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Chapter 378: Leave No One Alive

Chapter 378: Leave No One Alive

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"You had better learn to speak the human language before talking to me." Ling Tian said with disdain.

"Ling Tian! You b*st*rd!" XiMen Sheng's words were imbued with his inner qi and sounded like thunder on a clear day. The moment he roared, the twenty-plus burly man in the restaurant felt themselves turn dizzy.

XiMen Sheng's plan was that since Ling Tian had appeared here, the Martial Order Medallion owner must definitely be nearby. Thus, he bore with the humiliation he felt and projected his voice over a few miles. With Justice's hearing, it was impossible for Justice to miss his voice and would thus rush over shortly. As long as he could block Ling Tian for a short while, his plan would be accomplished!

Killing intent flashed past Ling Tian's eyes, "You are calling for helpers, right?"

XiMen Sheng sneered, "Why? Do you have the guts to wait for my helpers to arrive?"

Ling Tian snickered with disdain, "XiMen Sheng, after being alive for so many years, you are becoming more and more like a dog! Do you think this young noble will give you such a chance?" His voice then turned chilly, "Besides, I really do not like your name, XiMen Sheng. The XiMen Family should be exterminated with nothing left behind! " 1

Ling Tian's wrist suddenly twitched and the chopstick in his hands was split into three segments. Following which, three grunts could be heard and three burly men collapsed onto the floor with a broken segment of a chopstick in their throat!

Everyone present could not even see Ling Tian's action! This included the First Elder of the XiMen Family, XiMen Sheng!

XiMen Sheng felt his heart turn cold and shouted, "Attack together! Kill him!" The next moment, the twenty-plus burly men pounced at Ling Tian from all directions. Ling Tian let out a cold smile and sent the table in front of him flying with a kick, smashing it into three people. Then, he lifted up the bench which he was sitting on and smashed it on the head of another man, crushing it like it was a watermelon!

The gleaming blades slashed down together and Ling Tian's body swerved around like a fish in water and narrowly avoided the blades via a small opening. Using his left hand as a blade, six fountains of blood shot into the air as the six burly men collapsed while gasping for air.

XiMen Sheng let out a roar and pounced forward as well. How could he not know that he wasn't a match for Ling Tian at all? But if he were to cower in fear at such a moment, the morale of his troops would definitely be lost and it would be impossible for them to hold Ling Tian back. Thus, he clenched his teeth and charged forward with his life on the line. A cruel smile could then be seen on Ling Tian's lips as he jumped up and kicked the chin of a guard attempting to slash him.

With his powerful inner qi being sent out, a crisp cracking sound could be heard and a decapitated head was sent flying towards XiMen Sheng! Just when the head flew past XiMen Sheng's head, a crisp 'Kill!!' was suddenly let out from the decapitated head's mouth!

XiMen Sheng was, after all, trying to force himself to keep his cool and was already fearful in his heart. Seeing such a scene in front of him, all of his hair could not help but stand up on end! At the same time, he also felt his heart pause for a moment. After being alive for such a long time, he had participated in many battles with at least hundreds of individuals dying under his hands. However, this was the first time in his life he had seen such a cruel method to kill someone!

From the start of the fight, a mere two to three breaths had passed, and fourteen out of the twenty burly men had fallen under Ling Tian's hands! The remaining six blades were still hoisted up in the air with the owner of the blades gasping with shock.

A long while later, the sound of water dripping could be heard and everyone turned to the direction where it came from, only to see the pants of a burly man drenched wet with steam rising from his crotch…

Ling Tian frowned as his body weaved past six burly men and his palm smashed towards XiMen Sheng's head! Behind him, the six burly men let out an inaudible choking sound as they collapsed lifelessly on the floor.

XiMen Sheng's eyes turned red as well as he avoided Ling Tian's palm strike and took a step back swiftly. He then pounced forward again, and a bright flash shone onto Ling Tian's eyes. XiMen Sheng had already drawn his sword and launched his strongest attack!

Ling Tian sneered as he bent his knees slightly. The next instant, he launched forward and was already in the light screen formed by the dense sword light! XiMen Sheng's sword light rained down like a thunderstorm but Ling Tian's body moved around nimbly with even the corner of his clothes completely unharmed! Instead, XiMen Sheng was the one forced into dire circumstances as Ling Tian sent out his lethal palm strikes.

XiMen Sheng was startled as his sword danced around and he slowly retreated towards the door.

"XiMen Sheng, after meeting this young noble, do you expect to leave here alive?" Ling Tian's mocking voice sounded as the strength of his palm strikes was increased. With a sudden 'weng', Ling Tian's finger tapped onto XiMen Sheng's sword and XiMen Sheng lost control of his sword, sending it flying towards the roof of the restaurant!

