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Chapter 382: Bitter Negotiation

Chapter 382: Bitter Negotiation

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But at this moment, they had no choice but to fight back! Even without Ling Tian's presence, the strength of the Ling Family was not something to be underestimated! Just the two people in front of them, Ling Chen and Ling Chi, were not weaker than the two of them! Furthermore, the Ling Family still had the huge Ling Family Courtyard behind them, and it was definitely brimming with talents within!

If such a powerful force were to submit to the Yu Family, then the conclusion of the fight between both the Yu and Shui Family was without question. The Shui Family, who was already on the losing end at this moment, wouldn't have any hope to win! The disparity between both the families at that time would be far too great. Now that the siblings had the chance to succeed and prevent something like that from happening, if they were to let this opportunity slip away and cause their family to be on the losing end or even worse… then they would definitely become the sinners of the Shui Family for the next thousand years!

However, if they were to allow Ling Chen to continue to have the upper hand and do as she wished, wouldn't they end up suffering a huge loss? How could they let Ling Chen climb on their heads and do as she wished? How could they allow Ling Chen to extort them as she pleased?

In that instant, both Shui QianRou and Shui QianHuan were filled with a strong fighting spirit!

Ever since she was born, Shui QianRou felt that she was a wise individual and had never suffered any losses. The only time she suffered a loss was in Ling Tian's hands. However, she had only lost to Ling Tian before, and he was still the guy who she had feelings towards. Losing in Ling Tian's hands was something that she was still willing to accept.

But now that she was facing Ling Chen, Shui QianRou suddenly felt as though she wasn't having a negotiation at all. It was as though she was a lamb who didn't have a choice but to be slaughtered! At the same time, she felt as though the person seated in front of her was the hateful Ling Tian! The Ling Tian who she was helpless against!

Such a feeling made her extremely depressed. She felt as though she had the strength but was unable to display it! She felt as though her thoughts were being completely seen through and such a horrid feeling was something she was extremely familiar with!

It was really like master like servant! Shui QianRou was speechless!

She would still be able to accept it if Ling Tian was the only one who was so outstanding. However, there was now another with Ling Chen! The feeling of helplessness all over again! The same crafty plans that were so difficult to deal with!

"I wonder what Miss Ling has planned? I do not believe that with Miss's intellect, you will be willing to submit to others. Since there isn't any outsider at the moment and we have the intention to cooperate, everything can be discussed. There isn't a need to be so absolute." Shui QianHuan laughed dryly. He no longer dared to look down on the lady in front of him and already treated her as a worthy opponent.

"I would like to know how much strength the Shui Family has in the Heavenly Star Continent at this moment. Where are they distributed at? When would the experts of the Shui Family be able to arrive at Sky Bearing? Both of you should know that without the aid of the Shui Family experts, even if we were to join hands, there wouldn't be a way of dealing with the Yu Family's attack!" Ling Chen looked at Shui QianRou and ignored Shui QianHuan completely.

Shui QianRou snickered, "Miss Chen must be kidding. Such things could have been said originally, and honesty would lay the foundations for our cooperation. However, isn't Miss Chen's question about our Shui Family's strength in Heavenly Star a little too unreasonable? Would Miss Chen tell me about the distribution of your Ling Family's strength if I were to ask?"

A sparkle could be seen in Ling Chen's eyes as she said, "Well said, Miss Shui. Honesty would indeed lay the foundations for our cooperation, but the strength of my Ling Family is the foundation for us to preserve our lives. Both the Shui and the Yu Families are existences that we have to be wary of and guard against! Even if I were to conceal the strength of my Ling Family, it wouldn't be anything in the eyes of both your families! However, the number of troops the Shui Family can muster in this fight is the basis of our cooperation! With Miss Shui's intellect, you would definitely understand that, right? If the Shui Family cannot give us enough assurance, then it wouldn't matter if we don't cooperate!"

Shui QianRou was once again shocked by Ling Chen's forceful stand. Apart from considering the interests of her family, the reason why Shui QianRou would make such a forceful rebuttal was also because she was angry that Ling Chen was Ling Tian's ambassador. However, the question that Ling Chen had asked was something that she could not answer at the moment. She had just met up with Shui QianHuan not too long ago and there are many things which she was still unsure about. After hearing what Ling Chen had said, she turned to look at her brother, obviously wanting to let him make the decision.

As Shui QianHuan saw both the ladies cross swords with each other, he stood by the side refusing to include himself in the fight. In his memory, his younger sister had never been on the losing end when engaging in a verbal spar with someone else. Thus, he could not help but let out a bitter laugh and rubbed his nose awkwardly, "We have just sent news back to our family, but our family would need time to arrange manpower and formulate a plan. According to my estimates, they would arrive in another ten to fifteen days. Rest assured Miss Ling, as long as I have news from the family, I will definitely send someone to inform Miss. Our Shui Family is extremely sincere to cooperate with your Ling Family."

