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Chapter 383: Bloody Storm

Chapter 383: Bloody Storm

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Shui QianRou's face flushed bright red before it turned snow-white as her state of mind was thrown into disarray. If not for Shui QianHuan being beside her, she would have definitely shouted back at Ling Chen, "I also want to have someone like that! I also want to give my all for a single person! Am I not also a lady in love? I also understand the joy of having someone in my heart! But who would give me such a chance? Where would my chance come from? How would you understand the pain of being born in a thousand-year-old family? If you were being brainwashed to be loyal to your family since young, you would definitely turn out like me as well!"

"Miss Chen, I am also someone like you." Shui QianRou suppressed the bitterness in her heart as she said, "You were taken in by young noble Ling since you were young and have been brainwashed to have absolute loyalty to him. How can you be so sure that I wouldn't understand the feeling of accompanying someone in life and death? I was educated by the rules of my family since young and those rules have long taken root in my heart and are unshakable! The only difference between us is that you are luckier than me. The young noble who you have pledged your loyalty to can become your beloved man after you grow up. Thus, you are able to give your all for your beloved with even more sincerity and passion! This is because the one who you love is also the very person you are loyal to! There aren't any conflicts! This is your luck! Your greatest luck! But what about me?"

A tear rolled down from Shui QianRou's face, "Do I have such luck? Do I have a choice?"

Ling Chen went silent for a while as she said apologetically, "Please forgive me, Miss Shui, perhaps I had not placed myself in your shoes."

Shui QianRou had a firm personality since she was young and it was extremely rare for her to cry. However, she could not help but sob as she heard what Ling Chen had said! With her hands covering her face, she sobbed to the point that her body began to tremble.

Why can all others choose their own happiness except for me?! The first person for me to fall in love with is actually the enemy of my family and a target for me to kill! My heart is also filled with contradiction! On one hand, I had to kill him but on the other hand, I cannot keep myself from thinking of him! For the mission to fail, while I do feel a sense of disappointment, I also felt a great sense of relief! However, the next thing I have to face is the interrogation of my beloved man and a great deal of sarcasm! In fact, he personally fed me poison!

How pitiful!

I am also a lady! A lady who longs for love! Why can't I gain what a normal lady has? What is the use of glory, riches, and authority in the world? Why can't the heavens be fair to me?

Being overwhelmed by grief, Shui QianRou's heart collapsed as the pent-up grievances in her heart exploded forth! She burst out crying until the point she almost fainted. Thinking about how that person's life and death were unknown, she felt a stronger sense of grief in her heart but this grief was one that she couldn't speak of to anyone and could only be vented through her tears!

Ling Chen let out a gloomy sigh and stood up, hugging Shui QianRou into her embrace and gently stroked Shui QianRou's back. At this moment, there weren't any enmities or benefits, there were only two maiden's hearts!

A long while later, Shui QianRou's crying slowly stopped and she lowered her head while clutching the corner of her shirt in embarrassment.

Shui QianHuan looked at his sister with tenderness before saying to Ling Chen, "Miss Ling, Rou'er had already said what has to be said. I wonder what Miss Ling's plans are?"

Ling Chen glanced at Shui QianHuan coldly and said, "If that's the case, there isn't a need for us to hide anything from each other. Why don't we talk openly and be straightforward with each other? I shall be straightforward with you; we never expected any benefits from your Shui Family from the start. However, we need you to ensure the safety of our Ling Family! As for the fight between the Shui and Yu Families, that will be none of our business outside of Sky Bearing! But in Sky Bearing, the plan to deal with the Yu Family will be crafted by our Ling Family and your Shui Family will have to aid us fully!"

"For the troops being sent from the Shui Family, apart from competing with time, they need to be a sizeable force! If your Shui Family is only going to send a few sidekicks, we will never be crazy enough to accompany you into death! All of the plans will be determined after your Shui Family reinforcements arrive!"

After saying those words, Ling Chen looked as though she was considering something before adding on, "It isn't convenient for our Ling Family to make an appearance at the moment, so we have hired the 'First Pavilion'. At that time, the First Pavilion will send out a couple of top-notch assassins to work together with you! As for our Ling Family, we will be in charge of the information in Sky Bearing! What does young noble Shui think about this suggestion?"

Shui QianHuan looked towards the sky as he carefully considered everything Ling Chen said. Every single condition of hers did not have any flaws and after a long while, he said, "The only thing that this young noble thinks isn't appropriate is the Ling Family being in charge of the plans to deal with the Yu Family! As for all other things, there isn't a problem!"

