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Chapter 392: Tricked

Chapter 392: Tricked

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At this point, a wave of piercingly sharp killing intent could be detected behind Justice, carrying a bone-chilling cold as though it wished to freeze the heavens themselves, rushing forward!

In that instant, the area turned into a winter wonderland!

If Justice were to maintain his current posture in purely attacking, then without a doubt, he would end up suffering the attack of his life! Such an attack would not be easy for Justice to handle, having just gone through a tough battle, and would inevitably lead to injuries!

The person behind, based on his perception of danger, gave off a vibe no less than Ling Tian himself!

To think such a person actually existed?

Could it be the intermediary for Ling Tian's sect?

Justice paused in that split second, and with a solemn expression, landed as he spoke, "May I know which expert is present at seven yards behind me? Since you have already made a move, please show yourself!"

At that moment, Justice had already turned to face behind him. Originally in front of him was a blazing fire, its heat waves stretching to the heavens, but behind him, it was a wintry wonderland! One hot and one cold, the extremes clashed!

His front and back both suffered from an extreme temperature of ice and fire!

Amidst the frosty landscape, a lady dressed in pale blue clothes with her face covered in gauze appeared like an apparition. Standing silently in the frozen ground, she looked as though she was a celestial being who was walking in the large expanse of the Moon Palace!

"One must know when to take a step back, and pardon someone when needed. Sire, you are an expert of your generation, and since you've already taken the advantage, why would you sentence such a perfectly fine person to death? You're purposely making things difficult!" The blue-robed lady spoke in a cold tone, her expression cold as though she was in an incomparably lofty position. Her voice when heard would make one believe as though whatever she said was a matter of fact!

"I have always done things based on my own desires, and no one has ever questioned once, so who are you to do so? Why are you obstructing me from killing Ling Tian?" Justice forcibly swallowed the fire in his heart and asked in a cold voice. If it wasn't a lady standing in front of him, he would have long ago used his fists to solve the problem. However, the motto of a gentleman does not fight with a lady was still ingrained in his head! Justice might be a ruthless individual and had taken action against ladies before, but he wouldn't start a fight with one! "Just a small lass like you, why would you want to involve yourself in the affairs of the pugilistic world?"

"Little lass? So what if I'm a little lass?" The coldness in her eyes intensified as she spoke in a provocative tone, "To think that in this world, there would still be someone who is as chauvinistic as you; all crows are indeed as black as each other! You self-conceited hateful man, you're as bad as that Ling Tian behind you! No, you're even more abominable!"

While her words were piercing, the strange thing was, her face remained impassive throughout, and such furious words were actually spoken in such a calm voice. She coldly looked at Justice, as though she was gazing at empty air, without the slightest emotions.

"...What did you… say? What are you saying?!" This was the first time Justice felt so ignorant and confused. He had merely spoken a single sentence, but to think that this otherworldly lady would have such a huge reaction! Furthermore, her words were weird and seemingly unintelligible! But to speak thus with such an impassive expression, it was obvious that her mental state was still as stable as ever! Justice felt as though he was facing a supernatural situation with the paradox he was seeing.

"Weirdo!" Justice only snorted before ignoring this unfathomable woman. He extended his hands and pushed out, creating a path through the part of the forest that was still ablaze.

"Weirdo? You're the real weirdo! Are you still going to pursue Ling Tian?" The blue-dressed girl suddenly asked. In an instant, her expression seemed to turn deathly cold, with a hint of teasing in her voice.

"So what if I am? Don't tell me that you still want to stop me, despite your current strength? While your strength is enough to show disdain for your generation, it's not enough to enter my eyes!" Justice turned back abruptly, a killing intent in his eyes! Time was of the essence, with every second that passed by, Ling Tian would extend the distance between them. If this continued, even with his tracking skill, Justice would not be 100% confident in catching up to him. But this lady was still trying to be an annoying troublemaker, which caused Justice to feel incomparably vexed.

"Nothing, I just wanted to say that you cannot hope to catch up to him anymore, not now, not forever." The lady looked at him with pitiful eyes. "If you didn't bother to exchange so much nonsense with me, and continued tailing him, then with your current strength, you had over an 80% chance of succeeding. As of now, there's not even a slight chance left."

Justice snorted heavily, extremely depressed and annoyed. You think that I wanted to speak nonsense with you? If it wasn't that you released killing intent towards me, do you think I would let Ling Tian escape? However, speaking to this girl would only be inviting a headache for himself, so Justice swallowed down his words and prepared to leave.

