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Chapter 402: Soul of the Yu Family

Chapter 402: Soul of the Yu Family

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Ling Tian recalled that when DongFang JingLei left Sky Bearing Empire, he specifically came over to pay a visit to him to earnestly bid farewell. His tone was also very friendly and sincere, as though they were bosom buddies. In his conversation, he hinted that the DongFang Family was willing to strike an alliance with the Ling Family! They were even willing to gift a priceless treasure, a millennium blood ginseng, unwittingly helping him to refine Great Cyclic Pellets of extreme quality. While Ling Tian was aware that DongFang JingLei had an ulterior motive, he still had a trace of gratitude towards him.

However, not even two months had passed, and DongFang JingLei actually wanted to make use of this to join in the pursuit against him, to search and eliminate him as well! Then wouldn't that make all his previous efforts for nothing? What sort of motives did he have then?!

Could it be the various extreme situations that happened in Sky Bearing, causing a sense of apprehension to appear in DongFang JingLei? Ling Tian's mind thought rapidly, and it suddenly clicked. What if the main purpose of him doing so was so they could invade Sky Bearing and move against the Ling Family?

Hearing the group of them addressed as Master Xiao and Second Master Xiao, Ling Tian started to have suspicions about the identities of the three people. They could be a part of the Xiao Family's strength, but they would never be their underlings!

As everyone knew, the Xiao Family's head Xiao FengHan had always been referred to as Master Xiao, and his brother Xiao FengYang as Second Master. However, these three people were actually referred to in a similar way, and they did not even refute the honorific address. If they were really the underlings of the Xiao Family, would they dare to take up such a role?

If they were not experts groomed by the Xiao Family, then were they backed by the Xiao family? Assuming that they were not imposters, then which family of elites did they belong to? Could it be that, supporting the Xiao Family… Ling Tian didn't bother thinking further, such an idea was too ridiculous.

Maybe it was a mere curious coincidence! Even so, the day the truth would be revealed wasn't too far off!

From afar came the sound of clothes fluttering against the wind. It seemed that two other people came by, and with the exquisite movement techniques that they displayed, their martial arts were also at a high level. Grave expressions appeared on the three so-called Xiao family members, based on the skill levels displayed, the latter did not dare look down on the former!

Ling Tian also felt curious from the bottom of his heart.

Though there would always be strange things every day, today they seemed to be especially numerous in number!

What's up with today? This supposedly desolate and less frequented hill actually turned into a market for the martial experts today? These first-rate experts were supposed to be as rare as qilins, but yet they appeared in droves like cabbage being sold on the roadside! What a strange occurrence, could it be that something happened here recently?

Ling Tian continued to stay hidden in the core of the tree. He believed that, other than Justice who had his heaven-defying sixth sense and his Heavenly Vision, Boundless Hearing skill to locate his exact position, there would be no other person who would be able to locate him!

If these groups of people really came for him, then how did they confirm he was hidden at this particular hill? Even if it was coincidence, to have so many 'coincidences'... this was downright nonsensical!

Unless something strange existed here!

Where exactly was the problem? Would Justice be nosy and pop by as well? If Justice was the one who let out the news of his hiding spot, that would be outrageous!

Tens of possibilities flashed past Ling Tian's mind in an instant, but none suitable or particularly fitting for this scenario!

Just as Ling Tian was still silently guessing, a subtle change was happening on the outside.

"Haha, to think that I could actually see ghosts in broad daylight, and not just one!" One of the self-proclaimed Xiao Family members spoke in a mocking voice.

"Big brother has made an error, while there are two of them, they cannot be considered as ghosts, at most just souls, and furthermore separated souls, not worth talking about at all." The mocking laughter of another brother rang out, from the sound, it seemed to be the third brother.

A gloomy voice rang out, "I wondered who was the person that was spewing garbage, turns out it's those three captured fish. Never did I think that three low-quality fishes could be fed to become so big and fat. I think we can reluctantly fill up our stomachs this time. Hehehe."

The low and cold laughter of the second Xiao brother sounded, "To have souls appear during the daytime, careful that you don't provoke heavenly punishment on yourself. Brothers, let's not be too hasty, if you get hit by lightning, that's nothing to laugh about."

