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Chapter 389: Creation and Legacy

Chapter 389: Creation and Legacy

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Amid the brilliant sword lights, Ling Tian let out a hearty laugh, "Justice, how does this move taste? May you bestow me your teachings!" Following that, the sword lights spun around and had actually changed directions without any difficulty. Despite making a sudden change in direction, the might of the sword was actually not reduced in the slightest and even increased by a good 30%! It charged towards Justice's ascending figure and chased after him closely!

What a frightening and tyrannical sword! If Justice didn't deal with it properly, there probably wouldn't be a Justice in the world after today!

However, there are no 'if's' and Justice was fully prepared for Ling Tian's attack. Before he had reached his maximum altitude, Justice had already adjusted his breathing and said with a calm smile, "The taste of your attack is wonderful indeed! It is a pity that this sudden attack of yours isn't anything new! For you to use the same attack over and over again, it is getting boring!"

Stretching out his arms, a sword appeared in his right hand and as he spun it around like a pinwheel. In the skies, thousands of swords suddenly appeared and formed a glowing ball of light, trapping Justice within it. Being trapped in the ball of light, Justice flipped around and faced the ground instead, with thousands of sword shadows gathering together like a hundred streams blending to form a river, condensing together to form a gigantic sword! The majestic sword smashed down towards Ling Tian's ball of sword light with a grandeur that wanted to sunder the heavens! The might of the sword strike seemed as though it would split a mountain cleanly into half!

As both the sword lights came into contact, a 'bo bo' sound was heard, as though bubbles were being burst. Who would have thought that the collision of these two earth-shattering moves would make such a small commotion? It could not even be compared to the sound two children made when bickering!

The round ball of sword light rose up again and shot towards the skies, assaulting Justice from all directions and chasing after him mercilessly!

Ling Tian's figure shot towards a huge tree and he lightly tapped on the body of the tree. He then sprung off the tree and did a somersault in the air. Then, a splendor of sword lights suddenly exploded forth from his body and extended thirty feet in all direction! It was as though a huge golden lotus had bloomed at that very moment!

With a flash of green light, Justice charged forward with his sword and arrived like a shooting star, charging right into Ling Tian's sword net without a single trace of wariness!

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!...

Both their swords clashed consecutively as the sound of metal ringing filled the air. With a sudden loud bang, their palms struck each other and they both let out a low grunt! The sword lights were immediately dispersed as the two figures separated in two different directions!

Right at this moment, a huge explosion sounded at the place where they had crossed swords and the fallen leaves were sent flying in all directions! After they had exchanged blows, their inner qi was suspended in mid-air without being unleashed and had only exploded forth at this moment!

With the sword in his hand, Ling Tian stood on top of a branch steadily with a trace of blood trickling down the corner of his lips. At the same time, his clothes had been cut up in at least seven to eight places and while his skin wasn't injured, inner qi had invaded his body and the meridians all over his body were aching. But despite all that, his gaze was still sharp and expression calm.

Fifty feet away, Justice stood atop a small branch barely the thickness of his pinky. As the branch swayed slightly in the wind, Justice's body also rose and fell rhythmically. At the same time, his face was filled with a tinge of appreciation and shock!

The progress of Ling Tian's martial arts was largely out of his expectations! After not seeing Ling Tian for a mere three days, Ling Tian had actually forced him to use 80% of his strength! He even had to use the first strike of the 'Three Extinguishing Strikes of the Universe' that he created!

Despite that, he was only able to force Ling Tian into a retreat. While he had the absolute advantage in this exchange and had even injured Ling Tian with his sword qi, he wasn't able to kill Ling Tian with that attack! Furthermore, despite Ling Tian looking as though his injuries were severe, he definitely had the strength to put up a final fight!

This little fellow isn't simple indeed! He does indeed have the chance to fulfill my wish!

After a few exchanges, Justice had already discovered a shocking truth. Be it Ling Tian's sword skills, palm strikes, movement techniques or cultivation method, they were all extremely mysterious and mystical! They were all at the very peak of the world and were even slightly more powerful than his own. The most baffling thing was without a doubt Ling Tian's strange cultivation method. Their Beyond Heavens cultivation method had always been at the peak of the world, and after listening to Ye QingChen's previous description, Justice had thought that it was just Ye QingChen overly praising the younger generation. But now that he was facing it himself, he could truly feel just how exquisite Ling Tian's cultivation method was. Just the exquisiteness of Ling Tian's martial skills was already far above the thousand-year legacy of their Beyond Heavens! This was an undeniable fact!

