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Chapter 403: Blue-Dressed Lady

Chapter 403: Blue-Dressed Lady

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On the contrary, the ordinary brotherhood between these individuals was something that someone like Ling Tian would be envious of! Just like how Justice also placed a great deal of importance on friendship and would kill the elder of the Yu Family without any reason. While it was because of his strength, it was also because of how much Justice treasured friendships. Ling Tian was also the same in this regard. If not, when Justice ambushed him back then, if he were to join hands with Ling Chen, Ling Jian, and the others, as long as he was willing to make sacrifices, it would be impossible for Justice to kill him! However, Ling Tian would rather take the risk on his own to shoulder this huge crisis alone!

Right in front of him was another individual who looked similar to the zombie-like person in the fight and they should be brothers. As for the two individuals from the Xiao Family, he could only see their side and back views.

A soft 'bo bo' sound could be heard and the two battling individuals did a somersault at the same time. That zombie-like individual retreated 30 feet away and trembled slightly with his face turning red for a moment before regaining its color. As for his opponent, he retreated 30 feet away with his body swaying and a trace of blood flowing down the corner of his lips.

"Meng PoTian, you have lost." the zombie-like Yu WuPo said coldly. "You weren't my match ten years ago, and today you are still not my match! There is no such thing as luck in martial arts!"

"Yes! I have lost but so what?" Meng PoTian spat out a mouthful of blood before regaining some color to his face. "Ten years ago, this Meng was alone but today, I have my two brothers with me!" A sharp gaze shot out from his eyes, "You two Hun Po brothers of the Yu Family may not be a match for the three of us."

Yu WuHun, who hadn't said anything until now, replied calmly, "What kind of a time is this? Is this a time for us to be fighting among ourselves? Since the victor and loser have been determined, both of you should forget about the matter. If you really want to settle our old grudges, we can meet another time after taking care of Ling Tian, that little thief. It wouldn't be wise for us to exhaust ourselves now!" Yu WuHun then glared at the two individuals as though he was dissatisfied with the both of them fighting.

"That's right, we will settle our ten-year-old grudge after taking care of Ling Tian!" The green-dressed man with his back facing Ling Tian said in a heartless and monotonous manner.

For some reason, Ling Tian felt a sense of familiarity after hearing the words of this green-dressed individual. I must have seen him before! Just where and when did I meet him? I am sure that I wouldn't forget such an expert if I were to meet him! At this moment, Ling Tian felt a little confused.

All of a sudden, Ling Tian came to a realization and thought about the mysterious black-dressed figure who had followed Xiao FengHan to his Ling Family when he was five!

It's you!

When he had escorted Xiao FengHan to Sky Bearing back then, he had concealed his identity as a servant but called himself Xiao One today! There must definitely be something strange going on!

At this moment, Ling Tian had a strange urge to rush out and catch all of these individuals to clarify the doubts in his heart. But after thinking about it for a while, Ling Tian finally managed to suppress the urge to do so. While he would be able to emerge victorious when facing all of them, he didn't have the confidence to subdue them all and might end up getting surrounded by them. At the same time, his whereabouts would also be revealed and if Justice were to be drawn here as well, he would definitely be in trouble.

Besides that, Ling Tian could feel that apart from the few individuals in front of him, there was another powerful expert hiding in the dark. As Ling Tian scanned his surroundings with his spiritual sense, he felt that the cultivation formula of this person in the dark was extremely strange. For some reason, this expert was able to retract all of his aura without a single bit seeping out. At the same time, this strange cultivation method felt extremely familiar to him! When he had first detected this expert, he had mistaken this expert for Ling Chen. Only after further analysis did he determine that this expert's martial arts were above Ling Chen and no weaker than his own!

To think that such an expert would appear at this delicate moment!

Was such a person his friend or foe? Just how did these people arrive at this location? Could there be a reason for all this? Could this be Justice's trap? Ling Tian thought about these questions over and over again as he held his breath.

