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Chapter 388: Counterattack

Chapter 388: Counterattack

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The delicate figure suddenly bent her waist and stretched out her hand, picking up a faint purple colored grass. A hint of a smile appeared on the corners of her mouth as she muttered to herself, "Seems like these should be enough. I've already left the house for such a long time. I guess it's time to return."

She had barely finished speaking when her expression changed. Her entire body stiffened, and she suddenly leaped up to a tree branch, staring into the distance.

A snow-white figure drew a beautiful arc in mid-air, cutting through the air! Close behind him was a faint blue figure, almost sticking to him, but his posture appeared relaxed and lazy. However, both their speeds were like lightning itself!

"To think that this land could actually give rise to such experts!" The female spoke to herself once again. She suddenly had the urge to go over to see the commotion, as though the warrior's spirit inside her had suddenly awoken. Her strong spiritual sense retracted, and two rays of ice-cold light shot forth from her eyes!

The world really was not how Ling Tian had envisioned it to be. The heavens and earth would definitely produce generations after generations of outstanding people. Just her movement technique was enough to place her in the realm of the experts, although movement techniques were not everything in martial arts!

However, she suddenly shook her head mockingly, as she whispered to herself, "Whatever they are doing is not my business. Why should I create trouble for myself?" With a light laugh, she prepared to hop down out of the tree.

The moment she sent her spiritual sense over, both Justice and Ling Tian immediately perceived it as well. Both glanced over in her direction, as they could feel that there was a person hiding there who was another peerless expert!

However, their thinking was completely different!

Justice's thinking was that Ling Tian had, according to his expectations, found an outstanding expert to assist him. The person also felt like the white-robed female who had exchanged a few moves with him back at Sky Bearing, but the current person was much stronger! If she were to assist Ling Tian, then the chance of him escaping would be much higher! The only problem was if Ling Tian had already arranged an ambush with an assistant in advance, then he would no longer have the capability to become his opponent in the future, and he could also put forth his full strength to silence Ling Tian without any concerns! Thus, he was in a sense hoping for Ling Tian to have set up this ambush, but also disappointed in his future rival!

And in Ling Tian's thinking, based on how Justice had his pride as a pinnacle expert, he would not stoop so low as to find an assistant to stop him! He could feel that the person, while not having strength on par with Justice, was actually approaching him. This was really the case of the heavens and earth will produce experts every generation. He had thought himself all high and mighty, but then along came a Justice, and now this mysterious expert. With such strong spiritual sense, how could it be an ordinary senior?

If that person was in league with Justice, then it would not be good for him at all. However, Ling Tian thought some more, and immediately rejected this idea. With Justice's pride, he would never stoop to let another person handle his work! If he really had this idea, then he would never have reached his current heights! Thus, this could only be attributed to… coincidence!

Both individuals had their own thoughts and immediately made their own decisions in a split second. Ling Tian made the first move, passing by a tree, he suddenly twisted his body, his movements resembling a soaring dragon as he casually turned towards the source!

Facing this person with such godly spiritual sense, Ling Tian would of course not attempt to provoke her if they did not present themselves as the enemy. The farther away he was, the better! However, he believed that the same concept did not apply to Justice, as given his boredom and search for the martial pinnacle, such a person would be like a traveler seeing water in a desert, and he would not give up the chance to make a new friend!

Thus, Ling Tian chose to dash toward that particular direction! So long as Justice developed an interest towards the person, even just a little, Ling Tian could take the chance to escape from his grasp!

Ling Tian's original goal was simply to treat Justice like a whetstone, to see how much he had improved since the last time! However, he, of course, had a backup plan! Even if he was not a match for Justice, Ling Tian had an absolute guarantee to preserve his life!

However, the events that just unfolded made Ling Tian change his mind completely! While the person wasn't Justice's friend, friends and foe are not easily distinguishable. While Ling Tian was far away from his home ground, his figure and name was already a focal point, with the pursuit of the Martial Order being placed on him. This would cause many powers to covet what he had, and they all planned to take advantage of him while he was down! While the woman he sensed might not know whom he was, but after she found out, what she would do to him would be another question altogether!

Thus, he could not take the danger right now! This wasn't the time to take risks either!

