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Chapter 395: Changes in the Yu Family

Chapter 395: Changes in the Yu Family

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"Crazy, you are crazy!" Yu ManTang shook his head desolately. The big brother whom he had respected all his life suddenly seemed so foreign to him! His heart was filled with sorrow as he said, "Big brother, you have always been a huge hero in my heart! A hero who can support the heavens and earth. But today, you have truly disappointed me greatly."

Yu ManLou let out a mellow sneer, "Crazy? Second brother, you are the one who is wrong. Hahaha, of the many founding fathers of an empire, all of them also walked this path before! If we aren't ruthless, how can we accomplish great things?! If we are trapped by our feelings of kinship, how can we fulfil our ambitions? Gentleness is the grave of a hero! A hero? Hahaha, that is the biggest joke. From the ancient times until now, how many heroes were able to lead a peaceful life? Second brother, let me tell you something: The only ending of all those so-called heroes was death! How many heroes are able to stay alive? As a member if the Yu Family, how can you be trapped in such an old-fashioned thinking! You are the one who has truly shocked me!"

As Yu ManLou said that, he didn't know that just a short time ago, his young opponent had also said that same words in the Smoky Thea Tower. However, as compared to Ling Tian, Yu ManLou's thinking was far more extreme and crazy!

"Big brother, how can you say that? While the Yu Family's ambitions are important to you, what will become of the prestige that we have built up over a thousand years?" An uncultured voice sounded with an obvious tinge of frustration within it. Third Master Yu had arrived.

Just when Yu ManLou was quarreling with Yu ManTang, Yu ManTian had also returned from Sky Bearing and barged straight into the Martial Pointer Pavilion. The guards were just beaten up by the usually amiable Second Master and now that the hot-headed Third Master was charging over, how would they dare to block him? The first thing Yu ManTian heard upon entering the pavilion was what Yu ManLou had said and thus could not help but retort.

"What would an uncultured person like you know? Leave immediately! Men, why isn't anyone adhering to the rules here!" Yu ManLou glared at Yu ManTian and scolded. Not just his second brother, but even his third brother had returned at such a precise moment.

"What do I know? I know that I am an uncultured individual but this uncultured individual sincerely proposed a marriage under your orders. To think that I would have harmed their family in the end! I may not be a cultured person but I still understand what it means to be a person!" After Yu ManTian found out about the true reason of the proposal, he was already fuming with anger. Now that he was scolded by Yu ManLou, he burst out in fury, "I would like to ask you! I want an explanation! Just how did you make such an unscrupulous and despicable decision? You first destroyed the thousand-year reputation of our Yu Family then sacrificed BingYan's chastity! The worst part was the fact that you ordered Yu ZhanShui to harm BingYan! Yu ManLou, let me ask you, Yu BingYan is our biological niece and you know that she has an incurable disease and will not live for long. How can you have the heart to sacrifice the only happiness she had in her life? How can you bear to do such a thing?!"

The moment that Yu ManTian flew into a rage, he could not even be bothered to call Yu ManLou 'big brother' and began shouting his name instead. With his spittle flying in all directions, Yu ManTian hollered in agitation.

"B*st*rd! What did you say?!" Yu ManLou was angered to the point his body trembled, "Are you talking to me like that? Have you gone crazy after going out for a few days? When was it your turn to question the decision of the family?"

"What? If you make a mistake, I will question it! What bullsh*t family decision? Isn't that just your decision?!" Yu ManTian cursed, "Even if you are the Family Head, can you chew me out? Even after making a mistake you still don't allow me to say a thing? What kind of a rule is this? This daddy here has never heard of such a rule in the Yu Family!"

With a lightning-fast speed, Yu ManLou slapped Yu ManTian and roared, "Are you revolting?! You dare to call yourself my daddy?! Shut your mouth! If you dare spout another word of nonsense, this daddy here will punish you with the family laws!" In his agitation, Yu ManLou also began to call himself 'daddy' but did not notice it.

"In such a time when storms are brewing in the world and the Yu Family is in peril, the both of you still dare to cause internal strife within the family? Incurable idiots! Both of you go and kneel down in the ancestor hall and reflect on your wrongdoings! If the both of you can't think things through, there isn't a need for you two to come out! Scram! What are you two waiting for?!"

"Not good, not good… Family Head, Second Master, Third Master, there's trouble..." A white jade expert dashed in flusteredly.

