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Chapter 379: A Strange Poison

Chapter 379: A Strange Poison

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"This little sister's body is of no concern anymore and my experience this time was extremely embarrassing. After entering Sky Bearing for a few days, I was ambushed by the Yu Family." Shui QianRou considered for a moment and for some reason, she lied to her brother. "The two Yu Elders, Yu ZhanFeng and Yu ZhanYun, led the elites of their Yu Family in an ambush against me. This little sister was caught off guard and suffered a huge loss. All of my troops were wiped out and this little sister is still injured at the moment. Both the Zheng Elders also died in battle in order to save my life. This little sister and Die'er managed to escape at the very end and were recuperating."

"The Yu Family again! Yu ZhanFeng! Yu ZhanYun!" Shui QianHuan gnashed his teeth as his face turned red, "These two old fogeys actually dared to harm my sister! I will definitely rip them to shreds and ensure that they die a miserable death!" Thinking about how his loss was caused by the Yu Family who controlled Han TieXuan, Shui QianHuan was overwhelmed by hatred as he cursed vehemently!

All of their plans were ruined in the hands of the Yu Family! Unforgivable!

"They are also already dead. Even though the two Zheng Elders passed on, they dragged the two Yu Elders alongside them into death. This was also how Die'er and I managed to escape." Shui QianRou lowered her head and did not dare to match her brother's gaze, "Brother, what should we do now? I heard that your affairs weren't successful either and this little sister was extremely worried about you."

"It wasn't just unsuccessful!" Shui QianHuan sighed, "The eight elders following me all perished at the hands of Ling Tian and of the thirty-five experts under me, only twenty-one of them are left. The 400,000 soldiers of Northern Wei were all lost in the battle as well! This loss was far too miserable and there isn't a chance for us to turn the situation around anymore!"

"Ah?!" Shui QianRou gasped in shock. While she knew that Ling Tian's side was victorious, she never imagined the victory to be such a thorough one! Seeing her brother's despondent appearance, she could not help but feel her heart ache as she comforted, "Brother, losing and winning are common in war and you do not have to brood over your loss. As for not being able to turn the situation around, Northern Wei is only a chess piece of ours and their sacrifice will not affect the general situation."

Upon hearing that, Shui QianHuan was jolted awake from his depression as he laughed, "I was only lamenting my loss but I will never be caught up in it! If not for the sudden interference of the Yu Family in this battle, no matter how amazing Ling Tian is, he would only be able to retreat in defeat! However, Ling Tian is indeed the greatest opponent of my life!" As he said that, Shui QianHuan showed traces of gloating, "What a pity, what a pity."

"What a pity?" Shui QianRou asked with doubt, "Brother, why are you smiling in such an odd manner?"

"It is a pity that Ling Tian is dead for sure. Or perhaps, he may already be dead right now!" As Shui QianHuan said that, he didn't know how to feel. It was as though he felt a trace of pity, a trace of joy and even a trace of sadness and regret, "If not, we could have joined hands with Ling Tian to deal with the Yu Family."

"Ling Tian's death is certain? Ling Tian may already be dead?!" Shui QianRou stood up with her lips trembling from the shock as her face turned pale, "Why? How can this be possible?!"

"Rou'er, you are still unaware of it?" Shui QianHuan looked at his sister with bewilderment, "That Wei ChengPing went crazy and actually used the Martial Order Medallion to kill Ling Tian! Ling Tian already escaped for his life but I believe that in the face of the Martial Order Medallion owner, he will not be able to escape for long regardless of how capable he is! Perhaps, he may be dead already, but the news hasn't spread yet!"

Shui QianRou fell back into her chair as she stared blankly into space with bitterness in her heart! Wei ChengPing, Martial Order Medallion! The Martial Order Medallion owner was an existence that even their Shui Family wouldn't dare provoke! Why would things turn out like that? Ling Tian, can he actually escape? Would Ling Tian have any chance to survive in front of the publicly acknowledged number one expert?

"Darn Wei ChengPing!" A long while later, Shui QianRou clenched her teeth and scolded, "A b*st*rd who doesn't know how to accomplish anything and only know how to screw things up!"

"That's right! Wei ChengPing does indeed deserve to die. Rou'er, you are indeed right to say that he is incapable of accomplishing anything!" Shui QianHuan nodded in agreement, "If he had used the Martial Order Medallion a few days earlier, even with the interference of the Yu Family, my plan would have been accomplished as well! However, he had to use the Martial Order Medallion right when I have changed my mind and wanted to join hands with Ling Tian! What a b*st*rd! Even if he wanted to use it, he should have used it on Yu ManLou instead!"

