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Chapter 368: My Surname is Ling

Chapter 368: My Surname is Ling
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"Nonsense!" Yu ZhanShui hollered, "As a member of the Yu Family and the only daughter of your generation, you actually dare to utter such outrageous words! You have truly forgotten your roots, your conduct is immoral and you have no sense of shame! Do you know what is the meaning of shame?"

"Shame? To think that First Elder still knows that there is a word called shame! First Elder is just too righteous, and BingYan does not wish to argue with you needlessly. However, there is something that I have to make clear! Yu BingYan is no longer part of the Yu Family!" Yu BingYan's eyes shone with determination.

"I am the woman of my most beloved man! I am Ling Tian's woman!" The last few words of hers were spoken with all the strength she could muster!

"Even if I die now, the engravings on my tombstone can only be 'Ling Family; Maiden name: Yu'. It will never be Yu BingYan of the Yu Family!"

"The celestials will not be able to change that!"

"No one can change that!"

Yu BingYan glared at the two elders stubbornly with the flame of hatred burning in her eyes. "The estate of the Ling Family belongs to my husband, Ling Tian! If anyone wants to snatch it over, that person will be the enemy of me and the Ling Family!"

With a deep breath, Yu BingYan added on with determination, emphasizing every word she said, "NO, MATTER, WHO, HE, IS!"

Yu ZhanShui's eyes were chilly as he looked at Yu BingYan. "If that's the case, the Family Head has on order. Regardless of whether or not you are willing, you have to accept the arrangements of the family and put in an effort for the family! If you do not comply, as the First Elder of the Yu Family, I will have the authority to carry out the punishment! Little princess, you better think things through clearly! I do not wish to shed all cordiality with you!" While Yu ZhanShui's words were soft, they were filled with immense pressure.

"I wonder how First Elder will punish me?"Yu BingYan said with a frosty tone.

"Hehe, the Family Head says that the little princess has been bedridden for many years and after bearing with her illness for many years, it is time for a relapse. The little princess has always been frail, and I believe that no one would have any doubts, right?!" Yu ZhanShui took a step forward with a menacing glare in his eyes. "Since the little princess does not want to choose the easy path, this old man can only serve the wine of punishment to the little princess!"

Yu BingYan never imagined that her First Uncle would be so heartless, giving such an order! Yu BingYan's eyes were filled with heartache but she didn't take a single step back, walking in front of the First Elder with her eyes shut. "Even if I die now, I will not have any regrets! I am already Tian'ge's wife!"

"I will not let you die! Little princess, it is only a wine of punishment. I will only let you sleep for a month and when you wake up, the world will be a completely different place!" Yu ZhanShui said with a sinister tone as he approached Yu BingYan!

"Wine of punishment? This daddy here loves to drink wine the most. Regardless of what kind of wine it is, this daddy here wants to try them all!" A voice filled with killing intent boomed in the room, "First Elder, how does your wine of punishment taste?"

The faces of both the Yu elders changed as they both looked towards the door.

Yu ManTian's burly figure was right at the doorstep with his burly figure blocking the sunlight! Looking over, that figure seemed so enormous! Both his eyes were glaring at the two elders with a violent killing intent emanating from his body!

"Third Master, I heard you were injured. How are your injuries?" Yu ZhanShui managed to force out a smile and welcomed Yu ManTian.

Yu ManTian took a step back and avoided Yu ZhanShui's hand that wanted to feel his pulse. At the same time, his eagle-like eyes were fixed onto Yu ZhanShui. "First Elder, I am waiting for your wine of punishment!"

"Err, this…" Yu ZhanShui stammered for a while and decided to recount the matter honestly. If Yu ManTian were to fly into a rage, the whole Sky Bearing City would definitely find out about the matter for sure!

"Third Master, this is the Family Head's intentions! If Third Master has any doubts, I have an order personally written by the Family Head!" As Yu ZhanShui said that, he took out a letter from his bosom.

Just when he had taken it out, Yu ManTian snatched it over with a 'swish' and sent it into Yu BingYan's hands. "Yan'er, read it to your Third Uncle."

Yu BingYan scanned through the letter once and her countenance lost color as she said with a trembling voice, "For all the members of the Yu Family, after seeing this letter, they must listen to the orders of the First Elder, Yu Zhan Shui, and the Third Elder, Yu ZhanKong! No one will be allowed to defy their orders or they will be punished with the family laws! The 39th head of the Yu Family, Yu ManLou!" after reciting the letter, Yu BingYan looked up at Yu ManTian with her heart in a complete mess.

"Third Master, did you hear that?" Yu ZhanKong said with a sinister tone. He had never gotten along with Yu ManTian but had never been able to win against him. Now that he could witness the beautiful display of the different colors on Yu ManTian's face, he felt extremely pleased as though his anger was finally vented.

"Scram! Does this daddy not have ears?!" Yu ManTian was filled with frustration already and after hearing Yu ZhanKong's sinister voice, flew into a complete rage. How could he still be bothered with whether or not Yu ZhanKong was his senior?

