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Chapter 386: Ruining XiMen

Chapter 386: Ruining XiMen
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Feeling that he had yet again created another extremely frustrating and depressing world record, Ling Tian accelerated to his maximum speed! He openly charged to the XiMen Family! With such a frightening speed, Ling Tian's clothes created 'zu zu' sounds as he cut through the air.

With a loud bang, the gigantic door of the XiMen Family was smashed to smithereens by Ling Tian and a huge dust cloud was formed. Then, Ling Tian's body shot out like an arrow and dashed straight towards the middle courtyard where the Family Head, XiMen WuYi, was staying at! After his conversation with Thirty today, Ling Tian had fully grasped the internal situation of the XiMen Family and the locations of all their courtyards.

"Who is there? Stop!"


"Stop him!"

A loud commotion sounded from all directions and Ling Tian had already arrived at the entrance of XiMen WuYi's courtyard. With his palm imbued with inner qi, he blew away the whole roof of XiMen WuYi's house!

The sound of someone cursing sounded and XiMen WuYi's figure appeared from within the dust cloud with his face ashen from anger. He then hollered with inner qi imbued within his voice, "What scoundrel dares to create trouble at my XiMen Family! Report your name!"

"Report your grandmother's name!" With the frustration he felt in his heart, XiMen WuYi was the best target for him to vent his anger on. Seeing XiMen WuYi exit his courtyard, Ling Tian pounced forward and exchanged a few blows with him, with both of them tangling together in a mini tornado.

With another loud bang, both of their palms met and their figures were separated. With the walls crumbling and a huge dust cloud rising, XiMen WuYi who was still in mid-air let out an appalled scream, "Ling Tian? You are Ling Tian?!"

Ling Tian's figure suddenly paused in mid-air and he began to spin like a top, actually changing his direction and dashing at XiMen WuYi again. With a cruel smile on his face, he said, "It is your young master indeed! Didn't you send many people to come and find me? Family Head XiMen, I am now following your wishes and have appeared in front of you!"

After exchanging a few palm strikes with Ling Tian, XiMen WuYi felt his innards trembling and knew that he had suffered internal injuries. Just when he was still in shock, he saw Ling Tian dashing right in front of him and could not help but be frightened out of his wits!

Ling Tian's movement techniques just went against common sense! While being blasted away from the force of their palm strikes, he was actually able to go against common sense and change his direction in mid-air! Such a movement technique was something that XiMen WuYi had never heard about before!

Before the surprised XiMen WuYi could react, Ling Tian had already appeared in front of him! With his guard down, XiMen WuYi let out a roar and gathered all his inner qi, forcing his body to descend immediately. However, the forceful circulation of his inner qi worsened his injuries, and blood flowed down from the corners of his lips!

Ling Tian's figure bent slightly in mid-air and he had also charged down with a cold and cruel expression! Around him, a wave of densely packed arrows shot towards him like a pack of locusts! As one of the Eight Great Families on the continent, the quality of their elite disciples was definitely without question, and their ability to react to a situation was shown at this moment!

However, it was a pity that Ling Tian did not even place them in his sight. With a cold snort, his figure did not slow down in the slightest as his palms formed a circle in front of his chest. With a loud roar, his inner qi shot out in all directions and the incoming arrows were all sent back to where they came from!

Miserable shrieks sounded from all around and the disciples of the XiMen Family all began rolling down from the rooftops with their blood shooting out in all directions! At the same time, Ling Tian's figure had also appeared in front of XiMen WuYi like a ghost. He raised up his right hand, forming a blade with his palm, and swung it down like a huge ax!

With a mouthful of blood being spat out, XiMen WuYi sent out both his palms as he tried to make a retreat.

With their palms colliding, another huge bang sounded and Ling Tian descended down like a devil, giving chase to XiMen WuYi. XiMen WuYi's figure was like a bottle gourd, rolling on the ground without the disposition of an expert left behind. After crashing through many walls, XiMen WuYi's body finally stopped rolling and he began coughing out mouthfuls of blood!

Before he could even stand up, Ling Tian's white figure appeared in front of him again! At the same time, the nearest XiMen Family expert was at least 50 feet away! If Ling Tian really wanted to take XiMen WuYi's life at this moment, even the immortals would not be able to save him!

With one hand, Ling Tian picked up XiMen WuYi's shirt, and with his other hand, 'pa pa pa pa' sounds sounded in the courtyard. In just a short few moments, Ling Tian had already slapped XiMen WuYi over ten times!

