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Chapter 390: Frontal Clash

Chapter 390: Frontal Clash
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Ling Tian paused in shock. If someone else had said this, Ling Tian would have shown him disdain and snorted at him. However, the person speaking was the top expert of this world, Justice! Ling Tian could not be indifferent to his words, and neither did he think that Justice would speak thus in order to sway his confidence, as there was no need!

Just this simple sentence caused Ling Tian to feel as though one of his inhibitions had suddenly collapsed, opening up a wide new panorama. He laughed out loud, "Interesting! Hahaha… Justice, you're indeed the leader in this present, indeed a grandmaster in the martial arts! Just a simple sentence from you could actually solve a problem that has been plaguing me for a long time! I only have the word 'admiration' for you. I really have to thank you for this, hmm, that's it! To repay you for your words, I'll do all I can to fulfill your dream!"

Justice did not know whether he should laugh or cry. He could hear the joy and gratitude in Ling Tian's words, but his last sentence made him want to go ahead and wring his neck. What fulfill my dream, it's more like you're trying to protect your little life!

"Since that's the case, then show me your full capabilities, how much you've improved! Let me see what kind of strength you have to help me achieve my dreams!" Justice coldly remarked as he brandished the sword in his hand. He was just about to charge ahead when his facial expression changed, and his body froze rigidly on the spot.

At this moment, the longsword in his hand fractured into tiny pieces and fell on the ground with clear tinkling sounds.

Justice's sword was originally cast from steel that had been reforged a thousand times and was extremely tenacious. All these years, it had remained unblemished, but facing Ling Tian's sword that was wrapped with a layer of black iron, it of course lost in terms of sharpness! If it wasn't for the density of Justice's internal energy, his sword would have long ago been sliced in half. However, to have exchanged so many blows, the old wounds of the sword earlier on had been aggravated, and it finally shattered!

"While I have no sword in hand, it is still not a difficult matter to take a life!" Justice stared at his treasured sword of many decades, strong emotions surfacing in his eyes, but he spoke to Ling Tian with a voice devoid of emotion.

Ling Tian laughed out, "Feeling the heartbreak? A perfectly fine treasured sword, how many years has it already accompanied you?" In Ling Tian's eyes, a blazing sharp radiance could be seen. He had accurately caught the intensity of Justice's emotions in that instant, and he felt as though he had witnessed something, causing his heart to palpitate!

From the intense emotions he perceived from Justice upon seeing his broken sword, Ling Tian could acutely sense the realm Justice was currently at, and also immediately saw clearly the mysterious realm that Justice wished to obtain. You could even say that a single sentence from Ling Tian would be enough for Justice to become a Buddha on the spot, achieving enlightenment! However, Ling Tian would never say that sentence!

Justice pointed out the flaws in Ling Tian's martial arts because he was confident that no matter how much Ling Tian could improve, he was still unable to be his equal in this short time. He was full of praise for Ling Tian's innate talent and could not wait for even a second for Ling Tian to grow even stronger, at a faster pace!

However, if Ling Tian were to guide Justice in his martial arts, that would be helping to hammer the nails in his own coffin! Justice now was already someone far above him, and if he was allowed to break through further, then Ling Tian would not even have half a chance of surviving! Thus, instead of pointing out his flaws, Ling Tian might as well just use his sword to slit his throat! That was why he remained silent all this time.

"Ling Tian, you could speak for your own sword!" Justice coldly stared at him. "So it turns out that the Smoky Thea Tower in Sky Bearing is also your subordinate, and you even have the ability to smelt the mysterious black iron! While it is your ability, but… do you think the sword in your hands can still endure your internal energy? While it is wrapped with black iron and far outstrips ordinary steel, it is in the end not fully integrated with it!"

Ling Tian replied with a cheery smile, "However, if my sword had a spirit, I believe it would be incomparably honored to be treated as such! This is because it was able to end in mutual destruction with the Martial Head's treasured sword! Isn't this the case of being with us in spirit?"

Justice's face grew cold as he hollered, "Then you can accompany me in spirit as well!" He flew over, just like a primordial roc spreading its wings, covering the entire sky!"

The Heavens and Earth shall be Extinguished!

At this moment, Justice finally poured forth all his true abilities! The might and power of this strike were far above that of the 'Three Extinguishing Strikes of the Universe' that he had used previously. It gave off the feeling of being pressured by the surrounding mountains and tributaries! While the sun still blazed ardently in the sky, Ling Tian felt as though the entire heavens and earth had been suppressed, losing their original colors! The palms of Justice were enlarged manifolds, and rushed forwards, filling up every inch of space as they compressed together. Every single palm shadow brought only one news, that of death!

The surrounding atmosphere seemed to have been held in place and Ling Tian felt as though he was being suffocated! This divine skill seemed to have directly robbed all of present creation!

