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Chapter 369: Ling Jian Out of Seclusion

Chapter 369: Ling Jian Out of Seclusion
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Just when Yu ManTian wanted to take his leave, he suddenly remembered something and asked, "What will you do if I leave? What if those two old fogeys come and find trouble with you and force you to drink the whatever wine of punishment? What a headache! How about you come back to the Yu Family with me?"

Yu BingYan shook her head, "Third Uncle, Tian'ge's life or death is still unknown, so how can I be at peace? Besides, our Yu Family is here this time to usurp the authority of the Ling Family, and I must definitely stay to the very end. If I were to go back to the Yu Family now, it would be impossible for me to come here again! Furthermore, sister Ling Chen is still here, and I can go to the Ling Family Courtyard if things take a turn for the worse. As long as I do not make any rash moves, I believe that they won't do anything to me."

Yu ManTian nodded his head and replied without hesitation, "Alright then, I will be leaving now. If something happens, I will definitely send news to you. Mmm, there also isn't a need for me to pack anything up. If I were to see those two old fogeys again, I would definitely get angry again!" With a laugh, he turned around and left in a carefree manner.

Seeing her Third Uncle rush off, Yu BingYan felt a little more at ease. Then, she felt a rustling sound behind her and Ling Chen's dainty figure appeared beside her with a bright smile.

At this moment, Yu BingYan had a strange feeling in her heart. While the person in front of her was obviously Ling Chen, she no longer felt like Ling Chen. With the smile on Ling Chen's face, it was obvious that Ling Chen was pleased with the way she dealt with the two Yu elders. But for some reason, Yu BingYan felt the temperature around her drop by a few degrees with her heart being filled with coldness. Such a feeling dissipated Yu BingYan's original intention to pounce into Ling Chen's embrace and cry her heart out.

Looking at Yu BingYan stare at her with a slight trace of shock, Ling Chen let out a calm smile and said, "Sister BingYan, the Yu Family brought their troops here and it isn't convenient for you to join in this matter. I think that you should go to the Ling Family Courtyard temporarily to let loose for a while and not bother about these troubling affairs. Regardless of how the matter develops in the future, you will definitely feel frustrated."

Yu BingYan let out a melancholic smile, "Sister Chen, I know I am useless and have brought the Ling Family a huge trouble."

Ling Chen replied in a cool-headed manner, "You do not have to blame yourself for this. Even without you, the Yu Family would eventually seek trouble with us! What has to come will come!"

Yu BingYan responded with a soft 'Mmm' before lowering her head, "How can I hide in the Ling Family Courtyard with the present situation being so delicate? The First Elder will definitely not allow me to leave their sights."

However, Ling Chen replied with a confident smile, "Didn't Yu ZhanShui just say that it was time for sister BingYan's illness to have a relapse?"

Yu BingYan felt her heart shake and she let out a smile. She suddenly felt that the Ling Chen in front of her was giving her an extremely foreign feeling. Regardless of whether it was her cool-headed attitude in dealing with matters or her calm and unflustered bearing, it was as though there was another Ling Tian standing right in front of her!

Especially since Ling Chen's gaze would be occasionally chilly, almost exactly like Ling Tian! However, this was not Ling Chen intentionally imitating Ling Tian but just her being extremely similar to him! It was as though this was her natural bearing. If she could emanate a dense killing intent, her demeanor would definitely be exactly like Ling Tian's!

However, why would this feel extremely foreign to her? Because it was Ling Chen with such a bearing?

"There shouldn't be any troubles today and you should prepare to feign illness. Remember, your illness is a result of anger! I have to rush back to the Ling Family Courtyard." Ling Chen said with a warm smile, "It is probably time for Ling Jian to exit seclusion! I wonder how his comprehension of the sword is? If this fellow finds out that something has happened to the young noble, he will definitely go crazy! If I am not around, I am sure that no one will be able to rein him in! If something were to go wrong, things would be bad!"

As she said that, Ling Chen's gaze began to grow distant as she looked to the sky, Young noble, are you alright? Do you know that there are many people missing you here?


In the Ling Family Courtyard; a secret chamber where it was impossible for others to spy on!

In front of the secret chamber, both Ling Lei and Ling Dian stood there straight without any movement. However, their faces were filled with worry and depression!

