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Chapter 359: Betting With Justice

Chapter 359: Betting With Justice
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Justice stared at Ling Tian and said with a sneer, "You provocations are interesting indeed. However, it is a pity that my only intention now is to kill someone and not to have a fair fight. As an assassin, your unsettled emotions are what I am truly seeking for. What would you do if you were me?!"

Ling Tian then responded in a cold manner, "If I was here as an assassin, I wouldn't bother about fairness at all either. However, you are different. Didn't you proclaim yourself to be justice? The Martial Order Medallion owner of Beyond Heavens will never fight an unfair battle. It was the same back then with Ren PingSheng and it definitely won't be any different now!"

Justice let out a hearty laugh, "You seem to know quite a bit about the stories of Beyond Heavens. Did Old Ye tell you those stories? If he was the one who told you that, he should have also told you about my previous accomplishments! You still have the heart to fight me in a fair fight? I feel that if you are at home, you can have some helpers at the very least and your chances of survival would be much greater. For example, you have that lass and the few brats from before. If you are going to add on that boorish fellow, I believe that you will have a small chance of surviving!"

Ling Tian's eyes turned chilly, "Of all the battles in the world, fairness is extremely rare. What is the point for you to talk so much? If you really want to seek a fair fight, why not find me ten years later! At that time, you would definitely be the one to die!"

Justice replied with consideration, "Your words do make some sense. Despite being so young, you have already reached the XianTian realm and even if your inner qi isn't comparable to Old Ye, your combat prowess definitely far exceeds his! However, even if I were to give you another ten years, it would be impossible for you to escape from me!"

Ling Tian responded with a provocative smile, "There isn't anything absolute in the world. How will you know if we do not try? Do you dare to wait ten years for me?"

Justice responded with a smile, "What a good 'there isn't anything absolute in the world'. However, let us continue this conversation after you have escaped from my grasp!"

Ling Tian then cursed hatefully, "Even if you want to kill me, can you let me pick my own grave at the very least?"

Justice looked at Ling Tian with interest, "Do you really intend to fight me outside? You don't want to fight me in your territory?!"

Ling Tian said proudly, "If both of us do not have any apprehensions and we are allowed to use any means necessary, there is still a 50% chance for me to win! The victor has yet to be decided!"

Justice couldn't help but burst into laughter, "50%? Ling Tian, I am admiring you more and more by the second. Your confidence stems from nowhere and is without any basis. If I want to kill you, it is an extremely simple affair!"

Ling Tian's eyes burned as he asked, "What if you can't kill me in the end?"

"Can't kill you? Hahaha…" Justice laughed out loud, "What a joke! In the world, can there be anyone that I can't kill?!" While his words weren't loud, they were said without a shred of doubt and hesitation.

"Let us set half a year as the deadline. What if you can't kill me?" Ling Tian looked towards Justice and asked calmly.

"Half a year?" Justice's ashen face slowly calmed down as he said with a thoughtful tone, "What do you want to do? Have a bet with me?"

"Do you dare?" Ling Tian chuckled and provoked.

"Ah ah, if that's the case, let me have a bet with you." Justice smiled, "When you told that lass that you wanted to have a bet with me, I was still wondering what sort of tricks you would use. I never imagined, hahaha… how interesting! I am starting to be reluctant to kill you."

"Justice, had you decided to accept my bet from the very start?" After spending so much effort to purposefully provoke him into accepting this bet, Ling Tian never imagined that the other party had long heard his conversation with Ling Chen. Furthermore, he intended to accept it from the start… Despite Ling Tian's face being thick to the point knives and swords wouldn't penetrate it, he couldn't help but feel his face turning red.

"That's right, I have said it before. I do not wish to kill you so quickly. After all, while there are many arrogant people in the world, there aren't many who have the right to be so arrogant. At the same time, you are the only person in the world who understands the loneliness I feel! If I were to kill you, I would only feel lonelier," Justice said in a despondent tone.

"My choice is a lonely path, and I am destined to be alone for all my life." A desolate smile could be seen on Justice's face. "The price for standing at the top of the world without rival is to be lonely for all my life. As for you, you have also chosen a lonely path! I wish to rise up to the heavens and you wish to rule over everything under the heavens! Ah ah ah, how can it be easy to walk the path of a monarch?! The road of a monarch is lonely up till the very end!"

"While a bet of half a year is a little long, you will definitely end up as a ghost under my hands and it wouldn't be going against the Martial Order Medallion! However, whether or not you would be able to survive past half a year would be completely up to your own abilities!" A dense killing intent shot out from Justice's eyes. "When I am chasing after you, I will not show a single shred of mercy! Perhaps, I will kill you at the very first moment!"

