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Chapter 393: Destruction of Northern Wei

Chapter 393: Destruction of Northern Wei

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"Young noble is safe!" Before he even saw the contents of the letter, Ling Jian shouted out gleefully when he saw the inscription on it! As compared to the contents of the letter, Ling Jian was more concerned about his young noble's safety!

Ever since Ling Tian began his cat and mouse chase with Justice, they didn't have a single piece of news of Ling Tian. While not having news was good news, Ling Jian couldn't help but be anxious. He could no longer maintain his usual cool demeanor and was filled with anxiousness and self-blame. He hated the fact that he couldn't replace his young noble. These few days felt like years to him, and his temper became more and more unstable. Even his brothers from the First Pavilion were all silenced by their fear in the past few days. Now that he had finally received Ling Tian's personal letter that proved Ling Tian's safety, Ling Jian felt a wave of elation and almost cried on the spot.

Hearing Ling Jian's cry of joy, everyone was first stunned. But after hearing what Ling Jian said next and seeing him wave the letter around excitedly, all of them burst out into cheers!

"Destroy Northern Wei, throw the Yu Family into chaos, and create chaos in the world! This is the young noble's latest orders." Ling Jian held onto the letter on his hand as he paced about with a frown. Destroying Northern Wei was something that they definitely had to do, but creating chaos in the Yu Family was an extremely vague and difficult to accomplish order. Since Ling Tian didn't specify how he should go about doing it, it meant that Ling Tian was leaving it all up to his decision!

The moment these two tasks were accomplished, it would definitely throw the continent into chaos!

However, just what would be considered messing up the Yu Family? Ling Jian thought to himself bitterly as he thought about Ling Tian's orders over and over again. All of a sudden, Ling Jian gradually began to remember the many missions that Ling Tian had given to him since he was young. Each and every mission was a test of his intelligence, character, and martial arts. It was only after he had taken over the First Pavilion that these tests were reduced.

Facing Ling Tian's extremely vague orders, Ling Jian began to reminiscence about his past training and could feel that this was probably a new test from his young noble.

All of a sudden, Ling Jian began to burn with battle intent! Ling Jian had always firmly believed that as long as it was a test given by his young noble, his young noble would definitely think that it was one which could be accomplished!

Since young noble has such confidence in me, how can I let young noble down? Ling Jian gripped onto the letter tightly as his arteries began to bulge and his killing intent grew dense…

On the table, there was another piece of paper with the defense map of the Northern Wei palace and details of their patrol routes.

Ling Jian took it up and began to read, "Northern Wei imperial palace. The empress has passed away, the emperor is sickly, six imperial concubines, four sons, nine daughters, three hundred and thirty-three eunuchs, four hundred and sixty-eight maids, and one thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight guards on duty every night."

With a flick of his wrist, the piece of paper floated to the oil lamp and was burnt into ashes. Under the glow of the burning flame, Ling Jian's face contorted into a ferocious glare as a dense killing intent was emanated from his body.

By his side, the person in charge of the Northern Wei information net felt his body turn cold with a gust of cold air rising from his feet all the way to his head.

It was in the night and seven black figures infiltrated the Northern Wei palace! As the person in the lead waved his hands, the seven of them spread out in seven different directions and threw segments of burning incense into the outer walls of the palace. After an hour, the seven figures flipped over the wall and stealthily entered.

In the darkness, an extremely soft 'pu pu' sound sounded as though someone was brushing off the dust from his body…

A bloody smell filled the place…

In the chambers of the crown prince, a maid was seated in the alley and as though she heard something, she muttered to herself, "What's that sound? Strange…" Just when she wanted to turn around to investigate the source of the sound, her mouth was covered by a large palm and she couldn't help but be flustered. A chilly tone then sounded gently in her ears, "Where is Wei ChengPing?"

That seemingly gentle yet chilly tone seemed to carry with it a mysterious power, and one couldn't help but obey the voice. The maid then pointed her finger in a direction as she said with a trembling voice, "The… crown prince is… there…"

"Thank you, have a safe journey." That big palm then twisted and a crisp sound could be heard. Following that, the neck of that maid was snapped, and she lifelessly collapsed.

A ghost-like figure then appeared behind her and muttered, "I am sorry but you should not have worked in the Northern Wei palace. This is your only mistake! While it may be because you didn't have a choice, I also don't have a choice but to kill you!" After placing the corpse of the maid onto the floor, the black figure continued his journey into the palace. Along the way, dozens of maids and guards had fallen under his hands and into puddles of their own blood.