In the past three days, not a single sound could be heard from Ling Jian who was in the secret chamber, and they couldn't help but be worried about Ling Jian's safety! After three days without food and water, no matter how profound Ling Jian's inner qi was, it wasn't a small matter. Just what should they do if something were to go wrong? If anything untoward were to happen to brother Jian…

Especially the fact that the life or death of their young noble was still undetermined. Even if all of them had absolute confidence in their young noble, they couldn't help but be shaken by the frightening martial arts displayed by the green-robed expert! Can their young noble really escape alone?! The assassins of the First Pavilion were all waiting for Ling Jian to come out to make a decision. If not for the fact that they were usually bound by strict rules and the orders left behind by Ling Tian before he left, they would have definitely chased after Justice already! For their young noble, death was nothing!

So what if their deaths were certain?!

In the secret chamber, a loud whooshing sound could suddenly be heard! At the start, the wind was like the comfortable spring breeze and it gradually evolved into the autumn breeze, before turning into the frigid winter winds and finally transforming into a huge hurricane! This process lasted for a full four hours before the winds finally stopped.

As Ling Lei and Ling Dian nervously looked at each other, the door to the secret chamber opened up!

A shabbily dressed Ling Jian walked out with fatigue all over his face but his body still standing up straight!

In Ling Jian's hand was a sword, a sword that was completely intact! The black iron sword! Looking at this sword, both Ling Dian and Ling Lei were filled with ecstasy!

Ling Tian had once said that if Ling Jian couldn't break through to the next realm, he would never allow Ling Jian to wield a complete sword! Now that Ling Jian walked out with a black iron sword, they knew that Ling Jian had not let Ling Tian down! He had indeed broken through to the realm of 'Sword Soul'!

Ling Jian turned around and looked at the secret chamber behind him with respect in his eyes. "When I first saw young noble, he was only six years old but helped me to solve all the problems I couldn't solve! From then on, young noble became the only master in my life! From the moment I took my revenge, I knew that my whole life would be spent serving the young noble! Apart from accomplishing the missions he has given to me, there will no longer be a second purpose in my life!"

Ling Jian then let out a long breath and said in a voice that only he could hear, "Ever since I had some accomplishment in my martial arts, I always had a strange thought. Every time I achieved a breakthrough, I would feel as though young noble's realm was getting further and further away from me! I would feel as though young noble's strength was at an unfathomable level! Especially how young noble allowed me to comprehend the essence of my sword way with just a few words! My only regret is the fact that there are some enemies that I cannot deal with and have to trouble the young noble!" Ling Jian's eyes glowed with worship. "Young noble should probably be nearing the realm of a celestial right? Is there anyone capable of being his match?"

As he said that, he turned around with a rare smile and realized that the two brothers behind him had an odd expression. Thus, he couldn't help but be stunned as he asked, "What's wrong? What's with your expression? Did something happen?" At the same time, he couldn't help but have a bad feeling as though something big had happened. He then took another step forward and questioned, "What happened?"

Ling Dian and Ling Lei were both stumped for a moment. They were extremely aware of how close the young noble was to Ling Jian. However, wasn't it the same for them? Tears filled their eyes and almost streamed down their cheeks as their lips began to tremble, "It's… it's young noble… something happened."

Ling Jian was shocked, and he grabbed Ling Lei up by his neck, with his eyes becoming bloodshot as though he had turned crazy. "Nonsense! How can anything happen to the young noble? Young noble's wisdom is like a celestial being, how can anything happen to him? Explain yourselves clearly!"

His voice sounded like thunder, with soil being dislodged in the cave.

"Young noble… he is being chased by Justice from Beyond Heavens. Brother Jian, Justice is that green-dressed expert that we faced outside the Smoky Thea Tower. Young noble already left Sky Bearing alone and his life or death is unknown!" Seeing how Ling Lei was choked to the point he couldn't speak, Ling Dian quickly explained.


Ling Jian slammed Ling Lei to the wall and Ling Jian glared at them coldly with killing intent emanating. "Beyond Heavens? Justice?! Green-dressed expert?! So what! Good! What good brothers the both of you are! To protect us, young noble purposely led the enemy out of Sky Bearing with his life or death unknown! However, you two b*st*rds do not know how to repay the young noble's kindness with death and have the cheek to stand here like statues! Have your consciences been eaten up by the dogs?!"

Both of them stood up straight and did not dare to say a single word. In fact, the both of them did not know what to say at all…

Ling Jian grunted and did not pause for a moment, disappearing like a bolt of lightning!