The figure in question watched coldly as Ling Tian flitted from far away over and past her, however, when Ling Tian dashed past her using his movement techniques, her figure trembled, and she almost fell from the tree.

"Divine Shocking Dragon Formula!"

The female lost her composure and almost shouted these words out! Astonishment was written in her eyes as her body stiffened. Many thoughts ran unbidden through her mind, of happiness, disappointment, regret, reminiscence… her body swayed along with the wind created by Ling Tian, as she stared at the direction he was headed, feeling very much emotional!

Ling Tian's sudden increase in speed left Justice startled. Justice did not take any interest in the woman at the tree, contrary to Ling Tian's belief!

However great her martial skills were, she was still a woman! A gentleman should never pick a fight with a lady! This was the thinking ingrained inside of Justice, so he did not stop in the slightest, as he found Ling Tian more worthy as compared to the woman! Thus, he turned a blind eye to the woman and rushed after Ling Tian without the slightest deviation!

Seeing Ling Tian rushing forward rapidly, Justice laughed out, "Ling Tian, so you finally can't take it anymore?" His laughter resounded around the forest, like a gale tearing through! Justice's body blurred in an instant as he increased his speed to the maximum!

"Ling Tian… what a coincidence… it seems like this really is him…" On hearing the name, another tremor ran through the female, and faint watery sparkles dotted her eyelashes and eyes. She bit her lip as she watched the duo disappearing in the distance. Finally, she could not control herself any longer and rose up from where she stood, floating after the two of them. Under her movement technique, every single branch she stepped on along the way turned into an ice sculpture, with the leaves attached all falling to the ground!

This sort of strange yet potent martial art resembled the Divine Ice Formula that Ling Chen used, however, comparing Ling Chen's skills to hers was like comparing an ant to a giant!

Seeing Justice persistently locked onto him, Ling Tian smacked his head in frustration. Seeing how Justice operated, he should have been clear that Justice was a male chauvinist at heart, so how would he develop an interest in a lady expert without any background? What a failure of a plan!

Ling Tian had no other choice. His movement techniques suddenly took on another change, suddenly speeding up and slowing down, burst movements and stationary at times, with a myriad of changes! This was his trump card used against Justice, the pinnacle level movement technique of the Divine Shocking Dragon Formula, "Movement of the Nimble Dragon"! It was by using this mysterious technique that he had avoided Justice at the start!

Justice laughed coldly at this. He was extremely clear that this set of skills caused him to suffer a great disadvantage the last time he pursued Ling Tian. It was a huge headache for him to counter Ling Tian the last time. But this time was different! Ling Tian was firmly fixed in his sights, and like how the same scheme would not work on a person twice, the same skill would not be as effective the second time!

The duo exchanged in a lightning speed race, both sides unable to shake off the other. Ling Tian blew across another mountain area with his Nimble Dragon technique, and Justice immediately frowned when he saw that, increasing his speed up by another notch! He was well aware that in such complex terrains, the chances of Ling Tian escaping were much higher, and if he was tardy, then Ling Tian would immediately vanish from his sight! Justice had full confidence that this time, Ling Tian was unable to extricate himself!

Ling Tian now was one who had abandoned everything in order to escape!

Thus, Justice threw in his all to chase!

The very instant Justice lurched forward, he found himself looking at the cold and merciless beam of a sword, indomitably pressing towards him, as though nothing could stop it!

Hidden within the sword beams was an intricately designed Ten Millennia, Thousand Petaled Chrysanthemum in full bloom! Justice could clearly see every petal within the forest of sword beams. This flower was extremely dazzling, blooming in its full glory!

Behind this breathtaking scene was the life-extinguishing killing intent! Black Iron Sword!

Justice's figure seemed to have been completely devoured by this startling sword strike! At this point, a loud shout came from Justice's mouth as internal energy poured out of him. At the same time, he raised both his palms and slapped with a mountain shattering strength! At the same time, the tips of his feet that were originally propelling him forward suddenly changed directions, kicking up a pile of dirt towards Ling Tian!

Under this show of power, Justice attempted to rapidly propel himself back, but he had only taken two steps back, and was unable to avoid the sword strike! He borrowed on the momentum gained while retreating, rushing up to the sky like a white crane, soaring towards the nine heavens!