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Chapter 377: A Lesson

Chapter 377: A Lesson

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The waiter couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air. Such unsightly table manners were such that even a starving beggar couldn't match up to them. The waiter had only noticed how this young noble's bearing was extraordinary but never noticed the fact that his clothes had not been changed for a couple of days and were filled with dust and mud. The waiter couldn't help but wonder whether or not the young noble's wallet was full.

Just when the waiter was considering whether or not he should make Ling Tian pay his bill before continuing his meal, he heard the sound of galloping horses stopping outside the tavern. Following that, he noticed a large group of over twenty people walking in, and the old man leading the pack said, "Waiter, give us some good (w)ine and (d)ishes. (Q)uickly (s)erve them up."

The pronunciation of this old man was far too unclear, and the waiter didn't understand a single word so he asked, "Sir, what did you say?"

Pa! A burly man behind the old man stepped forward and gave the waiter a slap before saying fiercely, "Good wine and dishes! Dammit, do you not understand human language? Quickly! If you dare delay any longer, this daddy here will smash your head apart!"

Being slapped off guard, the waiter's body spun a full round before landing on the floor with stars in his eyes. Holding onto his cheeks as he stood up, tears filled his eyes and resentment filled his heart. However, he had no choice but to acknowledge the orders of the burly man and quickly run into the kitchen. As he ran away, he cursed in his heart, Is it really me not understanding human language? Your master's words are obviously not human language! You darn turtle b*st*rd who dares to slap me! I will curse you to lead a slave's life for all eternity!

After the burly man had slapped the waiter, he turned around and said with a humble attitude and an apologetic smile, "First Elder, this wicked civilian does not know his worth and dares to offend the prestige of First Elder. He really deserves to die."

That old man looked towards the sky and responded with a muffled 'Mmm' and sat on a table opposite Ling Tian.

The restaurant was originally cramped, and with the addition of over twenty men, it was crowded to the point that one would face difficulty turning around. When all of the tables were filled up, there were still six to seven of them without a seat. One of the burly men then looked towards Ling Tian and began winking.

The others immediately understood what he meant and all crowded over to Ling Tian's table. One arrogant individual then slammed Ling Tian's table and shouted, "You penniless beggar, are you not going to pay the bill and scram after you are finished with your meal? Are you still not giving up your seat after seeing this daddy come here? Are your eyes meant for you to pee?" As he said that, he felt his words extremely amusing and began to laugh.

The others laughed alongside him and one of them said, "Why are you still wasting time with him? Just throw him out." At the same time, the old man leading the group sat on his own solemnly and completely ignored whatever was happening. It was obvious that this wasn't the first time the bunch of them did something like this.

However, it was a pity that they had met with a tiger this time, a ferocious tiger who was capable of biting off their head!

Ling Tian was completely calm as he lifted up his chopsticks and placed the last piece of beef into his mouth and drank two mouthfuls of soup. Then, he took out a clean handkerchief from his bosom and wiped his mouth. Only after that did he raise his head and look towards the four burly man standing in front of him with a smile that wasn't really a smile.

As the arrogant man saw that Ling Tian was still able to keep his cool while ignoring him completely, he couldn't help but fly into a rage. In this world, it wasn't anything big to injure someone if they had the strength and numbers to do so. Thus, his hand flew towards Ling Tian as he scolded, "Continue acting…" Before he could even finish his sentence, he suddenly let out a mournful wail as though he was a pig being slaughtered! As he looked again, his right hand was already pinned to the table by a chopstick!

At the other end of the chopstick were two fair fingers lightly tapping on the ends of the chopstick. At the same time, the fingers swayed the chopstick slowly and rhythmically as the burly man let out a heart-wrenching groan with huge beads of sweat rolling down his face.

Fresh blood began to spew out from his wound as it covered the whole table and dripped onto the floor drop by drop.

The companions of that burly man never expected the teen in front of them to be so fierce, crippling the hand of the burly man before even saying a word. All of them were already used to being the local tyrants in the city and had almost never faced such a scenario before. In that moment, all of them were stunned silly without any reaction.

The moans of the burly man echoed in the restaurant and he had almost run out of strength. With a few clanging sounds, the other burly men had finally reacted as they unsheathed their swords and pounced forward. A sword swung towards his neck, one pierced towards his chest and three more slashed down from above his head. All the blades let out sounds of metal slicing through the air and were all truly fatal strikes.