Another gloomy voice rang out, this time sounding like someone grinding their teeth in their sleep as it sniggered, "The world hosts myriad things, how could it then not allow souls to live in it? The pitiful part is those whose roots have been removed, left to wander around as lost souls. It's not too good to live under someone else's roof, isn't it? At least I'm free and happy here, unlike some people, no some fish who are only trapped in the small pond!"

"Yu WuHun! While we might resemble captured fish, but the fishermen also do not belong to your Yu Family, so why are you so delighted? We might have been annihilated, but we are not your subordinates, and to take the achievements of someone else and brag about it, Yu WuHun, do you still want your face?"

The words exchanged got more and more heated, gearing up towards a fight.

Yu Family! So these newcomers are actually from the Yu family! The rest of the people gathered originally wanted to interject and help the members of the Xiao Family, but upon hearing their surname, they knew that they would never be able to afford to offend such a power, and could only swallow their insults down. Right now, be it the three members of the Xiao Family on one side, or the two from the Yu on the other, both parties were someone the 6 men present couldn't offend. If their family were to get into trouble all because of a single sentence said by them at this time, then even if they had a thousand heads to chop off, it still would not absolve their crimes!

Within the tree, Ling Tian laughed bitterly. The DongFang family, the Xiao Family, and now the Yu Family. All of them had suddenly gathered at this particular place out of nowhere! In addition to the hidden figure that was him, basically most of the influential powers in Heavenly Star Continent were present in this desolate cemetery-like area here...

But there was one part Ling Tian felt was still beneficial to him, and that was the fact that the Xiao and Yu families seemed to be at loggerheads. He might be able to use that to his advantage.

Ling Tian silently revolved his Divine Shocking Dragon Formula, his right hand slowly lifted up. Silently, layer upon layer of the interior of the tree was slowly stripped off. In an instant, the tree bark in front of him was only left with a slightly translucent layer. In the darkness, Ling Tian touched his tongue, and using his spit, carefully prodded in front of him...

A dazzling ray of light shone from the outside, and at the same time the light shone in, Ling Tian tightly shut his eyes.

He was unaware just how long he had remained in the darkness, but he estimated that it was at least two days worth of time! To his eyes which were not exposed to light for so long, if he were to let the light enter his eyes unhindered, he would suffer from overexposure of light and go blind for a few moments! However high your cultivation might be, you would never be able to strengthen the eyes! So in this circumstance where anything could happen, what would happen if something occurred while he was unable to see? Then what could he do? Open up another hole?

Ling Tian closed his eyes for a few moments, then opened them a small slit and cast his gaze towards the source of the sounds. It took him a few moments to recover his sense of sight.

There was much shouting outside, and two people had already started fighting. When Ling Tian looked over, what greeted him was a skinny middle-aged man, his face appearing haggard and deathly pale. His eyes were deeply sunken into their sockets, looking like a corpse that had just rose from the grave.

No matter what move he did, his face remained unchanged. What interested Ling Tian the most was his movement technique, his joints seemed as though they could bend at all sorts of angles, causing him to fly at all sorts of styles in the air, but without the slightest sound of air disturbance. He looked just like an apparition floating along with the wind!

While the sun was shining high and bright in the sky, anyone who came across this scene would shiver involuntarily!

Opposite him, green robes fluttered in the wind, but the shriveled figure looked pinned to the ground like a boulder. With his hands casting out numerous palm shadows, sharp cries resounded, dealing with his opponent's tactic of having one wave of attacks after another like quicksilver flowing. It was the exact opposite, and when they crossed palms, the strange thing was, both their strengths were canceled out, resulting in a scene devoid of sound while fighting, like a pantomime. However, hidden within this comical scene was a deadly danger, where they grappled with life and death at every turn!

Ling Tian cast his eyes around and found a group of six huddled together. They were probably the six brothers from the DongFang family. Their martial arts standard might not be high, but Ling Tian was deeply in admiration of their loyalty to each other as well as having some envy towards them.

Since long ago, Ling Tian already knew that what he chose was a very lonely path, akin to Justice. This route to the pinnacle was incomparably lonesome, and both of their paths, while different, were moving along the same direction, hence Ling Tian dared say that in this world, only he fully understood Justice! While he still had Ling Jian, Ling Chi, and others, treating them like his brothers, he could feel that they would never dare to treat him as their elder brother, or senior! All they saw in him was that he was their master, their most revered idol, akin to an emperor!