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Chapter 406: Gathering of Heroes

Chapter 406: Gathering of Heroes

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Opposite them, another bunch of green-dressed men were gathered together. The three people in the lead were the Meng brothers and there were ten plus green-dressed men seated behind with a casual expression on their faces. It seemed like the martial arts of these ten plus green-dressed men were not weaker than the three Meng brothers! If the other green-dressed men had the same strength as the three Meng brothers, the bunch of them together would have a frightening strength. They would probably be even stronger than the Yu Family's group!

To their south was another hundred-odd people and the one in the lead was someone familiar to Ling Tian: the number one expert of the BeiMing Family, BeiMing Kong.

Yu Family, Xiao Family, DongFang Family and the BeiMing Family. Any one of these families would be a frightening force and not many people in the world would be able to escape from the gathering of all these families! These were the elites of all these families!

Ling Tian and Li Xue rushed together side by side and were currently 300 feet away behind a tree, watching DongFang JingLei from afar. Currently, both of them were in the same state, with their auras fully retracted and their presence melding into the tree beside them. Even if someone were to pass by the tree right now, he would never be able to tell that someone was hiding by the tree!

If there was anything that didn't seem right in front of them, it would be the fact that despite having a large number of people gathered together, none of them interacted with each other and there was a tense atmosphere in the air. It was as though there was a subtle killing intent lingering in their midst. The killing intent being emanated smashed onto one's psyche over and over again like the waves crashing onto the beaches and the weaker guards were completely pale. Their clothes were also drenched with sweat and they felt a chill from the cold winds.

Rushing all the way here, Ling Tian was shocked to realize that Li Xue's movement technique was actually not weaker than his own! The most shocking thing was not the speed of Li Xue's movement techniques but her skill and agility! Ling Tian had already known that this lass's movement techniques couldn't be too weak with the cultivation she had displayed and he would not be too shocked even if she was faster than him. However, Ling Tian was truly amazed by Li Xue's skill.

Li Xue was able to perfectly combine the use of jumping, speeding up, dodging, and soaring to great perfection and every single step she took was calculated in great detail. Every time she realized there was someone, the way she was able to naturally hide her presence with the nature around her was something that Ling Tian had rarely seen after entering this world! Just her skill of utilizing her movement technique was not below his own. It had even exceeded his greatest enemy of this generation, Justice. Of course, this was only when considering her skill. If her speed would be compared to Justice, she would definitely be slightly slower. But the most bizarre thing of all was the fact that Li Xue's movement techniques seemed to be similar to Ling Tian's martial arts and movement techniques.

Ever since he entered this world, there was no one who was able to compete with him in movement techniques. Even if it was Justice, he would definitely be able to emerge victorious. However, Li Xue's movement technique was actually unbelievably exquisite and no weaker than his own. Furthermore, Ling Tian was also puzzled about how Li Xue could have such a skillful use of her movement techniques. After all, Ling Tian's own achievement was thanks to the thousand year heritage of his movement techniques and his numerous experiences of being chased.

Someone who had never stood at the peak of authority would never be able to appreciate the pleasure of looking down at everyone. A wealthy merchant who had everything he needed would never be able to understand the feelings of a beggar who had trouble finding his three meals. Similarly, a person who had never lived on the edge of life and death would never be able to truly understand a concealment technique which had been through many years of accumulation. This was also the reason why Ling Tian was able to escape from Justice's grasp time and time again. After all, after killing numerous experts and being at the top of the world, Justice was greatly lacking in his ability to detect danger.

Could a young beautiful lady like Li Xue have possibly experienced the same things he had? Why else could she have such a mystical movement technique? Why did she have such keen senses to detect danger? Such keen senses were something that could never be faked or purposefully hidden. It was because they had already become a subconscious action of an individual.

Just who was Li Xue? All of a sudden, the delicate figure in front of him seemed to have been cloaked with a layer of mystery! What a mysterious lady! Mysterious to the point she was unfathomable!

It seems like when things are completed here I will have to investigate into the background of this lady.

Just when Ling Tian was thinking to himself, a buzzing sound sounded by his ears, "Do you think that it is very strange?"

Compressing her voice into a line! Just how strong was she?

Ling Tian did not move an inch as he transmitted back, "What is strange?"At the same time, he felt that their actions were pretty hilarious. After all, they were only a few feet apart and it was completely unnecessary to use such a method to communicate!

"My movement techniques! For a weak lady like me to have movement techniques comparable to young noble Ling, don't you find it a strange thing?" Li Xue said with a hint of delight in her voice. It was as though she was a little girl bragging about the new skill she had just learned.

"Movement techniques? A lady's movement techniques have always been a notch above a man's. While Miss's movement techniques are brilliant, there isn't a need to make a fuss about it, right?" Ling Tian snickered in his heart, Before I even bothered asking, this lass actually couldn't remain patient and asked me such a question.

Li Xue chuckled in her heart, This fellow is as stubborn as ever. At the same time, her emotions were stirred and a distant memory surfaced in her heart as a bright smile could be seen on her face. With regards to Ling Tian's provocative words, she had completely ignored them.

Ling Tian looked at her with doubt and felt as though he had plunged his fists into cotton. However, he didn't have the time to be bothered about her as an unexpected figure appeared.

All of a sudden, a burly man walked down the mountain with a dozen others and he was actually the Family Head of the NanGong Family, NanGong TianLong! His face was extremely solemn with a malicious aura emanating. Who would have imagined that NanGong TianLong would be here too! Ling Tian could not help but sneer in his heart, Has your NanGong Family not learned from your mistakes in Sky Bearing?! Since you have arrived, all of you better be prepared!

