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Chapter 381: Master and Guest Changing Place

Chapter 381: Master and Guest Changing Place

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Originally, with Ling Tian's strength and the fact that the both of them were not in their territory, the leader of their alliance was already set in stone. It was useless for them to deny that! But at such a delicate moment, an unexpected incident occurred and would the Ling Family without Ling Tian be able to have sufficient strength to form an alliance with them? Furthermore, would the Yu Family be their only opponent? Would there be other powers attacking the Ling Family when they were down? This was something that they had to guard against! For such a complicated matter, it was impossible for it to be settled with a single statement and a meeting between both parties was important. Thus, both Shui QianHuan and Shui QianRou had no choice but to accept the meeting even if there were risks involved!

The next morning, Shui QianRou and Shui QianHuan left the city like a young noble and young miss going out for a vacation. In the scorching hot sun, they sat in a tightly sealed carriage and went out of the southern gates with their ten-plus followers.

In front of them was a large willow forest swaying gently in the winds. After passing through this willow forest, they would be at the Ling Family Courtyard. As soon as they had left the city, both the Shui siblings immediately exited the sweltering hot carriage.

"Rou'er, do you think that this Ling Chen is really just Ling Tian's maid? Don't you think that it is too incredulous?!" While he had heard Shui QianRou talk about her, Shui QianHuan still couldn't believe it. He had never seen Ling Chen before and did not believe that a maid would be able to grasp such a huge amount of authority! Furthermore, she was actually able to command an expert like Ling Chi despite Ling Tian's absence!

Shui QianRou let out a sigh as she rubbed her head helplessly. "Brother, you have already asked me this question umpteen times. Yes, she is indeed Ling Tian's maid but it is very likely that she is also his concubine! That's all!" As she said that words 'Ling Tian's concubine', Shui QianRou's teeth were clenched tight and she naturally didn't forget to add, "All guys are indeed b*st*rds!"

Shui QianHuan rolled his eyes and said, "My dear sister, you have already said this three times! Your brother is also a man! How can you talk about your older brother like that?!"

"Would I say that if you didn't ask? Do you think I want to talk about it?" Shui QianRou said with a depressed look.

"Both the Shui siblings are indeed trustworthy." A white figure suddenly appeared in front of the forest. It was Ling Chi. "My big sis is already waiting in the forest. Oh, since there are so many of you, it is best that some of you stay outside. After all, my big sis is a lady, and she will easily feel shy."

As Ling Chi said that, the members of the Shui Family rolled their eyes in unison as they thought, It is not as though we don't know the rules. If you don't want to let us in to hear the contents of the meeting, you can just say it openly and we will definitely oblige. Why do you need to come up with such a ridiculous reason?

Shui QianRou smiled and gave a few instructions before following Shui QianHuan in with Ling Chi.

If the other party wanted to deal with them, it definitely wasn't anything difficult for the other party to do so. Since the other party didn't attack them despite having such a good opportunity yesterday, it was highly unlikely for them to do so today. Thus, Shui QianHuan didn't have any worries about their safety at all.

The moment they entered the forest, Shui QianHuan felt his soul shake and his mouth become dry!

In the huge clearing of the forest, a white-dressed beauty stood there silently. Her face was filled with a cold sacred perfection and a frosty aura emanated from her body. In front of her elegance, even the afternoon sun had lost its splendor!

What an outstanding beauty!

There was actually only Ling Chen alone!

In front of her, there were two bamboo chairs with white cushions on them.

"Ling Chen, it is indeed you." Shui QianRou's face turned red as she thought about how this lady was always watching when Ling Tian dealt with her. At the same time, she could not help but feel a strange feeling of defeat in her heart.

"Miss Shui, young noble Shui, it is my honor." Ling Chen said calmly, "Please, take a seat." She then flicked her sleeves and took a seat first. She had obviously treated herself as the host.

"Nice… to meet you…" Shui QianHuan stuttered with his intoxicated gaze fixed on Ling Chen's beautiful face. As a member of the Shui Family, he should not have lost his composure completely with the upbringing he had. However, Ling Chen's appearance was just too outstanding and mesmerizing. Her appearance was outstanding to the point it was difficult to describe with words and impossible to replicate in a painting!

Shui QianRou was both embarrassed and angry as she pinched her brother's waist. You are the young noble of Water of Heavenly Wind! Haven't you seen pretty girls before? Why are you being intoxicated by beauty at such a critical moment?! Too disappointing! After staring at a beauty like your younger sister every day, don't you have any form of resistance to pretty girls?!

