharp killing intent then shot out from Ling Tian's eyes, He is just a single person! This young noble here has an advantage of a few thousand years worth of knowledge! Can it be that I really can't win against you? Even if my martial arts aren't a match for yours, I still have many more tricks up my sleeves!

A strong battle intent then shot out from Ling Tian.

Even if you are really Justice! I will have a good battle with you! Even if I am alone! I am still Ling Tian and I will definitely rule the heavens! What fear do I have?!

"Ah ah… hahahaha…" as though he gained enlightenment, Ling Tian let out a carefree laugh. "Ever since I entered into this world, I have never met someone who made me desire to do battle! Now, this person has finally appeared! As long as I can battle to my heart's content, so what if I die?"

"A human's lifetime of effort is no more to ensure that they do not live a wasted life! It is just to prove that in this world, I, Ling Tian, had lived before! I, Ling Tian, had overcome it before! Hahaha… who would know?! Who would know just how lonely I am in this world?!"

"Who would know just how lonely I am in this world?!"

Ling Tian faced the sky and let out an earth-shaking roar, his eyes brimming with a blazing battle intent! His aura exploded forth from his body, filling the entire courtyard, the entire Ling Residence, and even the entire Sky Bearing City!

"Justice! Come! I, Ling Tian, am waiting for you here!"

With a huge bang, the ground below Ling Tian split apart and a dust of cloud exploded forth and covered the sky!

In the dense dust cloud, Ling Chen and Ye QingChen looked towards the maniacal Ling Tian with shock, as though he was the devil who had descended onto the earth!

"Hahaha… good aura!" A laugh broke through the air. The voice seemed to have come from far off yet sounded like it was right beside them. It was like the heavenly thunder from above, hammering down in the hearts and soul of everyone present!

A grayish figure bolted over from afar!

"Who are you? Acting so unbridled in the place of this Third Master's in-laws!" Yu ManTian's voice echoed in the Ling residence and his burly body shot into the sky, unleashing his attacks towards the grayish figure!

"A rice-sized pearl dares to let out its splendor?!" That grayish figure snorted and both the figures tangled together in mid-air, with the sounds of their fists clashing ringing in the air. After a short moment, both the figures quickly split apart.

A low groan sounded and the XianTian realm Yu ManTian began falling towards the ground like a deflated balloon. As he fell toward the ground, blood spurted out from his mouth, painting the sky red! The grayish figure showed no signs of hesitation, speeding towards the falling Yu ManTian as his leg shot out towards Yu ManTian's head!

If that kick of his were to land, Yu ManTian's head would definitely explode on the spot! However, the current Yu ManTian was completely defenseless and didn't even have the strength to dodge!

With just a single exchange, the number three character of the Yu Family who was already a XianTian expert had been reduced to such a miserable state!

The martial arts of that grayish figure were just too shocking! Who was he? Could it be…

"Third Uncle!" From another courtyard, Yu BingYan's heart-wrenching shriek could be heard!

Without any hesitation, Ling Tian's skinny figure suddenly disappeared from his courtyard. The next instant, he appeared in mid-air in front of Yu ManTian and sent a kick towards Yu ManTian, increasing the speed at which he was falling and directing him towards Ling Chen.

Then, Ling Tian gathered all of his inner qi on his fists and both his fists punched out towards the approaching kick!

In the blink of an eye, the grayish figure suddenly spun around in mid-air and received Ling Tian's fists with his palm! Right in front of Ling Tian's eyes, he felt as though the palm began enlarging!

"Bang!" Both their blows landed firmly!

A strong gust of wind swallowed the courtyard and with a loud swoosh, the whole rack of grapes was swept away! The walls surrounding the courtyard also began to sway for a moment before collapsing on the ground! With a loud 'hua', the roof of Ling Tian's house was also blown away!

What a shocking clash, what a frightening attack!

Ling Tian's body then shot out like a bullet and crashed right through the wall of his house, creating a large hole in it! With another loud bang, he shot out from the other side of his house before finally landing on the ground with a loud crash!

Despite using his full force and facing the enemy's single palm with both his fists, he was actually not a match?!

By the side, Chen'er's reaction was also extremely swift, darting into the air and catching Yu ManTian's landing body. After a full eight blows on his body, she managed to barely mitigate the force of his descent and the residual force of the grayish figure's attack.

The already seriously injured but still conscious Yu ManTian stared dumbly at the force from the collision and couldn't help but spit out a mouthful of blood. Then, he gasped in shock, "F**k! How powerful!"

The person who had arrived was the mysterious green-robed expert!

After the clash with Ling Tian, the green-robed expert's body flew back a distance as well. Then, he suddenly made a somersault in mid-air and dashed forward at high speed. Despite the huge dust cloud formed in the courtyard hindering his vision, the green-robed man was completely unaffected and he dashed straight towards the place where Ling Tian had landed!

With a lovable roar, Ling Chen unsheathed her new black iron sword and jumped into the air. Before the force of her jump was expended, she suddenly spun around in mid-air and a sparkling silver light began to shine as a sharp whistle sounded in the air. A vortex was seemingly formed around her and a wave of dazzling frosty light was wrapped around her body, turning her into a resplendent pillar of light that was ten foot wide. Then, a bolt of lightning shot out with a stunning speed and a glorious brilliance broke through the skies like a shooting star! It charged towards the green-robed expert like a burning meteorite!

Becoming one with the sword!

Ling Chen had channeled all of her inner qi into this attack! This was an attack that disregarded life and death! It was for no reason other than because the green-robed expert wanted to harm her beloved one! In the shadow of the sword, Ling Chen's countenance had turned pale as her right hand gripped firmly onto the sword and left hand was placed on her hips. If one looked at her hands carefully, one would notice a small spiral of cold air, rapidly gathering her chilly inner qi!

Divine Ice Formula!