"Sincerity? I don't see that at all. While young noble Shui seems to be extremely honest, it is as good as saying nothing at all. While ten to fifteen days doesn't seem like much, in such a critical and delicate situation, many things can happen in this period of time! The Shui Family may not be concerned about any changes because there aren't many of your Shui Family members present. However, our Ling Family cannot be indifferent as a small change can be earth-shaking to us! If our cooperation is going to be built upon such a foundation, then it is impossible for my Ling Family to accept it! I believe young noble Shui can understand what I mean!" Ling Chen said in a calm manner.

Shui QianHuan was at a loss for words. Ling Chen's words had hit the nail on the head as time was indeed a scarce resource. However, their Shui Family truly didn't have any way to solve this problem. Shui QianRou then said, "Miss Chen is being too overbearing. My elder brother has only told the truth, and this is something that we are also helpless about. Besides, Miss Chen is already familiar with our party's strength, and we can also admit that we have hardly any more strength left in Heavenly Star. Is such sincerity insufficient?!"

"It isn't enough. Of course it isn't enough. Sincerity is the foundation of our cooperation but without strength, there isn't even a need to talk about cooperation!" Ling Chen said coldly.

"This is the first time in my life I have heard someone saying that the strength of my Shui Family isn't sufficient! Isn't Miss's words a little too much?" Shui QianRou retorted.

"I am not doubting the strength of the thousand-year-old Shui Family. I am doubting the strength that both of you have displayed presently. Such a strength makes it difficult for a cooperation to go forward! Do Miss Shui and young noble Shui agree?" Ling Chen's voice was still calm.

A cold glare flashed past Shui QianRou's eyes as she said, "Then what do you want? I believe you already have your plans. Why not be frank and tell us your true intention?!"

Ling Chen looked towards Shui QianRou and smiled, "Miss Shui, if both our families were to cooperate now, it would be to both our benefits. If we were to separate, we would only end up becoming the food of others. However, your family's strength is still insufficient for a cooperation, and it is best for you to contact your family first. Since your Shui Family has the sincerity to work with our Ling Family, I wonder if you can give some conditions and compensations?"

"I wonder what kind of conditions Miss Chen wants?" Shui QianRou frowned, "Since we have already decided to cooperate, then please forgive me for my frankness. Even if my family's strength is currently insufficient, the Ling Family is already in peril and the situation is extremely unstable. Of course, I believe Miss Chen can see that if the Ling Family supports the Yu Family, our Shui Family will definitely be on the losing end in the war against the Yu Family in the future! For our Shui Family to cooperate with the Ling Family, we would not be interested in merely solving the Ling Family's crisis. Cooperation is formed on the basis of mutual benefits and if we do not have any benefits, we wouldn't be interested either. Even if the Ling Family has some conditions, I hope that your conditions will not be unreasonable. If your conditions are too much, there won't be a reason for us to cooperate any longer."

Shui QianHuan beamed with joy as he heard what his sister said, almost wanting to stand up and give her an applause. Shui QianRou's words were neither servile nor overbearing and were like a needle concealed in silk floss!

She had openly pointed out the reason why Ling Chen could gain the upper hand to ask for conditions and had also blocked Ling Chen from extorting their Shui Family as well! It was akin to Shui QianRou saying, "As long as your conditions aren't too ruthless, we can definitely cooperate. But if your so-called compensations are too much, then our Shui Family would rather be destroyed then be taken advantage of!"

Ling Chen was taken aback for a moment and she looked at Shui QianRou with a profound smile. "Miss Shui does indeed think for your family. Such a charisma is something that Ling Chen truly admires!"

Shui QianRou's face turned red as she remembered how Ling Tian had mercilessly reprimanded her back then. Ling Chen was obviously making use of Ling Tian's words to ridicule her! Thus, she could not help but clench her teeth and said, "The Shui and Yu Families have been present for a thousand years and have always been enemies. The Shui Family may not necessarily lose to the Yu Family! Furthermore, aren't Miss Chen's actions also for the Ling Family? Why do you have to mock me as such?"

Ling Chen let out a smile as she said with a tender look in her eyes, "No! Miss Shui is wrong. I am not doing this for the Ling Family! I am only doing this for a single person. I will live for him and die for him only. Even if I have to die a hundred times for him, I will have no regrets! I will endure all hardships for him gladly! This is also the greatest happiness a lady could have!"

Ling Chen then paused for a moment before continuing, "Besides, the young noble is already in a precarious situation and there is no one in this world who can save him! To me, my young noble's safety is the most important, and I will ensure that my young noble can deal with the Martial Order Medallion owner without any worries. Presently, supporting the Yu Family can ensure decades of safety for our Ling Family as it is impossible for them to kill one of their supporters. To the Yu Family, a Ling Family without Ling Tian only has benefits and does not have any risks! But to consider for the young noble's plans in the future, I cannot submit to the Yu Family at this moment and thus the meeting between the both of us today! What does Miss Shui think?"

Shui QianRou was at a loss for words.

Ling Chen then shook her head and said, "As for Miss Shui, you are completely different. How can the two of us be compared?!"