It definitely wasn't that Shui QianHuan hadn't seen beauties before and he did indeed have a strong resistance towards ordinary beauties. However, a beauty like Ling Chen was extremely rare. While a beauty like Ling Chen was rare, they weren't nonexistent. With Shui QianHuan's status, he naturally had seen a few of such beauties before. In fact, his own sister, Shui QianRou, was a beauty at the same level as Ling Chen. Thus, it was naturally rare for Shui QianHuan to lose his composure in front of a beauty!

But no matter how many beauties he had seen before, including his sister, there wasn't a single one of them who had the natural charisma that Ling Chen had displayed!

She was like a lotus in the clear waters, a beauty who was carved by nature!

This was the result of Ling Tian's special grooming. He perfectly combined the independence of a 21st-century lady with the gentleness of a lady in this generation. Apart from when she was in front of Ling Tian, the arrogance, indifference, elegance, and confidence given out by her melded together perfectly into a complete picture. Her exquisite features and gentle curves gave off an independence that rejected one from a thousand miles away. The Divine Ice Formula that she cultivated gave her a chilly and almost threatening atmosphere. However, the most eye-catching part about Ling Chen was her fairy-like demeanor and sacred, inviolable elegance! Especially the fact that she was worrying about Ling Tian presently, her brows furrowed slightly with a trace of sorrow!

Such a beauty was more than capable of capturing any man's soul! She could definitely make a man go crazy for her!

Even if Shui QianHuan was extraordinary, he was no exception! Even a proud individual like Shui QianHuan was completely entranced by Ling Chen's country-toppling beauty!

Feeling Shui QianHuan's rude gaze, Ling Chen's brows wrinkled slightly. Despite not making any special actions, one could clearly see that she had hated someone to stare at her like that!

Almost instantly, Shui QianHuan lowered his head as he felt a sense of disappointment in his heart. At this moment, he could clearly feel that this beauty in front of his eyes had completely disregarded his presence! Perhaps, it could even be said that she had hated him completely. However, Shui QianHuan wouldn't question Ling Chen but only lament to himself for being so rude and making the beauty in front of him disappointed!

"I invited the both of you here today to ask a single question. The Yu Family has stationed themselves in Sky Bearing and I wonder if the Shui Family has any plans?" Ling Chen said in an unhurried manner.

Hearing the beauty's voice, Shui QianHuan raised his head up swiftly but being trapped in remorse for his actions, was unable to react.

Shui QianRou snickered and asked, "Miss Chen, the Yu Family has stationed themselves in Sky Bearing and is eyeing covetously on the Ling Family. I wonder what the Ling Family's plans are?"

Ling Chen responded with a calm smile, "How can our Ling Family have any plans? Before his departure, the young noble said that while our Ling Family may seem glorious in the past few years, we do not have deep foundations after all. Thus, it would be impossible for us to be compared to thousand-year-old families like the Yu or Shui Family. In fact, we wouldn't even have the strength to consider fighting them. The only choice we have would be to protect our family members. This would depend on what attitude the Shui Family has towards us."

It was as though she was talking about something irrelevant to herself, "If the Shui Family can give us conditions which are attractive enough, we would naturally choose the Shui Family. After all, the actions of the Yu Family have made us feel extremely uncomfortable. If the Shui Family cannot satisfy our Ling Family, we would naturally pick the Yu Family. With sister BingYan and Third Master Yu around, I believe that the lives of our Ling Family members wouldn't be too horrible. With the world watching them, I believe that the Yu Family wouldn't make things difficult for our Ling Family if we were to submit to them."

As Ling Chen said that, Shui QianHuan and Shui QianRou were both dumbfounded! Only at this moment did Shui QianHuan finally walk out from his entranced state. After hearing what Ling Chen had said, he felt as though his thoughts were thrown into a mess.

At this moment, both the siblings realized that things were completely different from how they had envisioned it to be! They originally thought that without Ling Tian being present, the Ling Family would have lost an important pillar. Facing the pressure of the Yu Family, they would definitely be extremely flustered and anxious. If their Shui Family were to offer an alliance at such a moment, the Ling Family would definitely feel gratitude and everything else would flow smoothly after. After that, the position of the master and guest would change and they would be able to do whatever they wanted to!

Both of them felt that since Ling Chen was the one who initiated this meeting, they would definitely have the upper hand and initiative! Ling Chen would definitely be the one asking for a cooperation, and the benefits would all be in their hands. But right when they had just met, Ling Chen had used a few sentences to truly cause the position of the master and guest to change!

The initiative was held completely in Ling Chen's hands!