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Chapter 367: Taking Advantage

Chapter 367: Taking Advantage
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A short while later, the troops of the Yu Family had arrived at the Ling Family. After the accommodations of the Yu Family troops had been arranged, both the Yu Family elders were seated in the hall with the members of the Ling Family. After the maids served tea, every single person in the hall was obviously filled with their own worries and the whole hall was filled with an awkward silence.

"I believe Family Head Ling is probably wondering why our Ling Family is so anxious about Miss BingYan's marriage." Yu ZhanShui said with a chuckle and broke the icy atmosphere, "Since we are already in-laws, there is no need for me to hide anything. Our Yu Family will be having a life and death battle with our arch nemesis, Water of Heavenly Wind. However, victory is still up in the air, and things are not looking too optimistic at this moment."

Yu ZhanFeng let out a long sigh before saying solemnly, "Thus, my family head wants to arrange the marriages of the younger generation before the battle. Ah ah, as for the dowry, it is just a matter of time and so we decided to send it over earlier. It is just some material possessions and isn't much to the Ling Family. It is just a small token of the sincerity of our family head."

These words were what the elders had come up with after some discussion to dispel the wariness of the Ling Family. Truth in the lies and lies in the truth. The true art of lying is to have 90% truth and 10% lies. While these words spoken by the Yu Family weren't 90% true, it was a good 50% true at the very least. Even if the Ling Family didn't believe them completely, at least some of their doubts would be dispelled.

However, both Old Madam Ling and Chu Ting'er were frowning in thought and both Ling Zhan and Ling Xiao were already laughing heartily and warmly.

"I wonder where our Third Master and little princess are staying at now? This old man has to visit him to hand him something. The one in charge of the engagement would still be Third Master Yu." Yu ZhanShui said in a dignified manner.

"The Third Master and little princess are staying at the back courtyard. Men, bring the two elders to Third Master Yu." Old Madam Ling commanded.

"Thank you, Madam!" Both the Yu Elders said with their fists cupped and left.

In the hall, Old Madam Ling let out a long sigh and looked out with worry, "I haven't seen Tian'er for two days already, where exactly is he? How can he be missing at such a time?"

Chu Ting'er replied, "Chen'er said that he went out for a vacation with the two seniors from Beyond Heavens. With two peerless experts by his side and Tian'er's own martial arts, he would definitely be safe and back in a few days. While Tian'er is extremely mature, he is still a 15 to 16-year-old teen. Now that the matters back home are finally settled, it is normal for him to go out for a breather. Tian'er has been carrying far too many worries these few years and it isn't a bad thing for him to be a little playful."

Old Madam Ling shook her head and said with a low voice, "Not necessarily! Not necessarily!" However, who knows whether she was referring to Ling Tian not necessarily being out for vacation or him not necessarily being playful.

At the same time, Chu Ting'er suddenly felt her heart throbbing as Ling Chen's red and swollen eyes appeared in her mind. All of a sudden, she was filled with frustration and anxiety.

"First Elder, Third Elder, the both of you are here." Yu BingYan said with a calm tone without a trace of joy.

No matter what, these two elders were here to send her dowry and Yu BingYan should be filled with excitement and shyness. Even if she wasn't excited or shy, she should be polite at the very least. But the moment Yu BingYan thought about how Ling Tian's life and death was still unknown, she just could not bring herself to be excited or shy.

"Is the little princess accustomed to staying here? Where is Third Master Yu?" After sending away the maids and ensuring that there wasn't anyone in the surroundings, he asked with a mellow tone. However, not a single trace of concern could be felt in his words, and they were instead slightly chilly.

"Third Uncle was injured from sparring with someone and is resting in his room." Yu BingYan sat down on a chair and actually didn't bother ordering the maids to prepare tea. Both the First and Third Elder were from the ambitious faction of their Yu Family and had unscrupulous means. In the family, they didn't place anyone in their sights apart from the family head, Yu ManLou. Even in the face of her father, Yu ManTang, the both of them were not the slightest bit respectful. Thus, Yu BingYan never had any goodwill towards either of them and even slightly detested them.

"Third Master is injured?" the Third Elder, Yu ZhanKong, said with a trace of obvious mockery, "Was he injured in the hands of Beyond Heavens' Justice? He really overestimates his own capabilities and doesn't know how to think before acting! It's about time for him to be taught a lesson!"

Hearing these words of mockery, Yu BingYan couldn't help but be incensed. "That's right, Third Uncle lost because he was inferior. I believe that when Third Elder faces Justice, the outcome will definitely be completely different. However, Third Elder's ability to predict what has happened is amazing indeed."