Ling Tian responded with a confident smile, "That may not be the case!" After pausing for a moment, he said, "Since this is a bet, how can there not be any stakes? If I lose, my life will be lost. But what if you lose?"

Justice looked towards Ling Tian and asked, "Since you have mentioned this, I believe that you have thought of the conditions already. With your character, would you let anyone take advantage of you?"

Ling Tian burst out into laughter and said to Justice, "If you lose, you can't seek to kill me again in your life! Furthermore, you have to promise me three favors!"

"Three favors? In other words, I will have to fulfill four conditions if I fail?" Justice said with a bitter laugh, "Isn't this too unfair?"

Ling Tian then said mischievously, "Strength determines justice and fairness! As long as I win, according to your logic, it is acceptable for me to make as many requests as I want! Am I right?"

"After discussing justice for so long, this is where your true intention lies!" Justice burst out laughing and nodded his head, "Let me hear what these three favors are. There aren't many things in the world that I can't accomplish."

Ling Tian smiled and replied, "I haven't thought about them yet. But if you lose, I will have a few decades to think about them. There is no rush at all."

"Alright! It is a deal!" Justice faced the skies and laughed heartily.

Ling Tian also burst out into laughter, as though he wanted to accompany Justice, facing the heavens as they laughed to their heart's content.

But before he faced the sky fully, a sudden changed occurred!

Without a single trace, Ling Tian's chest suddenly bulged up and a brilliant silver light shot out from his bosom! Ling Tian's arms were still by his side without moving and none of them expected Ling Tian to shoot out hidden weapons from his chest. Furthermore, the number of hidden weapons shot out wasn't small at all. In front of their very eyes, such an unbelievable thing happened!

Both Justice and Ye QingChen were startled! They were too near to each other and were almost side by side! Despite his unrivaled martial arts and firm will, Justice never expected Ling Tian to be so despicable! Before they even finished their conversation, he had launched his sneak attack. Just a moment ago they were still laughing heartily together, and the next he had launched an all-out attack! Justice didn't have the time to make any preparations, and the lethal hidden weapons had already surrounded him! With his neck as the target, the dense hidden weapons shot over with a powerful force!

Following the flashing silver lights, Ling Tian turned into a thousand-hands demon as a dazzling rainbow shot out from his body and countless hidden weapons appeared from different parts of his body! At the same time, Ling Tian's right hand that was tucked within his sleeves suddenly shot out two black pellets and the whole courtyard and engulfed in a thick black smoke, making it difficult for one to even see his hands!

Ling Chen and Ye QingChen then heard a few 'peng peng peng' sounds from within the smoke and the smoke was blown apart! At the same time, Ling Tian had already disappeared completely, his whereabouts unknown! Even with Ye QingChen's eyesight, he was completely unable to discern when Ling Tian had left the courtyard.

Justice's face was ashen as he stood rooted to the ground. As Ling Chen and Ye QingChen looked towards him, they couldn't help but be dumbfounded! Justice's body was already riddled with countless of different silver needles, sleeve darts, caltrops… with even copper coins which had been sharpened! There were more than ten different kinds of hidden weapons all over his body, making him look like a gigantic human porcupine!

With a loud roar of anger, Justice waved his arms and his slim and lanky figure suddenly turned faint as he gradually melded into the winds and disappeared without a trace! Despite Ye QingChen and Ling Chen standing right in front of him, they were unable to even detect the slightest trace of movement and Justice had already disappeared in front of their very eyes!

Swoosh! The hidden weapons that were originally all over Justice's body had landed on the floor! The hidden weapons landed at Justice's original position in an extremely orderly fashion, forming a perfect semi-circle on the floor! Under the glaring sunlight, each and every hidden weapon glimmered beautifully!

Ye QingChen couldn't help but take in a breath of cold air! Despite Ling Tian having so many hidden weapons concealed, he was completely unable to even spot a trace of them! He couldn't help but imagine, What if they were shot towards me?… Ye QingChen shook his head with a bitter laugh at that thought. Even Justice couldn't avoid them and could only forcibly withstand the hidden weapons. Thus, he would naturally be completely helpless as well! The only difference was that Justice would be able to use his pure inner qi to solidify his skin into an iron-like defense, resulting in the hidden weapons being unable to puncture through his skin. However, Ye QingChen could only wait for his death in the face of the myriad hidden weapons!

A thick worry clouded Ling Chen's face as she thought about Justice's unfathomable martial arts and mystical movement techniques. Can young noble really… can he really escape from such a person?