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Chapter 370: Ling Chen Making Decisions

Chapter 370: Ling Chen Making Decisions

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Young noble is in danger! Young noble needs my aid! With a breakthrough in my strength, I can use my life in exchange for the green-robed expert's injuries! I will be able to help the young noble to seize an opportunity! Ling Jian thought this to himself as he accelerated at full speed and disappeared like a wisp of smoke!

"Where are you going?" A frosty voice sounded by his ears. While the voice wasn't loud, Ling Jian stopped immediately upon hearing it.

"Lass Chen!" Ling Jian turned around, "Good that you are here! I am going to help the young noble, and our chances will be bigger with you around!"

"You are going to save the young noble? I think you are going to harm the young noble!" Ling Chen snorted as she said with a fierce glare, "Is there any meaning for you to go? With your martial arts, what can you do even if you find young noble?! Aren't you only capable of being a burden and creating trouble for young noble? Stay here in the courtyard, and you are not to go anywhere without my orders!"

"Bullsh*t!" For the first time in his life, Ling Jian scolded Ling Chen and flew into a rage. "Lass Chen, what do you mean by that? Did young noble bring us up for nothing? Are we supposed to watch by the side when young noble is facing a life or death tribulation? Especially you! You are young noble's most beloved lady but you are actually asking me to ignore young noble at such a time?! What are your intentions?!"


With a swing of her arms, Ling Chen sent out a lightning-fast slap and Ling Jian did not even have a chance to react! Ling Chen's frosty voice then sounded, "Ling Jian, do you still know that I am young noble's beloved woman? Isn't young noble my most beloved man as well? However, being rash isn't the way to solve our current problem! If we had a chance to beat Justice by gathering all of our forces, do you think that young noble will take the risk to leave Sky Bearing? If you are going to act so willful all the time, you will definitely eventually ruin young noble's plans! Let me ask you, who did young noble once say should be in charge when he isn't around?!"

Ling Jian held onto his right cheek that was slapped by Ling Chen with an incredulous expression. Is this still that gentle Ling Chen? Is this still that lass who would tremble when seeing blood? She actually dared to slap me in public? Ling Jian was stunned silly and did not hear what Ling Chen said.

"Are you deaf?!" Ling Chen shouted, "I am asking you, if young noble isn't around, who is in charge?"

"You will be in charge, but young noble…" Ling Jian snorted and turned around.

"What if someone defies my orders?" Ling Chen asked in a threatening manner.

"Kill without mercy!" Ling Jian lowered his head.

Looking at his expression, Ling Chen finally felt her anger dissipate slightly, "At least you still remember! Do you know why young noble would take such a huge risk to lure Justice away? Do you know what kind of a crisis our Ling Family and Ling Family Courtyard are facing right now? Do you know what young noble's orders were before he left? Why aren't you talking? You don't know anything! You only know how to be rash! You, you have really disappointed me! But it doesn't matter if you disappoint me, do you know who you have disappointed the most? Young noble!"

"I…" Ling Jian lifted up his head and saw Ling Chen's frosty gaze. He then lowered his head and realized that he really didn't know anything at all. He only wanted to help his young noble with the hot blood he had! However, just what could he do to help his young noble?

Using his life? Even if he wanted to die, that wasn't the way! His life only belonged to the young noble! Just what was he thinking?

Only now did Ling Jian feel the stinging pain on his cheek. As Ling Jian rubbed his right cheek, a sudden thought appeared in his head, This lass has changed! Be it the way she talks or her actions, they are all exactly like the young noble! She has transformed into the young noble because he has left! She is indeed young noble's most beloved woman! Ling Jian could not help but respect Ling Chen in his heart.

Seeing Ling Jian calm down, Ling Chen began to describe everything that happened in the past few days to him. Finally, Ling Chen said calmly, "Before young noble left, he emphasized the fact that this will be the biggest challenge that we have faced! For himself, for the Ling Family, or for the Courtyard! The crisis that young noble is facing alone is also the most dangerous crisis! So, we must ensure that nothing goes wrong on our side so that the young noble doesn't have to be distracted. We can't give the young noble any additional burdens! Everyone must listen to my orders and no one is to act out of line! Anyone who goes against my orders will be punished severely!'

Then, Ling Chen glanced at Ling Jian, "If anyone makes a rash move and spoils young noble's plans, he should know what outcome awaits him!"

Ling Jian could not help but be drenched in cold sweat! He then let out an awkward chuckle and rubbed his right cheek, "Since young noble left behind a complete plan, I will definitely listen to all of your orders. But Lass Chen, this slap of yours is really vicious!"