Alarm drums then sounded from all over as a commotion broke out all over the palace. At the same time, many people were shouting at the top of their lungs, "Assassins! Assassins have infiltrated the palace! Guards…"

"Men, protect the emperor… protect the consort…"

"Ah… this is Captain Wei, Captain Wei has died… save me!!"

"... there are corpses everywhere… where have all the guards gone to? Protect the emperor!"



Following that, miserable shrieks sounded one after another without a single gap between them! It could be understood just how quickly the assassin was killing and how heartless he was!

They were finally found. The seven of them had never intended to wipe out the Northern Wei palace in secret. Even if the sedative that their young noble created was tyrannical, it was impossible to knock out everyone in the palace! Now that they were finally found, the seven of them felt as though a burden was lifted off their shoulders and they could finally unleash a massacre without holding anything back!

Was there really a need for them to be so careful when dealing with these imbeciles?

Furthermore, this battle was to build up the prestige of the First Pavilion!

As such, the seven of them grew more and more excited as they killed!

Ever since their huge loss, all the Shui Family experts who had been concealing themselves within the Northern Wei palace had disappeared completely. From the very start, their identities were extremely well concealed, and they naturally couldn't be found when they had disappeared. But due to their outstanding martial arts, all of their initial positions were of great significance and it can be imagined just how big an impact their departure had on the Northern Wei palace's defense!

Thus, the Northern Wei palace was like an empty courtyard to Ling Jian and the rest! There wasn't anyone who could resist them!

Knowing that there were a 'large number' of powerful assassins unleashing a massacre in the palace, Wei ChengPing hid under his blanket trembling as he shouted, "Go out! All of you quickly capture the assassins, and I will definitely ensure riches! In the face of an enemy, all of you only know how to hide like turtles! You guys are even worse than the dogs I rear! If you guys can't block the assassins, all of you can just go and die!"

The surrounding guards lowered their heads down in guilt with their faces pale and fear in their eyes. The miserable shrieks of their fellow guards dying on the outside were like a huge boulder weighing on their chests. They were also human and would also feel fear towards the unknown. Thus, many of them lowered their heads as they scanned the place in search for a path to survival.

Wei ChengPing finally cracked under the pressure and he jumped up with his whip clutched firmly in his hands. Whipping his guards on the face, he began to shout with spittle flying all over, "The assassins have already found their way in! What use will it be for all of you to surround me like that? A bunch of trash! Go out a kill them! Kill them! KILL THEM!!! What's there to be afraid of?! GOOOOOO!"

Just as he was hollering at the top of his voice, a loud bang sounded and the door to his chamber exploded into smithereens. A black-dressed figure holding onto a sword then walked in calmly with blood dripping down from his sword.

While it was only a single person, this single individual was like a demon from hell and all of them could only feel a single thing: death!

As this black-dressed figure walked in, the temperature of the place dropped as though he carried with him chilly winds from hell. Everyone present felt as though they were suddenly in winter as a chill ran down their spine. Then, they saw the death god in front of them reveal a malevolent smile on his face!

As the few guards saw the black-dressed figure walk in, they were stunned for a moment before letting out a unified roar and charging at him while brandishing their blades. A chilly glare flashed past the black-dressed figure's eyes and he waved his hands. Then, everyone witnessed a brilliant splendor and they were all covered by a sword light. Before they could even see the actions of the black-dressed figure, everything had ended! The black-dressed figure held onto his sword and stood there as though nothing had happened.

The few guards who had charged forward seemed to have been frozen in mid-air before they suddenly lifelessly collapsed onto the ground. The moment their bodies hit the ground, their corpses were all dismembered into many pieces! That single lightning-fast sword had reaped their remaining life and dismembered them into pieces!

The black-dressed figure held onto his sword and walked forward calmly. As the hundred-plus guards saw the blood of their comrades dripping down from his sword, they were all frightened out of their wits and took a few steps back in retreat. Despite more than a hundred of them being present, not a single one of them dared to even ask him to stop!

The death god black-dressed figure lifted his head up slowly as his sinister gaze swept past the faces of everyone present as though he was staring at a bunch of lifeless corpses. Finally, his gaze stopped on Wei ChengPing and a flicker could be seen in his eyes as he asked, "Wei ChengPing?"