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Chapter 391: Many Tricks Up His Sleeves

Chapter 391: Many Tricks Up His Sleeves
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Justice's face changed as he charged in and struck out his palm in the midst of Ling Tian's all-encompassing attack. His attack was like a gigantic ax cleaving through the mountain without showing a single trace of mercy! Each of his attacks was out for Ling Tian's life, but because he just used his killer move and had to avoid the three silver needles, he had exhausted a great deal of his inner qi and thus the strength of his attack was reduced! For a moment, Justice was actually on the losing side while facing Ling Tian's attacks!

With two 'pa pa' sounds, Justice's palms connected with Ling Tian's belt and with a rush of his inner qi, he felt his palms turning numb! Ling Tian's belt actually contained a trick! It looked like silk but wasn't silk. It looked like gold but wasn't gold either. While it was as soft as an ordinary cloth, its tensile strength was extremely high and was able to absorb impacts extremely well! Justice's powerful palm strike was easily neutralized by that soft belt and even rebounded to him! Ling Tian was actually using his own strength against him!

However, how would Justice be able to know that while the belt looked extremely harmless on the surface, Ling Tian had used a full five years to search the entire continent and slowly collected heavenly silk to weave his belt! It was immune to water and flame, and weapons would not be able to slash through it. It was able to be firm and soft and was extremely unpredictable! Furthermore, the three silver needles which were meant to break through one's inner qi were also his final trump card!

Ling Tian's belt was brandished around like an agile snake. At the start, Ling Tian's belts made 'zu zu' sounds and at the very end, the sounds joined together and created a loud whistling sound in the sky. It was as though the gates of hell were opening up and millions of ghosts were crying out together! As Ling Tian brandished his belt, the originally sunny and bright space turned ghastly and eerie like the yellow springs of the underworld!

His full strength strike!

This was Ling Tian's full strength! The first time in his life where he used his full strength!

His strange cultivation technique, his strange movement techniques, his strange weapon and his vicious hidden weapons displayed their full potential! It formed an inescapable net of attack and was like the waves of a huge ocean surging endlessly with each wave being higher and more ferocious than the previous.

Justice's face regained his calm, and his slim figure was like a pool of still water, standing straight without any motion. His eyes were shining clearly as he countered Ling Tian's attacks calmly and without being flustered.

Ling Tian's attacks were strange and unfathomable, but Justice's defense was upright and frank!

Despite Ling Tian looking extremely majestic at the moment and looking as though he was the attacking party, he was actually crying out bitterly in his heart. Under such attacks, be it the attacking or defending party, none of them could let down their guard for even the slightest of instant! They could only give it their all but both were extremely clear that they wouldn't be able to keep this up for long. It was impossible for Ling Tian to deal with Justice in a single breath and the price for Ling Tian's current advantage was the exhaustion of his inner qi and physical strength! It was impossible for Ling Tian to keep this up for long, and the moment he exhausted himself and allowed Justice to go on the offense, his loss would be certain and his life would be on the line! If Ling Tian wanted to escape in such a scenario, he would have to pay a heavy price!

In the midst of their ferocious battle, Ling Tian suddenly let out a roar and his originally pale shadow sped up further and disappeared in absolute speed. Justice suddenly felt the pressure around him increase further and it was as though a dragon had descended from the skies and surrounded him. At the same time, Ling Tian's seemed to have turned into a sword, ax, hammer, and more, altogether eighteen different weapons!

With Justice's abundant combat experience, he was extremely clear that while Ling Tian's attacks were suddenly more powerful, Ling Tian was beginning to feel exhausted and could not hold on for long! As long as he could hold up his defenses for a while more, it would be Ling Tian's turn to be in trouble. However, Justice did not want to do that because the best defense would always be a good offense!

Defeating power with power! Defeat Ling Tian when he launches his strongest strike! Let this little brat know that there will always be someone more powerful!

Justice let out a low roar and the crisp roar sounded like the roar of the dragon emperor. It was continuous and dense, prolonged and powerful as it rose up to the skies. Following the dragon-like roar, a thin figure made his move and the next instant, nine clear images of Justice appeared. They each had the same appearance, same action, and same demeanor. Each of them had crouched down slightly and sent out both their palms at the same time!

Beyond Heaven's supreme palm art, Nine-nine Lotus Seats!

The moment this move was unleashed the skies seemed to have split apart with the weather changing!

Ling Tian's figure had split into thousands of them before finally disappearing. However, Justice had transformed into nine identical images with each and every figure unleashing a palm strike capable of shattering the earth! Each of these nine figures was definitely not an illusion but a physical entity! This was an almost unbelievable miracle!

