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Chapter 401: Gathering of Experts

Chapter 401: Gathering of Experts

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"What does it mean? How would I know? Aren't I listening to what big brother has to say?" asked that boorish fifth brother.

"Stupid! This means that the Crystal Pavilion thinks that Ling Tian has the strength to compete with the Martial Order Medallion owner!" The big brother said, "No wonder Second Master wants to kill Ling Tian! This must be the reason! Having such strength at such a young age! Ling Tian is definitely the most dangerous character in the world! The moment he is full grown, who in the world would be able to block him?"

"However, Ling Tian is extremely crafty and cautious and it wouldn't be easy for us to kill him. Making use of the Martial Order Medallion would be our best chance! Perhaps, it may also be our last chance to kill him!"

The other five took in a long deep breath in unison. They all understood their big brother well and knew that he wouldn't make a baseless conclusion. If Ling Tian was really so extraordinary, wouldn't the six of them be nobodies in his eyes? How then could they kill him?

As they went silent, Ling Tian, who was in the tree, grew confused. By hearing the breathing of these six individuals, Ling Tian was certain that they were all martial arts experts. However, just what power did they belong to? Just who was that Second Master? After talking for such a long time, there wasn't anything that made Ling Tian interested.

The most mysterious information organization in the continent, the Crystal Pavilion, didn't seem to interest Ling Tian in the slightest. Despite the news that was very shocking to that 'big brother', it was not able to incite Ling Tian's interest…

A fragrant wine aroma suddenly filled the place, and the fifth brother began laughing, "Screw that Martial Order Medallion owner and Ling Tian. This daddy here would rather enjoy some wine."

"D*mmit, you actually dare to bring wine on such an important mission… quickly give me a sip of it."

"Stop… stop… there's no need to snatch! D*mmit, everyone will have a share! I brought two bottles of wine!"

"Hmph! How lawless for you to bring wine out on a mission. If Second Master finds out about it, all of us brothers will definitely be dragged down with you! Bring it here, I will confiscate it!"

"Hahaha… big brother, you are just trying to take the wine for yourself. You have used this trick far too many times already and it won't work anymore." The six brothers began laughing as they teased each other.

These six people are pretty loyal to each other. Interesting. Ling Tian thought to himself as he gulped a mouthful of saliva after smelling the fragrant wine. All of a sudden, even he felt like drinking some wine.

From a distance away, the sound of fluttering clothes could be heard, and more people seemed to be approaching this direction. However, the six brothers on the outside were only concerned about fighting over the wine and didn't hear it at all.

There weren't many of them approaching the place, only a mere three of them, but their cultivation was far higher than the six brothers! From Ling Tian's spiritual sense, he could detect that the three individuals were 150 feet away from him before they took their last step, but the moment they landed again, they were only 100 feet away from him. Only then did they stop their movement techniques and walk over normally.

This meant that these three individuals were able to traverse at least 50 feet with a single step! Among Ling Tian's subordinates, the only ones who could accomplish this feat would be Ling Chen, Jian, Feng, Yun, Lei, Dian, and Chi. As for Nineteen and the others who had joined the First Pavilion at a later time, they were not capable of such a feat.

Where did these three strange experts come from?

"Who are you?" The big brother finally detected the presence of the three individuals.

Someone then said, "Good wine! My fellow brothers are really refined individuals. Leaning on a tree while facing the mountains, having a leisurely conversation while enjoying such fragrant wine! Can we ask all of you about something?"

The big brother obviously realized that these three individuals weren't characters who they could offend and said respectfully, "This brother is being too courteous. Just like the saying, 'rely on your parents at home and rely on your friends outside', every one of us who roam the pugilistic world are akin to brothers. I wonder what question does this brother have? As long as we are able to answer it, we will definitely not hold anything back."

"If that's the case, I will have to give my thanks." That person said amiably, "I wonder if anyone of you has seen a young hero pass by here? This young hero is pretty tall and suave, and he likes to wear white robes and a golden circlet. His actions are extremely carefree, and he has an elegant bearing. His martial arts are…"

Before that person could finish what he had to say, the big brother laughed, "Are you asking about young noble Ling from Sky Bearing?"

The other party was obviously elated, "That's right, I am looking for Ling Tian indeed! It turns out that this brother here does indeed recognize him. I hope that this brother will point me in the right direction."

That big brother shook his head and laughed, "Being honest with you, my brothers and I are also here for Ling Tian but have not found a single trace of him yet."

"Oh," The other party like out a disappointed sigh before asking, "I wonder why fellow brothers are looking for him?"

