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Chapter 364: Disguise

Chapter 364: Disguise

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However, what should he do next? Facing such a crafty foe with plenty of strange ideas, Justice had finally treated Ling Tian as a worthy foe! However, Justice could not help but feel that his opponent's next move was difficult!

From their encounter today, Justice already had a rough idea of Ling Tian's plan for the next half a year: Delay! Drag the fight on! Ling Tian would definitely continue to escape with all he had but would undoubtedly deal a killing blow as long as he had the chance! Furthermore, the thing which gave Justice the biggest headache was the fact that Ling Tian obviously meticulously planned each and every one of his moves. Regardless of whether or not his killing blow was effective, Ling Tian would definitely plan an escape route for himself. Perhaps the only way for Ling Tian to stop would be the death of Justice!

While Ling Tian's martial arts were far beneath his, Ling Tian's movement techniques weren't much weaker than his own and were even more exquisite. At the same time, the thing that puzzled Justice the most was the fact that a pampered young noble like Ling Tian would be so proficient with concealment techniques! Not only that, Ling Tian was also extremely familiar with escaping for his life! Just what kind of a strategy should Justice adopt?!

While it had been just a short while, Justice was shocked to realize that Ling Tian's experience with escaping was far above the Blood Swallow, Liu Fe, who was famed for his movement techniques and concealment methods! This was something unbelievable! The Blood Swallow was an infamous character in the pugilistic world who everyone sought to kill! It was no exaggeration to say that the Blood Swallow was the number one enemy of the world and lived his life on the edge, being chased all year round. However, Ling Tian was even more experienced than the Blood Swallow. Was Ling Tian really a pampered young noble?

Ever since they left Sky Bearing City, Justice predicted that Ling Tian would definitely play a game of hide and seek with him along the borders of Sky Bearing. Justice was certain that Ling Tian would make use of the various factions he had in Sky Bearing to block or distract him. However, the present progress was largely out of his expectations!

After passing through this ravine, they would be in the Western Han territory!

What is this brat thinking of? Leaving his own territory and bringing me for a tour around the world?

This was no different from playing with fire! If Ling Tian was the slightest bit careless, the XiMen Family would definitely surround him on all sides, and Ling Tian would die a horrible death!

Was Ling Tian really playing with fire?!

In front of Justice was a forked road with one road leading to the Celestial Gathering City of Western Han and the other leading to the Gold Water City also of Western Han. Without any hesitation, Justice immediately continued his chase toward the Celestial Gathering City.

While Ling Tian was extremely careful and meticulous, he was also extremely arrogant and prideful! Despite the Celestial Gathering City being home to his mortal enemy, the XiMen Family, Ling Tian would definitely not be wary about the XiMen Family! Even if he was being chased by a frightening killer, he definitely wouldn't be bothered! On the contrary, if Ling Tian would go against his heart and pick Gold Water City instead to escape with his life, Justice would definitely look down on Ling Tian. Thus, Justice headed towards Celestial Gathering City without any hesitation!

On the other hand…

Ling Tian was panting heavily with the pain on his shoulder attacking him in waves. This made Ling Tian feel extremely displeased and annoyed! He felt that he was too anxious and not steady enough. If he could persist for a while longer and fight Justice a while later, his chances for victory would definitely be higher. Even if he couldn't win, he was certain that Justice's injuries would be much worse than his! But because of a moment of rashness, he had lost such a good opportunity! With Justice's intellect and experience, Justice would definitely be able to guess his intention and would never give him a second chance!

Ling Tian gave a self-deprecating smile. What if? There are no what-ifs in this world!

His next move must definitely be planned properly. If he were to be blocked by Justice, it would be extremely difficult for him to escape.

Looking at the bend in front, there seemed to be a small hut by the side of the road with a small banner sticking out. Mmm, to think that there would be a tavern at such a desolate place! Looking at the huge 'Wine' word on the banner, Ling Tian felt his stomach growling. It wasn't because he was craving for wine but because he was truly hungry. As long as there was wine, how could there not be food to accompany it?

While escaping was important, his meals should not be neglected. If not, where would he find the strength to escape?

Furthermore, if his estimations were correct, Justice would probably be catching up soon as well. After not eating for a full day, Justice wasn't made out of steel and would probably want to check his injuries and plan his next move as well. Perhaps…

Ling Tian's eyes lit up and walked behind a tree. When he came out from behind the tree, he had been transformed completely. His white robe was gone and replaced with a black robe. At the same time, his hair was now half black and half white and his face filled with wrinkles. His clear eyes also turned foggy, and his usually straight back began to slouch. Ling Tian had completely transformed into a sixty to seventy-year-old beggar! His face changing techniques were just too mystical! Ling Tian then gave out a chuckle and walked unsteadily into the tavern.

