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Chapter 394: Ruthless Character

Chapter 394: Ruthless Character

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The masked man in black slowly raised his head in a manner that resembled a death god, his chilling gaze cast towards the faces of those present, as though analyzing corpses. Finally, it landed on Wei ChengPing's body, and after pausing for a while, it seemed to recognize the owner as it slowly asked, "Wei ChengPing?"

That person's voice was full of arrogance, as though he was a god high above all of them, holding their lives in the palm of his hand. Within the great hall, a hundred-odd people huddled with a look of extreme fear in their eyes. While they all held weapons in their hands without exceptions, there was no one who even dared to breathe loudly, let alone step forward!

Under the pressure of the masked black-robed man, all of them seemed to have turned into docile little sheep!

"You… who are you? What are you trying to do?" Wei ChengPing was still the crown prince of a nation, so while he was scared, he consciously controlled the tone of his voice, putting on a tough front. However, his body betrayed him by shivering continuously, unable to control his retreat.

The sword in the masked man's hand vibrated, and the last drop of blood on it was shaken off, flying with great speed and splashing onto Wei ChengPing's face. The scent of blood almost caused him to retch, but then he heard the masked man icily saying, "Wei ChengPing, I had originally thought you were a capable person, but to think that you would ask such a childish question. Having done something that you shouldn't, you would of course have retribution. Offending someone you cannot afford to offend will also have the same consequences. Today is your doomsday, but before that, let me tell you a piece of good news…"

The screams from the outside started to intensify, followed by a loud scream. "Him, that's him! He killed the Emperor! The Emperor has been sent to heaven!"

"Your Majesty! The Emperor has died!"

"Catch them, capture the murderers!"

"Ah! That's the concubines… this hoodlum, he actually… ah!" Another cry sounded, and obviously the previous speaker had also followed his master on the eternal journey...

"You heard that, didn't you? Your father is already dead, which means that you're the monarch of Northern Wei now! This is something you wished for, so are you happy?" The tone used by the masked man was much like a cat playing with a mouse!

"What… what sort of people are you? Why? Why do you have to do this to us? Who instructed you? Now that my Imperial Father has passed away, I'm the monarch of Northern Wei. No matter what your conditions are, I can promise to fulfill them!" Under the extreme stress, Wei ChengPing miraculously grew calmer, the despair in his eyes clearing up to form a small ray of hope!

Would he be able to persuade his assailant?

The answer would be a resounding no!

"The lives of the people in the world lie in our hands, the First Pavilion under the heavens themselves!" The masked man slowly recited a cold gleam in his eyes. "Your words are simply too childish and too laughable. Let me tell you this. You, the new monarch, are the actual target of our mission this time! Prepare to enter the Yellow Springs, Wei ChengPing! The name of First Pavilion will use the demise of your entire Northern Wei to once again shake the lands!"

The manner in which the latter spoke could be summed up in two words, Definite Death!

The imperial palace of Northern Wei turned into a sea of fire in a night, raging for three days straight. Everything was turned into ashes! On the first day the palace caught fire, the fire rushed up over ten feet into the air, heatwaves radiating from the source as the smell of corpses burning spread all over a few hundred miles around the area!

Of the close to three thousand people in the Imperial Palace, those who were lucky enough to survive numbered less than 500! Of those with the lineage of the Imperial Family, none remained! The crown prince Wei ChengPing was dismembered of all limbs and left hanging naked in front of the city gates, not a single piece of skin left intact! The people who executed this plan were all ruthless to the point the citizens were shocked!

The reputation of the First Pavilion spread throughout the entire Heavenly Star Continent once again, maybe even to all under the skies! Everyone trembled in fear upon hearing this group acting once again after going underground for a year! Furthermore, with such an earth-shattering entrance! Under their sharp swords, the hegemon like the Northern Wei actually had no resistance at all, and was completely eliminated!

What kind of strength was this?!

At the same time, rumors spread throughout the continent that this was the plan of the number one family in Northern Wei, the Yu Family, hiring the First Pavilion to annihilate them so as to dominate the area and the continent! Some rumors spoke instead of the Water of Heavenly Wind hiring those in the First Pavilion to take action, in order to remove the support of the Yu Family, so as to deploy their troops into Heavenly Star!

There were even people who said that only with the Xiao Family's resources that they were able to employ a behemoth like the First Pavilion to perform such a monumental task. Of course, some guessed that because Northern Wei had once offended the Ling Family by trying to kill Ling Xiao, thus this was a revenge hired by the Fortune Deity, Madam Chu Ting'er...

But no matter what people said, other than those involved, no one knew the actual truth. After this incident, the entire Heavenly Star turned into a real boiling pot of chaos!

The sudden demise of the Northern Wei imperial court, without leaving behind any descendants, left behind the country like a headless dragon. The country immediately became akin to a fat sheep in the eyes of the other powers, and all of them began to restlessly move. However, due to the influence of the Yu Family in the country, none of the powers dared to recklessly jump out, and take the first step into Northern Wei.