Yu ZhanKong shouted in return, "Yu ManTian, is this how you talk to your senior? If you are going to be so rude, this old man will teach you a lesson on behalf of the Family Head!"

Yu ManTian sneered and he began digging his nose, "Senior? Dammit! Why don't you tell me how you have been acting like a senior for the past ten years? Teach me a lesson? With just you? Pi!" Yu ManTian let out a mouthful of spit at the unguarded Yu ZhanFeng. With a face full of Yu ManTian's spit, Yu ZhanFeng flew into a rage and wanted to pounce forward.

"Stop fooling around!" Yu ZhanShui barked, "Do you guys think that we are at home? Do you guys think that you can fool around as you like? Third Master Yu, both of us brothers are acting in accordance with the Family Head's orders and Third Master is also a member of the Yu Family. Are you going to go against the Family Head's orders?"

Yu ManTian retorted, "What you guys want to do is your business! However, BingYan is this daddy's blood niece! This daddy was the matchmaker for their marriage! If the both of you dare to touch her, don't blame this daddy for not showing you two any face! If things were to blow up, the plan will fail at the very most! If big brother wants to find fault, the both of you will not be able to escape blame either!"

Looking at the both of them, Yu ManTian continued, "Don't think this daddy here doesn't know. The Yu XiaoChun from three years ago whom second brother's Enforcement Hall punished was your grandson, right? You are obviously trying to make use of this chance to take revenge for your private affairs! Big brother only asked the both of you to act at your discretion and never asked you to touch BingYan! Where did the both of you old men find the guts to do that? On whose authority are the both of you acting on?!"

Yu ZhanShui felt his body trembling as he forcefully suppressed his anger, "If Third Master insists, we can only let this matter rest. However, Family Head's mission cannot be ruined. What if the little princess spread this matter? Third Master, even you wouldn't be able to shoulder such blame right?"

"Do what you guys want, and I will not interfere in the slightest. This daddy here is from the Yu Family as well. Even if I don't like you, I will not ruin your plans!" Yu ManTian said in a proud manner. "However, do not go too far. If a single person from the Ling Family is injured, this daddy here will not let the both of you go! As for BingYan, the engagement is already confirmed, and BingYan already belongs to the Ling Family! She can do whatever she wants, and that is the affair of the Ling Family. Not to mention the fact that I as her Third Uncle have no rights to interfere, even if her father was here, he wouldn't have the rights to interfere either!"

"I can promise both of you!" Yu BingYan suddenly said, "I will not divulge your secret."

As Yu BingYan said that, even Yu ManTian was completely bewildered. This wasn't Yu BingYan's character at all. Just what was going on?

Both Yu ZhanShui and Yu ZhanKong let out a sigh of relief. Yu BingYan was still a member of the Yu Family after all. As long as she made such a promise, she would definitely keep her word. If not, she could have definitely chosen to reject the both of them with Yu ManTian as her backing! While this ending wasn't perfect, they would still be able to barely maintain it until the point they seized authority.

At the same time, Yu BingYan's eyes were filled with a gaze as though she had been relieved from a burden. Just when she wanted to reject the Yu elders previously, Ling Chen's buzzing voice sounded by her ears, "Yan'er, you can agree to their request. Don't worry, young noble has already made his arrangements. Rest assured and don't be rash." Only then could Yu BingYan finally be at ease.

Since Yu BingYan had agreed to their request and Yu ManTian was obviously unwilling to listen to their commands, there wasn't a point for them to stay any longer. Exchanging a glance, Yu ZhanShui and Yu ZhanKong both bade their farewell together. Yu BingYan's head was lowered without saying anything and Yu ManTian ignored them completely with his head facing the sky. Despite the anger in their heart, the both of them could only swallow their anger and take their leave.

After seeing the both of them leave, Yu BingYan said with a serious tone, "Third Uncle, you have to go back at once."

"Eh? For what?" Yu ManTian asked with doubt.

"Third Uncle, I am afraid that Father and First Uncle will…" Yu BingYan said with worry as she looked at Yu ManTian with pleading eyes, "Father will definitely not agree to First Uncle's decision but there isn't any news from Father until now… Third Uncle, if Father and First Uncle were to break out into a fight… only you would be able to mediate the fight."

"Alright! I will go back today!" As Yu ManTian heard that, he couldn't help but be anxious as well, hating the fact that he couldn't grow wings to fly back, "Honestly, your First Uncle's decision really places me in a difficult spot! Dammit, making me become the matchmaker for both of you so he can seize the estate of the Ling Family! Dammit, how unlucky! If I were to remain here, the Ling Family would definitely be at a disadvantage and this old man wouldn't be able to face my conscience. But if our Yu Family were to be at a disadvantage, I wouldn't be able to watch that and be comfortable. Why don't I just go back and forget about everything?! Dammit! I must definitely have a good fight with your First Uncle when I am back! Too much! I look down on him!"