After XiMen Sheng let out an 'aiyah', he could not be bothered with anything else and sent out a few desperate palm strikes. Without bothering if his palm strikes had hit the target, he turned around and left. But right when he had left the restaurant, a white shadow flashed past his eyes and Ling Tian stood in front of him with a face full of killing intent!

XiMen Sheng let out a roar of despair and attempted to turn around. But before he could turn around completely, Ling Tian's right foot kicked his crotch and he let out a miserable groan with blood spewing out from all the orifices on his face and his body sent flying.

Ling Tian was already waiting for his arrival in midair and sent a foot towards his forehead, spinning his body like a top as he landed. When the both of them had touched the ground again, XiMen Sheng's head was already completely embedded into the ground!

Ling Tian clasped his hand as his expression turned back to normal, walking back into the restaurant again. At this moment, the only survivor from the XiMen Family was the burly man who had fainted from being pinned to the table previously. He had just regained his consciousness as he looked at Ling Tian with fear and despair in his eyes.

Ling Tian's gaze swept past calmly as though he did not see anyone alive. Right when the burly man let out a heave of relief, he suddenly felt a foot stepping on his head.

The only survivor could not survive.

As though he was crushing a bad egg, a 'pa' sound sounded from underneath Ling Tian's foot and Ling Tian walked out without turning back. At the same time, he threw out an ingot of silver casually and the silver landed accurately in the bosom of the waiter who was unconscious from shock. The force from the landing silver had woken up the unconscious waiter, and the hell-like scenario was presented before his very eyes. Before he even had a chance to look at what was in his bosom, he had fainted again from fear!

A short few minutes after Ling Tian had left, a faint figure entered the restaurant and looked around for a short while before vanishing again.

The waiter had just woken up at this moment and saw the disappearing figure. With his eyes opened up wide, he let out a scream, "Ghost! Demon!" He then fainted again.

What a generation to be living in! An elegant young man killed as though he was dicing vegetables and after that, I actually saw a ghost! I think it is best for me to return to the countryside and grow crops instead! I will never come to this ghost town again. This was the only thought the waiter had before he fainted!

Ling Tian calmly strolled into the Celestial Gathering City; this was one of his targets! No matter what, he must get rid of the important personnel of the XiMen Family to aid XiMen Sa in controlling the XiMen Family!

Who knows where that Justice is right now? By the time he comes to the Celestial Gathering City, my task will already have been completed. Let him feel anxiousness since this young noble isn't anxious at all! Ling Tian thought to himself.

However, he didn't know that XiMen Sheng's roar did indeed achieve the desired effect. Just when Ling Tian was killing in the restaurant outside the city, Justice had already heard XiMen Sheng's loud roar and rushed there at full speed. When Ling Tian had left the place, Justice had arrived shortly after. Right after Ling Tian entered the city, Justice had also entered shortly after. The both of them were only a thousand feet apart!

The deity of luck was indeed by Ling Tian's side, causing the death reaper to pass him by again!

However, a mountain will never be able to hold two tigers and it was impossible for Ling Tian and Justice not to meet each other in the Celestial Gathering City. The battle between them was already inevitable! At that time, just how would Ling Tian face Justice's unparalleled martial arts?!


In an inn of Sky Bearing, Shui QianRou and Shui QianHuan were seated opposite each other.

"Rou'er, why did we lose contact with you completely for a short while? I was anxious to death!" Shui QianHuan looked at his sister with a doting gaze and realized that her complexion was pale with her eyes red and puffy as though she had just cried, "Are you injured? What happened? Is it serious? Who was the one who attacked you? Tell me, your brother will take revenge for you!"

The moment she saw her brother, Shui QianHuan thought about the grievances she had suffered over the past few days and almost burst out into tears. However, she had a stubborn personality and forcefully withheld her tears, biting on her lips until a row of teeth mark could be seen. As Shui QianHuan saw how her sister was acting, he was startled as a ball of anger rose up in his heart, Did Rou'er… was she bullied in this period of time?

The more Shui QianHuan thought about it, the more he felt it was likely. Thinking about how his parents let his sister come out with him and such a thing actually happened to her, how was he supposed to answer to them? Thus, he could not help but bellow with anger, "Who did it?!"

"What do you mean by who did it?" Shui QianRou looked at her brother with a look of bewilderment. She was still thinking about how she should answer Shui QianHuan's question and whether or not she should tell him about Ling Tian capturing her.

However, Die'er who was by Shui QianRou's side understood what Shui QianHuan meant and said, "Rest assured young noble, the little princess was not bullied."

"Oh," Shui QianHuan nodded his head with a tinge of embarrassment. His tone was much gentler as he asked, "Then how did you get injured? How are your injuries? How about the rest? Where are the two Zheng elders?"