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Chapter 366: Payback Time

Chapter 366: Payback Time

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The item which Justice had felt in his embrace was the Pistil of Serpent's Spit which Ling Tian had previously used against him.

Being a medicinal expert in the world, Justice naturally knew the usage method of the Pistil of Serpent's Spit. Breaking a finger-long piece into ten small segments, he lit them all up and threw them in different directions. With his powerful inner qi, each and every section was thrown a few hundred feet away and surrounded the whole area! According to Justice's guess, Ling Tian would definitely be within this area! Thinking about the pitiful looks of Ling Tian upon being surrounded by snakes, Justice could not help but feel delighted in his heart as he let out a snicker.

Justice's guess was indeed correct, and Ling Tian was in this area!

As Ling Tian was observing his surroundings, he suddenly saw a flint sparking in the distance and a small flame being thrown near him. Then, he could smell a fishy smell and immediately knew what was going on!

With this item being present, the snakes in his surroundings would definitely become agitated and come to surround him. Although the snakes wouldn't pose any threat to him at all, he couldn't even move right now! As long as he made the slightest movement, Justice would definitely spot him!

However, how could he remain still if thousands of snakes were to climb onto him?

Ling Tian could not help but be filled with anxiousness! Will I fall prey to my own methods?!

What is this?! As the number one expert in the world today, why are you learning how to use such strange things? Furthermore, how can you act like a scrap collector, collecting the thing I left behind to harm you! Ling Tian could not help but be speechless. An unparalleled expert was different indeed, not letting go of any item that could possibly be of use to him.

Rustling sounds could already be heard in the bushes and while it was sparse, it was a sign that the snakes had already picked up the scent of the pistil.

Justice could naturally hear the snakes as well and could not help but smile with delight. This sound which had almost angered him to death earlier this afternoon now sounded like a heavenly tune in his ears! Ling Tian, enjoy the gift that you gave me! Haha.

The rustling sounds became louder and louder, and more and more densely concentrated. It was as though all the snakes in the forest were being attracted to Ling Tian and he could already hear the hissing sound of the snakes. The air was filled with a fishy stench which would make one gag upon smelling it. Ling Tian was not Justice, and he could not block his senses and become one with the world!

I can't wait any longer! If I continue to stay still, I will end up as the supper of these snakes! In the darkness, many pairs of green glowing eyes were already nearing Ling Tian.

Just when he wanted to stand back up, an idea flashed past in his head and his eyes lit up. Justice obviously didn't have much of the pistil and the single stick which he threw was already about to be burnt up. However, Ling Tian still had another full two sticks in his embrace! This could definitely be a game-changing move, if…

Thinking about this, Ling Tian hesitated no longer and darted into the air. With the flash of his blade, he darted further into the forest and dismembered all the snakes in his way!

The moment Ling Tian made a move, Justice discovered him and let out a hearty laugh, "Ling Tian, do you still think you can escape? How does it feel to fall prey to your own technique?" With a swing of his arms, Justice darted into the air like a swallow and gave chase like a bolt of lightning.

At the instant Ling Tian took into the air, he took out another stick of pistil from his embrace and crushed it into dust with his hands. Then, he lit it up and threw it behind him. The next moment, a thick fishy smell filled the atmosphere.

The snakes, all attracted by the smell, shot towards the place where the smell was the thickest!

Right when Justice shot into the air and arrived at Ling Tian's previous location, the snakes had just sprung into the air and had not landed! They were all hanging in mid-air and formed a wall of snakes, blocking Justice's way!

The accuracy and timing of Ling Tian's action were too astounding!

If he was slightly earlier, the snakes would have already landed on the ground and he would definitely be caught up in the resulting mess. If he was slightly later, Justice would definitely have left already! Only by grasping the exact timing would he be able to block Justice's way with the wall of snakes! This small delay in time was just what Ling Tian needed!

If Justice was blocked, he would definitely have to kill the snakes first! If not, he would have to wait for the snakes to land before giving chase to Ling Tian! Regardless of his choice, he would definitely have to slow down for a moment! At the same time, Ling Tian's movement technique would be unleashed at the full speed, and he would have accelerated fully!

This was the instant which he wanted to grasp!

The moment Justice slowed down, he would definitely take time to accelerate to his full speed again! Just this slight delay in time already determined the fact that he wouldn't be able to catch Ling Tian!

With a large screen of sword light flashing in the air, the snakes in the air were all dismembered into pieces. The bloody smell filled the forest and completely covered the previously fishy smell!

