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Chapter 374: XiMen Family

Chapter 374: XiMen Family

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If Ling Tian knew that Justice was meditating just above his head, it would be impossible for him to concentrate and enter into the 'man and heavens as one' state no matter how calm he was! At that time, he would definitely be discovered, and death would be certain!

However, the matters of the world were just that mystical at times! Such a coincidence made one not know whether to laugh or cry!

A long while later, Justice finished his meditation and stood up, loosening up his muscles a little. Looking towards the distance, he let out a long sigh!

From the few days of chasing after Ling Tian, Justice could always feel Ling Tian's presence in his heart. No matter how Ling Tian escaped or used his puny tricks, Justice had always felt that victory was within his grasp and it was impossible for him to lose! But right now, it was the first time in his life where Justice felt that he didn't have a target!

To think that he would lose the target that he was chasing after! In Justice's eyes, this was completely unacceptable and shameful!

Justice paced around the rock for a moment as a thought flashed past his head. Ling Tian had been trying to enter the city for the past few days but was blocked by him. There were only two reasons for Ling Tian to want to go into the city; either Ling Tian had friends in the city to help him, or Ling Tian had something to do in the city. Regardless of which, Ling Tian would surely enter the city. Since that was the case, why couldn't he wait in the city for Ling Tian?

Having this idea in his mind, Justice did not delay any longer and shot into the air, disappearing like a gust of wind. His expression was calm and casual, as though the loss he had just suffered didn't affect him at all.

At this moment, Ling Tian was still immersed in the fresh martial arts realm and did not notice Justice's departure at all. At the same time, he was completely unaware that someone had been sitting on top of his head for such a long time.


In the Celestial Gathering City, the meeting hall of the XiMen Family.

The current Family Head of the family, XiMen WuYi was seated at the head of the table with his expression calm as his hand tapped on his kneecap in a rhythmic fashion. By his side was the number one general of Western Han, Marshal XiMen ChongTian! His face was filled with a curly beard, and he was obviously an uncultured individual.

Beside XiMen ChongTian were another three individuals. Two of them were white-bearded elders and were the only remaining Elders in the XiMen Family, XiMen Sheng and XiMen Kuang. The youngest individual was the adopted son of the Family Head, the only younger generation figure who had the right to enter this meeting: XiMen Sa.

Apart from these few individuals, there were seven to eight empty seats and no one else in the XiMen Family had the qualifications to enter this meeting!

XiMen WuYi let out a cough as he sadly lamented, "With second brother and the rest in the past, the meeting room would be extremely crowded and lively. However, who would have thought that there would only be the few of us left today and the others have already…" As he said that, he suddenly paused and turned his head away.

XiMen ChongTian let out a long sigh and comforted, "Big brother, they have already left us and you don't have to let the matter weigh on your heart any longer! The mastermind of all this is that little thief Ling Tian, and we must definitely capture him one day and tear him to shreds! We must definitely take our revenge for second brother and Qing'er!"

XiMen Sa also said carefully, "That's right, foster father, what third uncle said makes sense. You have to take good care of your body. If you were to fall, our XiMen Family would truly collapse."

XiMen WuYi turned his head around and let out a gratified smile, "Sa'er, rest assured. I will not fall so easily. However, my mood hasn't been good recently, and I haven't been tending to the family matters. All the small and large matters of the family have been on your shoulders, and it must have been tough for you." As he said that, even XiMen ChongTian looked at XiMen Sa and acknowledged him with a smile and a nod.

XiMen Sa's face turned red as he said uncomfortably, "Helping foster father to carry your burdens is this child's duty. How can there be any sense of fatigue? This child feels ashamed to receive such praises from foster father and uncle. If not for brother Qing meeting with an unfortunate incident, there wouldn't be a need for such a foolish individual like myself!"

XiMen WuYi let out a chuckle, "This child, everything about you is good except for being so shy. This old man and your third uncle are both your elders and there isn't anything wrong for us to praise you. Do you want us to beat you up with a stick instead for you to feel good?" As XiMen WuYi said that, everyone burst out into giggles and XiMen Sa's face turned even redder. At the same time, he also let out an awkward chuckle and seemed to be even more embarrassed…

XiMen WuYi then took up two strips of paper from the side and said with a solemn gaze, "The reason why I have summoned all of you here today is because of two important pieces of news. First, Northern Wei has used their Martial Order Medallion to request Beyond Heavens to kill Ling Tian! Ling Tian is now in the midst of escaping with his whereabouts unknown! Second, the little princess of the Yu Family and Ling Tian are officially engaged. Presently, the First and Third Elders of the Yu Family have led close to a thousand experts to send their dowry!"