A smile curved up on Ling Chen's lips before it quickly disappeared without a trace. "This can be discussed. Since this is the cooperation of both our families, we can discuss the plans after our Ling Family has gathered information! How about that?"

Shui QianHuan replied with a smile, "That would be the best." As long as anything was to go wrong, he would be able to make adjustments quickly and prevent himself from falling into a trap. After making that decision, he could not help but look towards Ling Chen's face again and he was yet again entranced.

Ling Chen's face turned chilly as a cold glare shot out from her eyes, "Young noble Shui, you have to be clear about one thing."

Shui QianHuan replied calmly, "May Miss Ling instruct me."

A killing intent flashed in her eyes as Ling Chen said, "It is only a small matter. I hope that young noble Shui will respect himself! I already have a husband, and if young noble Shui cannot control his eyes, I will not hesitate to help dig them out for you! This is definitely not something difficult for me to do!"

As Ling Chen said that, a powerful killing intent gathered and pressured Shui QianHuan from all directions! While it was formless and without substance, it filled the whole forest in that instant!

Shui QianHuan immediately felt at least three experts unleashing their aura on him! Each and every one of them had a cultivation superior to him! At the same time, Ling Chi who was standing behind him was like a cold unsheathed sword!

Shui QianHuan immediately circulated all of his inner qi to protect himself but was still unable to withstand the pressure from a single expert! His face turned pale as he spat out a mouthful of blood and shook unsteadily!

"Miss Chen!" Shui QianRou became flustered as she looked at Ling Chen with pleading eyes, "It is normal for an individual to love beauties. Why does Miss Chen have to be offended?"

With a wave of her hand, peace returned to the forest as though nothing had happened. Ling Chen then smiled at Shui QianRou and said softly, "I hope Miss Shui will forgive me. My face is only for young noble to admire. If young noble knew that someone else was staring at me, he would be angry for sure." Ling Chen smiled brightly and said in a shy manner, "I can't bear to let young noble be angry on my behalf."

Shui QianRou looked at Ling Chen blankly for a moment before sighing and saying with sincerity, "Miss Chen, I am really envious of you."

A look of happiness and satisfaction could be seen on Ling Chen's face, "That's right, I have my young noble and there aren't any more regrets in this lifetime of mine! So, I do truly believe that I deserve your envy."

Ling Chen had already left, but Shui QianRou was rooted to the spot and still in a daze as Ling Chen's words resounded in her ears.

"That's right, I have my young noble and there aren't any more regrets in this lifetime of mine! So, I do truly believe that I deserve your envy."

What about me? What do I have? With the willow forest swaying in the winds, Shui QianRou began to tear...

Despite having the upper hand throughout the negotiations, Ling Chen was not complacent in the slightest. The moment she returned to the courtyard, she instructed for Ling Jian to find her and she ordered in a stiff manner, "The time is ripe, wipe out Northern Wei!"

After Ling Jian had heard that, he turned solemn as a dense killing intent shot out from his body, "To what extent?"

Ling Chen replied calmly, "You can decide that on your own! My only restriction will be a time limit. I can only give you eight days. You can arrange the relevant manpower on your own and I have only two requests. First, you have to complete the mission in the designated time. Second, everyone must retreat without injuries."

Ling Jian replied with a confident smile, "Alright! I promise you! I have been waiting for this order for a long time. I will bring Feng, Yun, Nineteen and his brothers, a total of seven people. All seven of us will definitely come back safely! We will definitely turn the Northern Wei imperial palace into hell! We will wipe out all life in that place! It has been too long since the First Pavilion last had a mission and I believe the world has begun to forget about us!"

Ling Jian's words were laced with a strong sense of hatred. In the past few days, as long as he talked about Northern Wei, he would be exploding with killing intent. If not for the fact that he had promised Ling Chen to wait for the right time, he definitely would have already taken action! Now, the time had finally come for him to vent his anger!

This pavilion head of the First Pavilion, a world-famous killer, who knows how he will shock the world this time!

Ling Chen nodded his head and said, "After the mission, none of you are allowed to interfere in anything else and you must return immediately! None of you are allowed to disturb the young noble! If not, they will be kicked out of the courtyard and executed on the spot! They will never be young noble's brother anymore!" Ling Chen suddenly turned around and glared at Ling Jian, her powerful gaze looking as though she could see through Ling Jian's soul!