A shining blade light then shot into the air and landed on the branches of a tree. Justice's body stood steadily on top a thin branch as he looked into the horizon.

However, Justice was not frustrated in the slightest and even let out a smile as he muttered, "A peerless talent indeed! I myself probably wouldn't be able to make such a swift adaptation in such a short time! However, even if you can escape, how will you be able to escape from my grasp? I'm enjoying this cat and mouse hunt more and more!"

Cat and mouse hunt? However, who was the cat, and who was the mouse between the both of them?

The second afternoon after Ling Tian left the Ling Residence, the Yu Family's First Elder, Yu ZhanShui, and Third Elder, Yu ZhanKong, arrived at the Sky Bearing City!

Hearing this piece of news, the whole Ling Residence was stunned silly because the Yu Family's purpose of this visit was actually to send their dowry! Both their families had only confirmed the engagement two days ago and the Yu Family had already sent the dowry over. According to their traditions, their actions were far too improper and not befitting of the actions of a thousand-year-old family!

For a huge aristocratic family like theirs, no matter how anxious they were about the marriage, they should at least go through the proper rites before confirming the marriage. However, their birth charts had not even been matched, and the Yu Family had actually sent Yu BingYan's dowry over already! The whole Ling Family could not help but feel that something was extremely odd! Furthermore, the luxury of the dowry was also unprecedented!

Top grade silk from the Southern Ocean: 500 meters of red, 500 meters of purple, 500 meters of black, 500 meters of green, and 500 meters of blue. A full three chests of top-grade jewelry, and five carriages of top-grade sandalwood… a whole fifty carriages were required to carry the dowry. This could no longer be called a dowry, it was no different from the Yu Family shifting house!

With their in-laws right at the doorstep, their Ling Family couldn't possibly not go out and receive them, right? Along the way, Old Madam Ling thought about the dowry and said thoughtfully, "Ting'er, did you notice that the so-called dowry items are all extremely heavy and space consuming? Although they are all valuable items, the actions of the Yu Family this time really aren't befitting of the number one family in Heavenly Star. This old lady thinks that there is something strange about this dowry."

"Mmm," Chu Ting'er's brows were also furrowed, "I have never heard of something so odd before and I also feel that something is wrong here. However, it won't be easy for us to guess the intention of the Yu Family, so it is best for us to be careful. Also, Tian'er going out on a trip with that expert also seems far too rushed and the date of the dowry arriving is far too coincidental…"

"That's right, while there should be some security to escort the dowry, the number of people the Yu Family sent is a little exaggerated. On the Heavenly Star Continent, who would dare to touch the Yu Family in their territory…" Old Madam Ling was filled with worry. "Just what does the Yu Family want to do? Why do I have a feeling that the Yu Family is hiding their malicious intentions?"

"I have long heard of First Elder and Third Elder's heroic name. It is indeed better to see someone in person then hear of his legends and seeing the both of you today is indeed our honor. Our Ling Family is truly grateful for the trouble the both of you went through to personally send the dowry." After finally being free from his previously mummified state, Ling Xiao was extremely energetic and full of smiles. With his fists cupped, he recited the words which Chu Ting'er had forced him to memorize under her supervision. But while the words were all recited without error, his tone was completely monotonous as though he was a child reciting his dictation.

"You're too polite, for General Ling to personally come out to fetch us, this old man is overwhelmed by this favor." The one who replied was the First Elder, Yu ZhanShui. He was sixty-plus years old with a snow-white beard, green robes, and a scholarly appearance.

"Please!" Ling Xiao stretched out his arms.

"Please!" The both of them walked side by side.

As the Yu Family's huge troops entered the city, Old Madam Ling carefully observed the Yu Family's troops through the window. The more she looked at them, the greater her worries became.

All of them were experts! Any random person chosen would definitely be much stronger than the guards in their Ling Family and those dressed in white were obviously a notch above those dressed in purple. At the same time, the gazes of those in purple were obviously filled with respect and fear when they looked at those dressed in white. These troops were probably no weaker than Ling Tian's forces in the Ling Family Courtyard, right? However, they were all here as mere guards for the dowry. With the fame of the Yu Family, would they require a thousand experts as guards? Was there really such a need? Probably a dozen of purple dressed experts and three white dressed experts would be more than sufficient. However… Old Madam Ling could not help but be alarmed as her brows were furrowed.