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Chapter 405: Is It Fate?

Chapter 405: Is It Fate?

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At this moment, Li Xue had the urge to burst out into tears. Thus, she quickly shifted her body to the side and replied softly, "Mmm, this little sister really likes it…" Her voice sounded muffled and the rims of her eyes turned red. At that moment, it was as though she had remembered the past…

The moment Li Xue said that, the both of them reacted at the same time. Li Xue had already prepared her heart, but Ling Tian was flabbergasted by how he was acting! He couldn't help but fall into a daze.

Ever since he entered this world, regardless of who he faced, he would always keep his guard up slightly. This was no exception even when facing his own parents, grandparents, Yu BingYan and the others for the first time. He had never trusted someone so easily before in this world. If he didn't have something to gain, he would never get along with another person so easily and in such a short time.

His heart had already been sealed for a long time!

But for some reason, he was not the slightest bit wary when facing this blue-dressed lady and he did not even feel a sense of unfamiliarity. It was as though he was meeting his old friend and could act completely comfortably.

To think that despite just meeting her and being completely clueless about everything other than her name, he was actually able to feel such joy and satisfaction in their conversation! It was as though a wish deep in his heart was suddenly fulfilled! Could this be the so-called fate?

My goodness! Ling Tian was completely depressed with the way he was acting today. Even when he had first met Yu BingYan, he was extremely wary and approached her with an objective in mind. However, today…

Furthermore, this Li Xue obviously also did not feel any unfamiliarity when meeting him and was actually willing to allow him to call her by her first name!

This was definitely the first time they had interacted with each other!

But yet they had strangely felt extremely familiar with each other!

"What are you thinking about?" Li Xue frowned lightly and could feel the strange atmosphere. Did this guy realize something?

"I was thinking… in this world, is there truly fate between people?" Ling Tian said in an absent-minded manner.

Really?" Li Xue chuckled before saying, "Stop lamenting about fate. In another two hours, DongFang JingLei will be setting fire to the place already and you have a few things to do."

"What thing? Should I make my appearance? Stop DongFang JingLei from setting a fire?" Ling Tian frowned and asked solemnly.

"That's right, as long as you appear, this place would definitely fall into chaos and since you are the target of all the major powers, none of them would be willing to withdraw their forces. As long as all of these forces enter the mountains, no matter how bold DongFang JingLei is, he would not dare to set fire to the place. That would be akin to offending the few most powerful organizations in the continent and he would be dead for sure! At the same time, this place will also be spared."

Li Xue said with a tinge of worry on her face, "The forests and mountains spread across 300 miles and this concerns the livelihood of thousands of people! If this place were to be burned, thousands of people would be forced to evacuate and lose their foundation to survive. In fact, the many people staying in the mountains will also be burned alive for sure! In order to deal with you, DongFang JingLei could actually resort to such a cruel plan and he is unforgivable!"

Ling Tian's face turned ashen as he paced around and thought over what Li Xue said. After weighing the pros and cons, he finally shook his head and said, "I can't appear."

"Why? As long as you appear, this calamity can be avoided. Wouldn't that be a great thing? Wouldn't that be a great merit? How many civilians will be spared their suffering because of you! Why can't you appear? How can you not appear?" Li Xue glared at Ling Tian with a tinge of anger, "Are you worried about the person who is chasing you?"

"If I said that I am not worried, that would definitely be a lie. However, even if I appear, the matter may not be solved. On the contrary, my lack of appearance may ensure the safety of this place!" Ling Tian shook his head with a smile, "Do you think that I am trying to pull the wool over your eyes? Have you thought about why that Martial Order Medallion owner would suddenly erect a stone monument in this place? What is his true intention?"

"Even if it is because he wants to kill you, will you remain motionless and sacrifice the lives of thousands? Can you really bear to do so?" Li Xue said with a tinge of disappointment and disbelief, "Is human life really that worthless to you? Are you really that afraid of the one chasing after you? Even if he is here and is able to find you, we may not lose if we were to join hands. Why are you still cowering in fear? Why have you changed so much?"

Ling Tian chuckled, "I will admit that I am not a match for Justice, and we may not be able to deal with him even if we join hands. However, I feel that Justice's move may not be to kill me. If he just wanted to kill me, he doesn't need to create such a huge disturbance so there is definitely something more to his actions."

