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Chapter 372: Seeking a Breakthrough

Chapter 372: Seeking a Breakthrough

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"The entrance?! Just the entrance?" Ling Jian was completely dumbfounded and his eyes almost popped out, "This is being one with the sword, the legendary peak of swordplay! Why did young noble say that it was only the entrance? Did young noble really say that?" After achieving a breakthrough, Ling Jian felt as though he was invincible apart from the young noble. However, he never imagined that this was merely the entrance in the eyes of the young noble! How could Ling Jian not be shocked?

"Mmm," Ling Chen said as she recalled, "Back then, young noble had said that there are two higher realms after being one with the sword! That was the true way of the sword and the true realm of an expert!"

"What realm?" Ling Jian asked impatiently.

"I don't know either." Ling Chen smiled, "Young noble didn't mention it. It seems as though he has not reached that realm yet either. However, that green-robed expert has! Thus, you would only be seeking your death to try and save the young noble! Additionally, the young noble would also be placed in a spot if you were to go!"

"..." Ling Jian lowered his head in a deflated manner as he thought, This Ling Chen, bringing me up to a high and mercilessly slamming me back into hell! To think that she gave me such an answer at the very end! Ling Jian could not help but sigh to the heavens , What a vicious lady!

"Err, also, why didn't you allow me to kill those brats just now?" Ling Jian suddenly thought about this and asked.

"Are you pig-headed?! Young noble isn't wrong to scold you as such!" Ling Chen scolded, "Since the Yu Family wants to swallow our Ling Family, why can't we make use of the opportunity to plot against them? Since they are now in the position of power!" Ling Chen let out a mysterious smile, "Besides, you revealing your strength would be akin to revealing the tip of the iceberg to the Yu Family and they would definitely place their focus on our Ling Family Courtyard! If that's the case, it would be extremely beneficial to your First Pavilion's plan in Northern Wei!"

Ling Jian looked at Ling Chen dumbly and felt as though the one standing in front of him was Ling Tian. The familiar strategies and the familiar feeling of being unable to see through the plan completely. To think that he would have such a feeling again because of Ling Chen!

Shaking his head, Ling Jian took a few steps forward and only left behind a single phrase, "Lass Chen, it is time for you to kill and come into contact with some blood."

Ling Chen only let out a smile but did not say a word. She did not agree with Ling Jian but also did not reject him like she usually would.

Above the Sky Bearing City in the night, countless messenger pigeons took to the air and flew off in all directions.

As for Ling Tian at the moment, his footsteps had never slowed down as he traversed the earth like a strong gust of wind. The moment one caught a glimpse of him, he would disappear the very next moment! The frightening speed that he displayed made one gasp in admiration!

If a normal person could maintain such a speed for a short while, he would be considered a movement technique expert. However, Ling Tian had already maintained such a speed for a full four hours!

Throughout the five days of him escaping, Ling Tian was completely unable to escape from Justice's furious pursuit despite using the many techniques from his previous life and mystical concealment techniques. If it were any other person, he probably would have been killed by Ling Tian's many sure-kill techniques. But in front of absolute strength, all of his so-called techniques were no different from paper tigers. At every single moment every day, Ling Tian could clearly feel the prickling cold killing intent at his back as though there was an ice-cold snake slithering around behind him. Furthermore, this ice-cold snake had the ability to easily take his life!

In the five days of the chase, Ling Tian had already exhausted his inner qi twice in order to escape! Despite using all of the various means and ideas he had, Ling Tian was never able to gain more than a 6 hour lead over Justice!

Furthermore, Ling Tian would have to lead such a life for a full half a year! At the same time, Ling Tian was beginning to run out of fresh ideas and he did not dare to use the same technique in front of Justice twice!

Such a nasty scenario was something that Ling Tian had never imagined! While he did place Justice's martial arts in high regards, he never imagined that Justice would be so frightening and that he would be reduced to such a pathetic state! It was still acceptable if the only outstanding thing about Justice was his martial arts. However, his will was firm, he was wiser than his peers, and was a medicinal expert! Such a character did indeed live up to the name of being the Martial Order Medallion owner, the number one figure in the world!

Ling Tian had already tried to escape into a city numerous times as he was certain that his chances to escape would be much higher the moment he entered the city. However, Justice had found out about his intentions and purposefully sealed off any routes that would lead Ling Tian to the city. Ling Tian had already circled the city twice but did not have a chance to enter the city at all. If he were to take a risk to enter the city, it was very likely that he would be slaughtered by Justice!