Justice was certain that the foundation of Ling Tian's mystical movement techniques was definitely based on his cultivation method. Both the movement techniques and cultivation must have supplemented each of their weaknesses, resulting in such a mystical effect. As for himself, if not for his many years of combat experience, dense inner qi, one of a kind movement technique, and mystical feeling after breaking through into the Martial Way realm, it would have been impossible for him to chase after Ling Tian successfully!

The thing which Justice felt the strangest was the fact that Ling Tian's cultivation method wasn't in their Beyond Heaven's records! After ruling over the pugilistic world for a thousand years, Beyond Heavens had a clear grasp of all the various cultivation methods in the continent! Not to mention such a mystical cultivation method like Ling Tian's, as long as there was something slightly special about a cultivation method, Beyond Heavens would have a detailed explanation of it!

As long as a cultivation method had appeared in the pugilistic world before, traces of it would definitely be seen in the records of Beyond Heavens! Even the Violent Devil Formula that Ren PingSheng cultivated was in the records of Beyond Heavens! If Beyond Heavens did not have the records of a particular cultivation method, there could only be two explanations for it. First, there wasn't anything special about it. Second, the cultivation method had never appeared in the world before! As for Ling Tian, his case was obviously the second!

Justice had never paid much attention to this point before and now that he thought about it closely, he was in shock! He then thought about Ling Chen's palm strike when he was back in the Ling Residence! That bone-chilling palm strike that wanted to freeze up his meridians was very possibly a variation of Ling Tian's ever-changing cultivation method!

To think that such mystical martial arts had never been seen in the pugilistic world before! What did this signify? Furthermore, since such a cultivation method had never appeared in the pugilistic world before, how could Ling Tian's mystical sword skills and palm strikes be explained? It might be explained that Ling Tian's cultivation did not appear in the pugilistic world because of it being a concealed inheritance. However, those mystical martial skills of Ling Tian could never achieve such heights without hundreds of years of evolution.

Just what exactly was Ling Tian's origin? Everything about him was always filled with oddity and covered in a layer of mystery!

Could there be another mysterious sect hidden in the world? Justice's gaze towards Ling Tian had changed again.

No matter what, killing Ling Tian was the mission of the Martial Order Medallion and even if killing Ling Tian would incite the furious revenge of the mysterious power behind him, Justice had no choice but to do so!

Furthermore, it might not be a bad thing for such a powerful enemy to seek revenge on him!

Ling Tian would naturally not know of the many thoughts that had passed through Justice's mind. He wiped off the blood by his lips and circulated his inner qi slightly. Feeling the unobstructed flow of his inner qi, Ling Tian could not help but be elated! Even if he did not dare to believe it, Ling Tian knew that his martial arts had made a huge improvement! Just three days ago, he had made use his environment and timing to launch an ambush against Justice but was injured in a single exchange. Now, he was able to fight Justice for such a long time. Despite being on the losing end and even spitting out a few mouthfuls of blood, he was able to fight Justice head-on!

Originally, Justice had the strength to kill him in a single blow. But now, he could fight Justice at the very least!

Ling Tian could clearly feel that despite not breaking through into the tenth stage, he had broken through in his martial arts realm! He was like a monk who had just achieved sudden enlightenment!

Such a realm was something that he had never experienced in his previous life!

Both of them stood opposite each other with various thoughts in their mind. However, none of them realized that a blue figure had already approached their battle and hid behind a huge tree. As the figure looked towards Ling Tian, a complicated expression could be seen in her eyes and that gaze of hers seemed to have pierced through samsara!

Ling Tian's gaze shot towards Justice like two bolts of lightning as he said with a bright smile, "Justice, it seems like it isn't too difficult for me to fulfill your wish."

"I would love to agree with you, but I have to tell you that you are still lacking!" Justice said with a sneer, "Your mystical cultivation technique, movement technique, and sword skills may be your advantage but they are only enough for you to preserve your life! However, this is also where your weakness lies! In the world, an advantage would definitely come with a disadvantage. While such a mysterious cultivation method would help you to rank amongst the experts of the world, it has also restricted your talents! No matter how mystical your cultivation method is, it still isn't yours after all! No matter how mystical your sword skills are, they aren't yours! No matter how deep your comprehension of them is, they belong to your senior but not you! You have only inherited the wisdom of your senior but have not truly created your own!"

"As for me, I have melded together all the martial arts in Beyond Heavens to create a new path! A path that belongs to me! With my self-created cultivation method and you sticking to your old ways, your death would be certain if this battle were to continue!" Justice said proudly, "If I want to kill you, it would still be an easy task!"