After Justice had given chase for miles, he was still unable to spot a single trace of Ling Tian. If not for Justice's will being more resolute than others, he would definitely suspect that he had given chase in the wrong direction. Right at this moment, the banner of the tavern fluttered in front of his eyes. Regardless of how high his martial arts attainment was, Justice was still a human and had his needs as well. He could not help but gulp down a mouthful of saliva as his stomach began to growl. At the same time, Justice could not help but think to himself with a slight trace of fear, Being agitated by Ling Tian, I actually forgot to eat my meals! This is definitely not a good thing!

This was evidence that Ling Tian had successfully incited his rage. If this chase were to persist for a long time, it would be inevitable for Justice to lose his cool from Ling Tian's provocations! He must definitely maintain his cool.

Ling Tian ordered a huge plate of beef and a bowl of noodles as his stomach growled again in the face of the delicacies in front of him. After a day of escaping, Justice wasn't the only one who was tired. Ling Tian himself was exhausted as well and completely famished. As for wine, how could Ling Tian be attracted by the low-quality products of this tavern after drinking his fine collection of wine every day? Thus, he didn't bother to order wine at all.

Right at this moment, Ling Tian felt his heart skip a beat and a figure walked into the tavern. Then, a crisp voice sounded, "Waiter, give me a plate of beef and a large bowl of noodles."

It was Justice!

Ling Tian could not help but be shocked. Why did this fellow order the same dishes as me? Thinking about that, he let out a burp and raised his head up openly, wanting to look over at Justice's direction with a pair of squinting eyes, only to see Justice standing right in front of him.

While Justice looked calm on the surface, he was actually extremely anxious in his heart. After standing at the peak of the pugilistic world for decades, there had never been anyone capable of escaping from him. However, his half a year bet with Ling Tian had just begun and he was already on the losing end. Furthermore, he had completely lost sight of Ling Tian at the present moment! With his sixth sense, he was certain that Ling Tian wasn't too far away from him but he just couldn't determine Ling Tian's exact location! It was just far too strange!

For such a situation to occur, there was only a single explanation: Ling Tian had also entered into the Martial Way realm! But after the few encounters he had with Ling Tian, Justice was sure that Ling Tian hadn't reached the Martial Way realm and was only at the middle XianTian stage. In fact, he was even weaker than Yu ChaoChen from two years ago. But just how did Ling Tian escape from him? There just wasn't an explanation for that.

Just when he was feeling frustrated and in doubt, he saw the old man staring at him with a pair of curious looking eyes. A sudden thought surfaced in his mind and Justice asked, "Old brother, did you see a white-robed young man pass by here?"

"White-robed young man?" the old man's eyes lit up and he replied with a hoarse voice, "I think I saw a white-robed young man passing by hastily just now. As for his age, please forgive this old man for my poor eyesight. Err, little brother, is that young man your relative?"

Justice's eyes lit up: With Ling Tian's speed, it would be strange if the old man could see his face clearly. He then replied with a smile, "That's right, thank you old brother for your information." Then, he took out an ingot of silver and placed it on the table, "Let me treat old brother to some wine."

The eyes of the old man lit up and he seemed to have turned into a miser who was in front of a mountain of gold. With his trembling hands, he grabbed the ingot in his hands and tried to chew on it with the corner of his teeth. He then shouted out, "Silver! It's real silver!" He then hugged the silver and began tearing up.

Justice let out a soft sigh. After seeing so much in the world, Justice was used to the scene in front of him and said, "Silver and gold are just material possessions. Why does old brother have to act in such a manner?" At the same time, the waiter had also served Justice's plate of beef and bowl of noodles.

That old man then said with agitation, "Little brother may not know this but my wife has been toiling for a good half of her lifetime. She recently succumbed to her fatigue with her life near the end. However, this old man does not have any money to hire a physician for my wife. With this ingot of silver, my wife can be saved." As he said that, tears filled up his eyes again and he wiped them away with his sleeves before they could fall.

For some odd reason, Justice suddenly felt that something was wrong. However, he could not put a finger on just what was wrong. Justice could not help but think to himself, Can it be that I am exhausted to the point where my judgment has been affected? Shaking his head and throwing out such frustrating thoughts, he heard the old man's trembling voice and felt a tinge of sorrow in his heart. For all his life, he had followed the desires of his heart, and he actually unknowingly performed a great deed today.

Justice let out a long sigh and asked, "What is old brother's surname? How old are you?"

That old man lowered his head with a tinge of embarrassment, "This old man's surname is Huo and my name is Huo YuanJia. I am 63 this year."