Swords drawn and bows bent, desiring for mountains and rain!

But at this sensitive time, the Yu Family also took a huge move!

It was only after the two elders of the Yu Family had entered Sky Bearing that Yu ManTang found out about the operation of the Yu Family. It was actually to help his own daughter to affirm her marriage betrothal, the only problem being that the groom was inevitably going to die! And for her own parents, they were actually kept in the dark this whole time! This caused him to become furious, and the most honest man in the Yu Family finally revealed a hint of his fury.


Yu Family, in the Directing Mountains Pavilion.

"Elder brother, I would like to know, what's this about BingYan's marriage?" Yu ManTang rushed to the scene, leaving behind a wake of screaming guards as he appeared in front of Yu ManLou like a whirlwind. "I'm BingYan's father, how could I be left unaware of anything to do with her marriage? My only daughter is getting married, and I had no idea! You owe me an answer!"

"Ling Tian is not bad, and besides, isn't he the son-in-law that you have chosen yourself? Was it wrong for me to have made the decision on Yan'er behalf? Don't tell me that you want to deny this marriage because Ling Tian is being pursued by the Martial Order Medallion owner, Justice?" Yu ManLou slowly raised his head, overlooking his brother. "The Martial Pointer Pavilion is the sacred grounds of our clan, and without my permission, nobody is allowed to come in on their own accord. Since you barged in today, how should you be punished?"

"Elder brother, a straightforward person does not resort to insinuations. Ever since you handled Yu BingYan's matter, you've holed up in the Martial Pointer Pavilion. Wasn't it just to avoid my questioning?" In the eyes of Yu ManTang, a heartfelt pain could be seen. "Ling Tian and Yan'er are each other's sunshine, and allowing them to be together is indeed a good thing. But now Ling Tian is being pursued by Justice! Of all people, we know how frightening is the strength that Justice possesses. Even our previous generation elder, the top exponent Yu ChaoChen died under his hands! At this critical juncture, to talk about marriage is not very suitable!"

Yu ManLou's eyes flashed as he retorted, "Second brother, you also feel that they're a match made in heaven, but now you want to break them up?"

Yu ManTang laughed coldly at his words, "Elder brother, the same sentence still applies, a straightforward person does not resort to insinuations. How Yan'er is like, as her father, I'm the clearest. Since she is already deeply in love with Ling Tian, then she would be unchangingly faithful. Even if Ling Tian were to die, she would have no regrets. However, the part that pains me the most is that you used this fact to hit her while she's down. Elder brother, isn't that going too far?!"

"All that I've done, is for the clan! I have a clear conscience!" Yu ManLou slapped the table as he stood up, his eyes flashing dangerously like lightning bolts. "As a disciple of the Yu Family, when it comes to your turn to sacrifice, one must have the awareness to proceed onward with it! If one continues to hold on to their feelings, then they will never amount to anything big! Second brother, I've already said this many times. If you're to continue to be affected by your feelings, then it will affect the thousand-year foundation of my Yu Family!"

"If holding on to familial feelings cannot amount to anything big, then will cutting off all ties ensure that one can dominate the world?" Yu ManTang refused to budge. "Elder brother, these few years, under your viewpoint, we in the Yu Family have continuously sacrificed and strangled many of our Yu Family geniuses. Don't tell me, you don't feel the heartache? Our ancestor's wishes were to continue to pass on our heritage even to the future, and not to ask us to dominate the world! Elder brother, do you really have a clear conscience?!"

"In these troubled times, if one does not use a cold-blooded method to unify the world and continuously endure, then what does it count for? It would be a joke!" Yu ManLou put his hands behind his back, staring straight at Yu ManTang, "A man should strive to be as imposing and inspiring his whole life! The heavens have given me a chance to unify the world, if I turn down my destiny to stand at the peak of all power, then wouldn't I have lived for nothing? Just like a blade of grass or tree? I have a clear conscience, I feel no guilt!"

"Summoning the winds and clouds with the palm up, and hailing rain and snow with the palms down! To allow for universal celebration when you're happy, and causing tens of thousands of corpses when one is angry! The ambition, the energy, the bloodrush! Why should I regret, why should I feel guilt?"

"The victors are crowned as Kings, the losers vilified! To achieve such lofty goals, what are a few underhanded methods?" Yu ManLou suddenly turned and pointed at the picturesque landscape of mountains behind him, a ferocious look on his face as he said, "What do you see? Mountains that look like art masterpieces! Second brother, if one could trample all these ancient mountains under one's footsteps, causing them to lower their heads, what more could a person want with their life?"

Yu ManLou eyes flashed like lightning in a thunderstorm as he continued, "In order to reach this objective, so what if I have to cause utter misery, or flood the three continents? In contrast, I'm only sacrificing a little lass, a small group of people! Let's not talk about the fact that Yan'er is my niece; even if she was my own daughter, I would have no hesitation! I would have long done so. Sacrificing a few to gain immense benefits, worth it, it's too worth it! Hahaha…"