"What's the matter? Acting in such a flustered manner, outrageous!" Yu ManLou shouted and his roar of anger shook the whole Martial Pointer Pavilion! However, the three brothers could feel that something was definitely wrong. Right at this moment, a slight trace of blood traveled in from the front of the courtyard. The three of them could not help but feel their hearts sink and knew that something big must have happened. However, who would dare provoke them when they were in their territory?

As old and experienced individuals, the three brothers quickly calmed themselves down. If they were to panic at such a moment, the consequences would truly be dire!

Hearing the White Jade expert stutter and explain what had happened, Yu ManLou, Yu ManTian, and Yu ManTang felt their vision blacking out! Especially Yu ManLou, despite his usual calmness, he almost collapsed on the ground.

In the front of the Yu Family courtyard, there were over a dozen corpses neatly placed. Surrounding the corpses was the sound of people weeping and a middle-aged lady could be seen bawling her eyes out.

"What are you crying for?! Stop crying!" Yu ManLou shouted as he walked forward. However, none of them knew that Yu ManLou had used all of his cultivation to stop his body from trembling. However, he was already on the verge of blacking out at this moment. Among the pile of corpses, there was the corpse of a teen. It was Yu ManLou's only son, Yu LiuYun!

When the young noble of the Yu Family was returning from his vacation, he was ambushed right in front of the Yu Family's doorstep by two unknown blue-dressed individuals. His corpse was in many pieces, and it was an unbearable sight! None of the guards accompanying him were spared and they were all massacred!

"Big brother… you must hang in there…" Yu ManTang and Yu ManTian had already forgotten about their grievances and supported their big brother as they comforted him. At the same time, tears also welled up in their eyes.

As Yu ManTang stared at the still warm corpse of his nephew, a tear rolled down from his cheek and he had forgotten that he was seeking justice for his daughter. At the same time, Yu ManTian's huge figure also began to tremble! This was the precious nephew who he had doted on but was lying coldly on the ground at this moment! The both of them could not help but feel their hearts ache!

Yu ManLou struggled free from the support of his two brothers with a shrug and straightened his back with a cold glare in his eyes. But in the eyes of the others present, they felt that their family head had aged greatly in this short moment!

"Living in such chaotic times, it is either kill or be killed! Is there a need to doubt such a saying?! Now that he has passed away, his weakness is to be blamed! There isn't a need to feel sadness or heartache! The important thing to do now is to find the culprit to take revenge! Men!"

Yu ManLou's words were extremely chilly and his words shook the whole city!

"Here!" Yu ManTang and Yu ManTian stood forward with their fists cupped together. Even though they were dissatisfied with their big brother previously, when their Yu Family was facing trouble, they were still brothers after all! No matter the grievances they felt, that would have to wait until the storm was over! Yu ManTang only had BingYan and Yu ManTian didn't have a family. They had long treated their big brother's son as their own. Now that Yu LiuYun was ruthlessly murdered, it was no different from their own son being murdered!

Yu ManLou looked at both his younger brothers and saw the look of grief on their faces. At that moment, his grief-filled heart felt an unknown sense of fatigue and a wave of warmth. At this moment, it was as though the hearts of the three brothers were connected again.

For the young noble of their Yu Family to be murdered in their very own territory, this was a huge disgrace! Yu ManLou immediately gave the order to check every inch of Bright Jade City. He would rather kill the innocent then let the murderer go scot-free! With a command, the experts of their Yu Family flew into action. However, a short while after the order was given, the warehouse of the Yu Family had caught on fire. The huge blaze spread across almost half of the Yu Family estate and when the fire was finally put out, the largest warehouse of the Yu Family was reduced to ashes!

As news of Northern Wei's destruction spread, the matters of the Yu Family also spread across the world!

The continuous attacks on the Yu Family made the many powers on the continent understand something. It was as though the enemy of the Yu Family that had not appeared for a thousand years had finally appeared. Furthermore, they had ruthlessly launched their attacks on the Yu Family. With the forces of the Yu Family spread out thinly and over half of their forces in Sky Bearing, this was without a doubt the best time to take action.

Everyone knew that the thousand-year-old Yu Family was the biggest opponent in the war for hegemony. The moment war broke out, the Yu Family would have the biggest chance of ruling the world! Thus, while the various families seemed extremely respectful on the surface, they had quickly made their moves when they received news of the Yu Family being targeted!

The heads of the various powers were all ambitious characters and would definitely not bow their heads in front of anyone!