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Chapter 387: Justice’s Dream

Chapter 387: Justice’s Dream

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Ling Tian clearly felt the hesitation coming from Justice. His eyes lit up and he spoke in a heavy voice, "Justice, based on your current martial realm, you've already reached the peak of your martial arts. In this world, there is no longer anyone who can surpass you! As such, you've already lost the driving force to proceed further! While you still want to do so, you found out that you cannot break through any further. While you have the goal, you don't have the pressure!"

"However, if I remain in this world, then you would definitely have the chance to break through! With me accompanying you along in the Martial Way, you will definitely no longer feel lonely! Being apprehensive every day as to when I will surpass you, under this sort of mental pressure, only then will you be able to surpass your limits! Justice, what you need now is exactly this sort of person, and other than me, you will not find another!"

Ling Tian had a burning gaze as he stared straight at Justice. "Don't you desire to know what is behind the closed door to the next realm? Is the so-called peak of martial arts the true peak? Have you ever thought that, after breaking through this current realm, that it might actually be a completely new start? Has it ever crossed your mind?"

"At your current strength, there is no one that can threaten you! Are you still unclear? A person will burst forth with his fullest potential only when he stares death in the face! It's that split moment when a person knows that he is likely to die that he puts forth all his strength! That sort of intense feeling, do you understand how inspiring that is? I'll have you know, that in just a few more years of time, I can squeeze out every single bit of that potential in you! Would you rather carry your dreams of reaching the peak into your grave with you? Is this your so-called justice?!"

"What exactly is the Way? What is the realm? And what constitutes justice?! Do you really not want to know? Are you not the slightest bit curious about the greatest secret since the ancient times?"

Ling Tian finally threw out the biggest bait thus far! The greatest temptation to Justice, a deal so good he could not refuse!

This was also Ling Tian's attempt to test the waters! To see exactly which state Justice had obtained, was it in accordance with his assumptions?

Which choice Justice made in the end was not important. The main thing was that Ling Tian would be able to, from his expressions and tone, predict what realm Justice was currently in!

An intense struggle was taking place on Justice's face! Even for someone with a sturdy mental state like Justice, the fact that Ling Tian's words could make him show such hesitation was proof that his suggestion could not be rejected!

Even after a long period of time...

Justice still had not moved!

On the opposite side, Ling Tian carefully scrutinized his expression, also not moving a single muscle!

All of a sudden, Justice broke the stalemate by smiling bitterly and saying, "Ling Tian, I must admit, your suggestion is something that I have no way of rejecting! This sort of temptation cannot be resisted!"

"But you still rejected it in the end, you still resisted my temptations! I'm disappointed, truly disappointed! But it's not because I didn't manage to move your heart. I'm sure you understand my meaning!" Ling Tian let out a pained smile. The moment Justice had opened his mouth, Ling Tian's heart sank. This was because if Justice were to accept the suggestion, he would have long ago left the place, instead of spending time talking nonsense with him!"

"Yes! The millennium-long reputation of Beyond Heavens resides in these tiny pieces of Martial Order Medallions, and I am the one in charge of all the Martial Order Medallions! I have no other recourse, and if I could, I would also wish that you be able to escape from my hands today!" Justice said with a tinge of regret.

"I really, really, wish to keep you alive," He continued, "Even more than you yourself wish for! You know me, just as I understand you!"

"I know and also understand!" Ling Tian smiled displaying the same sincerity that Justice had shown. "As such, let me fulfill your wish today."

Justice jolted up in shock and started laughing, true and genuinely laughing as he happily replied, "That's right, only by living now can you fulfill my dream, but my objective now is to use my full strength to cut down my dreams! But it turns out that your objective is to help me to realize it instead, hahaha…"

Ling TIan also began to laugh, "A pity, you're doing your best to destroy your dreams, but I as a person unrelated to you, am actually trying my best to salvage the situation! The ways of this world are indeed miraculous."

Justice laughed so hard, that he bent over, "That's right, hearing you put it like this, the ways of the world are indeed miraculous! All sorts of matters, no matter how incredulous, can happen and are taken for granted! The world is indeed mysterious!"

Ling Tian also guffawed, to the point tears were streaming down his face as he howled, "That's why you need to watch out from now on. If my mood is bad one day, I'm afraid you wouldn't even need to make a move, just I myself would be enough to shatter all your dreams!"

"I'm very afraid of that, but I believe you won't do so!" Justice let out a relaxed snort. "I know that you're a person who is unmoved by adversity, how would you be willing yourself if you don't fulfill my wish and my hopes towards you?"