Justice did indeed live up to the name of being the Martial Order Medallion owner!

Ling Tian's face turned solemn as he flicked his wrists and gathered his inner qi. With a 'kacha' sound, the sword in his hand exploded into numerous fragments and shot towards Justice's body like a thunderstorm! At the same time, his right shoulder jerked and three silver needles shot out towards Justice's chest. With the flash of a silver light, the silver needles then shot towards Justice's eyes as though the silver needles had eyes of their own!

Justice did not avoid Ling Tian's attack at all and sent out both his palms to welcome Ling Tian's attack. Before the broken sword pieces could even reach his clothes, they were already sent flying in all different directions! Justice's inner qi-filled palms were about to come into contact with Ling Tian's body and once his attack connected, all of Ling Tian's abilities would be rendered useless! However, Ling Tian actually recklessly lifted up his palms and welcomed Justice's attack without avoiding it in the slightest! At the same time, a profound smile could even be seen on his face! In the face of Justice's tyrannical attacks, Ling Tian's actions were no different from suicide!

Right at this moment, Justice's face changed completely and he retracted his palms quickly as he cursed, "Ling Tian you despicable brat! Another devious trick of yours!" Justice actually did not dare to meet Ling Tian's palms and he retreated back thirty feet. Turning around, Justice waved his inner qi-filled sleeves and he actually looked slightly frantic!

Three 'ding' sounds could be heard and Justice glared at Ling Tian with a solemn expression. "Where did you get all these sinister hidden weapons from?" Traces of exasperation could actually be heard in his tone! At the same time, Justice's forehead was also filled with beads of sweat. Facing that attack, Justice could feel a sense of lingering fear!

"How about that? It doesn't feel good, right?" While Ling Tian was chuckling on the surface, he was astounded in his heart! Only Ling Tian knew just how tyrannical the hidden weapons he just used were! Furthermore, he caught Justice off-guard, and Justice was still able to avoid it!

Ling Tian had previously used silver needles to ambush Justice more than once before but Justice had always taken care of the needles easily. However, these three silver needles that he had just used almost caused Justice to lose his life. It forced Justice to exhaust a large amount of inner qi and use all of his capability before he could narrowly avoid the three silver needles!

These three silver needles were extremely different from the ones he used in his previous life! Ling Tian had formed them by extracting the essence of the Ice Soul Jade and forged it into a very special arc. They were made specially to break through the inner qi of a martial arts expert! If a person were to use his inner qi to deal with the silver needles, the needles could flow along the inner qi and penetrate the source of the inner qi. The stronger the inner qi used against it, the faster the speed of the needle! As long as the needle could pierce through the skin of an individual, it would be able to enter into one's bloodstream and pierce through his heart!

Even if you were a peerless expert, death was the only outcome when being hit with this silver needle! Even with Ling Tian's wealth and manpower, he was only able to forge ten of these vicious silver needles! It can be seen just how difficult a task forging them was!

Exerting force on his palms, the silver needles suddenly seemed to be alive and pierced through his inner qi seal, with their speed increasing three times! They had actually ignored Justice's peerless inner qi! Justice was shocked in his heart and immediately understood what was special about these silver needles. Despite retreating quickly, the silver needles still charged at him mercilessly with their speed even faster than his own!

Knowing that the silver needles were created to deal with an expert's inner qi, Justice no longer dared to use his palms to receive the needles. Instead, he gathered his pure XianTian inner qi on his sleeves and swung it out like a sheet of metal. At the final moment, the three silver needles finally turned slightly, brushed past his arm and were nailed to the ground!

In just this short instant, the Martial Order Medallion owner had almost entered the gates of hell!

Justice could feel that he had just brushed past the god of death as a sense of lingering fear filled his heart! This was the first time in many years where he could feel the feeling of death so near him!

This little brat is just too vicious!

A ball of anger rose in Justice's heart and he wanted to pounce at Ling Tian again. But before he could do that, Ling Tian let out a loud roar and made a preemptive strike instead! He had launched his attack at this number one expert in the world, the Martial Order Medallion owner of Beyond Heavens!

Ling Tian's left hand grabbed towards his waist and his right towards his bosom. The next moment, the sky was filled with a white shadow, and Justice was surrounded by Ling Tian's attacks!

In Ling Tian's left hand, his belt was held firmly and as he brandished it, a flurry of white shadows filled the place. In his right hand was another short sword gleaming menacingly at Justice. In the white shadows, another thousand brilliant rays of sword qi were added!

Concerning the weapons, one was firm while the other soft and it was as though there were two Ling Tian's attacking with the might of his attacks doubling!

As Ling Tian's figure danced around in the sky, his white robes looked as though they were white clouds that covered the sky! The prestige of Ling Tian's tyrannical attack was even slightly above Justice's previous attack!