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Chapter 362: Life Depriving Blow

Chapter 362: Life Depriving Blow
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Right now, almost half a day had passed. Justice was well aware that the path Ling Tian currently took was surrounded by mountain ranges and greenery, and that within the next few hundred miles, there was no trace of humans at all. This sort of environment was greatly advantageous to his opponent, because the moment he did not pay proper attention, he would immediately lose his prey. He could only urge himself to go at full speed forward.

Having passed the foot of a mountain, Justice suddenly had a strange thought. With the narrow valley right in front of him, and the surrounding high mountain peaks, the entire area looked as though it had been sliced apart by a single hack from a giant! There was only a narrow path a few feet wide, and flanking it were cliffs that were so smooth, they literally shone in the light. This could be considered the best place to ambush a troop of soldiers! Right now, his surroundings suddenly seemed eerily quiet, without the slightest bit of movement!

If Ling Tian were to set an ambush here… Justice took in a sharp breath at the thought. Could there be the possibility that, even though Ling Tian fully knew that he had angered Justice, he would rather not run for his life and stay to ambush him? Instead of escaping, to choose a hidden spot to hide and attempt to kill me, what arrogance! With just Ling Tian himself, even if he could plan out an ambush, what danger did he pose alone?

Justice let out an involuntary laugh, it seemed like he really had some fear towards that little kid!

He shook his head and laughed lightly as he activated his movement technique and shot deep into the valley...

Standing at the mountain peak, Ling Tian also let out a smile, before slashing down with his sword! Bang! With the rope made of twisted tree bark almost as thick as a grown man's thigh being slashed apart, rumbling noises could be heard as a few boulders started to roll downwards into the ravine...

Justice immediately cursed. That brat is too devious!

Gazing at the boulders rolling down at the moment, Justice calculated that with his current speed, he would not be able to make it across without getting his head squished. What precise calculations from the opposing party!

While Justice believed that Ling Tian would not go wrong in his calculations, there would still be human errors! Halting his steps, he stopped himself forcefully in midair, and landed onto the ground. Justice coldly smirked as he thought, Just a few boulders and you want to obstruct my path? I'll just wait for the boulders to stop dropping then I'll take my time to go across!

Just as the thought appeared, the sound of a piercing wind could be heard on his right, and turning that way, he got the shock of his life! A huge boulder weighing many tons was hurtling towards his head, with dead-on accuracy!

On looking higher, at the top of a certain peak, there was a small human silhouette lifting up yet another stone and throwing it down like hail, that was Ling Tian! His delighted voice traveled down, "Old Brother Justice, you haven't eaten yet, right? This young noble here is gifting you with some meat buns! However, they're a little bit tough to bite, so I hope your teeth are strong!"

Justice might have been a magnanimous and easygoing person, but even he was about to go mad from Ling Tian's schemes. He hatefully shouted, "Ling Tian! Other than such devious tricks, what else can you do?!"

Ling Tian laughed at the statement, and lifted up another boulder, aiming and throwing it down with his full strength. He shouted in reply, "I can't do anything else, but to be able to throw stones at the number one expert, the Martial Order Medallion owner, hahaha, I'm happy enough!"

Justice let out a long howl in anger and threw himself up into the rain of stones. Throwing out a hand, the boulder in front of him immediately disintegrated into powder, slowly scattering down like snow! Twisting his body, he allowed a boulder to brush past his body, before stepping on it and propelling himself farther upward! Just like an arrow, he shot up straight towards the peak where Ling Tian was.

Ling Tian nearly jumped out of his skin, and immediately threw down the rest of the boulders that he had prepared, but all of them only served to further propel Justice upward towards him. Upon seeing Justice shoot towards him like a shooting star descending onto earth, Ling Tian threw out the last boulder straight at him, then turned to flee.

"You still want to run?!" Justice already had a belly full of fire, so how could he allow Ling Tian to just slip past his hands? He did not even attempt to land, instead kicking the mountain face to propel himself even quicker towards that annoying brat!

Ling Tian gasped in dismay, and could only revolve his internal energy to the maximum, his feet barely touching the ground as he increased his current speed by 100%!

Seeing how obviously Ling Tian was overexerting himself, a cruel smile appeared in Justice's mouth as he thought, Little brat, no matter how fast you run, you can't compare to my internal energy which I spent tens of years accumulating! If you harm your vital energy because of exertion, then you won't even have the chance to face off with me in battle! A hint of pity surfaced in Justice, because while Ling Tian had repeatedly tricked and scammed him, in the end… he was still the only person who would even have a chance to catch up to his prowess!

Aii, Heaven makes fools of Man. What a pity!

Even as he was engrossed in his thoughts, Justice's speed did not show any signs of slowing down. The two of them flew around the mountains like a pair of shooting stars, the distance between both of them closing… closing up...