With a 'zu' sound, the countless figures of Ling Tian were destroyed and Ling Tian's true figure was revealed. Facing Justice, his face was solemn and the heavenly silk belt in his hands swung around like the tail of a dragon. At the same time, Ling Tian's figure retreated swiftly like a formless ghost.

All of a sudden, one of Justice's nine figures disappeared and a violent palm strike shot out towards Ling Tian's belt. Like a snake being struck, the belt curled up lifelessly and Ling Tian's face first turned red before turning pale. Following that, Ling Tian retreated swiftly!

The second figure disappeared! Another powerful blow landed and Ling Tian retreated further!

The third figure…

Ling Tian had already retreated eight times, and blood was flowing down the corner of his lips. The bones on his body were all fractured and his gaze turned confused. Ling Tian's injuries were obviously heavy!

Justice let out a long sigh and said with a trace of pity, "Ling Tian, now that things have turned out like this, give up!"

The last figure did not disappear but charged towards Ling Tian like a shooting star. Before Justice arrived, Ling Tian could already feel the pressure from the palm strike!

The might of this palm strike was at least three times of the previous eight!

A sure-kill palm strike!

Ling Tian straightened his body, and his eyes became clear! Ling Tian had fully grasped the difference between both their martial arts from this battle, and the following moment would decide whether or not he could retreat!

The road to life is found from death!

Ling Tian's retreating figure suddenly halted in mid-air and he began spinning both his arms around. Then, with the force of thousands of kilograms, he shot his palms out!

After Ling Tian had unleashed his palm strike, the temperature of the surroundings suddenly shot up and all the vegetation in the surrounding 50 feet withered from the heat!

Ling Tian had transformed his Divine Shocking Dragon Formula into a pure Yang energy and charged towards Justice with his killing blow!

At the same time, the golden crown tying Ling Tian's hair together shattered with a 'peng' and Ling Tian's black hair stood up straight. Among the dense black hair, three golden lights flickered and shot towards Justice!

To think that such a sinister hidden weapon would be hidden in Ling Tian's hair!

Justice's eyes flickered and a violent gaze shot out from his eyes. He had kept his guard up towards Ling Tian's numerous and strange hidden weapons and already left 30% of his strength to deal with it. Justice's figure suddenly spun around in mid-air and a strong cyclone was created, pulling the surrounding vegetation up from their roots as they spun around him protectively, forming a thick barrier! In the powerful cyclone, not to mention three golden needles, even if there were thousands of javelins being thrown at him, they would definitely not be able to puncture it!

At the same time, Justice's palms did not pause and shot out towards Ling Tian!

His first two palm strikes were obviously heavy and Justice could clearly feel Ling Tian's scorching inner qi. However, Justice's next few palms had missed completely as though he was hitting air and had no resistance at all. At the same time, the surrounding temperature grew higher and higher as though Ling Tian was still attacking!

The sole purpose of Justice for creating such a powerful cyclone was to block the three golden lights that Ling Tian had sent out. Justice was certain that those three golden lights were definitely sinister hidden weapons created specially to break through the inner qi of an expert. For an expert like Justice, he had always considered all possibilities for a loss before considering his chance to win. However, Justice felt that something was extremely strange at this moment, and even with his steady character he was beginning to lose his cool! Together with the rising temperature of his surroundings and the fact that he didn't know what Ling Tian's plan was, Justice finally revealed himself!

Seeing the scene in front of him, Justice was angered to the point he began to let out steam!

His surroundings had actually turned into a sea of fire! The reason why Ling Tian had escaped here was because this place was filled with pine and cypress trees. Both trees were abundant in oil and were extremely flammable. Under the heat of his pure Yang inner qi, it was like adding oil to a fire and the flames rose to more than 30 feet high!

As Justice looked at a branch near his feet, he saw it glittering slightly and almost puked blood from anger! Three normal golden needles were stuck there harmlessly and were completely different from the vicious hidden weapons he was thinking about! As they glimmered in the heat, it was as though they were mocking Justice for his stupidity! As for Ling Tian, he had already disappeared completely!

The only thing that consoled Justice was the large puddle of blood where Ling Tian was originally standing! Under his earth-shattering attacks, Ling Tian had suffered serious internal injuries! Under his sure-kill Nine-nine Lotus Seats, Ling Tian could not avoid damage!

Justice stood there silently and stretched out his senses. In just a single moment, he had locked onto Ling Tian's escaping direction and wanted to give chase.

But just at this moment, Justice suddenly felt a strong killing intent with a bone-chilling frost. As though it wanted to freeze the heavens and earth, it approached Justice from behind him!

The whole earth was frozen! The meridians in Justice's body were almost all frozen!