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Chapter 398: Chasing the Tiger out, Swallowing the Wolf

Chapter 398: Chasing the Tiger out, Swallowing the Wolf

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While Ling Chen was intelligent, she was extremely shy and began blushing when Old Madam Ling teased her. "This is Chen'er's plans. Presently, the more chaotic the continent is, the better it would be for our Ling Family and only then will we be able to receive benefits from it. This is also something that the young noble agrees with. However, while the continent can be in chaos, war must not break out. Without young noble present, our Ling Family lacks the necessary strength and preparations. At the same time, we will not have a clear direction as well. Furthermore, if the continent were to break out into chaos, the ones who will truly benefit are those with sufficient strength and intellect. Even if we have the intellect, we lack the many years of accumulation of a true Great Family. Thus, we must definitely be extremely careful during this period of time. We must pull the various powers into this mess and have them keep each other in check while exhausting each other. But at the same time, we have to ensure that an all-out war will not happen. At the very least, we have to keep this situation up for half a year until the young noble returns. Thus, there are three tasks that we must do perfectly."

A look of worry flashed past Old Madam Ling's face and she asked, "What are the three tasks? Are they difficult?"

Ling Chen organized her thoughts for a short while before saying calmly, "There are definitely some difficulties involved but Chen'er is confident that they can be accomplished. Chen'er will just need Old Madam to keep watch on a few crucial points. The first task involves the number one financial magnate, the Xiao Family. We must definitely drag them into the chaos on the surface so that they can pressure the Yu Family. With one of them in the south and another in the north, they would definitely form a delicate balance and the empires in the central region would not dare to make a rash move. As long as an empire reveals an opening, it would definitely result in destruction by both the superpowers! With regards to the Xiao Family, I believe that there wouldn't be anyone who is more capable of analyzing them than Old Madam."

Old Madam Ling thought for a moment before saying, "Xiao FengHan and Xiao FengYang are both extremely meticulous and scheming individuals. Without sufficient assurance and rewards, the both of them would not be tempted for sure. Just this alone would be difficult to accomplish."

"If it was before, this would definitely be difficult to accomplish or perhaps even impossible. However, it is a different story now." Ling Chen said with confidence, "With young noble being absent, Old Madam would be the backbone of our Ling Family and definitely has the greatest authority. As long as Old Madam were to make a personal appearance and request a promise from Xiao FengHan to protect the Ling Family, he would definitely agree. With the Yu Family that they are most wary about being in the spotlight, the Xiao Family would definitely make use of this opportunity to their advantage and we will be able to stand on the fence."

Old Madam Ling's eyes lit up as she agreed, "That's right, Xiao FengHan would definitely take action with the continent in such a mess. Brilliant plan! Let me think about how I can make my request."

As she said that, Old Madam Ling suddenly let out a long sigh and said in a depressed tone, "I wonder if Tian'er can escape from this tribulation! If not, wouldn't this old lady's actions be giving the Xiao Family benefits for nothing?"

"Old Madam… you already know?" Ling Chen was dumbfounded as she raised her head.

"Such a huge matter shook the whole continent, so how could it be kept from me? Beyond Heavens, Martial Order Medallion, a medallion for a life…" Old Madam Ling let out a bitter laugh, "Do all of you think that this old lady is a fool? If not for Tian'er facing such a crisis, would the Xiao Family ever agree to my request?"

"Old Madam, since young noble made such a bet and is able to send news back while taking care of the XiMen Family, he definitely has extra energy to spare and is without harm." Ling Chen said with confidence, "Young noble will definitely be alright. Rest assured Old Madam."

Old Madam nodded her head and continued, "What is the second task?"

"The past few years, the Courtyard had secretly established supply stations all over the continent to prepare for future plans. Because the continent was peaceful in the past and to conceal their tracks, these supply stations had only purchased rations moderately. Now that things are developing into a contest of strength, it is time for us to collect rations on a wide scale. However, we will require a huge amount of money for this and our Courtyard's income is far from sufficient. So…"

"This isn't a problem either." Old Madam Ling nodded her head, "I will mention this to Ting'er later. Our Ling Family has been saving up our wealth over the past few years and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that we are the wealthiest family in Sky Bearing. Ting'er had already expanded our gold warehouse a few times and it is time to put our resources to good use. The stored gold and silver are about to turn moldy already."

Hearing that, Ling Chen broke out into a smile, "The difficulty of the last task is the same as the second task. A large amount of money is required as well. We have to purchase a large number of weapons regardless of quality. The moment chaos breaks out, these weapons will turn into rare commodities."