XiMen WuYi's head flung around uncontrollably in Ling Tian's hands and his teeth were all sent flying with his mouth filled completely with blood!

"Ling Tian! Don't you dare harm my foster father! I will fight you to the death!" A loud cry sounded and a brilliant sword light cut through the air. Ling Thirty had arrived here 'in the nick of time'.

With a 'peng', Ling Tian struck XiMen WuYi's chest one last time and ruptured all of his meridians while preserving his life! With a loud laugh, Ling Tian said, "What a filial foster son! Since you want him so much, you can have him back!" Raising XiMen WuYi's body up, Ling Tian threw the body over to Ling Thirty like a basketball!

Ling Thirty was dashing forward with his sword at the moment and seeing Ling Tian throw XiMen WuYi at him, he threw his sword aside and spread out his arms to catch the dying XiMen WuYi. The resulting force had sent him five steps back and he spat out a mouthful of blood!

Ling Tian darted into the air as he sent a concealed eye signal to Ling Thirty. He then burst out laughing as his white figure disappeared into the night sky with an arrogant laugh, "How can the XiMen Family be worthy of being part of the Eight Great Families! Ha!

Arrows and concealed weapons filled the sky and shot towards Ling Tian but with a slight shake, Ling Tian's figure disappeared completely! It was as though he had become a part of the night sky without a trace left behind!

The heavily injured XiMen WuYi gasped for air as he heard Ling Tian's parting words of insult. Those words had pierced right into his soul! The few hundred years of foundation passed down to him from his ancestors had declined in his hands! He felt his heart clench in heartache and spat out another mouthful of blood before losing his consciousness!

The whole Celestial Gathering City was thrown into a mess! It was filled with soldiers carrying torches or the experts of the XiMen Family searching the streets!

With his anger vented and mission accomplished, Ling Tian had a bright smile on his face!

"Good martial arts! A voice sounded behind him, "I never imagined that after not seeing you for a few days, you would have made such progress in your martial arts. How rare!"

Ling Tian was startled as he jumped up a pavilion before turning around to take a look.

Justice was clad in green robes with his expression calm as he said with a pair of praising eyes, "Ling Tian, in just a short few days, you have entered the realm of melding energy into spirit. The speed of your advancement can only be described as a miracle. Ling Tian, you are the greatest martial arts genius that I have ever seen! Your talents have even exceeded mine! No wonder you dared to say that you would defeat me in ten years!"

"Really?" Ling Tian twitched his lips and said calmly, "It is a pity that you won't give me the chance to grow to your strength or even exceed you! If not, when we both stand at the apex of martial arts and have an all-out fight, it would definitely be a battle recorded in the annals of history! It would definitely become a legend!"

Justice's face gleamed as a look of excitement shone in his eyes!

After his initial shock, Ling Tian quickly regained his composure and immediately said the words most effective in dealing with Justice.

In this world, there might not be anything that Justice could be bothered with because he was already above all things! However, it was also because of that that he felt a sense of loneliness! No matter how high his achievements were, there wouldn't be a second person who could admire the heights he had reached!

It was just like if a person spent all of his effort to ascend to heaven only to realize that he was the only celestial! Apart from the initial satisfaction, the emotion that would follow would be endless loneliness! Furthermore, such a loneliness was not something that anyone could endure!

At their realm, they could no longer be measured by common sense. They did not need someone to accompany them on their path. In fact, as long as they knew that there was someone else in the world like them who was just as lonely and walked the same path, it was enough to satisfy them!

However, there wasn't anyone like that!

The road to the peak was destined to be like the loneliness of the desolate autumn winds and the cheerless ice and snow!

Now, there was a suitable character in front of him whose talent was enough to accompany him to the end! As long as he gave Ling Tian enough time, Ling Tian would definitely grow to a height capable of standing beside him!

This was something that not only Ling Tian was confident about! Even Justice believed that! In fact, Justice believed that as long as he gave Ling Tian enough time, Ling Tian would definitely be able to surpass him one day!

Right now, the choice lay in his hands! As long as he willed it, he would no longer be lonely in the world from now on! At the very least, he would no longer be lonely as he waited for Ling Tian to grow!

However, Ling Tian's life was a request of the Martial Order Medallion!

The Martial Order Medallion which had existed for a thousand years! Beyond Heavens which had lasted for a thousand years! The highest honor and glory! Generations of hard work and a thousand years of persistence!

Should he give him such time?