Ling Chen glared at him and grunted, "If this slap of mine doesn't hurt and can't wake you up, there will be more for you to suffer! The most important thing for us to do now is to collate our forces. Apart from the few squadrons nearest to us, there isn't a need to contact the rest. The Yu Family has already entered the Ling Residence and is eyeing on us covetously. They have already disrupted our ordinary operations and if they were to find out about our forces in the periphery, they will probably be able to take care of them easily."

"Second, after the situation in Sky Bearing stabilizes, there is an important mission for your First Pavilion. I believe all of you will be extremely excited! It seems like your First Pavilion has not had any major operations for a long time already!" As she said that, a dense killing intent shot out from her eyes.

"It has really been a long time since our last major operation. What kind of a mission is that?" As Ling Jian heard that, he was immediately excited.

"According to what I know, young noble's current crisis is because of the Northern Wei's crown prince using the Martial Order Medallion to make a request. All of our troubles are a result of that, including the crisis our Ling Family is facing!" Ling Chen said with a cold sneer, "Since Wei ChengPing dares to do that, he will have to endure the revenge of our Ling Family. At that time, your First Pavillion will be in charge of slaughtering the members of the Northern Wei Imperial Family. You must not miss a single one!"

Ling Chen's tone was extremely cold and calm, as though she wasn't the one giving out such a cruel order, "If a single person is left out, you will be letting down the young noble for his many years of training! I will not say anything more."

"Yes!" Ling Jian's face contorted in a vicious manner, "Don't worry, there won't be a single survivor in the Northern Wei palace!"

The sound of galloping horses could be heard and Ling Two sped over with an anxious appearance, "Sister Chen, brother Jian, young madam's illness had a relapse and she is currently unconscious. The many physicians are all helpless and Old Madam commanded me to summon you back!"

Ling Chen let out a smile. Who would have thought that BingYan would be so anxious? It seems like she really doesn't want to see the disgusting faces of those from the Yu Family.

In the main hall, Old Madam Ling and the other members of the Ling Family were filled with worry. Even Yu ZhanShui and Yu ZhanKong's expressions were heavy. Both of them could not help but feel that something was odd about Yu BingYan's relapse. Before they even had the chance to deal with her, why would her illness have a sudden relapse? Could there be something fishy going on?

Frantic footsteps sounded from the outside and a servant reported, "Reporting to Old Madam, Miss Ling Chen and Ling Jian request an audience."

Old Madam Ling's frown eased up a little as she replied, "Let them come in." Then, she said to the two Yu elders with a smile, "These two people, one of them is Tian'er's maid and the other is his follower. Although they do not have any abilities and are slightly versed in medicine, they are absolutely loyal to Tian'er."

As she said that, Yu ZhanShui and Yu ZhanKong both let out relaxed smiles as they thought, So they are just two servants, nothing to worry about.

Under the gazes of everyone present, a young man and lady walked in. Seeing so many people in the hall staring at them, they seemed extremely nervous as they knelt down and said, "Paying our respects to the Family Head and Old Madam."

Old Madam Ling responded with an 'Mmm' before saying, "Rise. What has happened to BingYan?"

Ling Chen took a step forward and said anxiously, "Young madam's mood seems to be a little down and it seems like she suffered from a shock recently. Together with the fact that her body is weak, it's best… it's best that she recuperates in a location with a good view and fresh air."

"Oh." Old Madam Ling nodded her head and instructed, "If that's the case, bring BingYan to the Ling Family Courtyard for recuperation. Bring her back to the residence when she is feeling better. Tell those at the Courtyard to take good care of young madam. If anything were to happen to her, all of them will be executed!" Old Madam Ling said sternly.

"Yes! We obey Old Madam's orders." Ling Chen kowtowed and wanted to take her leave.

"Err, Old Madam, isn't this a little inappropriate?" Yu ZhanShui stood up, "Our little princess isn't feeling well and her illness is one that she has had since she was young. It isn't good for her to travel long distances, and it is best for her to recuperate in the residence. If she were to leave the city and anything happened, it wouldn't be good if there are any delays."

"First Elder is unaware," Old Madam Ling said with a kindly chuckle, "that the number one physician of our Sky Bearing City, Ye TianNan, stays near the Courtyard. If BingYan stays at the Courtyard, it would be easier for her to receive treatment." She then waved her hands towards Ling Chen and Ling Jian, "Are you not going to send young madam to the Courtyard? What are you waiting for?"