Justice originally thought that with her imposing manner, she wanted to battle it out with him, and while her strength was slightly lower than Ling Tian's, she wanted to borrow the fact of Justice being weakened to compensate for her deficiency. However, she did not seem to have this intention at all, and given his identity, how could he lower himself to make a move against her? He could only leave in disappointment.

However, he surprisingly heard the lady sigh and blandly continue, "If Sire wishes to continue to pursue Ling Tian, that's still an option. However, those who do not understand Ling Tian would most likely never have the chance to actually capture him. This is true no matter how strong or how smart they are."

Justice was moved and immediately turned around once again. "It seems like Miss is well acquainted with Ling Tian?"

The lady only lightly smiled, but in her eyes one could see some worry and bitterness hidden within. She mumbled to herself, "Maybe, in this place, only I alone will understand him, and only he would be able to understand me." At this point, Justice detected something from the lady that was extremely similar to Ling Tian. This sort of temperament was like… solitude! Loneliness!

"Oh?" Justice could not help be interested. Could it be that both of them were actually connected telepathically? "Would Miss be willing to explain further? From your words, you seem to mean that you and Ling Tian are different from the rest of us? I find it hard to believe."

"Ling Tian this person, is actually a complex one." The blue-robed lady frowned as though deeply pondering a problem. After deliberating for a time, she slowly spoke, "I've actually observed him for a very long time. Recently I've managed to come to a conclusion, but this is a surprising conclusion that shocks even me because it is just too unbelievable! Before this, I never thought that such a person like Ling Tian could actually exist!"

"I'm all ears, would Miss explain in detail of what sets him apart?!" His curiosity won over as Justice begun to listen in interest. He, of course, realized that Ling Tian was slightly different, but upon hearing the graveness in her tone, with every word seemingly gone through rigorous thinking, and he could not help but wait with baited breath. As for chasing Ling Tian, just like how the lady had described, with his movement techniques he had already lost him. As such, he could afford to be more relaxed and listen to something that at least interested him. Those matters were not many, and Ling Tian was one of them!

The blue-robed girl seemed to remain in deep thought for a long while, before pacing a few steps and letting out a long sigh. A few more paces and she finally lifted her head up, a mischievous look in her eyes as she used that same grave tone to reply, "I've actually found out that Ling Tian, he, he is not a woman after all!"

After finishing her sentence, she let out a light laugh and fled off at full speed. In an instant, it was as though a phoenix had taken off, and she completely disappeared from Justice's sight!

A clear voice floated from afar, "Actually, Ling Tian was injured, so if you did not listen to my final talk, you would have definitely caught up to him. A pity that right now, hehe…"

Never in his dreams did Justice expect that after hanging on her words for half a day, what he got in the end was a nonsensical answer! If it was the normal Ling Tian, he would have long lost him as he wouldn't have tarried; but the Ling Tian of today had gotten into a huge battle with him and suffered from grievous injuries. By all means he would not have escaped, but because of the meddling of this lass here, it would be odd if Ling Tian could not escape!

The originally unflustered Justice could not help but become angry at this point! His eyes darkened, and he almost passed out from anger! Under his extreme anger, he even forgot to express his rage, just blankly staring at the same spot for a long time. Likely, he was completely angered silly by the little lass. The flames behind him slowly went out, and the ice surrounding him also quickly thawed, giving people the impression that what just happened was merely a dream.

Justice suddenly recalled something as he snapped out of his reverie. The last movement technique that the lass used as she fled, wasn't it the same consummate skill of Ling Tian's, the 'Myriad Changes of the Dragon'? It turns out that they were actually from the same sect!

Justice let out a long howl of anger, rising up and dashing towards the direction Ling Tian had vanished. Ling Tian, do you really think you have the ability to escape from my hands? Let me contest with you then! If you escape to the heavens, then I'll chase you to the Firmament Palace; if you escape through the oceans, I'll chase you till we reach the Crystal Palace! From today, I'll use the methods of a true killer to go against you. It's not just you who is capable of wicked schemes, I'll let you understand what it really means by a person above another, a heaven above the heavens!

I see, I kill!

Just as Ling Tian continued to play hide-and-seek with Justice, Ling Jian and the others carried a biting-cold killing intent as they infiltrated the Northern Wei capital, meeting up with the intelligence group stationed there.

Of course, they were here as another identity, the mysterious and frightening First Pavilion!

As for the pavilion owner, Ling Jian, the moment he stepped into the Northern Wei capital, he received a piece of news that drove him wild with joy.

This was a personal missive crafted by Ling Chen. In it was a letter that Ling Tian had directed Ling Thirty to write and pass it to him. The contents were: Annihilate the Northern Wei Imperial Family, and throw the Yu Family into chaos!