After knowing that Yu BingYan was suffering from Divine Black Negative Meridians, this was the first time Ling Tian felt the urgent need to increase his strength! Absolute strength would be his only reliable trump card! The moment Justice was to familiarize himself with Ling Tian's escaping techniques, Ling Tian's death would be certain if he didn't raise his strength!

However, how could it be an easy thing for him to increase his strength? Especially the fact that Ling Tian's martial arts realm was already extremely high. For him to take another step forward, how could that be an easy affair?

Just like the saying, huge pressure would definitely cause one to unleash their potential. However, despite the pressure on Ling Tian being high enough, his potential might not be unleashed! While Ling Tian was still carrying two Great Cyclic Pills on him, Ling Tian would never dare to consume them right now. It was less than a month since he last consumed the Great Cyclic Pellet and taking another one now would definitely cause him to die a horrible death from the rupture of his meridians! This was something without a doubt.

Thus, Ling Tian could only use the most foolish method!

Every time his inner qi was completely exhausted, he would feel a small improvement when he recovered his inner qi! In the realm of sports science, this was called breaking through a person's limits! After breaking through the limits of one's body, he would definitely feel a significant increase in his speed and strength!

At the same time, Ling Tian knew that this so-called limit was actually the second limit! In other words, after breaking through the limits, the human body would have a sudden feeling of being refreshed from fatigue. At this time, the human body would be temporarily recovered. When the body was once again exhausted, that would be the true limit of a human body! That was the time when the human body would not have a single ounce of strength left!

Only by recovering at such a moment could one achieve an improvement in their inner qi! This would also help to stabilize the growth of one's limits!

Ridges after ridges were left behind him and Ling Tian's route was extremely odd. He went to the left sometimes and would suddenly turn to the right. After entering a valley, he would suddenly exit it immediately. At times, he would leave his aura in all directions but not choose a specific direction to go towards. This was a method which combined all of Ling Tian's knowledge from his previous life. While such a method would be completely ineffective when used against an ordinary person and would only serve to slow himself down, it was extremely effective against someone like Justice whose six senses were extremely acute. Ling Tian was certain that Justice was definitely having a hard time chasing after him in the past few days! For an expert like Justice, he was extremely used to using his six senses to feel the presence of his opponent. However, for every advantage, there would definitely be a disadvantage!

According to Ling Tian's estimate, his own speed was definitely slightly slower than Justice's speed. If not, it would be impossible for him to be almost caught a few times. But in a cat and mouse chase like this, the one escaping had the advantage as he could plan his own route. At the very least, Ling Tian was certain that he would be able to gain a four hours lead. However, he required a full twelve hours to fully restore his inner qi. Thus, if Ling Tian wanted to find a way to achieve a breakthrough, he would have to make use of his lead to find a safe hiding spot for himself. Only when he was able to recover his inner qi at ease would he have the chance to escape from his present predicament!

If he were to be disrupted when cultivating, he would definitely enter into cultivation deviation and die on the spot if it was serious!

This was a huge gamble, but Ling Tian had no choice but to make such a gamble! He would only have a chance to win a bet if he took this gamble! If he couldn't increase his speed, Justice would eventually catch up to him and he would lose the half year bet for sure!

Ling Tian sped up again and entered the densely packed ridgeline. After making a round in the ridgeline, he exited the ridgeline and landed by the side of a protruding rock. This protruding rock was a few thousand catties heavy and had a small concealed space underneath it. At the same time, there were dense bushes made of weeds and huge pine trees in front of the rock. When Ling Tian had entered the ridgeline, he had already discovered this wonderful hiding spot.

Ling Tian unsheathed his sword and dug out a small crater where he could hide himself in and piled up the resulting soil by the entrance of the crater. He then carefully shifted a layer of grass from a distance and used it to cover up the pile of soil before tidying up the surroundings.

After ensuring that everything melded into the background perfectly, Ling Tian raised his head up to the sky and concluded that it was about time. With a smile, he ducked into the crater and circulated his inner qi. With a deep breath, the small pile of soil was sucked to the entrance of the crater and completely blocked the entrance to the space under the rock. If someone from the outside were to look at the rock, he would definitely think that underneath the rock was originally a pile of soil with weeds growing all over it. The pile of soil blended into the surroundings perfectly with nothing standing out!

The soil loosened slightly with the movements so slight that no one could detect it. At the place where the vegetation was the densest, a thin reed pipe stuck out from within the soil…