As she said that, she suddenly realized that Yu ManTian was injured by Justice a mere two days ago. However, both the elders should be on their way to the Ling Residence at that time. So how did they find out about that? Unless they had already… Yu BingYan's face turned chilly as her heart sank.

Yu ZhanKong snorted and his face turned ashen. While he was conceited, he wasn't blindly arrogant and was aware of his own capabilities. In the world today, there probably wasn't a single individual who dared to say that they could win against Justice. In fact, not to mention facing Justice, he wasn't even confident of winning against Yu ManTian.

Yu ZhanShui said with displeasure, "Why is there a need to concerned about such small affairs? As a member of the Yu Family, the family has an important mission for you and you have to put your heart into the matter." With a single phrase, he changed the topic and ignored Yu BingYan's words.

Yu BingYan felt her heart shake as she asked, "What important mission?" At the same time, she knew that this was probably the true reason for her family sending the dowry and could not help but be anxious.

Yu ZhanShui let out a chuckle and said coldly, "Ling Tian is being chased by Justice from Beyond Heavens and his death is certain. At the earliest, news of his death will be passed on in a day. At the very latest, news of his death should be made known by two months. Presently, you are the only lady who Ling Tian has given a proper status and so you will be the only person left in the Ling Family when Ling Tian dies! You must definitely make use of your status to grasp the strength of the Ling Family and submit to our Yu Family. If this matter is accomplished, you will have the greatest merit!"

"The greatest merit?" Yu BingYan let out a dismal smile as her hands were clenched tightly into a fist and her face turned red.

The words spoken by Yu ZhanShui thundered in her ears and Yu BingYan felt like her world was crumbling and her eyes blacking out. The humiliation she felt made her feel like pulling out her sword to commit suicide!

Beyond Heavens and Martial Order Medallion had always been the biggest taboo of the Yu Family. These two phrases were something that even the thousand-year-old family, Jade of Heavenly Star, didn't dare to provoke! If anyone from the Yu Family were to provoke them, the Yu Family wouldn't stand up for them but would immediately distance themselves. In fact, the Yu Family might even take the initiative to exterminate them in exchange for their peace and security. The only reason why the Yu Family had not replaced Northern Wei for the past hundreds of years was because of the existence of the Martial Order Medallion! Thus, Yu BingYan knew that despite being the number-one family in Heavenly Star, their Yu Family was still fearful of Beyond Heavens!

There was only a single outcome in provoking Beyond Heavens: Death!

Now that Ling Tian had met with such a hopeless situation, she would still be able to understand if her family wouldn't lend a helping hand. However, she never imagined that her family would make use of this chance to usurp power from the Ling Family! This was no different from taking advantage of the Ling Family's demise and hitting them when they are down! Such actions were just despicable to the extreme!

The most infuriating thing was the fact that they were making use of the only girl in her generation to be a sacrificial pawn in this plan! Her lifetime of happiness, chastity, reputation… were all made use of by her family!

All these for the greatest merit?

"First Elder, BingYan has a question and I wonder if I should ask it?" Yu BingYan tried her best to suppress her fuming anger but her voice started to tremble and her whole face turned ashen!

"Shoot away." Yu ZhanShui sat down on a chair indifferently with a calm expression.

"Ever since I was young, BingYan has been taught that a lady should submit to three people. Submit to my father when I am at home, submit to my husband when I am married and submit to my son if my husband is dead." Yu BingYan took in a breath of cold air, "Now that the engagement is confirmed, BingYan can be considered a member of the Ling Family. For the family to make such a decision, are they considering the fact that I would be placed in a spot? Doess father have anything to say about this?"

"Second Master naturally agrees to this." Yu ZhanKong snickered, "This is a matter which concerns the ambitions of our Yu Family, so why would Second Master disagree? As for the engagement with the Ling Family, it is no more than a scheme; how can it be treated seriously? Even if you have to sacrifice a little for the family, so what about that?!"

"No more than a scheme? Cannot be treated seriously?" Yu BingYan's lips began to tremble, "The whole world knows that I am going to be married to Ling Tian and with the influence of both our families, the whole continent would probably be informed of this matter! It actually cannot be treated seriously??? Do you guys have any face?"

"Preposterous!" Yu ZhanShui shouted as he said with an icy expression, "Little princess, as long as you are the little princess for our Yu Family for a day, you will always be the little princess of our Yu Family! No matter what, the little princess of our Yu Family belongs to the Yu Family! It is your honor to make sacrifices for the family! How can you be so preposterous!"

"I am no longer the little princess of the Yu Family!" Yu BingYan raised her head up proudly, "I only have a single status now: the daughter-in-law of the Ling Family! Ling Tian is the man I love and nothing can change that!" As she said those words, a look of happiness and satisfaction filled her face.