"Next, DongFang JingLei had only announced his plans but let me ask you a bold question. Xue'er, if I do not appear, do you think that DongFang JingLei will truly dare to set fire to the mountains? Will he really dare to do that? Will DongFang JingLei have that kind of guts? Even if he wanted to do so, he would definitely keep the matter hidden but for an outsider like you to find out, wouldn't that mean that the whole world knows of this matter? Thus, I suspect that this is just a ploy to force me out of hiding."

Li Xue considered for a moment and said with uncertainty, "I did hear a few soldiers of the DongFang Family talking about this matter and I also saw pails of kerosene at the foot of the mountain. They have probably made full preparations, and this isn't a joking matter. Even if we have some doubts, we should not take the risk and bet on the lives of thousands of individuals."

"I do not feel that this is a risk." Ling Tian truly admired this lass's hot-blooded feelings and it was probably something the calm him would never have. Then, he continued with a smile, "Beyond Heavens has always taken up the responsibility of peace on the continent, and every member of Beyond Heavens who walks out of the sect would definitely do what they can to uphold peace. How would it be possible for them to allow DongFang JingLei to perform such a vile act? If DongFang JingLei were to really burn down the mountain, the Martial Order Medallion owner would probably be the first one to go after him. How would DongFang JingLei be able to escape the Martial Order Medallion owner?"

"Furthermore, DongFang JingLei's appearance is a result of the Martial Order Medallion owner leading him here. If such a matter were to occur, Justice would definitely be the biggest culprit and it would be impossible for him to escape blame. Thus, he would never allow such a thing to happen for sure and DongFang JingLei would never dare to perform such a vile act. He is a smart individual and he himself knows that he only has a single head and his DongFang Family will never be able to endure the rage of Beyond Heavens."

Li Xue frowned and remained silent, but she was obviously still filled with worry. Ling Tian then continued, "However, you are right that there isn't anything absolute in the world. Regardless of whether or not DongFang JingLei has such guts, I will have to take a look. If something unfortunate were to happen, I would be able to react in time. However, even if I have to stop him, I will never act openly like what you have said. You should understand my reasons right?"

"No problem!"

Hearing what Ling Tian had just said, Li Xue obviously cheered up a little and said calmly to Ling Tian, "Let us start spying on him in secret. If DongFang JingLei really dares to set fire to the mountain, we will have the time to stop him."

"..." Ling Tian was completely speechless. He had already explained himself clearly and expressed that he would never make an appearance but this seemingly intelligent lass was still thinking about her foolish plan.

At a place near the foot of the mountain where the terrain was a gentler, the vegetation had been cleared, leaving behind many tree stumps. The tree stumps served as the seats for the many characters of the pugilistic world and everyone of them sat there silently without disturbing each other.

It seemed like DongFang JingLei had already spread the news of his plan to burn down the mountain, and there were many people walking down the mountain towards their direction. After all, none of them were willing to be accompany Ling Tian to be burned alive in the mountains. Instead of taking a slow stroll like how they climbed the mountain, each of them had unleashed their movement techniques to the maximum when descending the mountain! Only after they had exited the mountain and confirmed that the mountain had not been set on fire did they heave a sigh of relief.

To the east was a gigantic umbrella and seated underneath it was DongFang JingLei. He carried himself in an elegant manner, looking extremely carefree and gentlemanly. An amiable smile was plastered over his face and he looked extremely friendly as though he was completely harmless. However, anyone who knew him well was extremely clear that he was an extremely dangerous smiling tiger, one who would not spit out your bones after eating you alive. By his side were hundreds of troops in an orderly formation awaiting their orders.

To the north were two black-dressed individuals seated silently without bothering about their surroundings. Despite being seated in the open, their auras were completely retracted, and it was as though they did not exist at all and were two shadows. They were Yu WuHun and Yu WuPo of the Yu Family. Behind them were ten plus white-dressed middle aged figures seated in meditation. These were the experts of the Yu Family who had followed the two Yu Elders to this mission and every one of them were White Jade experts.

In order to ensure Ling Tian's death, the Yu Family had truly gone to great lengths!