Seeing the various powers gather before him, a dense killing intent rose in his heart and his savage aura could no longer be controlled!

What a joke! The Xiao Family who had years of ties with his Ling Family was present! The Yu Family who had just sent their dowry to the Ling Family was present! The DongFang Family which expressed their goodwill towards his Ling Family was also here! Even the NanGong Family which he was previously in an alliance with was also present! Furthermore, even the BeiMing Family which the Ling Family didn't have any ties with was also present! All the various powers were gathered here today with their own ulterior motives and sinister plots. At the same time, all of their goals were the same: to kill Ling Tian!

Since all of you want me dead, wouldn't I be letting all of you down if I do not repay all of your 'kindness'?

At this moment, DongFang JingLei suddenly gave out a loud laugh and broke the silence. He then stood up and cupped his fists towards the Xiao Family, "The DongFang Family thanks the elders of the Xiao Family for their protection and care. For JingLei to witness the reclusive elders making their appearances, it is truly my honor."

Meng JueChen remained seated and did not bother standing up as he replied with a smile, "Second Master DongFang is being too courteous, it isn't much."

DongFang JingLei chuckled and just when he was about to say something, NanGong TianLong's voice sounded, "Second Master DongFang, you previously spread the news that you wanted to burn down the mountains to force Ling Tian out. Now that all the various powers have retreated their forces from the mountains, I wonder when is Second Master planning to take action?"

DongFang JingLei's expression changed slightly and he smiled, "Family Head NanGong is being too serious. The news that I had spread was only a plot to force Ling Tian out. As long as Ling Tian has a heart for the commoners, he would have definitely appeared. Since he has not appeared up till now, it can be seen that he places his life above the lives of the thousands living in the mountains. With my plan failing, JingLei is truly extremely guilty and as for burning the mountain down, how can we be as cruel as Ling Tian? After all, this matter concerns the lives of thousands, and JingLei would never dare to perform such an immoral act."

NanGong TianLong sneered in response, "What a dignified excuse! Is Second Master DongFang trying to make a fool out of us all with your plan?"

At this moment, NanGong TianLong was incomparably depressed in his heart. Ever since he led 300 elites to Sky Bearing, he had faced restrictions at every turn and nothing had gone well for him. There was almost no chance for him to catch his breath and the elites of his family were almost wiped out completely! Currently, his second brother, NanGong TianHu and his daughter, NanGong Yu, were still in Sky Bearing on the pretext of being in an alliance but it was no different from them being confined. As for the reason, it was all thanks to the Yang and Ling Family. Especially when the Ling Family had forced his NanGong Family to battle the Yang Family while they watched by the side and caused the elites of his NanGong Family to be almost completely wiped out! This bitter resentment had stifled NanGong TianLong to the point he almost fell ill! Their NanGong Family was only able to secretly escape from Sky Bearing after the Yu Family had arrived and taken up the attention of the Ling Family. At that time, apart from NanGong TianHu and NanGong Yu, there were less than ten elites who returned back to their home base safely!

Such a heavy blow had destroyed more than half of the NanGong Family's strength! With his NanGong Family being part of the Eight Great Families, how could NanGong TianLong swallow this ball of anger? While the Yang Family was destroyed, the Ling Family was still around. Be it the old or young, male or female, there wasn't a single good person in the whole Ling Family! They were all full of schemes! The moment he heard that Ling Tian was being pursued by the Martial Order Medallion owner, NanGong TianLong felt as though he was over the moon! Thus, he personally led a few experts out to deal with Ling Tian as well. Now that DongFang JingLei was giving up on his plan to deal with Ling Tian, NanGong TianLong could not help but feel bitter in his heart as he retorted with sarcasm. If not for NanGong TianLong hating Ling Tian to the core, he would have never said such unwise words in consideration of DongFang JingLei's status and the present scenario!

DongFang JingLei's tone also turned chilly, "Perhaps Family Head NanGong may not know, but apart from Ling Tian being present, the Martial Order Medallion owner is also in the mountains. If I were to ask brother TianLong to light the fire, would you dare to do so?!"

While Nangong TianLong was the Family Head of a Great Family, the talents of his family were lacking and their strength far too weak. The present NanGong Family was probably even worse off than the XiMen Family being led by XiMen Sa. Thus, DongFang JingLei did not give any face to NanGong TianLong at all!

NanGong TianLong burst out laughing and said with disdain, "Martial Order Medallion owner? So what? Isn't he a human as well? Sending justice? Does he really think that he is justice? Would he be able to escape if we burn down the whole mountain?"

As these words were said, the experts of the Xiao Family began looking at the pails of kerosene as their eyes lit up.

"Pa pa pa pa!" Four crisp slapping sounds sounded and a figure flashed past quickly. NanGong TianLong let out a miserable groan as his figure was lifted up into the air. The next moment, his figure slammed onto the floor with blood all over his face and ten of his teeth knocked out cleanly from their roots!

In NanGong TianLong's original position was a green-dressed man standing there silently. While he was under the gaze of almost a thousand people, he was completely indifferent as though the experts did not exist!

He did not place them in his sight!

Despite there being almost a hundred XianTian cultivators around, not a single person was able to detect his arrival or see how he had beaten up NanGong TianLong. None of them saw his arrival and it was as though he had been standing there originally for a long time already! At the same time, he seemed to have melded into his surroundings and was one with the heavens and earth!

Martial Order Medallion owner! Sending justice!

Silence filled the place!