Now's the time! Justice threw out a palm strike ruthlessly towards Ling Tian who was less than twenty feet in front of him. Under the revolving of his internal energy, the edges of his palms even had white smoke drifting out. This strike of his was enough to shock the entire universe!

If this palm were to connect, most likely, Ling Tian would have to undergo reincarnation again...

As though he felt the pressure from the palm behind him, Ling Tian who was originally flying straight immediately did a slight shift, his body twisting like a fish in water. This allowed him to suddenly change his direction while maintaining his speed, causing a sharp sound to be emitted from his clothes!

Justice sighed. While he himself had already surpassed all others in martial and literary skills, when he was at Ling Tian's age he was nowhere near compared to him! Such a miraculous movement changing method, without even the slightest hint of forcibly diverting direction was indeed amazing! Justice exclaimed in praise in his heart, but his feet remained tense, stubbornly catching up to Ling Tian once again!

Ling Tian was hurtling forward in front of him, but suddenly his back arched, and with a shake of his arms, his speed suddenly increased by a small notch! Justice fell into deep thought, could it be that his movement technique involved him shaking his arms? However, the next instant his face changed, as a large mass of silver needles suddenly shot out from Ling Tian's back! Ling Tian had actually positioned his back such that all the needles were aimed straight at Justice's eyes!

Never in his life did he expect Ling Tian to have such a move! Justice let out a strangled cry as he used his right arm to shield his eyes. "Shua shua shua" was heard, and a prickling pain could be felt in his arm before a numbing and itchy feeling could be felt. This angered Justice even more! To ambush him with the needles at high speed, right in his eyes was one thing, but to think that even his needles were smeared with poison! And it was even some sort of unique poison!

"Despicable! How could this seat be plotted against by using poison!" Justice shouted in anger. Even as he continued rushing forward, he flicked his right sleeve and removed all the needles. Taking a deep breath, his face suddenly turned purple, and on his right arm, the six pinpoints suddenly swelled up, and started disgorging blood that had a fishy smell!

Even though he was rushing along at full speed, the poison in his body was still being expelled by his pinnacle level internal energy!

Right at this point, another blinding flash was seen, and the Ling Tian that was running away originally swiveled around, drawing out a sharp black iron sword much like how an azure dragon rises up from the sea! Taking advantage when Justice was purging the poison, he rushed forward with a sword!

I ndeed, even a shrimp dares to dupe the dragon when it is in the shallow water; a tiger may even be teased by a dog when it leaves the remote mountains and comes to the bright and flat area! Justice thought angrily to himself. But he had no choice in this matter, to purge his poison while rushing forward had already forced him to double his expenditure of internal energy, so how would he dare to take head-on that dangerous looking sword of Ling Tian? He floated up, avoiding that life-threatening sword, and the tip of his foot shot towards the wrist of Ling Tian's sword hand like lightning in a counter!

But he did not expect Ling Tian to bark out in laughter instead, "Justice? Number one under the heavens? I'll oblige you to give me some pointers!" He immediately kept his sword and retreated, but not before Justice saw the disdain on his face as he turned!

To Justice, this sort of tone and expression Ling Tian displayed had a more potent effect than if he had scolded him to his face! For all of his life, he had moved unhindered in the world, without a single opponent! It was only him who bullied people, so since when had he ever been despised by others? Under his anger, he took in a deep breath and circulated his internal energy to his utmost, sprinting straight towards Ling Tian!

Ling Tian was halfway down the mountain at this time, and leaped off the mountain, spreading his arms like an eagle as he stepped onto the bough of a tree. Justice let out a sneer as he followed suit. One foot stepped on the same place right after one left, much like a shadow chasing the human!

However, who would expect Ling Tian to suddenly do a 180-degree somersault in midair, and drawing his sword, stab down towards Justice, the resplendent blade resembling a silvery river flowing down from the heavens!

Man and Sword as One!

Ling Tian's realm of Man and Sword as One was akin to comparing Heaven and Earth when compared to Ling Chen, Ling Jian, and Ye BaiFei! The vast imposing manner, together with its billowing prestige and devouring tyranny all combined to form a decisive strike of no return!

For this sword, Ling Tian had schemed and planned all from the start, in order to set the stage for this beautiful performance!

All the provocations in the forest, the throwing of boulders in the valley were just to incite Justice's wrath and to sap him of his strength. The final poisoned needles were just to ensure that he could not be at peak form when he faced this heaven shaking strike!

This was also the first test that Ling Tian was attempting on Justice!

Killing him with one strike with all his strength! At this moment, this point in time, this was an action that could be capable of killing even the gods!

This whole performance was designed to kill anyone, including Justice, for he too was a person after all!

Based on Ling Tian's calculations, this strike had to wait until Justice was in the air, directly behind him, with no other way to retreat, and could only stake his all on blocking him head-on. Only then could his victory be assured!