Ling Tian's hand was still on the chopstick as he imbued a trace of his inner qi into it, smashing it into the bones of the burly man. At the same time, his other hand held onto the other chopstick and lifted it up indifferently.

Ling Tian was still seated on the bench calmly with his satisfied expression looking as though he was still thinking about the delicacies he just had. The only thing that didn't fit into the picture was his hands, or perhaps the chopsticks in his hands. With a simple poke of his chopstick, it precisely landed on the incoming lightning-fast sword!

With a soft 'ding', the tip of the chopstick landed right on the tip of the incoming sword and a strange wave of force was sent out. The burly man felt his arms go numb as he lost control of the sword in his hands and directed it towards the sword of his companion. His companion then felt his hand turn numb as well and the trajectory of his sword was altered, blocking the three blades slashing towards Ling Tian's head!

Five of their attacks were blocked in an instant, but the method their opponent used was completely incredulous as though it was a miracle! All of their faces were filled with bewilderment, and their hearts were thrown into confusion. They were completely puzzled about why their companion's sword would suddenly swing towards their own. While they were uncultured individuals, they knew that such a character was not one they could afford to offend. Thus, they quickly retreated towards the rear and looked towards the old man leading the group to await his decision.

With a single poke of his chopstick, Ling Tian had nullified the attacks of five of them! At the same time, he didn't use much strength and didn't harm a single one of them. However, the accuracy of his actions and control of his strength left all of them dumbfounded!

All of their jaws dropped as they gasped in shock! Just who was this young man in front of them?

Even if he was filled with dust and mud all over, his elegant and noble demeanor couldn't be hidden. In that gentle smile of his, a biting chill could be felt from it as well. This made the First Elder of the XiMen Family gape with shock as fear crept into his heart and a name appeared in his head: Ling Tian! This name which made all their XiMen Family members gnash their teeth in hatred drenched the First Elder in cold sweat at this moment!

The First Elder was well aware of the profoundness and difficulty of Ling Tian's action. It was a feat impossible for him to accomplish! If that's the case, could it be that Ling Tian's martial arts were far above his own? Not to mention killing him, it would be impossible for them to even hold him back!

Just when the First Elder was pondering over how he should deal with the situation, Ling Tian lifted his head up and looked towards him with a cold pair of eyes and a smile which didn't seem like a smile. Exerting force with his palm, the right hand of the burly man pinned to the table gave out a few cracking sounds and the burly man's face turned pale, letting out white foam from his mouth and collapsing from the pain.

"Brother team leader, this cracking sound really sounds like soybeans being fried. Doesn't it sound good?" Ling Tian said with a chuckle, "Look at how you are so carefree and relaxed, it must definitely be the first time you have heard such a beautiful sound. Does it feel good? Do you want to hear it again?"

"Are you young noble Ling Tian?" XiMen Sheng said with a solemn expression and asked carefully. Despite his teeth still leaking out air, he actually didn't mispronounce a single word! If it was during an ordinary time, this old man would probably be overjoyed. But during such a moment, he only felt like crying.

"Oh? Good knowledge! Good eyesight!" Ling Tian praised, "You were actually able to see through this young noble's identity instantly. It seems like this young noble is truly famous. Mmm, what is your position in the XiMen Family?"

XiMen Sheng was completely stunned, How did he know that I was from the XiMen Family?

Seeing the look of doubt on XiMen Sheng's face, Ling Tian let out a sigh, "Around the Celestial Gathering City, apart from your XiMen Family, who else would dare to act in such an unbridled manner? Is it very difficult to guess? I don't really think there is anything difficult about that!"

XiMen Sheng felt his face turn red as he thought to himself with anger, Even if you have top-notch martial arts and both our families are enemies, it still isn't right for you to scold me in the face! Don't you see the fact that this old man already has a huge beard? Don't you know how to respect your elders?! In anger, his words began to be high-pitched, "This old (m)an is the First Elder of the XiMen Family, XiMen Sheng. I wonder, why is young noble Ling here in the Celestial Gathering City?"

An interesting expression appeared on Ling Tian's face as he mocked, "I only knew that your XiMen Family weren't capable of performing human acts in the past. Today, my views were broadened again and it turns out that your XiMen Family doesn't even know how to speak the human language! Who knows what you are talking about?"

"(B)*st*rd! Ling Tian, don't go (t)oo (f)ar! This old (m)an isn't someone you can easily (p)rovoke!" XiMen Sheng began shouting in anger.