Shui QianHuan cursed with frustration as he followed along with his sister's anger. However, he would never know the true reason for Shui QianRou's anger at Wei ChengPing!

Shui QianRou hated the fact that she could not cut Wei ChengPing into a thousand pieces! Her heart, which was already focused on the escaping Ling Tian, suddenly jolted awake and she felt her face turn red. D*mmit! I am not being worried about that irksome fellow! I am only worried about the poison he fed to me! Shui QianRou explained to herself in her heart.

Thinking about how Ling Tian fed her poison, Shui QianRou could not help but boil with anger and say, "Serves you right!" However, when she said those words, she felt her heart was empty with her thoughts in a complete mess.

"Rou'er, Rou'er? Sister?" Shui QianHuan cried out a few times and seeing that his sister was in a trance-like state as though she was thinking about something, he could not help but be worried as he waved his hand in front of her face, "What is wrong with you today? What are you thinking about? Why are you so distracted?"

Being awoken by her brother, Shui QianRou's face reddened and she felt as though her thoughts were being seen through. Thus, she could not help but lower her head in embarrassment.

From the time that she was young until now, Shui QianHuan had never seen his intellectual sister behave like this before and could not help but think that something was definitely amiss. Thus, he stretched out his hand and place it on her forehead and with concern asked, "Rou'er, are you alright? Are your injuries acting up?!"

"Oh, I am alright! I am really alright!" Shui QianRou swatted his hand aside anxiously and muttered, "I was thinking about the poison…" As she said that, she realized that she actually wasn't thinking about how Ling Tian had fed her poison, but reminiscing about her final meeting with Ling Tian. She could not help but lament about her feelings and had no choice but to admit that it was impossible for her to not think about Ling Tian. The more she thought about him, the more she felt like her heart didn't belong to her any longer. It was as though Ling Tian was an incurable poison and she had already been inflicted with that incurable poison. The tender feelings of a young lady in love were not something that she would ever talk about to another person, even if that person was her biological brother!

Just when was she inflicted with this incurable poison? Shui QianRou, who was already certain that she had been inflicted with this love poison, felt a sense of helplessness. Was it when I first met him in the rain? Was it when he displayed his stunning talent during the scholarly meet? Just what is wrong with me?

"What?! You were poisoned?!" Shui QianHuan shouted anxiously, "When? How long has it been? What kind of poison? Have you found the antidote yet?! Haiz! Silly lass, why are you always so unruly like a guy? When can you act like a gentle and virtuous lady? I have already told you to not follow me here and insisted that you listen to me if you wanted to come. Look at you, look at you! You just had to go to Sky Bearing and now…"

As Shui QianHuan nagged, he grabbed Shui QianRou's wrist and injected his inner qi to check on her. He truly felt heartache towards his sister, "Mmm, it seems rather special…" All of a sudden, his face turned solemn, "What a strange poison! When did this happen?"

After probing for the poison, Shui QianHuan felt extremely anxious. The poison within his sister's body could be easily detected with his inner qi, but when he tried to wrap it up with his inner qi, it would dissipate into nothingness and become impossible to detect! Just how did his sister come into contact with such a strange poison?!

"What an odd poison! Who poisoned you?!"

As he asked that, Shui QianHuan shut his eyes and carefully probed the poison, attempting to use his inner qi to remove it. At the same time, his ears were perked up and waiting for a reply from his sister but he heard nothing after a long while. Opening his eyes to see why he didn't get a reply, he was greeted with Shui QianRou covering her ears with both her hands and a miserable expression. When he turned to the side, he saw Die'er covering her mouth and giggling.

"What's wrong? I am asking you a question!" Shui QianHuan grew angry.

Shui QianRou rolled her eyes helplessly and said in a weak voice, "Sometimes, I really wonder if you are my older brother or you are a lady in disguise! When can you stop being so naggy? My goodness, mother always nags at me when I am home and now that I am out, you nag even more than her!"

"You! I was only worried… forget it…" Shui QianHuan let out a sigh of defeat, "Do you know what kind of poison this is? Who was the one who poisoned you?"

"The name of the poison is called the 'Spring Autumn Soul Locking Pill'. I believe brother has already realized that this poison is extremely strange and almost without trace. Furthermore, the effects of the poison are also extremely overbearing and apart from a special antidote, there is no other way to treat it. However, this poison has another characteristic and will only break out after a year, thus the name 'spring autumn'. I have already suppressed the poison with other medicine, and we have a year to slowly investigate it." Shui QianRou was extremely unwilling to continue on this topic and said with a frown, "Brother, this isn't the time to talk about my body. We should be planning our next move! Do you have any ideas yet?"