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Chapter 407: Number One Expert

Chapter 407: Number One Expert

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The family head from one of the Eight Great Families, NanGong TianLong, actually could not even withstand a single blow from the legendary Martial Order Medallion owner! The more accurate way to put it would be that he did not even get to see the person's face before he got continuously slapped, falling like a gunny sack on the floor!

The faces of everyone present changed. Though the NanGong Family was on the verge of decline, they were still one of the top eight families. While NanGong TianLong couldn't compare to the profound cultivation of Ling Tian and Yu ManLou, he was still a first-rate expert! If that was the case, then wasn't the strength of the Martial Order Medallion owner a little too terrifying to behold?

The eyes everyone looking at that green-robed figure had unknowingly changed to horror! Was this still the strength of 'one person'?

Before this, while everyone had heard the name of this number one expert and had heard many tales about his exploits, they were after all just recounts and were hard to imagine. After all, nobody had ever personally witnessed the might of Justice, and while they admired him, they did not feel that it was worth creating a fuss. However, the events today left them all terrified. A family head, whose strength most present were clear about, was actually like a three-year-old toddler in front of Justice, without the strength to retaliate at all!

The reason why everyone remained ignorant was not that no one had actually seen Justice act, but because all those who had actually faced off against Justice were dead without exception. Of those who were 'fortunate' to die under his hands, which of them wasn't a great figure that was renowned in the world? The last example was the first elder of the Yu Family, Yu ChaoChen, who ended up like the rest before him in an empty pipe dream of defeating Justice. Among those that Justice wanted to kill, there was only one exception who had not died! And he happened to be the reason that all the great families had gathered: Ling Tian!

"This seat has accepted the terms of the Martial Order Medallion, 'a token for a life'! Since I've personally come out to kill Ling Tian, then even the Beyond Heavens Sect doesn't have room to negotiate with me. So then, why have all of you present come to this place?" Justice quietly spoke in a bland voice. However, everyone could hear the displeasure in his voice. Justice had displayed his utter disregard for the common life, holding life and death in his hands to the extreme!

As the instigator of this incident, DongFang JingLei knew that he had nowhere to hide, and could only cough dryly as he stepped out, "Please forgive us, senior. I was too nosy and knew that with Ling Tian's wild ambition, coupled with his desire to do evil and vicious things, he would be a danger to this world if left unchecked. Thus, I gathered everyone here to rally for Senior! So long as we could personally see that thief Ling Tian die under Senior's hands, that would be a joy to us. Of course, if Senior would allow, we could follow behind you and put in an effort to aid Senior to the best of our abilities. That would be an incomparably honorable thing for us!"

Seeing how DongFang JingLei twisted white to become black so effortlessly, as though this matter really existed, they all thought to themselves that he really lived up to his name as the strategist of the DongFang Family. With such glib tongue, he was really good at slandering people. Everyone chimed in immediately, assenting to his words. All those people were the ones who acted as though they owned the heavens and earth before Justice had appeared, but upon discovering the difference in their abilities and that of Justice's, they had kept quiet out of fear that, if they angered this expert, they would fall into endless trouble. Even the soul brothers from the Yu Family who were known for being arrogant had fallen into silence, without putting up any objections whatsoever!

A trace of ridicule flashed past Justice's face, hidden quickly as he coldly snorted, "The way the Beyond Heaven's Martial Order Medallion owner does things, I only need to answer to myself. Do I still need you guys at the side to act as my stumbling blocks? No matter where you came from, or what your motives are, you had better scram back to where you came from! If I find anyone tarrying, then I'll regard it as failure to comply with the words of the Beyond Heavens. At that time, I will not go easy!"

The crowd went into an uproar. All of them came over from thousands of kilometers away, so who would be willing to just easily retreat like that? Even if the Beyond Heavens Martial Order Medallion owner was the current number one expert, one could not be so overbearing, right? However, no one was silly enough to be the scapegoat and object, inviting a huge trouble onto themselves. Thus, the entire place suddenly fell into silence!

"Hehehe, Martial Order Medallion owner, the number one expert. Your tone is indeed overbearing, your authority impressive!" An eccentric voice suddenly sounded, and within it was full of sarcasm. If one were to listen closely, they might even hear a trace of hatred within, as well as envy! This was Meng JueChen, who stared at Justice with a deep hatred!

Justice leisurely turned around, staring straight at Meng JueChen and frowned lightly, "You're calling into question my Sect's affairs, and refusing to leave, is that it?!"