Hearing this, Ling Tian laughed again as he replied, "Funny, really funny! This whole thing is too amusing!"

Justice also let out a loud laugh, "Interesting, very interesting! This is indeed fascinating!"

At the moment, there was already countless Western Han soldiers as well as the XiMen Family's experts all gathered under their feet, but no one dared to make a move!

Everyone present knew what sort of people these two were! Either one of them, if angered, would be enough to plunge the entire Western Han into perpetual misery!

Everyone was puzzled, what exactly were they talking about? Why couldn't they make head or tail of it?

If they were to hear that Ling Tian would want to fulfill Justice's dreams, and that was to preserve his life, but Justice was hell-bent on destroying his own dreams, chances were that they would be hugging their heads in pain at this concept! They would think that these two were not geniuses, but madmen!

There really only exists a thin border between being a genius and being a madman!

The targets in question apparently realized that the people below them were full of questions. Tilting their heads down to look at the crowd, they started laughing even harder!

With their continuing laughter, Ling Tian's body started to gently float, and he spoke, "Justice, I'm now going to start fulfilling your dreams. If you have the capability, then come after me! It's too chaotic here, and if you want to make a fool of yourself, that's up to you!"

Justice heartily responded, "Good, then I'll follow you. Find a place with good fortune, and I'll see whether you really can fulfill my dream, or whether I will end up killing this dream of mine!"

Ling Tian's laughter traveled from afar, "Fantastic!"

With a laugh, Justice's figure blurred and disappeared under the watchful gazes of all below!

The duo appeared like wisps of smoke, flying out of the city gates at a rapid speed, dashing across the desolate plains!

While Justice had not reached the absolute limits of his speed and only leisurely kept a small distance between him and Ling Tian, he was already using about 80% of his current strength. This was an unprecedented case for him, to use that amount against a single target! His sixth senses were all activated so that even while speeding along, his perception remained locked onto Ling Tian!

In his heart, not only was Ling Tian better than everyone else in martial arts but also full of plots and schemes. Thus, the city was not a good place for him to take action. The moment Ling Tian used his movement techniques before him, he would have already fallen into a disadvantage, and that kid would immediately take the chance to pull away from him and escape from his sight!

He would never allow such a matter to happen again! Thus, he maintained an absolute distance between them, never to overtake him but not lagging so far that he could not react in time! He wanted to see what Ling Tian was up to, but the moment Ling Tian pulled a trick, he would display his maximum speed and settle the score!

To be able to allow Ling Tian to escape from his clutches, and accompany him to reach the pinnacle of martial arts was probably the only dream for Justice right now, and also his only hope! However, Justice would not give up the mission of the Martial Order Medallion just for his own desires! And even more so, would not be lenient on Ling Tian for this sort of 'chance' for him to reach the peak! Even if Ling Tian survived this, he still had to rely on his own strength, or find a way to counter Justice's killing art, to avoid him for another half a year!

However, for Justice's killing art, there was no way right now that Ling Tian could attempt to counter it! Even if he had broken through his previous realm, it was still merely a pipe dream. Thus, even if Ling Tian could hide from Justice for awhile, he could not hide forever!

Thus this time, it was obvious that Ling Tian had a chance to escape from the clutches of Justice! It was a chance that Justice was giving to Ling Tian!

The only chance he would ever give!

However, Ling Tian's actions puzzled Justice to no end!

While Ling Tian's speed was fast, there was no urgency behind it, and he even merely ran in a straight line, without any effort to throw off his pursuit, as though he was leading Justice to a location!

What was he playing at? Looking for death? To speed on like that, sapping on each other's strength, the final victor would definitely be Justice! The longer this took, the more unfavorable it was to Ling Tian. Since he was smart enough to know this, then it did not make sense that he would proceed in such a leisurely fashion. A hint of anger appeared in Justice's heart! Did you think that I would be lenient just because of my dreams? If you're thinking along this line, then you're horribly wrong! This mistake will make you end up in the yellow springs, stepping onto the path of no return!

The two of their respective movement skills had already reached a startling level, with only blurred images flashing by. Very soon, they had left the vicinity of Celestial Gathering City, entering the nearest forest!

Beautiful hills, lush green growth, and verdant pine trees were everywhere!

On a small road in the forest, the slim figure of a woman dressed in blue could be seen, leisurely strolling onward. Her face was covered by a mask, but her eyes revealed her graceful temperament and charm. It was just that hidden deep inside was a bone-chilling cold that flashed from time to time!