"I can agree to that as well!" Old Madam Ling agreed without hesitation, "No matter how much you need, even if you were to bankrupt the Ling Family, I will accomplish these two tasks to the best of my abilities!"

Hearing Old Madam Ling's promise, Ling Chen let out a bright smile and was extremely gratified in her heart. Young noble, I have made the necessary preparations already and will make sure that everything will be accomplished in half a year. When you return, you plan can be put in motion!

Will you really return half a year later?

Young noble, where are you right now? Are you fine? Chen'er is waiting for you…

I will remain alive for my most beloved…


At this moment, both Shui QianHuan and Shui QianRou were waiting anxiously. The Northern Wei imperial family was suddenly wiped out and the Yu Family was ambushed. These two events had shocked the world and while the other parties might not know the source of the disturbance, how could they not know? It was precisely because they knew that Shui QianHuan felt a great deal of regret!

Both of them recalled what Ling Chen said back then, "We have hired the 'First Pavilion'. At that time, the First Pavilion will send out a couple of top-notch assassins to work together with you!" They could not help but take in a breath of cold air! Was this the strength of the First Pavilion? What a shocking and frightening strength!

Thinking about this, both the siblings could not help but let out a bitter sigh as they lamented about the opportune moment which they had missed!

If the elites of their family were here at the moment and they coordinated with the Ling Family and the First Pavilion to launch an attack at the Yu Family, the Yu Family would definitely suffer greatly!

However, it was a pity that they had missed this opportunity!

There wasn't a medicine for regret in this world!

To think that they would miss such an opportunity! Both the siblings let out a sigh of regret as they began to resent the slow speed of their family!

A gust of wind was heard, and a white-dressed teen appeared with a chilly demeanor. Facing them he said with a refined smile, "How have you been after our last meeting?"

"It's you." Shui QianHuan walked forward, "For this little brother to appear here today, I wonder if there is anything we can help you with? Please be straightforward."

The one who had just arrived was Ling Chi and he said with a profound smile, "I am here on my big sister's orders to ask the both of you something. You should both be aware of what happened recently and I wonder if it is enough to display our sincerity and strength! However, I wonder where the Shui Family members who had pulled out of Northern Wei are at this moment? How many of them are there? How are their strengths like? Can we use them?"

Shui QianHuan's face turned color as he said, "How did you know of our men who withdrew from Northern Wei?"

Ling Chi smiled slightly, "As long as one has silver, all information can be bought!"

"From the Crystal Pavilion? The Crystal Pavilion has made its appearance again?!" Shui QianHuan gasped, "You guys bought the news from the Crystal Pavilion? How did you guys contact the Crystal Pavilion?" Shui QianHuan's eyes narrowed at this shocking news!

Just like the name suggested, the news of the whole world was transparent to the Crystal Pavilion. It was said that there wasn't anything the Crystal Pavilion didn't know and it was only a matter of the price! This phrase was widely known in the pugilistic world, but the Crystal Pavilion had disappeared in the past year. No one was able to purchase any more information from the Crystal Pavilion and the world thought that the Crystal Pavilion must have been wiped out. But when they had heard what Ling Chi said, it was as though the Crystal Pavilion was still around but just concealing themselves!

Being able to transact with the Crystal Pavilion was an assurance of strength! It was as shocking as the Ling Family being able to hire the First Pavilion to attack the Yu Family!

Ling Chi broke out in a bright smile and did not deny Shui QianHuan's words as he waited for a response.

Silence obviously represented a tacit agreement! Shui QianHuan let out a sigh and said, "The bulk of our men have retreated from Northern Wei and are currently hidden. Without the orders of our Family Head, they will not make a rash move and we do not have the authority to command them. Furthermore, the martial arts of these individuals aren't outstanding, and they are largely politicians. They would probably be of little use."

"Hahaha…" Ling Chi laughed out loud, "The Northern Wei imperial family has already been wiped out and Northern Wei is without a head at the moment. Since young noble Shui has such an important force under your control, why don't you make use of it! Why not make use of this opportunity to let them come out of hiding and take over Northern Wei from within! Big sister said that in our alliance, our Ling Family has already displayed our sincerity but your family doesn't seem to be very sincere! Are you going to let such a good opportunity pass you by? If nothing can be determined by either of you, could it be that you are here for a vacation?"

Shui QianHuan's eyes gleamed for a moment before becoming dim again, "While your words do make sense, how would it be an easy affair with the Yu Family present in Northern Wei? If we aren't careful, all of these chess pieces which we have placed in Northern Wei would be lost! The loss would then exceed the gains!"