"Why does this old man need to go? Just based on what you say? A simple 'questioning my sect affairs'?!" Meng JueChen let out a bark of laughter. "Don't think that hanging that rotten signboard of your Beyond Heavens on my head will make you unbeatable or use that to scare off people! Others might fear your false reputation, but this old man doesn't put you in my eyes at all! What 'questioning the Sect', 'Heavenly Justice', more like a heavenly joke! You may not be able to achieve the number one expert under heavens, but you are wholly deserving of the number one lunatic under heavens title! Hahahaha…."

This person was probably the insane one!

Everyone gazed towards Meng JueChen as though they were looking at a dead man. He had already seen Justice personally act but still dared to oppose Justice so vehemently, was he looking to die?

"Very good!" Out of everyone's expectations, Justice not only did not burst into a rage but started laughing, "Since you refuse to move, that is akin to provoking Beyond Heaven's reputation! I admire your courage, but I'll have to ask you to leave your life behind." After that he gazed around before speaking again, "Are there any more of such people with similar thoughts? Those that have, I'll invite you to stay, the rest may scram!"

The moment the crowd broke into a commotion, Justice's face also darkened as he continued, "Gathering all of you here today is mainly to give you a warning, as well as a second chance at life! The mission of this seat hunting down Ling Tian, if anyone dares to interfere with any matters regarding this from today onward, then you will be the enemy of this seat! And to my enemies, I'll only perform a single action, killing them without mercy!" The last four words were emphasized heavily by him, along with a burst of his internal energy!

It was as though the apocalypse had arrived early. The entire surroundings trembled a little following the four words that Justice spoke!

The warriors from the DongFang family were unluckily nearest to Justice, but they merely possessed average cultivation. All of them received a blow to their psyche, having a sort of feeling in which their entire meridians were being turned upside down. With a unified 'wa' sound, all of them vomited out blood, and fainted!

To think that an angered shout from Justice could go as far as this!

Who would counter this sort of heaven shaking cultivation?

DongFang JingLei's face fluctuated, and he came to a decision, smiling warmly as he replied, "I originally thought of just lending my meager strength to the mix, but since Senior thinks that I might impede his affairs, then the DongFang family will not bother Senior any further. We'll retreat and anxiously wait for your good news!" Waving his hands, he shouted, "DongFang Family, retreat!"

The BeiMing family did not even speak a single word throughout the whole exchange, merely cupping a fist towards Justice before leaving silently. Farther ahead was an empty spot, it was not known when the Yu Family vacated under the leadership of the soul brothers.

Justice cracked a cold smile as he watched everyone slowly leave. A peculiar expression was seen on his face.

These people came from over a thousand miles away. If they could not see Ling Tian die in front of them, then how could they leave so easily? Actually, Justice was also well aware that these people were merely biding their time! So long as they were unable to see Ling Tian truly dead in front of them, then they would not rest in peace. Justice even felt that, if it were not for the fact that everyone was relying on him to kill Ling Tian, he would have long become public enemy number one!

But Justice did not care, did not give a d*mn! He had used the signpost method to drag everyone over here just to inform them about his attitude, and not to start a massacre. However, if they still remained unrepentant, then he would definitely not give any more mercy the next time he saw them! Since he had pursued Ling Tian unsuccessfully for so many days, his killing intent was already overflowing, and he really wanted to vent his frustrations! However, it was sad that most of them knew their boundaries and left.

However, in every group, there would always be a few that were oblivious, and would only regret it upon seeing their coffins prepared for them!

For example… The fifteen people behind him. A grim smile surfaced on Justice's face as he slowly turned around…

Li Xue watched the group of people swiftly leave and could not help but remark, "All of them are here to kill you?! Your enemies? Wow, how are you still not public enemy number one?! A scourge of mankind?!" While she compressed her voice into a thin line, Ling Tian could still hear the anger and killing intent within her voice. This girl, why is she angry about my matters?

"That's right, they're all here to kill me. To say that I'm their enemy is also not wrong. But scourge of mankind… that might be going too far." Ling Tian chuckled. "Aren't my people skills fantastic?"

Li Xue did not reply but grumbled silently in her heart, This guy, be it in the past or present, always had this sort of 'crazy popularity'! How infuriating!

But without question, the moment Li Xue knew that all those people came to sentence Ling Tian to death, it caused her calm and indifferent heart to blaze up in the flames of anger for the first time, with killing intent fermenting slowly within!

Since I destroyed your past life, let me return it to you in this present life!