"Con...piracy! This is definitely a conpiracy! The Yu Family is definitely cheming something!" On the one side, XiMen Sheng began to roar in anger. Over the years, he had fought the Third Elder of the Yu Family many times and had always ended up losing with a few of his teeth being knocked out. Thus, his hatred towards the Yu Family was already deeply rooted in his heart. The moment he heard the name of the Yu Family, he instantly flew into a rage! However, due to him losing a few front teeth, his pronunciation wasn't clear and he said 'conspiracy' as 'conpiracy'.

"Pu" XiMen ChongTian choked on the tea he was drinking on and began coughing. Only after a long while did he recover and say, "I say, First Elder, not just the Yu Family, who doesn't have a few strands of those? 1 I recommend you to say 'trick' instead."

XiMen WuYi let out a few heavy coughs and spat out a mouthful of phlegm with his face contorting. At the same time, XiMen Sa's face turned pale and he began to take in deep breaths. By the side, 'puchi puchi' sounds could be heard and XiMen Kuang was trying his best to hold in his laughter but with little effect.

XiMen Sheng's face turned red from anger as he pointed at XiMen ChongTian with his finger trembling, "This old (m)an isn't as dir(t)y as you. The Yu Family definitely has a (s)cheme and we must (g)uard against them!

XiMen WuYi began to cough again as he said, "Err, if First Elder has anything to say, you can add on after the meeting. Let me gather the opinions of the rest first, alright?"

XiMen Sheng seemed as though he wanted to say something else but eventually depressedly sat down on his seat.

XiMen ChongTian's chimpanzee-like face broke out in a wide smile as he added on, "Err, big brother, why (d)on't we (h)ear what First Elder has to say about the Yu Family's con(s)piracy? It would definitely be a good thing." He curled his lips up and mimicked the way XiMen Sheng would speak. By the side, XiMen Kuang could no longer hold in his laughter and burst out laughing. Even XiMen Sa could not help but lower his head giggling.

"Preposterous!" XiMen WuYi wanted to let out a roar to stop the laughing. But after shouting, he realized that even he could not stop himself from giggling and was slightly embarrassed.

Seeing how XiMen Sheng's mustache curled up in anger and was about to blow up, XiMen Sa quickly stopped laughing and said, "What does foster father think we should do? If the ambitions of the Yu Family are so huge and we ignore them now, even if the Yu Family cannot reach us now, it will only be a matter of time before we are in trouble. This is an extremely serious matter."

The moment he said that the awkward atmosphere in the room was dissolved and everyone's attention was brought back to the original topic. At the same time, everyone could not help but feel goodwill towards XiMen Sa for his good timing.

"No! The matters of the Yu Family can be delayed slightly." XiMen WuYi looked at XiMen Sa with praise. Then, a menacing glare shot out from his eyes as he clenched his teeth with hatred, "The most important thing would be for us to ensure Ling Tian's death in the hands of Beyond Heavens! Two of this old man's younger brothers, two of my biological sons, and the death troops that I nurtured for years were all destroyed in his hands! How can we not take revenge for such a hatred?! The opportunity in front of us is given by the heavens and even if I can't kill him personally, I have to seize his corpse at all costs and rip his body to shreds! I will make sure he can never enter the cycle of reincarnation!"

"That's right! No matter what, we should kill Ling Tian first to take our revenge before considering all other things!" XiMen Kuang said in agreement. Because of Ling Tian, more than half of their XiMen Family's strength was destroyed and the XiMen Family was in a dire state. If not for the military authority that XiMen ChongTian had and the miraculous merit XiMen Sa brought back from the battlefield, there would definitely be many other families within Western Han trying to hit them when they were down! As for how XiMen Sa managed to bring back such a huge merit, XiMen WuYi completely couldn't be bothered.

"Ling Tian's martial arts are top-notch and his thinking meticulous. Without Beyond Heavens taking action personally, it would be difficult for anyone else to deal with him." XiMen ChongTian said with a frown, "Even catching up to their speed would be an extremely difficult thing to do. How will we be able to determine his death and snatch his corpse?"

"That is easy," XiMen WuYi said, "there are many who have seen Ling Tian before and I have a drawing of him as well. We can split up our forces and search in all directions. As long as we can determine that Ling Tian appeared near our Western Han territory, Beyond Heavens won't be too far away! At that time, we would only need to delay Ling Tian for a while and give the Martial Order Medallion owner time to catch up. At that time, it will be impossible for Ling Tian to escape!"

"This old (m)an is willing to lead the (t)eam." XiMen Sheng stood up and requested with his fists cupped. At the same time, both XiMen Kuang and XiMen Sa didn't back down either and stood up to make the same request.