"Ah ah, we are here on orders, and it isn't convenient for us to talk about it. I hope that this brother will understand that." The big brother bowed respectfully and said in a calm tone.

"Oh? If that's the case, our mission would definitely be the same." As though the other party wasn't wary about the six brothers at all, he said calmly, "The three of us are here for a single reason: we have to ensure that Ling Tian will never return to Sky Bearing! We have to get rid of the biggest disaster in the world!"

As Ling Tian heard that, he began to fume. This person had called him a disaster without any hesitation, and Ling Tian had the urge to charge out of the tree and kill these few fellows with a single palm strike. However, on account of the fact that these two groups of people might reveal some information in their conversation, their deaths wouldn't be worth it and Ling Tian could only rein in his anger.

"Oh, it turns out that we have the same goal as well. Since our goals are aligned, why don't the three of you take a seat and have a drink with us?" That big brother invited the three of them and they all sat by the tree. With two groups of people who wanted to kill him seated right beside him, Ling Tian couldn't help but find it amusing. At the same time, he also wanted to know just what kind of means they had.

The big brother then began to introduce himself and his brothers to the other three individuals. It turns out that the six of them were sworn brothers with the eldest brother called Yue ZiFeng, second brother Zhang ChangGong, third brother Ning XiaoXing, fourth brother Zhu YouPeng and sixth brother Chen FengFa. As for the boorish fifth brother, his name was the most valiant one and was actually called Wang Wu. Who knows if his weapon was a great sword? 1

Yue ZiFeng was extremely clear that if even the Martial Order Medallion owner couldn't kill Ling Tian, death would be the only outcome should he and his five brothers meet Ling Tian. They wouldn't even have the chance to fight for their lives. Thus, he didn't have the intention to urge his brothers to pick up their speed and instead had the intention of slowing down. If they were to really meet Ling Tian along the way, he would have nothing more to say. But if he couldn't find Ling Tian, there wouldn't be a reason for him to seek his own death. Thus, this search of his was no more than a vacation for him and his brothers. His biggest wish was for him to receive news of Ling Tian's death before he could find Ling Tian. All the merits and rewards are only for those who are alive. If he couldn't even protect his life, what would be the point of all these material items?

Seeing these three green-dressed individuals in front of them right now, another thought began to sprout in his mind. Regardless of which organization they belonged to, their enemy's enemy would be their friends. Furthermore, the martial arts of these three individuals were far above him and his six brothers. If he could travel alongside them and had the aid of these three experts, they might have a fighting chance if they were unlucky enough to meet Ling Tian. If these three individuals were extremely outstanding and could kill Ling Tian, that would be even better. At that time, regardless of whether he and his brothers were watching from the side or beating a dog when it was down, it would be huge merit falling from the sky! Even in the worst-case scenario, Ling Tian would definitely pay more attention to these three individuals who could threaten him and he would be able to have the chance to escape with his brothers.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was a great plan. Thus, he began to flatter the three other individuals and for some reason, the three of them seemed to have their own plans and agreed with Yue ZiFeng without hesitation.

"Since all of our targets are aligned, we can be considered comrades and there isn't a need for us to hide things from each other. May I know where these few brothers are from?" Yue ZiFeng had already said their names but the three other individuals refused to speak of their names and continued to question. At the same time, their tone made it seem as though they would not tolerate others to defy them.

Yue ZiFeng felt a tinge of dissatisfaction in his heart and noticed the look of anger on the faces of his brothers. Thus, he quickly sent them an eye signal to them to hold in their anger. After all, the world was a place where the size of their fists mattered. Since they weren't a match for the other party, the other party would naturally be uninterested to reply them. Yue ZiFeng didn't have a choice but to say with an apologetic smile, "We are from the DongFang Family and are here on orders of our second master to search for Ling Tian. I wonder what are the names of these three seniors? With seniors' demeanor, all three of you must definitely be leaders in your family, right?"

"DongFang Family? The brat DongFang JingLei was the one who sent you guys here?" a green dressed elder said calmly with his hands behind his back, "Who would have thought that a brat would have such foresight?" With his gaze sweeping past the six individuals, he said, "We are from the Xiao Family. You can call me Xiao One. He is Xiao Two and the one farthest is Xiao Three."

"So you are the elders of the Xiao Family. I pay my respects to the three Xiao elders." Yue ZiFeng said with respect.

As Ling Tian heard the conversation among both parties, he grew more and more confused. He never expected the six brothers to be from the DongFang Family and for DongFang JingLei to issue a kill order. That didn't seem to make sense!