"I never imagined both of you brothers to be so sensible. If that's the case, it's a deal and we will be taking our leave! Meng JueChen, once this matter is settled, my brother and I will be awaiting the arrival of you and your brothers!" Yu WuHun and Yu WuPo snickered before leaving.

"The mountains are filled with dew, and you must make sure to take care of yourselves. May you turn misfortune into blessings and be sure to stay healthy." Meng PoTian said in a sarcastic manner.

Yu WuHun turned back with a fierce glare in his eyes before unleashing his movement technique at full speed and disappeared into the distance.

Looking at his two brothers, Meng JueChen instructed softly, "The martial arts of the Hun Po brothers are exceptional and only slightly weaker than Yu ChaoChen who has passed on. They have always been Yu ManLou's bodyguard and are one of the hidden trump cards of the Yu Family. Even in the Yu Family, there aren't many who know about the existence of them! Ever since the battle ten years ago, they have never appeared in the pugilistic world again. For Yu ManLou to send both of them out, it can be seen how much Yu ManLou wants to kill Ling Tian. Furthermore, the other elders of the Yu Family are all in Sky Bearing and the Yu Family headquarters is definitely at its weakest. This could be a fantastic chance for us! We must definitely inform the family about this to see if we can make use of this opportunity. Once this matter is accomplished, we must definitely gather all our manpower to ensure that Yu WuHun and Yu WuPo cannot return safely! If not, their mysterious movement techniques would definitely be difficult to deal with in the future chaos."

The other two nodded their heads in agreement and Meng JueChen looked at the six brothers before whispering to his two brothers, "Our family seems to be walking closely with the DongFang Family and seems to have the intention of forming an alliance with them. We can leave the six of them alive to be messengers, and it can be considered as giving their DongFang Family face. We should first make them owe us a favor, as it may be useful in the future."

"Big brother is wise." The other two chuckled in agreement. They called out to the six brothers and left the place. The next moment, silence descended on the place again.

Ling Tian could not really be bothered with their departure but was more concerned about why the mysterious expert was not leaving. The mysterious expert remained hidden in the shadows without a single trace as though there wasn't a person around. The patience of this mysterious expert was truly incredible, and he may have already known that Ling Tian was around. Thus, the competition of patience began.

In his previous life, Ling Tian was most familiar with concealment and hiding to wait for an opportunity. Because of this, he had patience that others could not match!

A long while later, the red sun gradually set in the west but the only movement on the hill was the squirrels scampering around mischievously. Apart from the sound of the gentle breeze and insects chirping, silence pervaded the place.

There wasn't a trace of a single person!


A light breeze could be heard and a figure appeared on the meadow dressed in a light blue dress. A light blue veil covered her face and only her eyes could be seen. While her gaze was calm, it was as though she did not place the world in her sights or her heart!

As the blue-dressed figure landed, the meadows seemed to have been filled with a dream-like feeling.

The instant this blue-dressed lady appeared, Ling Tian could recognize that she was the lady that he saw a few days ago. Ling Tian was certain that he had never seen this lady before but had an inexplicable sense of familiarity when seeing her now.

How familiar! This is a sense of familiarity from deep within my soul!

Who can she be?

Ling Tian watched this blue-dressed lady silently and for some odd reason, he felt his heart tremble. The next moment, the loneliness that he had felt for all his life had disappeared. Such a feeling was truly mystical and indescribable…

That blue-dressed lady took two steps forward and suddenly smiled, "With regards to patience, I am truly not your match. However, won't you be bored to stay there for such a long time? There isn't any unparallelled expert trying to kill you but only a feeble lady like me. Do you still not dare to come out?"

Ling Tian sneered in his heart, If you can be considered a feeble lady, all the guys in the world can probably die from humiliation. I don't believe that you can truly find my hiding spot! Perhaps you are only trying to test me with your words. If I were to fall prey to such an easy trick, would I still be Ling Tian?

As she said that, the blue-dressed lady perked her ears up to listen for any commotion only to no avail. Then, she continued to mutter, "Haiz, are you still not willing to come out? How long are you going to hide in there? Do I really have to take action to invite you out?"